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Top 6 Creative Writing Courses in Bristol With Certificates

Are you wondering how to define creative writing? It is anything original that comes out from your observation, which is on a particular theme or viewpoint, narrating vividly and explicitly that will be very much appealing to the reader’s mind, thoughts, and emotions. Creative writing courses in Bristol have all the essentials in them to provide and fill you with these requirements.


List of best creative writing courses in Bristol


So, it can be a story that is generated from your real-life experience connecting it to a particular theme, adding some hues to it, and presenting it in a much more engaging way. It’s not only limited to a story, it can be anything that you create from your imagination that captures both the interest and attention level of the readers.


A Little More On Creative Writing:

Selecting a particular theme and building a story around is one part of creative writing. The most important part is narrating, imagining, coming up, and then vividly describing them are the heart of any creative writing. Let us consider the all-time favorite Harry Potter by J K Rowling.

Do we even know whether there is any place named Hogwart where witchcraft is been taught, can there be something as platform number nine and three-quarters which in physical or in the real world is simply out of imagination? The main character Harry, his uncle, aunt, and cousin, his friends, teachers, and the overall setting have been created out of deep imagination.

These all depict the vivid imagination of the author, giving them lives through the characters, and dialogues, mentioning the situations, and the tragedies and overcoming their form and giving shape to the novel. The next question comes, is creative writing limited to stories and novels only?

Whenever we think of creative writing, the foremost things that come to our mind are books and novels, but the reach is even higher and wider. The creative writing courses in Bristol have got a plethora of experienced learnings that are imbibed and imparted to its students to become good at creative writing.


What All Come Under the Purview of Creative Writing

Creative writing can be simply anything that is generated from the sole mind’s eye of the creator. The inspiration can be anything, it can be from your own life or someone with whom you are associated very closely or it can be from an incident or it can be from your general takeaway from life, etc. You have to recognize and take the trigger and produce something by dramatizing heavily.


a) Short Story Books:

Stories are always created from experiences and imaginations or by combining both and exaggerating them through dialogues or thoughts and analysis. A typical short story’s word range lies somewhere between 300-700 words or so even though there is no strict rule for the same however as the name depicts it needs to be remained short.


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b) Novels:

These are one of the lengthier books consisting of 10,000 and beyond word counts. It can go as far as 50,000 to 60,000 words depending on the author’s main intention of conveying the message or story to the readers. Narration forms the backbone of any kind of novel. They are fictional but they are the important ingredient to hook the readers.


c) Movie Scripts:

“Movies are always based on imaginative stories and which do not have any co-relation with real life”- That is the bold statement and confession we get to read before the screening of any movie. Scripts are generally written based on a typical story that may be inspired by any real-life story or situation but the dialogues, characters, and narrations are the sheer brainchildren of the writer only.


d) Poetry: 

This comes under a different variety altogether as it can not be defined in terms of its word length even though the word count falls in the range of hardly a few hundred. It is like any other creative writing, it can be a theme or situation based but the major differentiating factor is its structure which has to be followed classically.

Inside the creative writing courses in Bristol, you are going to get a good learning and practical experience of all of them that will help you to form a solid ground for your writing career.


What Else Can Come Under Creative Writing: 


a) Autobiography:

It talks about the life story of the intended person, it may be the author himself or herself or written on someone’s life by the author. It encapsulates the major events, the turning points, the challenges in one’s life, how the individual overcame them, and the focus of life. 

It also talks about the people who play important and distinct roles in the life of the person and what the life as a whole has given, taught, and displayed, and the person’s take on all of them with narratives. 


b) Humor Writing or Comedy Writing:

The inspiration for the same can be taken from your experience or imagination. It can be as short as a few lines or it can take the form of an essay or a stand-up comedy etc.


c) Personal Essays:

These are real-life events narrated in the form of essays to convey a significant message. They can also take the form of amalgamating a few of the events and presenting them into one of great length expressing the feelings, emotions, and breakdown towards each of them.


d) Memoir:

It is a collection of personal stories with narratives, effects, opinions, and emotions involved therein. So here the length can be as long as a book.  In the creative writing courses in Bristol, both the practical writing experiences and learnings will be enticing.


Can Creative Writing Be Learnt or It is an Inborn Quality

For some people, writing itself comes naturally and so does creative writing. With less effort, they can produce 1000 words concerning any topic in general. But for many, that is not the case. Nonetheless like any other skill, this too is a learnable skill. If you are keen to take a deep dive into it, then some of the attributes that you will have to possess, and are:

  • Regular, rigorous practice
  • Become a keen observant
  • Become a good reader, especially in the field that you want to write about
  • Be diligent in your approach
  • Follow some of the established persons in this field and their habit


Initially, it will not be easy, you will sit for quite a long time to come up with a few words but be at them and with them, and eventually, they will become friendlier to you. Once you start doing this, gradually you will start enjoying the whole process, and the creative writing courses in Bristol will give you that acumen further.


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Are You Aware of 4-main Different Types of Writing

The 4-main types of writing are

Descriptive: It is mainly used to vividly describe any image or object or emotion. This is widely used in creative writing.

Persuasive: When you are trying to convince someone or a group of people to your point of view, then this kind is used. It is used in creative writing when the author tries to put forth their opinion and backs it with evidence or proof.

Expository: This kind of writing talks about concepts and provides a great depth of them in terms of definition, statistics, background, the future, etc.

Narrative: It is used to provide as many details and share information that will give an accurate picture of any scenario or character.


The most important and interesting part is all of these four types of writing are inculcated and used inside the creative writing to come up with different hues. Creative writing is a different ball game altogether that play with human psychology and strives hard with each of your thought and feeling to come up with a story angle to it.

You must be thinking now, God! It looks like a mammoth task. Yes! You might say that initially, as you have to dig through, look around, and come across many such experiences, which may be you would have never done before. But, gradually you are going to enjoy all of them.  Just be with it.

Why Creative Writing Courses in Bristol

Irrespective of whichever industry you join, you must have a very good command of your writing skill and at Bristol, they have understood it well. Their Creative and Professional Writing course has been prepared very diligently that will pave a serious and outstanding career in the respective field for any thoughtful applicant.

Creative Writing Courses in Bristol have been prepared to keep the economic needs at the forefront where it caters more to the growth of the economy. As the research shows there is a heavy demand for creative writers.


Top 6 Institutes Providing Creative Writing Courses Online



IIM SKILLS provides one of the fantastic creative writing courses which is one of its core strengths. This is a highly valued and recognized certification course. They also provide both internship and freelancing opportunities for their students. The unique part over here is that they help in developing your portfolio which comes as a great aid in a later stage.

It teaches the basic yet most important aspects of creative writing like coming up with story ideas, character development, points of view, dialogues, etc. The creative writing course at IIM SKILLS is known as the name of ‘Content Writing Course‘ and covers a number of writing types including copywriting and blogging.



Creativity comes when the skills are developed, practiced, and implemented again and again religiously. This is what exactly is done at IIM SKILLS. The institute has been ranked the top for its writing courses, which now has become the foremost choice of every aspiring writer, whether they are planning to get into the writing or marketing industry, earn a good amount, or publish ther own books or novels.

IIM SKILLS takes care of all its students and makes sure to fulfill everyone’s learning needs. It is the most recommended place to learn creative writing courses in Bristol.


2. University of Bristol:

It is a 2-year rigorous program. In the first year, you will be taught and practiced across all the verticals irrespective of your chosen specialization. You will be taken through writing practice, writing mechanics, and fundamentals of the script, fiction, non-fiction, and copywriting.

All of these are going to add great value to the forthcoming journey. Apart from the chosen specialized area, creative writing courses provide you with many optional courses as well. These optional courses will vary and exist based on your specialized vertical.

Some of the very interesting options are poetry and public engagement, writing as a cultural commentator, scriptwriting for gaming, etc. You must make use of these optional courses that will make your preparation even more solid. Bristol has had a good connection with publishers and agents over these years and you will get a fair chance of working closely with them and its in-house partnerships as well.

Their teaching and learning methodology goes beyond classroom training. As an enrolled student in creative writing courses in Bristol, you will open yourself to a floodgate of practical learning opportunities. 


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To Highlight Some of the Few Are:

  • Building the Portfolio from College Itself: Opportunity to work with UWE Bristol student media, an in-house hub working incessantly to groom themselves on a serious note by publishing magazines, screenplays, and other creative writings
  • Social Involvement: By engaging yourself closely with various local organizations and event organizers, you will be exposed to a lot of entrepreneurial activities and so creativities that ultimately can be imbibed into your writing.
  • Course Flexibility: Creative writing courses in Bristol come in customized ways to suit the needs of the prospective applicants and you can go for either full-time or part-time.


Course Fees: 

Full-time course – INR 98,00,000 (Approx)

Part-time course – INR 2,23,000 (Approx)


Pre-requisites to Enter the Course:

For applying to the flagship program of creative writing courses in Bristol, you need to have a valid and minimum overall IELTS score of 6.0 with 5.5 in each of the sections. 


3. Weslyn University Creative Writing Specialization by Coursera:

Weslyn University has joined hands with the most favorite educational, training, and upskilling website Coursera to expand its creative writing course.


Here the Course Will Have the Below Specialized Courses:

  • The craft of the plot
  • The craft of setting and description
  • The craft of character
  • The craft of style
  • Crafting your story 


This specialization will cover 3-main genres of creative writing and they are short stories, narrative essays, and memoirs. All the instructors hailing directly from Weslyn university will share their years-long experience in the creative writing field.

This course applies to all those who want to switch to the creative side of their brain. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced one, you just need to have that focus and interest.


Also, Check Other Courses Available:


4. Skillshare Online Creative Writing Classes:

Creative writing is more about letting the words flow in a very compelling and artistic way, and Skillshare has got it in one place. Its online classes teach everything that you need to become a better informed and inventive writer. It includes writing tools and techniques, outlining, storytelling character development, coming up with a compelling plot, and most importantly using crafty words.

This course will suit you if you are a beginner, and even if you are an experienced writer then also it will sharpen your vices and bring visible impacts on your writing. It does not end there, it has got a series of creative writing courses like script writing, academic writing, storytelling, personal writing, etc.


5. The Novelty:

It is a completely online platform with a team of like-minded people of writers and editors, who came together to bring the wellness writing culture and further spread it across to the ones who share the same kind of mindset and interest. They call it an in-house writing program.

It has got multiple programs that will suit your customized need to make you write and come up with a novel in a year and another program that will help you to come up with a novel within 90-days of time. Does it not sound interesting? Well, that is not all that they provide.

Their courses cater to all levels of writers whether you are a beginner or intermediate or already have reached the advanced level. The unique point that separates them from the other courses is that they provide original and practical lessons in a step-by-step approach that will make your experience very lively.


The Courses Are:

  • The Classic Course-Come up with the big idea
  • The Nine-Day Novel Course –Write the first draft
  • The Big Edit- Revise toward publishing

This course enables you to have long term and sustainable writing career. 


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6. Henry Harvin Writing Academy:

It is a renowned institute in the industry, well known for its outstanding result-oriented courses delivered over the years. Their courses are well-researched and imparted through action-oriented lessons. They have divided their entire creative writing program into 6-powerpack modules.


They Are:

  • Initiating creative writing
  • Language and grammar skills
  • Literary elements and techniques
  • Creating stories
  • Fiction writing
  •  Scriptwriting
  • Poetry writing


The most differentiating and attractive feature of this program is that it caters to a wide range of aspiring professionals across various fields like entrepreneurs, digital marketers, housewives, bloggers or content writers, teachers, trainers, sales professionals, etc. It teaches the techniques that are inevitable for a good writing career. In addition, it teaches from conceptualization to forming the outline, plotting, and coming up with an array of stories through your imagination. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. What are the avenues after finishing creative writing courses?

After finishing the creative writing courses, you can become a screenwriter, journalist, or freelance writer working for media agencies or be part of corporate communication. The above mentioned will give you the earning opportunities however apart from them you can come up with the books or stories or novels to your heart’s content.


Q2. Is there any freelancing opportunity available after availing of the creative Writing Courses in Bristol?

There are ample opportunities available both online and offline for freelance creative writers. Copywriting, content writing, and web content creation are the most popular online jobs available in plenty these days. The certificate and the already experienced in-house internship will act like the icing on the cake.


Q3. What is the minimum expected salary after finishing the creative writing courses in Bristol?

You can expect a minimum starting package of 1.4 lakhs up to 2.5 lakhs. As you gain experience over the years, the salary figure can reach up to 15 lakhs and so on.


Q4. Is there any specific age criterion for entering a creative writing course?

Generally, there is no age limit for getting into creative writing courses. Anyone with a flair for writing and wanting to pursue it seriously can go for it.


Q5. How shall I prepare myself before joining creative writing courses?

Because of the creative writing courses in Bristol, a rigorous training, if you plan and prepare yourself well beforehand, then the chances of stumbling along the way will be lesser. Do writing practice daily, check with your seniors how to ace the process, and follow the established ones in your verticals. All of these are going to help you a lot.



The creative writing courses in Bristol will bring many values to your writing career as a creative writer. One thing that has to be always kept in mind is that the individual has to put in more effort in those unseen hours to come up with a vibrant career in the respective field. Rightly utilizing the vocation along with the faculty’s constant support and the incessant labors of the students as a guide will make you the best fit for the industry.

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