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Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Belfast With Placements

One of the most exciting jobs in the world is to become a creative writer. Why? Creative writers can convey certain messages through their writing so that a reader can react in a way, they have never imagined before. Creative writing makes people wonder while reading and makes their imaginations come alive. Make sure you read the full article to choose the best creative writing courses in Belfast.


List of best creative writing courses in Belfast


Writing can come in various forms such as fiction novels, biography, poetry, speeches, personal essays, and scriptwriting. But the most popular ones are scriptwriting and writing novels. The commercial industry has made bookselling a good business, as well as scriptwriting is the most applied skill. Every video we watch today contains a good script behind the scenes. These are just a few reasons why creative writing has become so popular.


What is Creative Writing Course?

Understanding what exactly creative writing is will give a brief idea. Creative writing is more than just writing words. The purpose of such writing is to use a person’s imagination to create art but in a written form. This is why creative writing is an art, as it allows an individual’s imagination into creating a unique piece of work. 

The process involves using imagination, innovation, and creativity in a storytelling way. Different types of creative writing include descriptive, persuasive, narrative, letter writing, and journal. Each of the writing has a unique attribute and needs very different skills. But all creative writing needs one same thing which is to imagine. 

Yes, imagination is a must when it is to writing creatively. Because storytelling needs the talent to imagine and put them in words. This is how a reader can read and understand what the writer is trying to convey. It also makes the reader imagine and takes them to a particular scenario. This is how creative writing becomes so fun to read. 

When doing a course in creative writing, one must understand that creative writing requires the ability to imagine. Also, those who enjoy writing will do wonders on their path as creative writers. Doing a course from a reputed educational institute is a bonus. How? An educational institute grants a certificate after the completion of the course.

Which is beneficial in the resume while looking for good hiring. An individual is recognized as a certified creative writer when companies are looking for professionals. Not only that but there are more learning and practicals when having a creative writing course done. Read the full article to understand the best institute to choose. As the article contains the best creative writing courses in Belfast.


Is It Worth an Investment to Pursue a Creative Writing Course?

Before jumping to the conclusion of whether or not creative writing is a suitable course. Ask yourself these questions first, are you passionate about writing? Do you like to imagine a lot? Would you rather write for a living or sell your favorite chocolates? If your answers are all related to writing then yes, writing is your forte. 

But to become a creative writer, taking up a course is a must. When pursuing a creative writing course, they help guide you with the basic learnings. From beginner learning to advance, everything is being taught when taking up a course.

You could be exploring a new career in life or developing a skill that is going to be with you forever. Then taking up a course will be very beneficial. Most educational institutes hire experts for the students to learn and they are more aware of the latest tools. So, you get the best of everything during the course. 


Reason Why a Creative Writing Course is Wroth Investment:

  • Increases your observation skills.
  • Hands-on experience 
  • Research skill is being developed.
  • Polishes communication skills.
  • Makes your brain active.
  • More exposure.
  • Meets like-minded people.
  • Becomes a certified professional.


While hiring an employee, an employer will look for self-confidence, time management, and communication skills. This is also developed during the whole course and enhances your writing ability. You get to meet like-minded people, connect with them and become a part of a community. Taking up a course is also a gateway to great exposure. And people will come to know your learned skills which will give you a reference later on. This makes pursuing a creative writing course worth an investment. 


Some of the Best Creative Writing Courses in Belfast 



This educational institute has been recognized as the world’s leading online educational institute. The classes are online which makes it even easier to do from anywhere in the world. When their educational blog became a success and after reaching about 1 million people for career guidance, they started their online training programs. 

The first course which got launched was the Content Writing Course. After a successful reach and many students enrolled in the program, IIM SKILLS started providing other various courses too. As of today, they have 15000 trained students from 35 countries across the world.

For five years, they have delivered more than 25000 training. The program faculty members are well-experienced within the industry. During their certified programs, IIM SKILLS makes sure every student gets hands-on experience. It is the best option for creative writing courses in Belfast.



What is Included in the Course?

  • 4 weeks of live online classes
  • 3 months of guaranteed internship
  • 30 hours of training
  • Free tools that are worth 35k
  • Opportunities to do freelance
  • Portfolio development
  • Get to learn from experts
  • Lifetime consulting support
  • Get published in the Times of India


IIM SKILLS  offers a lot of opportunities during their course. The course called Content writing Master Course includes creative writing as well. The course extends up to 4 months, where the first month is more of learning with classes. The classes are taught by industry experts. 

A certificate will be given to each student who passes the test. To take it further, students can opt for the 3 months of the internship program which will help to build a portfolio. Overall, it is worth it as there are a lot of perks to doing the course. It is suitable for creative writing courses in Belfast.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


2. Write Here

Write Here offers one of the most affordable courses in Belfast. It is run by a very known Editor named Rufus Purdy. Who happens to be the editor at the Curtis Brown literary agency and Curtis brown creative novel writing school. Over the past years, he has worked with 4 different authors into writing novels.

Some of the famous books he has worked on are The best of our spies, The swiss spies, Vienna spies, and many others. And the renowned authors he has worked with are Michelle Cook, Paul Laird, Natalie Lewis, Lorraine Peck, and more. Being a journalist, his work has been published in the Times, The Financial Times, and the Sunday Times Travel Magazine. It is best for creative writing courses in Belfast.


What is Included in The Course?

  • 8-week novel writing course.
  • Taught by the director himself.
  • Editing and pitching novels.
  • Masterclass on characterization, plot, and dialogue.
  • Q&A sessions.
  • Self-paced course.
  • Learning materials are provided.


He offers this amazing creative writing online course. Which covers – how to write a novel online course at 99 dollars. It is pretty convenient if an individual wants to pursue writing novels. And the course is being taught by Rufus Purdy, who is the director of Write Here. This is one of the options for creative writing courses in Belfast.


3. Udemy

The institute is recognized as a global destination for learning and teaching people across the Globe. The founder of Udemy is Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar, and Gagan Biyani which was launched in May 2010. Now in November 2022, The platform has over 57 million students, more than 200,000 courses, and 74,000 instructors. 

The platform is huge and there are great opportunities even for the teachers who can teach while they earn. The best thing for students is Udemy provides self-paced learning where students can learn any course within their time frame. Moreover, the courses have been programmed by the university or field experts.

This means there are no compromises when it comes to learning various courses. They provide quality study material and a certificate is granted to the students after the completion of the course. There are so many options of courses in Udemy that an individual can choose from. This makes Udemy a great platform as being the best creative writing courses in Belfast.


What is Included in the Course?

  • 12 hours of on-demand video
  • 145 downloadable resources
  • Lifetime access
  • Accessible on TV and mobile
  • Completion Certificate
  • Poetry writing styles with projects
  • Creative nonfiction writing
  • Beginners’ playwriting


There is a particular course called Complete creative writing on Udemy which covers most of the basics syllabus for those who want to step into the world of creative writing. When searched, there will be various other options on the topic of creative writing. But this one particular cover most topics for those who want their path into creative writing.

This is a successful course as they teach from Poetry writing styles to Nonfiction creative writing. With very affordable pricing, one can opt for this course. The good thing about Udemy courses is that it is lifetime access to downloadable resources. And one can opt for this course by being anywhere around the world. This makes Udemy a good option for creative writing courses in Belfast.


Also, Check,


4. Writer’s Digest University

This online platform has been developed for more than 90 years which is for aspiring authors. Every course is designed to motivate writers to keep writing and get them inspired. As the name suggests, Writer’s Digest University, which means it is specially made for writers.

The workshops have been developed by professionals who have years of experience in the writing industry. The professionals have dedicated themselves to helping others to improve their writing styles. And which will increase the chance of being published. Each week workshops are being held with new topics.

After the lectures, students are asked questions to test whether or not they have understood the topic very well.  The majority of their classes will be given reading assignments as well as writing assignments to the students. There is also one-to-one feedback from their mentors which will help improve their skills. This makes it very well-chosen among creative writing courses in Belfast.


What is Included in the Course?

  • In-person classes/ online classes
  • Informative lectures
  • Writing exercises
  • Reading assignments
  • Feedback from the mentors
  • Online workshops
  • Discussions with peers
  • Private journaling
  • Creating the best hook and endings


Their Creative Writing 101 is an absolutely good choice for students who want to gain experience in creative writing. The classes are in person as well as an online course. Which makes it an ideal option for students who want distance courses. The courses include informative lectures, writing exercises as well as reading exercises.

There is feedback given by mentors once every lesson. A lot of group discussions are being held that will help open up and create exposure. Even private journaling is held where only you and your mentor can access the writing. As Writer’s Digest University is a well-known institute and pursuing a course from there will be a great advantage. Thus, this is why it’s a good choice for creative writing courses in Belfast.


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5. Coursera

Coursera is regarded as one of the top US-based online course providers. It was founded in the year of 2012 by Andrew NG and Daphne Koller who are Computer science professors at Stanford University. They work with universities as well as organizations to offer online courses to students.

As they provide only online courses, anyone can opt from being anywhere in the world. Through Coursera, it was estimated that 150 universities offered more than 40,000 courses in the year 2021. Their courses are for four to twelve weeks with one or two hours of videos that contain lectures.

Once the course has been purchased, all of the study materials are given where students can learn in their own time. Some of the most popular courses that people learned from Coursera are digital marketing, python, social psychology, and project management.

Their courses were estimated to be worth 4 years of degrees, according to Google. Their course ranges are so many that students can learn anything of their own choice for creative writing courses in Belfast. This is a reason why it is good to opt for creative writing courses in Belfast.


What is Included in the Course?

  • Online classes.
  • Shareable certificate.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Approximately 6 months to complete.
  • Study material in various languages 
  • Hands-on project.
  • Crafting character and plot.
  • Learn from university professors.


Creative writing specialization is one of the creative writing courses an individual can opt for. From basics to advanced creative writing, the syllabus is being taught. Coursera offers online classes which means students can learn from anywhere in the world. The learning schedule from Coursera is mostly flexible and self-paced.

Even if someone is a working professional, they can learn at their own given time. Once the course is completed, a certificate is granted which is shareable. This helps while making a writer’s profile where the certificate can be shared to acknowledge the skills. Once the course has been purchased, all the study materials are shared right away.


Frequently Asked Questions About Creative Writing Courses in Belfast


Q1. What are the tips on how to become a creative writer?

The creative writing industry is very much in demand due to its growing popularity. But how does one become good at creative writing? There are numerous tips for becoming an excellent creative writer. To name a few, a writer must practice writing at least daily. Also embracing the practice to re-write, once it has been written. Taking references from other authors is also very crucial as it gives more ideas about how to write better. A creative writer must understand who is the reader and write in their place.

Like how would they imagine the written scenario if you were in their place? This way the storytelling process becomes easier to read and understand. Try opting for a course as they mainly teach from scratch. It is beginner friendly and you get a lot of exposure along the way. The final tip will be to try to become more imaginative while describing a scenario or describing a character. This leads to compelling a unique composition. With these basic tips, one can be better at their creative writing journey. Try out to get the maximum benefit from following the tips. 

Q2. What is a creative writing course?

A course on creative writing involves writing such as blogging, scripts, journal, poetry, letters, essays, speeches, storytelling, and advertising. Mainly creative writing is used during plays and scripts where a story is being told by the writer. Creative writing is all about using own imagination to create a unique story that will make readers hook. During the creative writing course, all of these are being taught. Moreover, the duration of the course takes weeks to complete and has many perks of pursuing a course.

But of course, a well-recognized institute will help to build your path as a creative writer. After the completion of the course, a certificate is granted by the institute which will help to recognize an individual as a professional writer. Taking up a course also helps to build a portfolio which is an added advantage if an employer asks for it. A lot of exposure to the industry and experience will be earned during the course. 


Q3. What are the perks of becoming a full-time creative writer?

Choosing to become a creative writer is a valuable skill to have. Because it not only develops your writing skills but also maximizes your communication. Your thinking ability is developed over time along with organizational skills. Due to the rise in demand for creative writers, the pay for creative writers is always high. You get to learn valuable skills while you earn well. Becoming a full-time creative writer involves tasks such as managing socials and websites, the publications reviewing process, publishing ad copy, proofreading, and collaborating with the team. All of these responsibilities teach a lot and build up a person in and out. 


Key Takeaway

Creative writing is a great path to choose as a main career. Because of its demand and many are hiring creative writers because of the industrial growth. As there are a lot of competitions and to stand out from the competitions. And the only option to stand out is to compel unique content. It is the biggest reason creative writers are in demand. Having a course in creative writing is a bonus. Especially when they need to be hired by a top-notch company. As the educational institutes help to build portfolios along with a graduate certificate. This helps in the hiring process. If the educational institutes are well established they also offer placements or internships for the students. That is why choosing a good institute is necessary to get the best from your investment. This article helps you find some of the best creative writing courses in Belfast. Choose the best so it’s worth your time and investment. This way you will get the best outcome.

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