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10 Best Trending Creative Writing Courses in Kerala

Looking to start a career in creative writing and wanted to know about the best creative writing courses in Kerala? Here we go!! This is the right platform to learn about creative writing courses, their scope, and their advantages in today’s trends. Creative writing is the most beautiful and expressive skill one should possess to kick start a career in a creative-oriented job. A creative writer uses his expressions and imagination, and draws people’s attention to the characters and makes them indulge in it to understand the storyline.  


List of best creative writing courses in Kerala


About Creative Writing


Creative writing is a way of expressing thoughts and ideas imaginatively to make the reader understand the concept. Creative writing goes outside the line of professional, technical, or academic ways of writing. A creative writer uses their imaginative ideas to express their thoughts.


The content created by the writer should be very particular with their ideas and imagination, it should be fresh content too. The content of the creative writer should have a proper goal, it should grab the reader’s attention and the more important thing is it should be well structured.


Types of Creative Writing


Creative writing includes many forms. The few forms are as follows:


  • Novels
  • Scripts 
  • Short stories include both fiction and non-fiction
  • Poetry
  • Plays, TV Scripts, and Screenplays 
  • Letters
  • Blogging


The most famous form of creative writing is storytelling where people from the olden days to till now use their imaginative ways to express their ideas and thoughts. Creative writing concepts play a major role in script writing for TV serials and movies. The creative writer plays a vital role in producing different and highly imaginative dialogues for artists.


The plays should have creative scenarios and an attractive story too. It is also used in portraying brands of companies or their products creatively. This Creative writing concept is very popular on the social media platform where the company searches for a creative writer to showcase their company ads or products in creative ways to reach out to people.


When we talk about creative writing courses in Kerala, it is available in both online and offline mode, but the top offerings are provided only by a few. In the below sections, we will discuss the scope of creative writing, and job opportunities and all your doubts about creative writing would be clarified. Creative writing is the most wanted field of study in today’s world. 


Scope of Creative Writing


Creative writing needs a great passion for writing and a creative mind. Creative writing courses not only teach the different methods and formats of writing but also creates interest in writing by bringing out the hidden creative talents among writers and also help in channeling the writer’s talent in an appropriate way of field.


Creating Writing Courses Indulges These Skills in the Writers. The Few Such Skills Are as Follows


  • Creative Thinking
  • Communication Skills
  • Research skills
  • Marketing Skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Time Management
  • Technical skills
  • Editing skills
  • Planning and Outline 


Writing practices have proven to reduce stress, and improve our imagination and creativity. Through regular writing practice, our memory also improves by which we learn the concepts easily. To be a good writer, one needs to be up to date with real-time happenings. So writing practice makes people equip themselves with all the latest news and information.


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Employment Opportunities for Creative Writers Are Listed Below:


  • Author 
  • Content Writer / Academic writer
  • Journalist
  • Travel Blogger
  • Editor
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Ghostwriter
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Screenwriter or songwriter 
  • Columnist

Best Ranked Creative Writing Courses in Kerala:


1. IIM Skills


The Content Writing Course by IIM Skills is proven to be one of the best-ranked courses to master all types of writing. The course helps an individual to develop their career in writing and get hands-on experience in using all types of tools.


Course Structure

  • 4 weeks of live classroom
  • 3 Months Internship
  • 30 hours training (16 hours lectures + 14 hours internship sessions) 
  • Free tools worth 35000


Course Fees : INR 14,900 +18%GST


Candidates Studying at IIM Get Benefits Such as:

  • Dedicated placement cell and Freelance opportunities
  • Portfolio development guided by the content writing team
  • Publishing Ebook on Kindle, Google Books 
  • Publishing first blog in Times of India
  • HubSpot Certification and the Certification from IIM Skills would be provided after completing the course.


Skills Learned in the Course

  • WordPress
  • Keyword Research
  • Blogging
  • Article writing
  • Press release
  • Product Description and Business listing
  • E-book
  • Resume and Portfolio
  • SOP
  • Book Review 
  • Email Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Writing
  • Instructional Booklet
  • Brochures, Flyers, and Infographic
  • Technical writing 101
  • Legal Writing
  • Research papers and white papers
  • SEO On-page and Off-page
  • Affiliate Marketing and Adsense



2. Coursera


Coursera provides creative writing courses in Kerala. The course offers flexible options to candidates by providing it for free where the course content can be read, viewed, and audited, and provide financial aid too.


Course Structure

  • Approximately 6 months to complete
  • 1hour session per week
  • Flexible schedule


Candidates Studying in Coursera get Benefits such as

  • Shareable certificate 
  • Completely virtual classes
  • Financial aid available
  • Hands-on projects which give practical exposure


The Course Included 5 Specializations in Creative writing.

  • The craft of plot
  • The craft of character
  • The craft of setting and description 
  • The craft of style
  • Capstone: Your story 


Skills Learned in the Course

  • Short story writing
  • Fiction Writing
  • Creativity
  • Copy Editing
  • Narrative essay 
  • Biography


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3. Udemy


Udemy provides online creative writing courses, targeting varied audiences, from students to working professionals. Candidates get to know about blocks of poetry and story craft from top writing instructors. Udemy also provided on-demand videos, which can be watched at candidates’ convenient timings.


Skills Learned in the Course

  • Friction writing
  • Novel writing
  • Storytelling
  • Blogging
  • Screenwriting and Scriptwriting
  • Playwriting
  • Poetry
  • Book Writing


4. Skill Share


Skill Share offers creative writing courses in Kerala, with project-based courses to improve writing skills. Skill Share helps students to develop their creativity and bring out their style in the students.


Candidates Studying at Skill Share Get the Course Benefits Such as

  • Free trial classes
  • Choosing their instructors.
  • Unlimited access to the classes
  • User-friendly interface to access the course contents 


5. British Council of India


The British Council of India offers creative writing courses in Kerala. The British council helps candidates to develop their style of writing and provide unique writing voices. The course helps improve their knowledge of literature and to articulate their ideas clearly. 


 Course Structure

  • Virtual classes on weekends
  • 9 weeks  according to schedule
  • 36-hour course


Skills Learned in the Course

  • Fiction includes plots, characters, dialogues, and setting
  • Blogs 
  • News reports 
  • Articles
  • Screenwriting
  • Short stories
  • Poetry
  • Travel Writing
  • Memoirs

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6. Future Learn


Future Learn provides creative writing courses in Kerala by choosing from thousands of online courses from top universities and specialist organizations.


 Candidates Studying in the Future Learn to Get Benefits Such as

  • The global classroom allows candidates to do social learning with other fellow candidates
  • Varied courses to choose from
  • Flexible learning with 100% online courses 
  • CV-ready certificates to boost candidates’ CV
  • Learn with over 260 top universities and by international teaching experts

7. The Knowledge Academy


The Knowledge Academy provides creative writing courses in Kerala. The creative writing course in the knowledge academy help learners finds a unique voice to craft stories and content to influence the masses.


Candidates Studying at the Knowledge Academy Get the Course Benefits Such as

  • Courses led by experienced instructors
  • 24/7 accessible helpline portals
  • corporate/in-house training
  • Customizable material according to the company’s needs.


Skills Learned in the Course

  • Dialogue
  • Metaphors and similes
  • Point of view
  • Character development
  • Plot Development
  • Anecdotes


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8. ECT


ETC provides creative writing courses in Kerala. ETC provides personalized attention and feedback to the candidates. They help candidates to get sound vocabulary.


Course Structure

  • 3 months course
  • 32 hours of live classroom training and 50 hours of e-learning videos
  • 5 live projects and 10 quizzes


Course Fees : 12,712 + GST18% = INR 15,000


Course Benefits for the Candidates Include

  • 100% placement assistance with internship facility
  • Lifetime support to students
  • Government-recognized certificate
  • Work from-home job opportunities are provided


9. The Writers Bureau


The Writers Bureau provides home-study creative writing courses in Kerala written by experts. They teach students about different styles of writing and presentations and help in freelancing work. 


Course Structure and Benefits

  • Four years to complete the course
  • Course materials are downloadable for offline access
  • 15 days are provided to inspect the course.
  • Support from student advisors
  • Flexible study program
  • 20-tutor marked assignments
  • Advise on how to sell your writing


10. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)


Indira Gandhi National Open University provides diplomas in creative writing courses in Kerala. The course provides open distance learning and candidates with a passion for writing can polish and expose their writing to the outer world through this course.


Course Structure

  • 1 to 4-year course duration
  • The minimum age should be 20
  • Two compulsory courses and Four elective courses


Course Fees: INR 3800 + 200 registration fees


Skills Learned in the Course

  • General Principles of Writing
  • Feature Writing
  • Short Story
  • Poetry
  • Writing for Media


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Tips To Become a Better Creative writer


A creative writer uses imaginative power to tell the people what they want by engulfing them in the character of the story or by indulging them in the theme of the concept. They should love what they write and have a passion for writing. Creative writers present the contents through their feelings and emotions instead of real-time facts or academic concepts.


Through their words, they evoke the reader’s emotions. Creative writers connect to the readers’ minds and understand their line of thought and their interest in what they need at the end of the concept. To know and understand from the readers’ point of view, there are some tips and skills needed to succeed in the journey of creative writing. Let’s see a few of those techniques and skills of it


Read More

The first and foremost important time to be a good writer is first to be a good reader. Read more so that we come to know about different ways of writing, how writers have presented their concepts, and what are all the techniques the writer has used to grasp the people towards the storyline.


We also get to know about the use of vocabulary and the formats for different forms of writing like fiction or nonfiction. It’s advisable to read all types of books, newspapers and even magazines to get in touch with the current daily affairs to all-time facts.


Write Daily

The best way to improve our writing is to write something daily. We will never know if some good writings come out at some unexpected timing, so write a poem, story, or anecdote, even let it be a small line of inspirational quotes, and let it flow daily. The first advice from famous authors would be to write daily to get practice. When we write more our thought process increases and our imaginative power, ideas start to flow automatically which flows out in the form of words automatically., it comes out only through regular practice.


Logic Towards Writing

Always have logic or key ideas in your writing whether it is a story or a message to share. Even in fiction writing, it is very important to follow a logical flow of writing. If there is no logic or key idea in the writing, people would finally get disappointed and have no point in reading it. So we should convey a message, there should be a key idea about what we are writing. 


The logic in our writing can provoke readers’ minds. If the logic behind the story is understood and loved by the readers, they would read more and would read even all the other books by the same author. So Maintain logic and capture the reader’s heart and mind towards your writing.


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Understand your Audience Better

Audiences come of various ages, levels of understanding, and different cultural backgrounds. It is very important to understand the audience and then narrow down the tone and the scope in a way that the audience can involve themselves in the reading. A piece of writing can rarely appeal to all demographics.


Avoid Monotone

A lack of variety will bring boredom to the readers and the readers can quickly get tiresome. Good writing should include a variety of patterns that stand out and keep the readers hooked on it. Readers would love variety in the writings. Even if it is from the same author, people would love to see the varied emotions and different ideologies. If the writer can capture the expectations of readers from all areas, they can quickly become one of the best creative writers.


Bring in a Style

Though this will come over time, it’s imperative to bring in a style that will help stand out amongst the crowd. This requires meticulous artform, refined and polished pieces of work every time. It takes time and practice but eventually that can be achieved. A writer with his style of writing can easily grab the attention and become one of the best creative writers.


Polish Your Writing 

Editing the work once it’s complete to refine and fine-tune will help to eliminate errors, enhance the language and streamline the story. Multiple rounds of editing are something that experienced content writers do to make it sound sharper and better to the readers. Editing isn’t simple and it comes over time and experience, there is no rule as to how many times a piece of work should go through the edging process, but “more is better”. One thing to note is that editing is a different process than proofreading.


Proofread Your Work

Proofreading typically comes when the content is almost final. It includes final tweaking in terms of grammar, spelling, and typographical errors. Like editing, proofreading may have to go through multiple rounds before calling it final. 


There are a Few Tips for Proofreading to be More Effective

  • Proofread for familiar errors: every writer can make a particular error more frequently, if this can be identified it becomes easy to find and fix these types of errors. It is also a good idea to proofread for specific types of errors at a time. It may be commas, capitalization, singular vs plural, tenses, etc.
  • A printout may come in handy: it gives the double benefit of cutting down the screen time and having a different visual format to proofread. With printouts, there is the ability to manually underline the errors, and take side notes for correction. It is possible to do with the new technologies in hand but a copy in hand is always better than believing the unstable machine works. 
  • Technology to rescue: in today’s technology era, tons of applications and websites aid in proofreading. It’s worth noting that most of these applications and websites assist us but we should be clear and confident about our words and usage.




Q1. What is creative writing?

Creative writing is a form of writing where we express our thoughts, ideas, and emotions imaginatively to make readers understand the line of the story.


Q2. Which is the best institute to study for Creative Writing courses in Kerala?

There are many institutes to study for creative writing courses in Kerala depending on the need for IIM Skills, Udemy and Coursera are a few institutions that could be referred to.


Q3. Who can take up the creative writing course?

A creative writing course is for one who is very creative, and imaginative with a passion for writing. People after graduation or during graduation also can take up the course.


Q4. What are the job opportunities after studying creative writing courses?

Creative writing courses provide opportunities in varied fields such as Author, Content Writer / Academic writer, Journalist, Travel Blogger, Editor, Social Media Specialist, Ghostwriter, Email Marketing Specialist, Screenwriter or songwriter, and Columnist.


Q5. Can I get the work from home option or is it possible for freelancing after getting into creative writing courses?

Creative writing courses provide work from options too and freelancing is also possible where institutions like IIm teach students in the course section about how to develop themselves in the freelancing field. 


Q6. What is the maximum salary of a creative writer?

An average salary a creative writer can expect is about Rs.4,00,000 per annum. The minimum range is more than 2 lakh per annum. Experienced experts will get a salary of around 7 lakh per annum.


Q7. What are the tips to become a good creative writer?

  • Read more – It would help to get more ideas and information for writing
  • Write Daily – Writing practices increase our idea and flow of writing and we will get into our style of writing by practice.
  • Know the need of an audience 
  • Have a logic or one point towards writing content
  • Use literary devices 
  • Proofread your work


These tips will help to be a good creative writer with your passion and creativeness towards writing.




There are varied courses to study for creative writing courses in Kerala. The demand for these courses is increasing as there is a great need for creative writers increasing day by day like in all the fields. Creative writing is a beautiful skill that could be improved only upon practicing and achieved successfully by a regular writing process. I hope that this article will give a detailed idea of creative writing courses in Kerala and about tips, skills, and job opportunities for a creative writer. Success could be achieved by hard work and passion for our work. Keep going in the flow of your imaginative writing, it would take you to be one of the best creative writers by mastering the skills, techniques, and tools required.   

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