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Top 10 Content Writing Courses In Bangladesh With Placements

Are you someone who enjoys writing? If yes, then you can create wonders using your creative ideas. Writing to impress a large audience can be a good career option. From blog writing to marketing, writing is an essential factor. Good content writing skills can judge the quality of the site. To become a good content writer, one should be aware of choosing the right words to get noticed. This article will discuss the best content writing courses in Bangladesh and the top content writing institutes in Bangladesh.



Let us begin to explore the top content writing courses in Bangladesh.


Content Writing- Understanding the Term

Content writing is like a tool to express our creativity by creating content that pleases a large section of the audience. The created content must be elaborate, embellished with appropriate words and informative. The work must be engaging to the readers, just like storytellers. Blogs, newspaper articles, social media content, etc., are some of its types.

Content Writing Also Involves Various Elements Like:

  • Editing the content in a more practical style
  • Proofreading for various grammar and spelling errors
  • Evaluating the published article and updating it as and when required
  • Supervising the SEO ranking of the article
  • Comprehending the monetary benefits by fulfilling the client’s prerequisites. 

Content writing is vital for businesses as vibrant content grabs customers’ attention, making them revenue. Content writers can work both in a company and as a freelancer. They help establish the brand identity and maximise the traffic towards the site. Now, let’s try to understand different types of content writing. 

Have A Look At These Content Writing Courses Near You:


Different Types of Content Writing

Technical Writing: 

Technical writing develops from complex content or contains more technical information that is not easily understandable to familiar readers. So it is effectively transformed into understandable content.

This form of writing is prevalent, using more technological terminologies, mainly in the Information Technology industry, healthcare, hospitality, etc. The sole purpose of this type of writing is to disseminate the technical information into more readable and understandable information applicable to the targeted audience.  

Blog Writing

Blog writing generally affirms a connection with readers on a particular topic or niche. This type of writing provides more valuable information to the readers to increase the site’s traffic.

Email Writing

Email writing effectively communicates with clients, creating a professional message drafted briefly to convey the information. So, the tone of the content will always be personal. Writing newsletters is also a part of email writing, communicating information on specific topics. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Writing

SEO writing is essential in content writing and is vital for marketing techniques. The sole purpose of the writers is to maintain the site’s ranking in the search list by adding specific keywords. 


It simply refers to writing or creating content without any credit. Ghostwriters mainly do it for institutions and organisations to market specific ideas. Their duty is to transform the author’s ideas, tone, and story into more pleasing for the readers. 


Copywriting means creating content that could satisfy a more extensive portion of the audience to take a particular action. Advertising, media marketing, and promotional events are the main areas. The main factors are vocabulary and style, which could make the targets evoke their emotions—by using attractive headlines to catch their attention. 

Video Scriptwriting 

It refers to writing a narrative as a script for videos to impress a massive audience quickly. The tone of the content is promotional, sponsorship, educational, inspirational, etc. It helps to give a clear and concise idea of the matter more efficiently.  


Points to Remember While Writing Content

The importance of writing good content lies in its quality. Hence one should always be mindful while choosing content writing courses in Bangladesh. Below are some of the points to be kept in mind while writing:

In-depth knowledge about the topic – A writer must have vast knowledge about the assigned topic. It helps in creating very informative and reliable content.  

Understand the audience – A writer must always be aware of whom they must target while writing. Create content that could help the readers choose their product while searching. 

Do not stray from the topic – The focal point of writing is to engage the readers. So, the writer must remember to provide information about the subject. 

Try to be organised – It is essential to have an organised structure for the content so that the readers will be interested in reading the whole. Try to be more specific about the subject.  

Till now, we have examined the term, different types and points to remember while writing perfect content. Now it’s time to move towards the critical part of this article, that is, the content writing courses in Bangladesh offered by the best content writing institutes in Bangladesh.

A Few More Content Writing Courses You Must Explore:


Top 10 Content Writing Courses In Bangladesh With Placements



IIM Skills is offering a Master Course in content writing. The institute has experience and expertise in providing career-oriented programs. It is recognised by the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and aligned certification with HubSpot and TOLES.

The course is for four weeks of live classroom sessions conducted by expert mentors. Those seeking a career in content writing courses in Bangladesh can prefer this. The timings are flexible so that working professionals can opt for this course. The syllabus is prepared after looking at the recent trends in the industry. The tools taught are crucial to building a career. 

Course Details:

Content Writing Master Course 

Course Fee: BDT 22217.10 + Taxes

Course Duration: 1 Month course + 3 Months Internship(Optional)

Syllabus Covered:


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

The content writing master course guarantees three months of internship that helps the students enrolled with practical experiences. This institute has a lifetime support team so students can constantly refresh their learning and learn new methods or tools. So, with years of experience, this is one of Bangladesh’s best content writing institutes.

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Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]


2. Creative IT Institute

Creative IT Institute is putting forward content writing courses in Bangladesh. This institute’s speciality is its comprehensive topics and project-based assignments. It will improve the skills of the students and master the subject. The course covers tips and strategies for writing effectively and learning to increase the traffic towards the website.    

Syllabus Covered

1.Introduction to Content Marketing
2.SEO Blog Content Writing
3.Web Content Writing
4.Academic Content Writing
5.Affiliate Content Writing
7.Email Marketing
8.Case Study
9.Creative Writing
11.Marketing Strategies

Job Positions

Sl.No.Job Position
1.Content Marketer
2.Content Marketing Specialist
3.Content Writer
4.Web Content Writer
5.Email Marketer
7.Blog writer

This course provided by the content writing institute in Bangladesh is indebted to offer review classes so students can review their development and provide lifetime support. They provide placement support for the students. With virtual internships, students can gain practical experiences which are very necessary for the growth of their careers.  

Course Fees: Offline – BDT 22000 

Online – BDT 12000 

Course Duration – 4 Months

Visit for details: creativeitinstitiute.com


3. Coderstrust

Coderstrust offers online content writing courses in Bangladesh, which is very popular in freelancing and other industries. The course timeline covers all the basic concepts and teaches students to write effectively with monetary value. Those interested in writing and have some basic MS Word knowledge can apply for it.

Syllabus Covered

Sl.No.Topics Covered
1.Introduction and Short Brief about Content Writing
2.Content Writing Techniques
4.Reading Techniques for Writing
5.Writing Effective Paragraphs
6.Communication with Subject Matter Expert
7.Grammar for Writers
8.Common Grammatical Errors
9.Introduction to Writing
10.What is a Reader-Centric Document?
11.Referencing and Plagiarism 
13.Keyword Research & Planner
14.Pre-site, On-site & off- Site Activities
15.Writing Meta Tags, Titles for Google Search Engines 
16.Elements of SEO Copywriting
17.WordPress Content Management
18.Understanding Your Client And Their Objectives
19.Building Your Client’s Target Persona
20.Analyse Your Client’s Blog
21.Research Your Client’s Competitors
24.Communication with Graphic Artist
26.Marketplace Class (Fiverr)
27.Freelancing Tips and Tricks

Coderstrust is certified by the National Skill Development Authority of Bangladesh, which makes it one of the best content writing institutes in Bangladesh. The dedicated placement cell helps in finding the best employment opportunities thus making the career stable. 

Course Fees: BDT 5000

Course Duration: 36 Hours

Visit for more details: coderstrustbd.com


4. LCBS Dhaka

LCBS Dhaka is offering a course on content writing that covers all the essential terminologies to boost the career. The curriculum of this course says it all, including all main topics, and ensures that you become an expert in this field. With several years of experience, LCBS can be placed as one of the best content writing institutes in Bangladesh. 

Syllabus Covered






  • Course Overview
  • Types of Content
  • What is Content?
  • Future of Content Writing?
  • Opportunities as a Content Writer 









  • Web Content Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Blog Post Writing
  • Review Writing
  • Email Writing
  • Product Description/ Product page writing
  • Press Release writing
  • Email writing





  • Reading for writing
  • Content writing strategies
  • Grammar for Writers
  • Content writing factors
  • Common grammatical errors



  • How to write 100% plagiarism-free content?
  • Content quality measurement
  • What is plagiarism?


  • SEO in content writing
  • Keyword research for content writing 




  • Planning of SEO-optimized content
  • Competitors research
  • Content outline
  • How to write optimized content?


  • Content Optimization(WordPress-CMS)
  • Meta Tag, SEO title and description


  • SEO content writing hacks
  • Content writing tools
  • How to write content?



  • Review class
  • Problem-solving session
  • Tips and tricks



  • Marketplace Introduction
  • Content writing demand
  • How to prepare yourself for the marketplace?




  • Profile creation
  • Keyword research for a gig
  • Create a gig
  • The Fiverr profile account is ready




  • How to get the first client?
  • buyer request hack
  • tips and tricks
  • Client communication




  • Upwork account creation
  • Upwork profile optimization
  • How to bid for projects?
  • Tips and Tricks



  • Get your client through LinkedIn marketing
  • How to approach clients outside the marketplace?
  • Other sources for getting clients
16 (Bonus)16.1



  • Content for social media
  • Content for affiliate sites
  • How to grow as a content writer?

LCBS offers a promising career in content writing courses in Bangladesh. The flexible timing helps all to join and uplift their future.

Course fee: BDT 12,500

Course Duration: 32 Hours

For details, visit: lcbsdhaka.com



5. Basis Institute of Technology & Management

BiTM offers a content writing course for freelancing, which is beneficial for students building a secure career. With the experts’ guidance and mentorship, it is a good choice for content writing courses in Bangladesh.

Syllabus Covered

  • What is Content?
  • Types of content
  • Understanding the realities of content writing
  • Content writing and its opportunities
  • Content Writing as a Career  
  • Web content writing
  • Technical writing
  • Creative writing
  • Research Writing
  • Scientific Writing
  • Product Description
  • Email Writing
  • Blog writing
  • Travel writing
  • Medical writing
  • Article writing
  • Web copywriting
  • Copy editing
  • Reading for writing
  • Writing effective paragraphs
  • Pre-writing
  • Effective writing
  • Communication with subject matter expert
  • Grammar for writers
  • Common grammatical errors
  • Introduction to writing- different types of information
  • Planning your writing
  • Guidelines to write
  • What is a Reader centric document?
  • Reading for writing
  • Reference and plagiarism
  • SEO
  • Keyword Research & Planner
  • Elements of SEO Copywriting
  • Writing Useful Keywords for search engines
  • Keyword Research for Content Creation
  • Pre-site, On-site & Off-site Activities
  • Writing Meta tags, Title & Description Tags for Google Search Engines
  • WordPress content management(CM)
  • Understanding Your Client and Their Objectives
  • Building Your Client’s Target Personas
  • Analyze Your Client’s Blog
  • Research Your Client’s Competitors
  • Proofreading
  • Plagiarism
  • Editing
  • Communication with Graphic Artist
  • Rewriting
  • Portfolio Create
  • Fiverr profile and gig create
  • Gig checking
  • Freelancing tips and trick
  • Problem Sharing

The mode of the classes is online. The students are free to choose the time flexibly. The students and professionals can join and add a lucrative skill that helps them get selected. This is one of the content writing institutes in Bangladesh. 

Course Fees: BDT 4,000

Course Duration: 30 Hours

For more details, visit: bitm.org.bd


6. Lilac Education

Content writing courses in Bangladesh by Lilac Education try to discover the powerful skill of creating content by writing. Those who complete it can unlock various opportunities. This course enables the students to learn multiple tools and learn to grab the possibilities. 

Syllabus Covered

  • Paragraph writing
  • Article writing
  • Web content writing
  • SEO content writing
  • Academic content writing
  • Extra: Artificial Intelligence in Content Writing
  • Extra: Freelance writer & career course
  • Blog writing
  • E-Book writing
  • Technical content writing
  • Product review writing
  • Affiliated content writing
  • Proofreading and editing writing​
  • Re-writing
  • Press release writing
  • CV/ resume writing
  • Copywriting
  • News letter writing
  • Ads and Nature writing
  • News content writing
  • Email writing
  • Summarization writing
  • PowerPoint presentation writing
  • Thesis/ project paper writing
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Drama Writing
  • Writing Career & Earning

Lilac Education consists of five-semester classes conducted online on the Google platforms. The students get opportunities to excel in one of the best content writing institutes in Bangladesh.

Course Fees: BDT 7,000 per semester

Course Duration: 4 months

For more details, visit: lilaceducation.com


7. Coursera

In association with the University of Michigan, Coursera offers a course named ‘Good with words: Writing and Editing Specialisation’, which intends to teach practical communication mechanics and strategy. The course is available online for beginners, so time flexibility is assured. 

Syllabus Covered

1Writing and Editing: Word Choice and Word Order

  • This module focuses on influencing people’s choices by choosing appropriate vocabulary.  
  • Setting words or information into more reader-friendly text.
2Writing and Editing: Structure and Organisation

  • Learn to generate good content
3Writing and Editing: Drafting
4Writing and Editing: Revising

Skills Acquired

  • Creativity
  • Time management
  • Persuasion
  • Writing
  • Editing

Coursera offers a flexible course; learning can be done at one’s own pace. So, students looking for content writing courses in Bangladesh can choose this course to improve their skills. 

Course Duration: 2 months at 10 hours a week

For more details, visit: coursera.org


8. Udemy

Udemy offers content writing courses in Bangladesh in ‘Al & Manual Content Writing, Keyword Research & Formatting. This course is set to be proficient in diverse forms of content writing. Formatting the content effectively could grab the attention of the targeted audience.  

Syllabus Covered

2.Active and passive words usage and their benefits in content
3.Audience research, market research & how to always know trending topics to write  
4.Common writer mistakes you should avoid to be exceptional
5.Crafting magnetic headlines
6.Master of the art of body and conclusion 
7.Format like a pro, SEO terms you should know and practical keyword research
8.Zero-cost Blog Wizardry
10.Al-powered content generation and prompt engineering
11.Al tools for writers
12.Monetisation unleashed
13.Specialised digital services



9. Ghoori Learning

Ghoori Learning is one of the best content writing institutes in Bangladesh, offering an SEO-friendly content writing masterclass. It is a good option for those searching for content writing courses in Bangladesh. This course is committed to training and enrolling students and transforming their career opportunities.

Syllabus Covered

1.Concept of content writing
2.Types of content writing
3.Factors of Content Writing
4.Content writing techniques
5.Career as a content writer
6.Contents of Google SERP
7.Keyword Research part- 1
8.Keyword Research part- 2
9.Keyword Research part- 3
10.Keyword Research part- 4
11.How to prepare content for a blog or affiliate site- part 1
12.How to prepare content for a blog or affiliate site- part 2
13.How to prepare content for a blog or affiliate site- part 3
14.Standard content format
15.Live content writing – part 1
16.Live content writing – part 2
17.Live content writing – part 3
18.Live content writing – part 4
19.Product live review – part 1
20.Product live review – part 2
21.Product live review – part 3
22.Content optimisation – part 1
23.Content optimisation – part 2
24.Content optimisation – part 3
25.Content optimisation – part 4
26.Content optimisation – part 5
27.Final Assessment


10. MahbubOsmane

MahbubOsmane offers content writing courses in Bangladesh, where they train students on how to get a good ranking in the search list on Google. 

Syllabus Covered

Sl. No. Topics 
1.Content Marketing: The What and Why
2.Different Techniques of Content Writing
3.The Content Marketing Formula
4.Concepts of Content Writing And Different types of content writing and skills
5.Strategy to write blog content or web content

Mahbubosmane is another option for a content writing institute in Bangladesh that commits itself to providing training to its students on the essentials of writing perfect content.

Course Fees: BDT 7,000

Course Duration: 2 / 3 months  

For more details: mahbubosmane.com


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Content writing a safe career?

Yes, those who enjoy writing can create wonders. Contents are the fundamentals of any site. The quality of the site can be decided based on content. So, a lot of opportunities are there.

 What Are the different types of content writing?

The different types include technical writing, video scriptwriting, social media writing, SEO writing, etc.

How to create good content?

Firstly, one must research the subject and gather all the information. 

Secondly, one must have deep knowledge of the subject.

Thirdly, write to engage the reader

 Fourthly, use appropriate keywords. 



The main intention of writing this article was to create awareness about emerging skill-oriented courses. By understanding our capability, one can crave a career correctly. Those mentioned above are some of the content writing institutes in Bangladesh and the syllabus framework. The aspiring ones interested in writing content must go through all the curriculum and other facilities provided to them and decide accordingly. Content writing courses in Bangladesh have created many job opportunities with their specialised training methodology. Think and choose judiciously for better skills and a brighter future.   

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