Mumbai is many people’s dream city; it is supposed to be a city that never sleeps, a city that moves quickly, and a city that provides many opportunities.


“You should have majored in Science or Commerce for a respectable career!” Those in the Arts stream in class 12th may have come across similar statements frequently. With the passage of time, globalization, and the rise of new sectors, a diverse range of courses in the arts and humanities are now available. So, in this article, we’ll look at some of the employment opportunities available for graduates, courses after the Arts stream in Mumbai!


List of the best courses after Arts stream in Mumbai


Students who have completed their 12th grade in the arts stream will have a wide range of options. The arts and humanities as a field of study draw inspiration from history, cultures, languages, music, visual arts, philosophy, and other intellectual aspects of existence.


Students who choose arts disciplines are trained and prepared to employ their critical and analytical thinking skills in inquisitive and analytical ways. The advantage of the bachelor of arts degree is that it does not need students to have completed high school in a certain stream to study courses after 12th grade. Students in the arts, commerce, and science can all seek a BA degree.


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Students who completed their higher secondary education in the arts stream have an easier time studying for examinations such as the civil services/UPSC, Chartered account (CA), Bank PO (IBPS), and other similar exams. It becomes tough for a candidate to obtain higher-paying professions if they do not choose the proper courses after the arts stream in Mumbai


Depending on your interests and future job objectives, you can pursue any of the following are the courses after the art stream in Mumbai. These aren’t the only options available. Students can also enroll in a variety of specialty courses.


Language studies, linguistics, political science, psychology, law, mass communication, economics, sociology, geography, and history, as well as Sanskrit, Hindi, and English are among the most promising arts subjects pursued by Mumbai students.


The courses after the arts stream in Mumbai are as follows:


The entire planet has become a competitive hub. However, it’s possible that if you went into the arts, you wouldn’t be able to get that executive job. However, the tradition is not the same, as seen by the trends.


Everyone wants to improve their abilities to meet the demands of the job. Whether you wish to specialize in humanities, sociology, geology, or any language, I’ve included the ones that will help you move up the corporate ladder in Mumbai.


  1. Bachelor of Arts (BA):


A Bachelor of Arts, or BA, is a simple choice. This is one of Mumbai’s greatest white-collar job opportunities. Typically, it is a three-year undergraduate program that can be extended if you choose to pursue a post-graduate degree. On your table, you have a wide range of options for picking up, including Psychology, Sociology, History, Geography, Anthropology, Literature, Languages.


You must choose a primary subject for honors and combine elective subjects as part of the program. It allows you a lot of freedom and exposure to various aspects of the subject, such as tourism, academics, and hospitality. As a result, at the end of the course, you will be able to work in a variety of fields.


The ranking is headed by Mumbai’s St. Xavier College. The college’s infrastructure is amazing. You can apply for admission using both an entrance exam and a merit-based system.


You can be a content writer, executive assistant, or anything else by the conclusion of BA. There are numerous options accessible. B. A graduate’s average annual salary is 5 lakhs. Many multinational corporations, such as HCL, Accenture, HDFC, TCS, and the list goes on, may be interested in hiring you.


Following your BA honors, you can pursue lucrative careers in content writing, graphic design, digital marketing, and other related fields.


  1. Bachelor of fine arts:


Do you enjoy music, filmmaking, dance, or painting? A bachelor’s degree in fine arts, on the other hand, is a thriving field. This is one of Mumbai’s greatest white-collar job opportunities. You will be able to express your creative side as a result of this.


Unlocking a multitude of distinct job opportunities. If you have a special thinking capacity and only superb visualization and presentation talents, BFA is the greatest choice for courses after the arts stream in Mumbai.


Teachers/ professors, Creative authors, Professionals in dance, music, art directors, theatre/ drama actors, artists, animators, actors, sculptors, Production artists, and many more would be able to master both technical and creative talents after completing the undergrad course.


Fine arts have been a prestigious career in recent years, with remuneration ranging from 5.5 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum on average. The University of Mumbai and Amity University are at the top of the list for BFA programs.


Mumbai University maintains the quality of education and ensures top-notch placement by offering numerous scholarship programs and facilities such as a library, gym, virtual classrooms, and healthcare.


On the other hand, Amity University asserts that it is India’s best private university. For prospective students, it functions as an academic hub. Scholarships are also available here. If you have the necessary abilities, they will help you find a job. Sony, Zeta, American Express, Naukri, Ranbaxy, and a variety of other companies are among the top recruiters.


  1. Bachelor of business administration:


Another great basis in your entrepreneurship chapter is a bachelor’s degree in business administration. This is one of Mumbai’s greatest white-collar job opportunities.


The finest feature is that it is open to students from various disciplines, including arts and science. It instills in you the ability to lead, as well as outstanding communication and problem-solving skills.


You continue to improve as a team member and have a positive attitude. You can work as an HR manager/executive, a marketing manager/executive, or an R&D executive after earning a BBA.


With the privileges and benefits listed above, BBA is one of the most popular degree courses after the arts stream in Mumbai. Mumbai, as a corporate center and home to the National Institute of Management, is at the top of the list.


It is a reputable business school with a strong curriculum geared to provide you with specialized expertise. The institute improves the front-end career with its excellent coaching.


Mumbai enters the list, in addition to the aforementioned Indian Institute of Business Management and Studies. The corporate placements they offer, such as AWS, HCL, Google, Aditya Birla, Tech Mahindra, and others. You might also find some helpful professors who can assist you in pursuing your goals.


  1. Bachelor of journalism:


If you are a data-driven individual with strong communication abilities, BJM, or a bachelor of journalism, maybe the right path for you. Over time, you will be nurtured as a responsible media professional.


In Mumbai, this is one of the top white-collar job opportunities. The comprehensive curriculum is well-balanced to help you acquire technical skills related to media and journalism.


If you’re looking for art courses in Mumbai as part of your BJM, Sophia College of Women is the most reputable and greatest arts college in the state. They advise you to a better job alternative with today’s top rankings in India and an outlook all around India.


Apart from that, the Mithabai College of Arts, which is associated with the University of Mumbai, is a popular option. The pay scale begins at roughly 4.5 lakhs per annum on average. As you get more experience, it will rise.


  1. Integrated law course (BA+LLB):


If you are looking for additional courses after the arts stream in Mumbai, A dual degree, combining arts and law, is now available. This course is 5 years long since it covers two full-fledged comprehensive degrees, unlike the aforementioned.


In Mumbai, this is one of the top white-collar job opportunities. The curriculum is divided into domains such as sociology, economics, and history, with core subjects such as evidence law, company law, criminal law, human rights, and international law.


The Government Law College in Mumbai is one of the oldest institutions in the city, with illustrious alumni. The education you will receive here is of the highest kind. The institute is well-known for not producing lawyers, but rather for harvesting them.


  1. Bachelor of fashion technology:


A bachelor’s in fashion technology is where you should enroll if you have a passion for fashion and it thrills you. It covers current industry trends and teaches you how to develop unique jewelry, clothing, footwear, and other fashion-related items.


In Mumbai, this is one of the most desirable white-collar jobs. Undergraduate students would take 3-4 years to complete their studies.


It is one of the greatest courses after the arts stream in Mumbai that introduces you to the ever-changing fashion industry. You will also be taught how to use creative and analytical techniques to build goods that are trend-driven.


Students who are curious and imaginative are the best candidates for this activity. Any of the following job roles are possible for you to end up in:


  • Consultant for retail fashion
  • a purchaser in the retail sector
  • Shopper for you
  • Merchandiser
  • Garment sample coordinator and textile designer


In India, a fashion designer’s typical income ranges from Rs. 6 lakhs to Rs. 6 lakhs per annum. The Maharashtra capital city, as the home of fashion and trends, has top fashion education providers in its hat.


There are about 90 institutes that help students learn fashion design. In this sector, Mumbai’s Pearl Academy is the best. They also have locations in Delhi, Jaipur, and Bengaluru. Their standards are world-class.


  1. Bachelor of hotel management (BHM):


Without mentioning it, this list of courses after the arts stream in Mumbai is incomplete. The bachelor’s degree in hospitality management lasts 3 to 4 years. You will be educated in the field of hospitality.


In Mumbai, this is one of the most desirable white-collar jobs. Tourism, event planning, lodging management, and the beverage business are some of the broad-spectrum areas covered.


Over time, your interpersonal, communication, and bargaining skills, as well as your customer service abilities, would be honed. You can work in positions such as hotel management, lodging manager, meeting and event planner, food service manager, food service manager, sales manager, catering officer, and so on after completing the course.


Mumbai has several renowned colleges that offer this subject due to its popularity as a tourist destination and shopping destination. Apeejay Institute of Hospitality in Navi Mumbai is a wonderful place to start.


The Maharashtra government and the University of Grants have both approved the institute. The University of Mumbai is the university with which the institute is affiliated. It is a park group hotel initiative.


Frequently asked Questions


  1. What are the boundaries of the arts?


Ans: The arts stream is just as good as the science stream. There are numerous options available to art students, particularly in a city like Mumbai. Specialization in areas such as English, political science, geography, history, and economics can lead to careers in law, media, fashion, and other fields.


  1. Is art beneficial to the future?


Ans: A student’s ability to analyze and express themselves is enhanced by studying the arts or humanities. Though studying the arts does not directly prepare you for employment, it does prepare you for careers that demand solid communication skills, logical reasoning, and analytical abilities in the future.


  1. What are the high-paying arts courses?


Ans: Corporate lawyer, interior design, graphic, and fashion design, event management, professional photographer, professor/lecturers are some of the high-paying jobs in the arts stream.




You must create opportunities since they will not come to you on their own. This list will give you an overview of the available courses after the arts stream in Mumbai.


But that’s not all; beyond the 12th arts stream, you have a wide range of employment alternatives. It’s entirely up to you to make the best selection and continue crafting.


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