Every day, the world becomes more digital, and technology advances, but the necessity for communication stays constant. It has grown in complexity and breadth of use. Everyone around you will understand you and you will understand them if you have good communication skills. You’ll be self-assured and forceful. Even at work, it will be simple for you to create and keep acquaintances.


Taking communication skills training can help us increase our self-awareness, better comprehend and know ourselves, and sympathize with others. Several institutes provide communication skills courses in Mumbai, which will be discussed in this article.


List of the best communication skills courses in Mumbai


Let us first define communication skills and their relevance before moving on to the top institute for communication skills courses in Mumbai.


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What is communication?


The term “communication” comes from the Latin word “communicate,” which means “to share.” The conveyance and comprehension of meaning are both parts of the communication process. In an organizational setting, communication is defined as the sending and receiving of messages among interconnected personnel to achieve common goals.


It is a technique that involves two or more people exchanging ideas, points of view, facts, and emotions. Simply said, communication is the act of passing information from one person or group to another through mutually accepted networks.


Importance of communication skills


Communication is a talent that is critical in the workplace because efficient communication is essential for healthy organizational relationships and, ultimately, organizational success. As a result, training is a critical skill for any business or organization. We’ll go through communication skills training in depth in this piece.


Communication Skills in Organizations


In organizations, communication is extremely crucial. Business communication is the exchange of information between people inside and outside an organization for the organization’s commercial gain. It can also be defined as people sending and receiving information within a company.


Communication skills include the capacity to effectively communicate in both formal and casual settings, as well as verbal and nonverbal communication. Communication skills are key to the success of any organization since they are an important element in generating productivity and developing effective teams in organizations. They help companies become more productive and efficient.


Because communication occurs in three directions: upward, downward, and lateral, communication skill is defined as the capacity to effectively communicate in all three directions.


Why Should You Take a Communication Skills Course?


  1. Improved Self-confidence:


Many of us are apprehensive about giving a speech in public. Because we can’t communicate ourselves adequately in front of others, we typically lack confidence. Taking a Communication Skills Course will help you gain self-assurance.


It aids in the alleviation of anxiety and increases your total self-assurance. You’ll be able to figure out when and how to react or answer, you’ll be able to communicate with gestures and body language, and you’ll learn to sound neutral and assured.


  1. Improved Writing Skills:


Writing Skills sessions are also covered in Communication Skills courses, which are vital in the business and marketing sectors. You can most likely write if you can think and communicate swiftly.


It’s especially useful for content creation. Aside from that, the Communication skills course prepares you to write emails, reports, organizational information, focus statements, and other similar documents.


  1. Improved Listening Skills:


The ability to listen is one of the most important components of communication. Communication does not always imply speaking or talking, and it is not always accomplished through the use of words.


First and foremost, listening skills help to alleviate restlessness. When you listen to someone with your eyes and ears open, you can concentrate on what they’re saying and glean more crucial information, which is nearly impossible to do during a normal discussion.


When you listen actively, you can think more profoundly than usual. Listening abilities can often assist in resolving discrepancies and arriving at a firm conclusion. Apart from that, if someone notices that you are actively listening to him or her, your relationship will be strengthened.


  1. Improved Convincing Power:


Communication classes teach you how to improve your persuading skills and attract clients to your business. Eye contact, a positive and confident tone of voice, and effective body language are all taught as ways to persuade others.


It is critical in the commercial and corporate sectors to maintain solid relationships with existing clients while also attracting new ones. Communication classes teach you how to increase your persuasion skills and attract more clients by teaching you methods and strategies.


  1. Certification and Career Opportunities:


Nowadays, having a high command of communication skills and demonstrating that you require a credential is required in practically every corporate field. There are numerous employment openings in this field. Participants receive diplomas from all reputable schools.


Here is the list of the top 5 Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai:


  1. Harish Sairaman:


Harish Sairaman is a well-known Indian motivational speaker, and his firm offers one of the best Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai and India. The seminars use tried and true approaches to help participants improve their communication skills and personalities.


Their course modules are tailored to the needs of the corporate sector or business-friendly communication and personality development. Their skill development program includes instruction in the following areas:


  • Overcoming apprehension and fear of public speaking
  • Developing strong communication skills and developing excellent presentation skills
  • Developing strong business writing abilities
  • Learning how to create powerful presentations by providing them structure, meaning, and value.
  • Getting to know business procedures
  • Developing mental acuity and the ability to extemporize.
  • Relationship-building fundamentals


Contents of the Workshop:


  • A Basic Understanding of Effective Communication
  • NLP (Neuro-Listening Programming) Session
  • Rapport Building Session
  • Presentation Skills session


  1. Bodhih:


Bodhih believes in self-transformation through the development of skills, knowledge, and self-confidence, and is ranked among the top Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai and India. Through their Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai and other cities, they seek to help people become more skillful and confident.


Bodhih was founded in 2008 by two friends in a modest rented room, and according to Technavio, London-based technology research, and consultancy organization, it is now among the top 7 international training companies.


The Communication Skills curriculum at Bodhih focuses on verbal, nonverbal, visual, and written communication skills in the workplace. What You’ll Discover is:


  • Business Communication Skills of All Kinds
  • Factors affecting spoken communication
  • Communication that has an impact
  • Improving your language skills
  • Neutralization of accent, tone, and voice
  • Client interaction that works
  • Factors affecting written communication
  • Email etiquette is a set of guidelines for sending and receiving emails.
  • More advanced presentation dynamics
  • Emotional emotions, body language, and eye contact
  • Skills in public speaking
  • Communication skills using NLP
  • Proactive communication abilities


Why should you enroll in one of Bodhih’s Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai?


  • E-Learning Content Classroom Training Effective Classroom Training Content Live Online Classes E-Learning Content
  • Assessments and Case Studies in the LMS
  • Effective Coaching and Mentoring Certification through Blended Learning


  1. Training Incorporate:


Training Incorporate, which was founded in 2005, is currently one of the most well-known learning and development institutes in Mumbai, offering top-level Communication Skills Courses. They primarily focus on four categories in an individual: skills, knowledge, habit, and attitude, and they train participants to attain their intended goal through correct evaluation and assessment.


Their ‘Guided-Discovery Method’ assists participants in establishing listening, thinking, and questioning habits, as well as comparing, cooperating, competing, determining facts, accumulating knowledge, innovating, respecting, and empathizing with others.


They Incorporate the following lessons into your training: 


Accent Neutralization


  • Paying attention to a variety of international accents
  • Consonants and Vowels
  • Schwa Syllables Stress Breathing and Relaxation Process
  • Linking and caching rhythm


Virtual and Conference Calls for Communication:


  • Greetings from an ethical standpoint
  • Customer service
  • Hearing vs. Listening
  • Adding confidence, a grin, and a positive attitude to the bill
  • delivering the word “NO”


Communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal:


  • Modulation of the voice
  • Tone and accent
  • Speech fluency and clarity
  • Short and long speeches
  • Eye contact, gestures, and facial expressions are all examples of nonverbal communication.
  • An impactful first impression
  • Leaving an indelible impression




  • Communication style
  • Reacting vs. responding
  • Responding to a stressful situation Mapping a conflict


Crucial Communication:


  • Vocabulary and grammar
  • The use of words and the structure of sentences are both important.
  • Ability to paraphrase and highlight key statements Clarity of thought
  • Ideas for a conversation
  • Speech fluency and coherence


Ability to Listen:


  • Listening actively vs. passively
  • Listening for important details
  • Using active listening to detect nonverbal cues
  • Listening vs. Acceptance


Writing Ability:


  • Report writing by email
  • Information writing for organizations
  • The topic line, focus words, and focus statements are all important parts of the document.
  • Clarify and succinctness


Communication Skills in the Workplace:


  • Recognizing the company culture
  • Etiquette in the workplace
  • Small chats with a big impact
  • Expectations were met.
  • Management of one’s image


Industry-Specific Terminology:


  • Professional greetings and a speech of introduction
  • Thanksgiving and the act of giving
  • Accepting apologies and apologizing
  • Disagreement and agreement
  • Offering and receiving feedback; providing and receiving compliments; giving and receiving suggestions


Highlights include:


  • Course Session Design – E-Learning Materials for Pre-Training, Training, and Post-Training
  • Tasks to Practice
  • Interventions that are based on momentum
  • Guided Discovery by an Active Help Desk Expert Trainers and Training Actors Method Activity-Based Learning System
  • Process of Learning Through Theatre
  • Assessment Kit for Pre-Training
  • Pre-reads
  • Contents that are contextualized
  • Sessions of Quiz
  • Active Responses


  1. Coursera:


You will learn to speak more successfully with friends or at work with Coursera’s Communication Skills Course. Coursera offers one of the best Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai and around the world, developed so that you may improve your communication skills by attending a training session led by award-winning professor Maurice Schweitzer and practicing on your own with the use of e-learning tools.


You will be able to communicate more effectively by understanding what others want, their gestures, how to respond strategically to others, and much more by the end of the course.


Course Module:


  • Cooperate- Compare- compete:


This session will teach you how to read people’s reactions to you, when and how to collaborate with others, and when and how to compare and compete to reach your goal. You will learn to identify circumstances and the best strategy to deal with them using the main principles of cooperation and self-work – scarcity, affability, and insubstantiality.


You’ll learn how to compare, compete, and motivate yourself, as well as when and how to disregard unethical behavior and resentful situations. You will be able to strike a balance between a competitive and cooperative mindset to excel in your field by the end of this session.


  • Trust Building:


This course will teach you how to construct trust factors – how to obtain and develop trust in others for yourself. You’ll learn why trust is so vital in any sector and how it works – the principles that are crucial to developing reliable relationships, such as determining susceptibility, building rapport, and displaying compassion, among other things.


By identifying shared aims, common opponents, and interdependence, you will learn how to build trustworthiness. You will learn how to construct trusting connections with friends, strangers, team members, coworkers, and opponents to gain mutual respect, satisfaction, cooperation, and empathy by the end of the trust-building session.


  • Concept of Deception:


They educate you about the notion of workplace deception and how it impacts an individual, as well as how to detect it, what measures to take if someone is attempting to fool you, and how to deal with the problem if you have already been deceived, in this lesson. By observing gestures, body language, and attitude, you will learn about common deception indications.


In this subject, you will get the opportunity to practice dealing with deception in a realistic setting. With dishonesty comes the obligation to apologize. You’ll learn to apologize and accept others’ apologies. In a nutshell, you will learn to define dishonesty during this session, which will aid you in being prepared for or dealing with any type of unpleasant issue at work.


  • Effective Communication Skills:


They teach you how to communicate successfully in this module. The following subjects are covered in this session:


  • Broad understanding of a variety of communication subjects
  • Listening both actively and passively
  • Ability to present
  • Communication in the Business
  • Messages that persuade
  • Active contemplation
  • Having a face-to-face interaction is a great way to get to know
  • Different media are used to communicate – taking phone calls, video conferencing, and drafting emails, among other things
  • Thanksgiving greetings, official
  • Speaking in Public
  • Making an impression that will remain for a long time
  • Eye contact and gestures are used to communicate.
  • There are small discussions and long talks, and so forth.


  1. The Knowledge Academy:


The Knowledge Academy, the world’s largest and most well-known online and classroom training company, offers the top Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai. Their Communication Course seeks to assist individuals in identifying and improving their communication abilities using modern approaches.


Course Curriculum:


  • Communication Skills: A Quick Overview
  • Personality analysis of each person
  • Individual communication skills evaluation
  • Interaction with known and unfamiliar people is the focus of this case study.
  • Asking smart questions and successfully responding
  • Case Study: Developing Listening Skills in a Variety of Situations
  • Body language, gestures, and eye contact are examples of vocabulary.
  • Skills in critical thinking and evaluation
  • Empathizing via sharing emotion and feelings
  • Plan of action for yourself
  • Quizzes on the go
  • Only a few words and a quick response
  • Speeches with epigrams


The following are some of the reasons why you should choose The Knowledge Academy:


  • Communication manual for TKA
  • Instructors with extensive experience in Case Studies
  • Individualized care
  • Various delivery options are available, including online, offline, and on-site.
  • Sessions that are both interactive and extremely engaging
  • Resources of excellent quality
  • Certification that is recognized around the world


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What is the purpose of the communication skills course?

Ans: You will learn how to get results in your discussions with others and how to develop collaborative relationships based on trust and respect in this Communication Skills Training.


  1. Is it true that all corporate occupations necessitate great communication abilities?


Ans: Every position, whether commercial or government, requires excellent communication skills. Human interaction is required in every sector. In the business world, there is always a need to attract clients, which is impossible if you lack good linguistic abilities and the capacity to persuade.


  1. Can effective communication skills improve a person’s personality?


Ans: You may impress, motivate, influence, and attract others if you are a good communicator; however, this is only feasible if you sound clever, confident, relaxed, and at ease in any scenario. As a result, a good communicator is also a powerful personality.




Any successful business or group relies heavily on communication. Communication skills training is essential since communication is at the heart of healthy working relationships and high performance. Both leaders and employees must have good communication skills to advance and reach common goals, and hence training programs inadequate communication skills serve the purpose. we have tried our best to explain to you about communication skills and the best institutes that provide communication skills courses in Mumbai.