Do computers puzzle you? Do you wish to excel at computers? Are you planning to upgrade your career but suffer from a “computer handicap”? Do you wish to profess Lisp, C++, Java, Julia, web designing, animation, cyber security analysis, cloud computing, etc?


Well, then congratulations! You are at the right place. The importance of computers in our everyday life and their undeniable influence on our career graphs is the stark reality of the “Digital Era”.


Constant honing of computer skills and upgrading of knowledge is the only way forward. This article offers you a comprehensive list of the best computer courses in Delhi that will help you chase and unleash your dreams.


List of the popular computer courses in Delhi


Given the fact that you are intrigued with the computer courses, you can also dig at some popular digital courses:


The Omnipresent


The duration between 2015 to 2021 has witnessed some phenomenal technological advances which were deemed far-fetched a decade ago. From improved artificial intelligence to machine learning to wearable and augmented human gadgets, the world has come a long way. If the trajectory of technological advances is to be trusted, it is still far from touching the peak.


Computers have progressed greatly from being a cubical decorative device to a vital mechanism, responsible for the smooth conduct of various everyday affairs. Today, its prowess can be felt by each of us throughout the day. From the morning alarm to Alexa’s reminders to driving in our computerized cars. From computerized communications at work and home to swiping cards or using GPay in the malls.


Computers are everywhere all the time, integrated with various aspects of our lives. It is only a matter of time that what seems fictitious today will be a reality tomorrow. While the hundreds of programmers and computer engineers across the world are keeping busy in shaping tomorrow’s reality, the rest of us are left to choose between denial, ignorance, or knowledge to help us ride the tide of ever-evolving computer technology.


Knowledge is the Key


Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab and author of “Being Digital”, emphasized the importance of learning computers. Nowadays, If you are not at ease with computers you may end up living a life of the stone age. Communicating and dealing with people without basic knowledge of computers can be a real challenge. This “digital handicap” can keep you away from releasing your dreams.


It is the era of computers and there is no running away from this fact. The sooner and the better one equips themselves with the knowledge of computers, the greater are the opportunities for a better living and growth.


Gateway to Opportunities


Enlisted institutes are the best computer courses in Delhi, your gateway for better learning and living. The guidance provided by the listed institutes will not only help you attain a better and deeper understanding of computers but also help you in achieving greater heights.


  1. IICS


Launched in 2006, the Indian Institute of Computer Sciences [IICS] is recognized by the Ministry of Information and technology for conducting IT-related Courses. Acclaimed as one of the best computer courses in Delhi for its teachings and training, IICS is renowned for providing a variety of computer courses at an affordable price.


Its seven branches, spaced across the length and breadth of Delhi, ensure easy accessibility and commute for all the students. IICS is backed by its highly experienced and qualified faculty, which is driven by the motto of excellence, quality, and consistency.


The institute also boasts of a state-of-the-art infrastructure adding to the quality of training being imparted to its students. In today’s era, where the world has shrunk to the size of your screen, having good communication skills and a presentable personality is a must. Keeping this vital requirement in mind, IICS also offers a set of soft courses alongside the professional ones.


Course Name: Diploma, Advance Diploma, Master Diploma

Course Duration: 6 months to 1 year

Course Fee: Contact the institute

Contact: 011-43081146/47/48



Ranking: 4.9/5


Courses Offered:


  • Website designing with e-commerce
  • Web designing courses
  • Multimedia and animation
  • Hardware and networking
  • Software Engineering courses.
  • Cyber Security analysis
  • Cloud computing
  • E-Commerce
  • Grooming courses
  • English speaking
  • Personality Development courses


Certificates and Degrees:


  • Diploma
  • Advance Diploma
  • Mater Diploma


  1. Insta Info Tech


Deemed as one of the frontrunners amongst the best computer courses in Delhi, Insta Info Tech aims at bridging the gap between the talent and the skills of the IT aspirants of the country.


With a plethora of certifications and courses to choose from, there is no dearth of learning at Insta Info Tech. Each of its three branches encompasses the choice of faculty.


From serving IT professionals to entrepreneurs and academicians, its students get to learn from the best. The course, modules, and curriculums are designed keeping industry standards in mind, making sure students get an “on job” kind of experience during the course of training.


Course Type: Diploma/ Advanced Diploma

Course Duration: 3months

Course Fees: INR 20,000/-

Contact:+91-8920150908, 011-42639862


Ranking: 4.8/5


Courses Offered:


  • Microsoft courses
  • Digital marketing
  • Programming languages
  • Web designing
  • Software


  1. Gyan Vigyan


Since its inception in 2002, Gyan Vigyan has consistently provided quality education and training to its students. Registered under the society act of the Government of India, it aims at producing computer professionals with excellent knowledge of computers and skills at their fingertips, making a fair case for inclusion in the list of the best computer courses in Delhi. Apart from computer courses, Gyan Vigyan also offers account courses, spoken English courses, management courses, and teacher training courses.


Course Name: Computer Education

Course Duration: 4months/6months/1 year

Course Fees: Depending upon the course


Ranking: 4.7/5


Courses Offered:

  • Digital marketing
  • Graphic designing
  • Website designing
  • Web designing with CSS
  • Angular JS
  • Advance excel
  • Coral draw training
  • Adobe photoshop
  • Adobe illustrator


  1. Bristol Institute of Technology


Bristol Institute of Technology [BIIT] is a leading computer training institute in Delhi. Its vision to impart premium quality of computer education amongst its trainees is quite commendable.


The institute encompasses the most basic to the most advanced learning modules. It has a highly experienced faculty and industry experts as staff, who form the backbone of the institute and tirelessly work towards the enhancement of students. BIIT is also famous for offering placement support and guidance.


Course Name:


  • Certificate of Computer Application  [CCA]
  • Diploma in Computer Application [DCA]
  • Desktop Publishing [DPT]
  • Diploma in Computer Hardware


Course Duration: 3months/6months

Course Fees: Contact institute

Contact: A-115, First Floor, Vikas Marg,
Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, 110092

+91 9311441524 , 011-40230487

Ranking: 4.7/5


Courses Offered:

  • Basic, Advanced
  • Web designing
  • Graphic designing
  • CCC, BCC
  • C, C++ programming
  • VFX


  1. Nice Computer Institute


Nice computer institute has been a pioneer in computer education since 1998. Its modules are a perfect blend of conventional teaching and contemporary training. Its market-oriented modules, extensive training ensure quality education and plenty of placement opportunities.


Affordable fees structure is aimed at making computer education available easily. The Faculty of Nice computer institute is highly experienced and knowledgeable and is the driving force behind the successful careers of its thousands of alumni.


Course Type: Diploma

Course Duration: 3months/ 6 months

Course Fee: Contact Institute

Contact: T-565, First Floor, Baljeet Nagar,

Behind Police Station Patel Nagar,

(Near Shadipur Metro Station),

New Delhi-110008

Website: 9268030388,9868842127

Ranking: 4.5/5


Courses Offered:


  • Diploma in Computer in Operating and Application [DCA]
  • Advance diploma in Computer Operating and Application [ADCA]
  • Diploma in Computer Accounting
  • Advanced Excel Training
  • Diploma in Microsoft Office
  • Diploma in Computer Typing
  • Diploma in Graphic Designing [DTP]
  • Diploma in Web Designing


  1. Oxford Software Institute


The flagship mission of Hindustan Soft education Limited, Oxford Software Institute has been imparting quality computer education to thousands of students across Delhi and the country. Ranked one amongst the best computer courses in Delhi, Oxford software institute prides itself for providing excellent computer training and teaching, across its six branches in Delhi since 1997. With a good placement track record, Oxford comes across as a promising institute for IT aspirants.


Course Type: Bachelor of Education

Course Duration: 2 years

Course Fees: INR 79,000/-

Contact:  A-4, 3rd Floor, above Capital Grill Restaurant, near Metro Pillar Number 411, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, Delhi, 110027

91+ 981073529, 011- 41255104


Ranking: 4.4/ 5


Courses Offered:

  • Graphic, Web & 2D
  • Graphic, animation & VFX
  • Web designing and development
  • Graphic designing
  • Web designing
  • Digital marketing
  • Video editing
  • Word press
  • Joomla
  • Programming languages
  • Python
  • Java
  • C, C++
  • PHP
  • NET
  • Hardware networking
  • Computer hardware
  • Ethical hacking.


  1. MAAC


The proud winners of the “Global Education Award” and “National Education Award” 2019, MAAC is renowned for imparting quality, high-end animation, and VFX education. The specialist at  3D Animation & VFX education MAAC has a wide network of students pursuing successful careers in animation, VFX, film making, graphic designing, and web designing, and winning many accolades for their alma mater.


MAAC’s career-oriented course modules help students immensely during placements. Most of the alumni are placed well with renowned Animation Studios across the country. The research and development team helps fuel students’ imagination and guides them through various path-breaking animation tricks and techniques.


The faculty consists of professionals and industry experts who help students hone their technical and creative skills. MAAC boasts state of art infrastructure, with Wacom tablets, high-end computers, enabling students to put all the learning into practice and master the art of animation, VFX, and many others.


Course Type: Bachelor’s Degree of 3D Animation and Visual Effects, Advanced Program in Digital Media and Designs, Diploma in 3D animation and VFX, Diploma 3D animation, Certificate in Digital Photography

Course Duration: 2 year/ 1year/ 6month

Course Fee: Contact Institute

Contact: 41-A, Kamla Nagar, Near Shakti Nagar Chowk, Delhi, 110007


Ranking: 4.2/ 5


Courses Offered:

  • Advance Diploma 3D Edge [AD3D]
  • Advance Diploma VFX [ADVFX]
  • Display 3D
  • VFX Plus
  • Maya
  • Design Viz Pro
  • LE Pro
  • Digital Footprint Management [DFM]
  • Advanced Compositing
  • Advance Diploma in Interactive Design and Game
  • Modeling and Texture
  • Maya Pro
  • Max Pro


These esteemed institutes are your one-stop solution for all the computer-related ambiguities. These best computer courses in Delhi not only offer the best in class advanced education but also cater to the learning requirements of beginners. There is a course module for every level, be it for a beginner or advanced learner.


All of these best computer courses in Delhi are primely located. Well connected by the metro and other public transport systems, they are all easily accessible. All of them have bright alumni reports and Google ranking, which makes them extremely credible and reliable.


Despite bearing different names and flagships, they all share a common motto of training the talent with the best of IT skills at an affordable price. You may choose any of these institutes based on what course you wish to pursue, knowing that you will be guided and trained by highly experienced and expert faculty, who will surely scale up your career graph.


Having said that, do you want to know which course is most rewarding? Which certificates are most valued? Which degree should one pursue? What are the few obvious and frequent questions that need to be addressed and researched before enrolling oneself with any of these best computer courses in Delhi? Let’s throw some light on the frequently asked questions in order to understand what courses are in demand these days.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a need to learn computers, or update my computer skills if I already have a job?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary for you to pick up computer skills or update your current IT skills even if you have a job already. Firstly, computer knowledge will help you boost your productivity and efficiency at work. Instead of maintaining handwritten files, maintaining digital records is not only easy but also quickly retrievable. Thus companies these days prefer having computing documentation over handwritten ones.


Secondly, even if you know the basics of computers, it is wise to enroll yourself in one of these best computer courses in Delhi. Having an elaborate and in-depth knowledge of the machine you work on helps in using the machine effectively and efficiently. Improved efficiency means better productivity and promotions. Enhanced knowledge about the software and hardware of computers is a sure shot recipe for catalyzing the growth graph.


2. Which computer courses are necessary to get a job in 2022?

The IT industry is highly dynamic and ever-evolving. As the world continues to explore and venture into new dimensions of IT, few courses have become more relevant than the others. Keeping a track of what is trending, and what has become obsolete is wise while deciding on a course to pursue.

Following is the list of the Courses which are in Demand These Days:

  • Web designing
  • VFX and animation
  • Hardware and networking courses
  • Software and programming language courses
  • Tally
  • Cybersecurity courses
  • Diploma in IT
  • Diploma in Computer Science
  • Computer Hardware Maintenance
  • Web Designing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Data Entry


3. What are the eligibility criteria to enroll in the computer course?

10+2 from a recognized university is the basic requirement to enroll in any of the listed best computer courses in Delhi. Admission in Diploma, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is mostly based on the results of entrance examination and interview. However, you may contact the institutes for further details on the admission process.


4. How can I prepare myself for a Job in the IT sector?

You may prepare yourself for an IT career by following these guidelines.

  • Choose a degree that promises desired employability.
  • Make sure the course you choose has the necessary accreditations and recognitions.
  • Grab as many internships and on-job training opportunities as you may.
  • Focus on absorbing details and building a foundation.
  • Keep developing your “soft skills” through various courses and competitions.


5. How do I search for computer-related jobs?

Thanks to websites like Linkedin, Gravatar, Timesjobs, and many others for making job search as easy as a click. All one has to do in order to get the desirable job is upload the resume and profile along with the choice of industry one is seeking the job in.


These days the websites also offer multiple skill assessment tests and tips to prospective employees, helping them enhance their skills and knowledge as they wait for the right opportunity to come along.




Since their inception, computers have taken the world by storm. With constant up-gradation of their software and hardware, they have succeeded in becoming an integral part of our work and personal life. Resenting them is not an option anymore, computers are all around us and they are here to stay.

Making amends with the changing times by adapting and learning about the new ways is not only wise but also vital, the listed best computer courses in Delhi can help you excel at it.