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Top 6 Creative Writing Courses in Amsterdam

To polish and upskill oneself on the journey of becoming a creative writer, one may require updating himself with creative writing courses that tackle the various aspects of writing. English has become a necessary universal requirement in the workforce in recent times. Studying from the top creative writing courses in Amsterdam with a bustling English-speaking community is a choice you should not miss out on, especially if you plan to study in the Netherlands.


List of best creative writing courses in Amsterdam


Creative writing is the art of expressing oneself and one’s ideas through writing creatively, manifested in its various branches. Creative writing is a lucrative field with increasing demand and job placements. On the path to becoming a skilled professional writer, dabbling in creative writing one may face blocks in expressing oneself through the perfect set of words. Let us first begin by understanding what creative writing means.


What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is the discipline and art form of using one’s creative voice and translating it into a verbal written form for an audience to decipher. One can be born with a talent for creative writing and also cultivate it through consistent effort. Creative writing is manifested across various types and in different branches.

We as a society are constantly consuming numerous forms of creative writing every other day. When a new movie is screened, a new book hits the market every week, and also when we sing along with our favorite song lyrics. The consumption of the manifestations of creative writing has enormously multiplied since the last decade, thanks to the boom of social media.

Thanks to social media we can now watch the wonders of creative writing at the tips of our fingers. Let us now discuss and get into our curated list of the top six creative writing courses in Amsterdam.  


Here is a List of the Top 6 Creative Writing Courses in Amsterdam:


1. Creative Writing Courses in Amsterdam by IIM SKILLS:


IIM SKILLS, the leader in professional courses offers a content writing master course that not only teaches participants creative writing, but also other varied technicalities involved in the field of writing.  The course can be taken by those completely new to the world of content creation or even those looking for a new chapter in their career as writers.

Extensive research and diligent efforts have been made by the team of experts here at IIM SKILLS in building this coursework. Students after applying to this course receive an unending support system available to them to clear any queries around the clock.

This course is sure to leave you well-versed in the nitty-gritty of creative content creation upon its completion in these contemporary automated times. It urges its participants to think creatively and become assured of their writing skills. Students gain hands-on experience by taking part in live training assignments that prepare them for future job or freelancing opportunities.


Content Writing Course Module:

Students applying for the content writing course at IIM SKILLS are guaranteed lifetime access to the coursework. Participants of the course learn from varied course modules built in mind keeping industry standards. Students not only learn creative writing but other various technicalities and their applications regarding writing. The coursework focuses on the following sixteen modules:

  • Introduction: Content writing skills.
  • WordPress: Web set-up and development.
  • Digital content writing focusing on blogs, articles, and webpages.
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing: Publish a press release, write content and design brochure, infographic, and flyers and write product descriptions.
  • Email Writing: Learn how to craft the perfect email for campaigns.
  • Social Media: Content creation for social media and writing scripts for videos
  • Creative Writing: Learn to write engaging creative work in fiction and non-fiction 
  • Statement of purpose and business listing 
  • Legal Writing: Learn the know-how of writing legal documents
  • Technical Writing: Work on dealing with research papers and white papers 
  • Search Engine Optimization: Learn how to rank content on various search engines, focusing on both on-page and off-page Seo
  • Content Marketing: Learn content writing in regulation with industry standards
  • Affiliate Marketing and AdSense 
  • Content Writing (freelance): How to market yourself as a freelancer and gain opportunities in the industry
  • Resume Writing: Learn to build and design one’s portfolio and resume



Course period:

The Content Writing Course at IIM SKILLS is for four weeks with live interactive training lectures combined with three months of a guaranteed internship program for participants. Students are also offered lifetime access to the course module even after completion.


Eligibility Criteria:

This Content Writing Course by IIM SKILLS is open to all from various walks of life with no prior pre-determined eligibility criteria. This course is accessible to those who consider writing their calling, fresher graduated students who are willing to dabble in the field of writing, working professionals, entrepreneurs learning to market themselves through content creation even those looking for a possible career change, and many more.     


Course Costs/Fees:

Students looking forward to applying to this content writing masters course by IIM SKILLS will have to pay 182.29 euros plus additional axes at checkout as course fees.


For Further Queries About the Course at IIM SKILLS, Reach Out to:

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Contact Details: +91 9580 740 740


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2. Creative Writing Courses in Amsterdam by the University of Amsterdam


Second, on our list of creative writing courses in Amsterdam is the University of Amsterdam which offers an honors program in creative writing. The University of Amsterdam aims for the course to be more of a fun-loving approach where students collaborate their creativity in both theory and practical aspects.

Students learn to marry their thinking and creative expressionism and engage actively with the syllabus. Participants are encouraged to express their innovative ideas and express themselves through various works of writings like poems, essays, and many more. Students participate in group projects to gain distinct opinions and perspectives.


Eligibility Criteria:

Participants eager to enroll in this course by the University of Amsterdam are welcomed from all walks of life. People from various disciplines are eligible to apply for this course. Aspirants from a nuanced academic background in literature, history, and language studies are sure to find the coursework beneficial too.


For Further Queries About Courses at the University of Amsterdam, Reach Out to:

Email address: [email protected]

Phone contact details: +31 20 5255190


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


3. Creative Writing Courses in Amsterdam, by Amsterdam Writing Workshop:


Amsterdam Writing Workshop offers three engaging workshops for those keen on cultivating their creative writing juices. The creative writing workshops are as follows:


  • Simply Writing:

In this workshop, participants learn to do just as the workshop’s name suggests ‘simply write’. Students learn to overcome various difficulties they may face while starting a new writing project: delay in the start or end of a project, how to consistently enjoy writing etc. Students are taught this relevant know-how on how to make writing a more fun, enjoyable and productive endeavor in this workshop.


Course Period: This workshop experience is divided into a period of two days conducted through live online classes.

Eligibility Criteria: People from all levels and areas of life are open to applying for this course by Amsterdam Writing Workshop.

Course Costs/Fees: The cost of this workshop course is a cumulative cost of 150 euros.


  • Writing Non-fiction:

Writing creative non-fiction is not an easy feat to achieve. This course helps aspirants by acknowledging the diverse worries that may arise when thinking of writing creative non-fiction and overcoming those hindrances.

Course period: The course workshop is for two days and is conducted in an online mode of learning.

Eligibility criteria: People from all levels, and qualifications are open to apply for this course.

Course costs/fees: The course fee is 150 euros upon registration for aspirants. 


In this course workshop, students learn the detailed intricacies related to the creation of short stories. This piece of creative fiction and the expertise that surrounds it like the formation of a relevant structure, plot, characters, and narration techniques are discussed. Students are guided to write, make a note of their writing efficacy and receive subsequent feedback for their writing.


Course Period: The short story workshop by Amsterdam writing is for two days, carried out in an online learning mode.

Eligibility Criteria: People from all levels are open to applying for this course.  

Course Costs/Fees: Those keen to apply for this course workshop have to pay 150 euros as course fees.


For further queries about the course at Amsterdam Writing Workshop, reach out to: 

Email address: [email protected]

Phone contact details: +31 (0) 62 502 0817


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4. Creative Writing Courses in Amsterdam by the International Writers Collective:


Fourth on our list of creative writing courses in Amsterdam is the international writers’ collective. The international writers’ collective community offers a course structure on interdependent levels where students participate in the pre-requisite course levels where they continue to elevate their skills and knowledge gained from the prior levels. The coursework is divided into the following four levels: 


Level I:

This course level focus on the beginner fundamentals related to creative writing. Level I encourage students to brace up with the world of writing by exposing them to introductory topics. It helps students set a routine and a writing system that works for them as they transition from a rookie to a professional and gain mastery over their craft. This course level mainly teaches applicants of the course about the technicalities of writing prose, fiction, and poetry.


Level II: 

The course program in level 2 depends on the prior knowledge of level 1 and helps students sharpen their understanding from the previous level. Students at this level will learn to apply technical knowledge regarding fiction and poetry working on real-time projects. They also learn to conduct an in-depth analysis of their creative works every week. 


Level III: 

The students who opt for this level apply the combined knowledge mainly acquired from levels I and II. This level majorly focuses on writers developing their inner confidence in their respective creative writing pieces. Students interact with their fellow peers while engaging in assignments and discourses that help them to seek insights and see things through different perspectives and lenses that can be a great help in widening their creative thinking.


Level IV:

The level IV course is designed to be an ongoing support network for students who have completed the previous level III course program. Here, students gain guidance and also receive detailed critiques for their work and projects and how they can further work on improving and honing their craft even more deeply.

Level IV is completed upon the final creation of a book-sized project including options like a novel, poetry chapter books, and story collections. Students can opt to stay in this course level classes forever if they like. Participants are encouraged to mostly consider applying for all four-course levels to gain an all-around knowledgeable experience and benefit from all the features.


Course Period: 

Level I This course level is for eight weeks and six weeks during a summer term.

Level II The Level II course works functions for a time- period of eight weeks operating both offline and online.

Level III This course level runs for eight weeks.

Level IV The Level IV courses are for ten weeks and are divided into autumn, spring, and winter terms.


Eligibility Criteria: The coursework is accessible to everyone from diverse experience levels, and backgrounds and mainly focuses on adult participants above the age of 18.

Course Costs/Fees: International Writers Collective offers a varied price range for the courses depending on the course level and the instructor in charge of teaching. Reach out to the institute’s help desk for further information.


Email address: [email protected]

Phone contact details: +31 6 22 49 48 13


5. Creative Writing Courses in Amsterdam, by Amsterdam Writers:


Amsterdam writers offer two-course workshop options from which aspiring students can choose. The following workshops offered by Amsterdam writers are:


  • Writers’ Stretch and Tone:

Looking forward to pursuing creative writing courses in Amsterdam? Carefully designed creative writing workshops and seminars by Amsterdam writers is the one to look out for. Amsterdam writers deeply believe in the principle of practice makes perfect. Here, applicants become proficient writers through repeated practice.

Students are allowed to review their fellow peers’ pieces of work, which also helps them to gain constructive insights. On completion of the course, participants will have developed a new proficiency for writing and will be able to face challenges head-on.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Course Period:

This creative writing course by Amsterdam writers is for six weeks in which all relevant workshops are conducted through a live online experience with the aid of zoom.


Eligibility Criteria: Amsterdam writers allow participants willing to seek out their workshops to participate across different boards: background, age qualifications, and professional expertise. 

Course Costs/Fees: Those keen on participating in the course by Amsterdam writers will have to pay 280 euros as course fees including 21% VAT.


  • Storytelling for Academics:

Amsterdam writers offer another course where participants working in the field of non-fiction writing learn how to use various aspects of fiction in their works. They learn how to deal with the formal tone of academic writing and push beyond its constraints. However, this workshop is not limited to academic papers but will also delve into screenplays, poetry, essays, and other creative branches of non-fiction.


Eligibility Criteria: The storytelling for academic’s workshops has no rigid eligibility criteria and is open for all to enroll in.

Course Period: This course workshop is available for ten weeks.


For further queries about the course at Amsterdam, writers reach out to:

Email address: [email protected]

Phone contact details: +31 6 1429 7462


6. Creative Writing Courses in Amsterdam by CREA:


CREA is a multicultural learning platform for students from home and abroad that offers a creative writing online course. Those eager to learn creative writing can learn with participants from across the globe and gain different universal perspectives. The course helps in shining a light on one’s voice in creative expressionism and how to assertively express that voice in a written form.


Course Period: The course by CREA lasts for eight weeks and is conducted through online classes.

Eligibility Criteria: The workshop is accessible to everyone with no pre-requisite eligibility criteria.


Course Costs/Fees:

The course workshops hold varied price criteria’s depending on the subsequent price and discounts assigned to designated roles by the institute. Fresh students are required to pay 98 euros as course fees. While the young and old alumni as well as the staff are required to pay 147 euros as course fees. The others who do not pass the afore-mentioned categories’ have to pay 196 euros as the course fees upon registration of the workshop.


For Further Queries About Your Course at CREA Reach Out to:

Email address:  [email protected]

Phone contact details: 020 525 1414


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. What are the skills required in creative writing?

One can become a nuanced creative writer by polishing their pre-existing or focusing on building these particular skillsets:

  • Grasp of grammar 
  • A broad vocabulary 
  • Out-of-the-box imaginative skills
  • Proofreading and editing  
  • Narration techniques
  • Innovative thinking 
  • Voracious reading 
  • Articulate writing ability
  • Illusive presentation of ideas in written format 
  • Time management 
  • Ability to work well by oneself as well as in a team
  • Networking skills 
  • High comprehension 
  • Diligence 
  • Communication skills
  • Being authentic and original

 A combination of the above-mentioned skillset is essential for those considering stepping foot into the world of creative writing and becoming a professional writer.


Q2. What is the scope of creative writing?

If one is planning on studying creative writing courses in Amsterdam, he may have access to a diverse list of opportunities in Amsterdam due to its bustling English-speaking community. Creative writers are hired by various industries and fields including publishing houses, educational institutes like schools, colleges and universities, libraries, theatre houses working on musicals and Broadway shows, advertising agencies, social media, and public relations firms, broadcasting media stations, entrainment media houses, and many more.


Those Who Have Studied Creative Writing Can Manifest Their Skillset in the Following Roles:

  •  Song lyricists
  • Novelist
  • Blogger
  • Playwright
  • Screenplay writer
  • Content Creator
  • A critic 
  • Journalist
  • Copywriter working in media, social networking, and advertising
  •  Ghost-writer
  • A columnist
  •  Social media manager
  • Creative director
  •  Content marketer
  • Poet and author   

Thus, opting for creative writing courses in Amsterdam is sure to provide writers with a varied range of opportunities if one is diligent enough to chase them. Along with the engagement of creative content consumption increasing day by day so does the scope of creative writers and their skills increasing. 


Q3. What qualifications are required to become a creative writer? 

A degree in a related discipline of English literature is traditionally considered for those seeking to pursue a career in creative writing. However, if creative writing is your forte, you may start polishing your craft by signing up for content writing courses that will aid you on your journey to becoming a professional. One may get in touch with the heterogenous industry trends and skills required across varied job postings.  



Amongst our curated list of creative writing courses, one may choose from the above-given list of options or delve into further research on selecting the right creative writing courses in Amsterdam, tailored just for you. Affordability, duration, placement options, and course module are some of the important priorities one may keep in mind while selecting coursework. It is also fundamental to select coursework that aligns with your goals. These excellent crafted course programs working with industry-grade experts are sure to give aspirants stepping into the field of creative writing to have confidence in their steps. 

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