Do you face confusion about choosing the career that is right for you? Then you are on the right page. In this article, I’ll share the types of courses you can pursue after studying in the arts stream. 


List of the courses after the Art Stream in Delhi


It’s okay to be confused about your career. One can try different things to find your interest for the best-suited career option. There are so many options available these days that can make it difficult for a person to know what is best suited for.


That’s when career counseling comes in help but isn’t available or affordable to everyone. Finding your interests and then pursuing them as a job is difficult, but achievable only if a person adds his/her 100% to it. One should be open to learning new things and experimenting.


What is Arts? What is the difference between art streams and other streams? Is it not worth it getting into arts streams?


Many questions come to a student’s mind while choosing the right career path for them. The confusion a child faces in selecting between streams like arts, commerce, science is with many people because not everyone is sure what they would like to do after another 3-5 years. That’s where the list of courses can help. But first let’s find the difference between arts, commerce, and science.


●        Arts – Arts is the stream which is based on subjects like History, Political Science, Economics. These are more theory-based subjects which teach about Worldly matters. Apart from these, there are subjects like Psychology, English or Hindi and Home Science.


  • Commerce – Commerce is the stream based on the business that teaches about how to start a business and run it efficiently. It also helps in teaching how to work in companies. Subjects like Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy, Mathematics and language subjects are included here.


●        Science – Science is said to be the most difficult one among all but if you have an interest in any subject then it can be easy for you. Your hard work helps at last. The main subjects are Physics and Chemistry, then Mathematics. Apart from that, you can choose biology.


If you are looking for courses after the arts stream, then these are for you –


After completing 12th, you should do graduation either regular or correspondence and here some courses for that –


  1. Bachelor in Arts –


This is the best graduation course one can do after the 12th as it creates a base for doing anything further in the future. And also, there are many specialization options available in B.A. such as specialization in any language like English, Hindi, German, and many more. With that, you can do a BA in Political Science, History, Psychology and other subjects too.

These specializations can help a student to learn more and make a career in that specialization. B.A. is offered everywhere in India. These courses after the Arts stream in Delhi are available in public and private universities and getting admission in them is not very difficult.

2.    Bachelor in Fine Arts –


Many people tend to get confused between Bachelor in Arts and Bachelor in Fine Arts. While Fine Arts are based on a more practical approach, apart from theoretical learning in subjects such as history, and political science.


It has subject options like visual arts and graphic designs. It has these creative options which one wants to learn and make a career in. Different colleges and institutions offer B.F.A. courses after arts stream in Delhi and many other cities too.


3.    Bachelor in Business Administration –


This is also a very common course which teaches about business and this can be pursued by a commerce student as well as art students. One can get a lot of job opportunities after doing this course and also start their own business after learning about the basics of building a business. This is one of the best courses after the arts stream in Delhi.


4.    Bachelor in Computer Application –


This is also a common course which can be pursued by a student of any background like arts, commerce or science. Having a degree in this field is possible if the student is interested and can be helpful for someone to have a job in this field in the future. This is one of the best courses after the arts stream in Delhi.


5.    Bachelor of Law –


This is not just any random course that can be pursued by anyone, if a person has the will and wants to study law, then with a lot of hard work, patience, and consistency, one can become a successful lawyer. Be a lawyer if you wish to work for the country and help people.

Apart from this, your existing skills can help you know better if you can be a good lawyer or not. This is a great course if pursued with pure and clear intention. This is also one of the best courses after the arts stream in Delhi.


6.    Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication –


If you are someone who wishes to know and write about Worldly matters, then you should do a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication. If you are interested in fields like RJ, journalism, working behind and on camera, editing, photography, then BJMC is a good course for you. Many colleges offer BJMC courses. And this is one of the good courses after the arts stream in Delhi.


7.    Bachelor in Fashion Designing –


If you feel that you have an interest in designing and stitching clothes, then fashion designing is the best course for you. There are plenty of options in Delhi to learn and work as a fashion designer.


As we all know, Delhi is the fashion capital of the country. Doing fashion designing courses is best for someone who wants to play and enjoy working with fabrics and learning how to manage them. This is one of the best courses after the arts stream in Delhi.


8.    Bachelor in Hotel Management –


If you have an interest in hospitality and want to learn how hotels work then a hotel management course will help you to learn better about the industry and do well in it as a career option. Many private colleges offer HM courses after the arts stream in Delhi.


9.    Bachelor in Interior Designing –


Someone who has an interest in home decor and it is more about how to style the walls and frame the house in the right and beautiful way, then this course is for you. It requires a lot of creativity and presence of mind on how to make simple things more attractive. If you have an interest in it, then this is one of the best courses after the Arts stream in Delhi.


10.  Bachelor in Graphic Designing –


Someone who has good skills on how to be creative on software then graphic design courses are for you. It requires showing your creative skills on some tools and making something unique or beautiful out of it. There are a lot of job opportunities available after doing this course with good pay. This is one of the best courses after the arts stream in Delhi.


11. Bachelor in Event Management –


Just like hotel management, event management is also a course for someone who has an interest in managing events and wants to know and learn more about organizing and managing events. Be it fests or marriages. Studying in such a field will help you get a clear picture of it.


It requires a lot of hard work as the shifts are not promised. One has to work day and night but if you feel that you have an interest in it then it is one of the good courses to opt for. This is one of the best courses after the arts stream in Delhi.


12. Bachelor in Travel and tourism –


Someone who loves to travel and interact with people, this is the best course for these types of people. If you wish to make a career in travel, not just making bookings for people but also traveling with them then this course is for you. Be it a travel guide or any other profile in particular, but if you wish to travel then this course will be a great option for you. Many institutions offer courses like these. You can have many options to do traveling courses after the Arts stream in Delhi and other cities too.


Apart from graduation courses, one can try doing short term courses and long-term certificate courses, these can be done before or with or after graduation –


1.    Animator –

In today’s time, when social media is the key to everything, showing your skills online can help you reach a lot of audiences, and animation courses can help you show your creative skills. There are many job opportunities after doing this course like almost every social media page requires an animator to create posts or videos for them. This is one of the best courses after the arts stream in Delhi.


2.    Filmmaker –

If you have an interest in filmography then a filmmaking course is perfect for you. Initially, you can learn by working under a professional then start your filmmaker firm. You just need to work hard on your portfolio and keep an open mind in working for different genres in filmography.


3.    Content Writer –

If you are someone who has an interest in writing and are a little confused on how and where to start things then, you can do a content writing course for better understanding but you should make sure that you cannot only depend on a course. You should start writing every day.

Pick topics of your choice and keep writing as it will improve your skills. You can use various platforms to showcase your work and get encouragement as well as enhance your learnings. This is one the best courses after the Arts stream in Delhi and other cities too.


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4.    Digital Marketing –

In today’s time, where jobs are based on marketing and online platforms, doing a short-term digital marketing course can be really helpful for a person to grow personally and professionally.

This course can help you get a job at big companies and also you can start or improve your own business by learning the art of digital marketing. This is one of the best courses after the Arts stream in Delhi. And you can also work as a freelancer and grow a lot as digital marketing is the most demanding course right now.


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5.    Air Hostess –

If you are interested in traveling and hospitality then you should start grooming yourself and prepare for interviews for the position of the cabin crew. You can apply to multiple airlines and try to push your limits by knowing how things work for them. You’ll get a chance to show your caring and helpful side by being in the hospitality industry and with that, you can travel a lot.


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6.    Chef –

If you are someone who loves to cook, eat and make others eat too then pursuing a course on how to cook and be a chef can be great for you. You can work independently or with someone or in a hotel bypassing a few exams. This can be done in a form of graduation under a hotel management course or can be learned through a short-term cooking course.


7.    Photography –

One of the most influencing courses, which one can do after any stream is photography. If you have an interest in capturing moments and other things, then working as a photographer is a great option.

You can work under someone initially to learn to edit and enhance your skills, then you can work on your own. This is one the best courses after the Arts stream in Delhi and other cities too.


8.    Makeup Artist –

The makeup artist was earlier not considered as reputed as it is now in the market. If you feel you have the caliber and the skill to make a face your canvas then this is one of the best courses after the Arts stream in Delhi. There are plenty of options in this too, like working under or with any makeup artist then you can work on your own for function-based Indian makeup or any event-based programs.


9.    Modeling and Acting –

If you find yourself having an interest and caliber in learning and wanting to be a model, then learning model and acting from any good institute can help you achieve your goal. You should be confident about your body to portray the best out of you in the camera. This career requires a lot of hard work and confidence.


10. Web Designing –

Web designing is a course that can be done after any stream, it requires basic computer knowledge. Website designing is taught in this course. In today’s time learning how to make a website and then working on it is very much demanding. Doing this course can be very helpful and can help you work independently or under any company.


11. Textile Designing –

As in the above text, I mentioned how fashion designing can be a great course for someone who has an interest in designing clothes and styling them. Similarly, if you have an interest in designing the fabric and are looking for a short-term course and not a graduation course then, this can be a good course for you.


12. Teaching –

Teaching is a great profession to go for, it is not easy as you have to study first to ensure you are guiding others correctly. But if you work hard and have an interest in teaching others then there’s no other profession better than teaching for any age group and gender.

B.ed is the course in which you have to enroll yourself to study teaching and become one. There’s no limit to study, you can become a teacher after graduation or even postgraduate and Ph.D., depending upon your choice. This is one of the best courses after the Arts stream in Delhi.


Frequently Asked Questions 


1.    What are the subjects in the arts stream?

Subjects that are theoretical and human behavior based are taught in Arts streams like Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy. Subjects like Political Science, History are also taught.

And lastly, social studies subjects like Economics, Geography are taught and languages and Computer Science are there.


2.    Is the Arts stream also known as Humanities?

Yes, the Arts stream is also known as Humanities. It is the same to it by either name.


3.    Can I get a job after opting for the arts stream?

Yes, you can apply for government jobs after studying in the Arts stream. You have to give exams for the government. Jobs. So, preparation for that is required according to the position of the post. You can apply based on the eligibility criteria for the arts stream. You might not be applicable for certain profiles but can apply for a basic position.



If you are confused about what to do after studying in the Arts stream, then you should take some time and try to figure out your interests and then decide what career attracts you the most and where you see yourself enjoying while studying and working in a field of your choice.


Doing a job just for money can be your short-term temptation or need, but if you’ll work in your interest-based field, you will see more personal and professional growth. So, take your time in trying new things and finding your best-suited career.