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Best 5 Content Writing Courses In Indore With Placements

Content Writing Courses in Indore are in top demand. Here are the best 5 courses you can take to up-skill your knowledge and expertise. Content Writing is the art and knowledge of creating and maintaining online content for the digital media consumer. It includes blog posts, articles, scripts, podcasts, as well as creating content for different social media platforms. The rise in demand for Content Writing Courses in Indore is a product of the rise in our dependency on gadgets. Digital Gadgets have become not only a source of luxury but a necessity to survive and grow, education and career-wise.


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Attracting viewers/ consumers/ customers/ followers has become the top priority of every firm, every advertisement industry in today’s market. Most digital content we see in every platform has become a way of advertisement through which these companies establish a strong customer base by providing them with attractive and entertaining content. Google is updating its algorithms and according to that content has the most value than anything in a website or any content inside the Internet.


Content Writing is a very interim part of content creation. In a world of digitalization where the definition of media and marketing has changed completely and is continually transforming rapidly, demand for Content Writers has boosted. Especially in the mid-pandemic environment where digital media has become our primary source of information, knowledge, and entertainment, certifications in content writing courses are a valuable asset to hold for your career and growth.


IIM SKILLS Indore Content Writing Course invite


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Best Content Writing Courses in Indore


  1. Content Writing Course 


IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course provides complete knowledge of Content Writing in this new digital world through industry experts with professional-level experience and proficiency.


IIM Skills Content Writing Courses in Indore focus on technical skills in-depth training relating to Content Writing and concentrate on producing skilled professionals with master-level knowledge and experience to work in the competitive environment of digital content creators. 


This course is best suited for you if you already have basic knowledge of technology and the workings of social media. Students, working professionals, or house makers with their definite plans in building themselves as content writer should prefer this course to start their career.


Content Creation is the art of creating knowledgeable and entertaining content that also serves the needs of the creators. The main goal of content creation is to attract more customers/clients/viewers/ or consumers through valuable and attractive content pieces- whether it be a blog, videos, podcasts, or any other advertising strategy. 


IIM Skills Content Writing Master Course helps you attain the knowledge and methods of these attracting and decorative techniques of words to increase your views or any other result you desire through their live classes with experts holding industry experience along with the other technical tricks to gain more clients and job opportunities.


Content of the Course-

  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Web Development
  • Blog Creation
  • Content Keyword Research
  • Creating Writing Content 
  • Content Writing Tools
  • Plagiarism
  • Email Marketing 
  • Google Local Pages Set up
  •  Social Media Marketing 
  • Exploring Social Media Tools
  • Freelance Content Writing


IIM Skills Content Writing Master Course includes- 

  • 4 Weeks Online Training
  • 16 Hours Lectures 
  • 60 Hours Practical Assignments 
  • 10+ Hours Internship Lecture
  • Sunday Batch
  • Course Fees- ₹ 14,900 (+18% GST)



Perks of Joining IIM SKILLS for Content Writing Courses in Indore – 

  • Free Tools Worth 35k
  • Freelance Opportunities
  • Dedicated Placement Cell
  • 3 Months Guaranteed Internship
  • Lifetime Support, from Consulting to providing Technical Support
  • Portfolio Development For Job/Freelance
  • Publish eBooks on Kindle and Google Books.
  • Learn to write Blogs For Platforms like Times of India.
  • Learn to Publish Press Release on Online News Portal.
  • Lifetime Access
  • Free Tools Worth INR 35000


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Address – 

IIM SKILLS (Co-Office)

H B Twin Tower 8th Floor. 

Max Hospital Building, Netaji Subhash Place.

Pitam Pura, New Delhi, 110034.


Email – [email protected]

Phone – +91 9911839503

Website – https://iimskills.com/ 


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2. Skills Upgrader’s Content Writing Course


Skills Upgrader’s Content Writing Course provides the complete knowledge of written Content Creation. Right from helping you improve your language skills to writing for overseas clients according to British & American English rules to helping you improve your ability to recognize prospective target audience personas for your content.


Skill Upgrader’s Content Writing Courses in Indore focuses on the in-depth training of language skills required for Content Writing. If you have plans of building yourself as a content writer, then you can prefer this course to attain the knowledge of the subject and field to start your career.


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Content of the Course-

  • Introduction 
  • Web Hosting 
  • Connection- Content Marketing and UI & UX
  • Website Creation 
  • Writing Process 
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword Research 
  • Writing SEO Optimized Content 
  • Content Creation 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Call to Action (CTA)
  • Content Marketing Strategy 
  • Lead Generation Using Content Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Freelance Content Marketing 


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IIM SKILLS Indore Content Writing Course invite

Skill Upgrader’s Content Writing Master Course includes- 

  • Live Online Classroom Training Of 4 Weeks 
  • 16+ Hrs Of Classes 
  •  70+ Hrs Of Practical Assignments 
  • Rs 40K Worth Tools 
  • Content Writing Internship 
  • Freelance Writing Opportunities
  • Timing – 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM (IST)
  •  Weekend Batch 
  • Course Fees- Rs 12,999, Rs 6,999 (+ 18% GST)


Perks of Joining Skill Upgrader Content Writing Courses in Indore –

  • Lifetime course access (Access to the revised content for a lifetime)
  • Expert Faculty 
  • 100% Practical Learning 
  • 24/7 Support 
  • Dedicated Placement Support
  • Instant Content Writing Certification (International Certification)
  • Type of Content you will learn- Blogging, Videos, Podcasts, Social Media Post, Email Marketing, Interviews, Webinar and, Infographics


Contact Skill Upgrader-

Address – New Delhi, Delhi, India 

Email [email protected]

Phone – +91-9034229196

Website – www.skillsupgrader.com


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3. Nestsoft


Nestsoft’s Content Writing Training courses focus on writing professional content. Customized Learning helps you choose the content of your learning by adding as many required syllabus as you want.


Neftsoft’s Content Writing Courses in Indore helps in preparing in identifying the goal, creating content writing strategy, analyzing and creating numerous ideas while collecting them. Neftsoft’s learning style helps you in developing strong writing skills through teaching content structuring, squeezing it in sequence, and making it error-free and in proper grammar.


If you are interested in improving your writing and learning the basics of content writing, focusing on the language before starting your career as a professional content writer, then you must start by taking this course.


Content of the Course –

  • Essentials of Writing
  • Before You Write
  • Introduction to Writing
  • Planning in Writing
  • Guidelines to Write
  • What is a Reader Centric Document?
  • Reading for Writing
  • Referencing and Plagiarism
  • Write Right
  • Writing Effective Paragraphs
  • Pre-writing
  • Communication with Subject Matter Expert
  • Grammar for Writers
  • After You Write
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Communication with Graphic Artist
  • Rewriting
  • Writing for Web
  • Publishing – Project Work
  • Career Development for Writers
  • Professional Development Skills


Nestsoft’s Content Writing Training includes –

  • Live Project Training
  • Flexible Timing
  • Placement Assistance
  • Unlimited Lab Facility with Wi-Fi.
  • Customize Course Duration
  • Syllabus as Per Your Requirement
  • The Completion Certificate will be Provided


Perks of Joining Skill Upgrader –

  • Customized Learning
  • 18+ Industry Experience 
  • Equip future Content Writers 
  •  Prepare Career Ready
  • Modern and Up to date teaching
  • Detailed language-focused education 


Contact Skill Upgrader –

Address – 

Near Chaitanya Eye Hospital.

Ravipuram Temple, Ravipuram, Perumanoor.

Kochi, Kerala 682016


Website – Www.nestsoft.com

Phone – +919895490866, +918301010866

Email – [email protected]


4. Tech Forest’s Content Writing Training


Tech Forest’s Content Writing Training provides you all the schooling required about the Content Creation process from language skills to technical skills in a short period that will give your back support in starting your career as a Content Creator.


Tech Forest facilitates both online and offline training in Indore, delivering classes from creative writing to company profiling. This course is best suited for you if you are desiring short-term training in Content Writing Course in Indore or if you are seeking offline classes. 


Content of the Tech Forest’s Content Writing Courses in Indore –

  • Language Skills
  • Internet Skills
  • Social media
  • SEO content writing
  • Academic and Research writing
  • Communication and Content Strategy
  • Earn from content writing
  • Using Content Writing Tools 


Tech Forest’s Content Writing Courses in Indore includes –


  • Learn to write and earn online
  • International writing skills for foreign clients 
  • Up the to-date industry-validated syllabus and International certification
  • Job Placement
  • Online/offline option (1 hour in between 11-6 pm )
  • Course Fees – 6k
  • Duration – 10 days


Perks of Joining Tech Forest –


  • 30+ Content Types Training
  • Global Standards and flexible study option
  • If you are Referring four more of your friends, then fees will be 5k for each student
  • Live Project Works


Contact Tech Forest – 

Address – 

507,Rajani Bhawan,M.G.Road 

Indore M.P. 452001

Phone – +91-9399093728, +91-9399-093-728

Email –  [email protected]

Website – www.techforest.in


5. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin’s Content Writing Course provides customized learning that helps you choose the content of your learning by adding as many required syllabuses as you want. Henry Harvin delivers all kinds of professional learning required to become a working content writer from language to technical skills. 


This course is preferable for students, working professionals, or homemakers willing to upscale their skills and set foot in the content writing industry and keen to acquire different kinds of knowledge in one place to become a professional content writer.


Content of the Henry Harvin’s Content Writing Courses in Indore –

  • Language Skills
  • Internet Skills
  • Business & Marketing Writing 
  • Content Strategy 
  • Technical & Research Writing 
  • Academic Writing 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Copywriting 
  • Email Writing 
  • Earn Online & Get International Projects
  • Simulated Content Writing Projects 
  • Soft Skills Development 
  • Resume Writing 


Henry Harvin’s Content Writing Courses in Indore includes –

  • Live Online Classroom Preferred
  • Everything in Self-Paced Plus
  • Mentoring by Award Winning Trainers
  • Unlimited Live Sessions In Membership
  • Placement and internship assistance. 
  • Recorded videos of all the sessions
  • Projects in different skills like; Learning Skills, Research Writing, Technical Writing, and Academic Writing.
  • Certification with the global credential 
  • 24×7 support (Lifetime Free Upgrade)
  • Course Fees – ₹ 13500 Rs


Perks of Joining Henry Harvin –


  • Customized Learning
  • Free tools covered 
  • Monthly Bootcamp Sessions
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Enterprise-grade learning management system (LMS)
  • Option of 1-Year Gold Membership
  • E-Learning Access with Tools and Techniques. 


Contact Henry Harvin-

Address – 

Henry Harvin India Office.

C-108, 1st Floor. Sector-2.

Noida (UP)– 201301

E-9, 1st Floor.

Yamuna Vihar Institutional Area.

Opposite Bhajanpura Petrol Pump.


Phone – 9015266266

Email – [email protected]

Website – www.henryharvin.com 


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1. Which Is the Best Content Writing Institute?

Considering all the important criteria like faculty members, Job-support, training methodology, curriculum, post-placement support, student reviews, and testimonials, we rank IIM SKILLS in Position 1 for Content Writing Courses.


2. Will there be 100% Placement Assistance After I complete the content writing course?

Several institutes offer placement guarantees, interview assistance, soft skills development, and resume preparation. We recommend you to check with the institutes regarding the same. 


3. What Is The Average Fee for Content Writing Courses? 

The Average Fee for Content Writing courses is anywhere between Rs 10000 to Rs 20000 for a duration of 1 month to 3 months (4 weeks-12 weeks).  


4. What is the best way to start a content writing career? 

The best way to start your content writing career would be to sign-up for an extensive content writing training course. Thereafter, create your own website and start creating relevant content. With top quality write-ups, you will get the required awareness as a content creator and will start getting projects. 


Summing Up


Upgrading your skills from time to time in this competitive world has not only become a perk but a necessity to survive and thrive. From getting ahead of your competitors to excelling in your career and adding sparkling stars to your resume, upscaling your knowledge is crucial.


Content Writing Course is one of the top courses in demand in today’s market. With rapid growth and excess dependability on digital gadgets, most physical entities are now expanding in the online market, and to make that happen successfully, they are needing good Content Writers more than ever. In addition to that, the opportunities available in online media are also expanding and booming for providing quality content and knowledge.


Opportunities on Social Media are also broadening. Now social media is not only limited to online interaction and making connections but has become a great marketing tool to reach and connect with the potential customers and audience for big corporations and companies. This whole escalation in the online environment is an advantage for the Content Writers and going to be a boon for personnel with a keen interest in stepping inside this newly created environment of online opportunities. 


The need for professional content creators is a necessity and their demand is only going to increase in the future with more expansion of the online market.


  1. Dheeraj

    Hi. I am Dheeraj and I am 20 years old. Currently, I am in college. However, I always liked the idea of working online from online and don’t see myself looking for jobs. I have even started with my dropshipping business. Since content writing is another hot domain, I was looking for some good courses. The list is fantastic. Thanks, man.

  2. Sumit

    I left my job because I was unhappy with it. So my friend and I decided to start something own. One day we read a post on content writing: how you earn a thousand dollars from writing. We were surprised and decided to take a lead. Today, we are freelance writers and reached this position with our hard work. We have decided to get deeper into this domain and learn digital marketing as well. Thank you for your post. Looking forward to upskilling 🙂

  3. Gatha

    The best thing about IIM Skills institute is to not over-guarantee or over-promise on what they can’t convey. They make sure to implement what they committed. Their curriculum is well designed and advanced. I am sure you are not going to miss anything with regards to the latest trends in content writing.

  4. Manasvi

    These are some nice courses. I saw that some of the institutes are providing tools worth 40,000 or 30,000. I don’t understand this. Can you please tell me more about these tools? Do they help in making writing effective? Or they are some marketing tools? Anyway, great post!



  5. Inder

    Can college dropouts take this course? I help my dad with our family business, but I don’t want to completely rely on it. Therefore, I have decided to do some content writing courses. I have good writing skills, but the grammar is weak. However, given some time, I can work on these skills. Please tell me the requirements for this course and do they fit me?

  6. Krutika Joshi

    Hello, I am a resident here in Indore. This article helped me in making my decision. I was very confused with all the options available in the market. This list helped me narrow it down.
    Thank you!

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    Hi, I am a Beauty Blogger and a business woman. I want to start my own website that can help the customers get a better understanding of my services. Does IIM skills course fulfill all the requirements that I would need for my start-up.

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    Hi, I am Aakash. I work in a Digital marketing agency as a content writer. I have worked as a copywriter as well but I want to learn the depths of content writing to enhance my skills and grow in my career. I want to know if a freelancing career would be a better idea?

  9. deepti

    Hello, I’m a graduate working as a graphic designer for a digital marketing firm in the Indore, and I’m wanting to learn a new skill because I only work a few hours per day. Your article on the best content writing courses is really well written and comprehensive. Is there, however, any prerequisite for taking these classes, since I don’t have any background in content writing?

  10. kunal

    Hi, I am Kunal I loved reading your listicle. I am an intern at a company. I keep reading articles on different blogs to master the skills and learn different styles. I really liked reading your article. Great keep doing good work!

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    Hi, I am a student of BA History. I want to earn part-time income by doing any skill based job with a comfort of doing it from home or anywhere, and anytime. In my opinion , Content writing suits best and for me too. I wish to enrol in the course , but will you consider my situation during my exams and offer me class flexibility then. Thanks

  12. Gopi

    Hi, I am Gopi. I am a Housewife and desire to learn content writing. I want to learn to improve my English, build confidence and in future be able to do job in the field if possible. I have done MA in Hindi. Can I join the course?

  13. Supreet

    Hello, I am Supreet. As said here, ” This course is best suited for you if you already have basic knowledge of technology and the workings of social media. Students, working professionals, or house makers with their definite plans in building themselves as content writer should prefer this course to start their career.”, I am a housewife and would like to be part of this content writing training in Indore, to engage myself in work and earn income. The IIM skills course – overview, content, features, tools and perks are better compared to the others. Attending the demo session would help make a better decision.


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