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Top 10 CAT Coaching Institutes In India

CAT or the Common Admission Test is one of the most desired tests that innumerable graduates In India prepare for, to get into premium business schools. More than two lakh candidates sit for the entrance examinations that can be a gateway to an immensely flourishing career. 

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There are several CAT coaching institutes in India that provide all the necessary features for the preparation of the common admission test. Entry into one of the most sought-after B-Schools can provide you with unending possibilities and opportunities for your career growth. You have to know a little about CAT before you enrol in a coaching centre and prepare for your exams. 


Some Important Things To Know About CAT

  • You have to be a graduate with at least 50% marks from a recognized university. You can also start preparing for the CAT exam and sit for it, even if you are in your final year of graduation. 


  • The CAT exam is not just an entry into the Indian Institute of Management which is one of the most revered Institutes globally. You have several other business schools that accept the CAT results as valid and accept your applications for their business management programs. 


  • There is no upper limit to applying and sitting for the CAT exam. However, it is recommended that you start preparing for it early on if you are really passionate about getting into a top business school.


  • Reading Comprehension, Verbal Skills, Quantitative aptitude, Business aptitude Data Interpretation, Logical reasoning are the modules for which you have to prepare for the CAT exam. 


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Below, we have the list of the top 10 CAT Coaching Institutes in India that helps you to prepare for the CAT exam in a properly organized manner. You gain confidence through the replicated mock tests and also gain knowledge from the top experts in the domain. 


The process of applying, preparing, and then sitting for the CAT Exam with your skill sets in place can seem like an arduous journey. Thus, these CAT coaching institutes help to provide you with the necessary support to allay your fears and help you to achieve the much-needed stress-free routine for CAT preparation.



IIM Skills which is already a distinguished name for online training in the domain of digital marketing and content writing has stellar CAT coaching and training in India. The CAT Coaching module offers 14 months of access to course materials, eBooks, and mock question papers as well as recorded lectures. 

Regarded as a Top online CAT Coaching institute In India, IIM SKILLS offers two types of CAT Coaching.

The instructor-led weekly sessions and the self-paced course with weekly online webinars. 


Course Fee

  • The Instructor-Led Weekly Sessions is Rs 24999 (all-inclusive)
  • The self-paced course is Rs 1999 ( all-inclusive)


Key Features of the Institute

The institute follows a judicious method of helping you master the skills of cracking the common admission test with panache. Some of the most prominent features comprise providing you with an in-depth topic and section-wise course materials. 


The course is concentrated on providing you with personalized attention and is not batch-centric. This means that you will get the proper attention to understand the complex parts of the syllabus. 


The instructor-led virtual CAT Coaching LMS is available for lifetime access. This means that even if you are unable to clear the exam on the first attempt, you will get access to the recorded sessions without paying anything extra. 


The course is designed to provide you with information on not just CAT but the other MBA entrance test as well. 


The steps for the instructor-led virtual training is as follows:

You will have to visit the IIM SKILLS portal and get registered to access the learning management system for CAT. In the next step, you will have to sit for a 3-hour long online test formulated to assess your strengths and weaknesses. 


Once your results are out. you will be assigned an instructor who will provide you with the roadmap for your CAT training and help you with understanding how to structure and organize your learning process. 


The system of training differs from person to person based on whether you are appearing for the CAT exam for the first time. If you are re-appearing for the CAT exam, the instructor’s approach towards the training will be different taking into account your skill sets. 


Contact 9911 839 503, [email protected]


2. IMS

IMS is one of the top CAT Coaching institutes In India. They also provide training for a variety of other entrance tests like GMAT, BBA, CLAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL. IMS has a Pan India presence with more than 90 centres in different parts of the country. 


Since its establishment almost 40 years ago, professor N.R Rane has helped thousands of students realize their dreams through intensive training at IMS for different competitive exams. They not only help to teach, but guide and provide strategies, and motivation to every student so that they excel in their professional lives. 


Key features of the institute

They have two modes of learning: online and blended learning that comprises classroom + online training. Their CAT course is a comprehensive program called the CATapult which can be taken up on weekdays and weekend batches. 


The classroom program fee is city-specific. You have 250 hours of CAT coaching broken down into 150+ hours of video content, and 110+ hours of mock tests. There are personal mentoring classes and GDPI with 5000+ virtual question banks. 


The CATapult lives online training course fee extended version is Rs 39,150+ 18% GST. It will give you a complete learning on CAT including 100 + hours of live sessions, and 150 + hours of video content, mentoring sessions, and more.


The CATapult lives online course fee for the focused version is 24950+18% GST. This is for people who have an understanding of math and has taken similar exams in the past. The course has 75 + powers of live sessions, personal mentoring for confidence, and mock tests. 


They also have a Self Learning course that costs INR 18000 + 18% GST. Here you get a complete set of 9 books in hard copy format with 15 exhaustive e-workshops. 

Contact: [email protected]



Triumphant Institute of Management or TIME as you all popularly know is one of the top-rated CAT coaching institutes in India. Since its inception in 1992, it has provided incredible learning in all competitive exams including XAT, CLAT, JEE, NEET, GATE, CAT.


The courses are diverse and the faculty members are exemplary who provide incisive training cracking the different competitive exams. They have more than 235 offices in India. The faculty consists of 40 IIT, IIM alumni as part of the core team. 


Key features of the Institute

The CAT training at TIME is divided into 3 categories

i) CAT Classroom Course

The CAT classroom course has been the most popular over the years. The classroom courses are today conducted online owing to the ongoing pandemic and the lectures are delivered in an interactive virtual classroom. 


They have a well-organized methodology by which they divide the training into a number of parts. The concept training gives you an overview of CAT and the basic concepts of entrance tests. You have doubt resolution sessions, topic-wise and section-wise videos,  and all India Mock Cat tests.


ii) Self-paced, Self Study Course

TIME’s self-paced online or distance learning course has been prepared by experienced mentors with more than two decades of experience in the field of education. It is one of the most relevant programs available today and covers all the concepts that might come in your CAT exam intensively. 


The self-paced course is further segregated into different modules. You have Regular Courses, Regular Course with 100 Additional videos, Advanced Courses, and Advanced Courses with 100 and 200 additional videos. The course fee varies according to the module you select. 


iii) AIMCATs

The test series helps you to bolster your problem-solving skills and strengthen your overall strategy for the CAT examination. You have tests to practice vigorously to develop your skills and fine-tune your abilities to take the CAT exam with confidence. 


Contact: You can connect with them on their contact page on their website. 


4. Career Launcher

Career Launcher is another educational organization that requires no introduction where CAT Coaching Institutes In India is concerned. In fact, they are one of the most coveted training institutes for different competitive exams.


They have a variety of CAT coaching programs available at the institute. Let’s look at them in detail.


i) CAT Classroom Coaching

The classroom model of training has intensive sessions with expert faculty, live mock tests, B-school counselling, and Mock CAT analysis. The Smart CAT Cracker has more than 275 video lessons on different topics by stalwarts who have committed their lives to impart high-quality training. 


Skill development like group discussions, exercises, case studies, mock interviews, everything is curated as per industry standards and how CAT is conducted in the past few years. 


The classroom sessions are divided into weekday and weekend batches. You have MBA Classic, and MBA Extended Classic versions. The course fee varies according to the program you opt for.


ii) CAT Online Coaching

The CAT online coaching involves comprehensive learning through interactive immersive learning sessions. You grasp the essentials of appearing for the CAT exam to accelerate your career. 


Since you can take up the online classes from anywhere you want, it saves a lot of time. Classes are generally held twice or thrice per week giving you the time to imbibe all that you learn well. The class timings are flexible and you can choose a batch according to your preference and convenience. 


This online CAT coaching program also has a variety of programs that you can choose based on your criteria. You have virtual cat sessions, recorded videos, mock test practice questions, personality development sessions, conceptual understanding of the corporate world, access to ebooks, personal mentoring sessions, and peer to peer learning among other things. 


iii) CAT Test Series

Career Launcher has introduced the CAT Test Series that is a recreated version of the CAT exam. It gives you an overall idea of how the CAT paper is conducted and helps to maximize productivity. These tests are driven by artificial intelligence that helps to provide insights to the mentors regarding the students. Based on these exams, you can hone your skills eliminating the weaknesses, and scoring your best in the CAT exams. 


There are professional consultations for an ideal exam strategy through video sessions. There are over 30 mock tests for CAT that help you to understand how you will fare in the actual CAT exam. 


Key features of the Institute

There are several programs to choose from in the CAT test series that is based on your proficiency and preference.  You also have in-depth programs like MBA premium coaching and MBA all access that helps you to not only understand CAT but other MBA competitive exams as well.


The smart CAT cracker and study materials provide solutions to complicated problems. These are well explained by faculty members and what was once seemingly difficult becomes easier to comprehend and solve. 


Contact 8882120120, 7303295393


5. Bulls’ Eye

Bull’s eye was established in 1996 and has emerged as one of the most well-reputed CAT coaching institutes in India. They started as trainers in physical coaching centres gradually moving to online CAT coaching catering to students from across the country. 


Bull’s eye assists students in preparing for the various aptitude-based examinations. It is today one of the most popular test preparation portals with more than 100000 students mentored. The faculty members are alumni of IIM and XLRI which makes the team one of the finest in the industry. 


Key features of the institute

The faculty members are devoted to providing the highest grade Training to the students. The training comprises more than 85 live lectures, 135 topic-based tests. Along with that, you have 250+ videos. The CAT Course Fee is INR 26999.


The course emphasizes the implementation of everything that you’ve learned through practical tests, revisions, assignments, and brainstorming in the discussion groups. 


You get training in different categories like quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, verbal ability. The course is replete with online test simulation that helps to replicate the process of the CAT exam. 


This way you get familiar with the process of the examination. Moreover, these tests provide you with AI-based analytics that assists in strengthening your overall understanding of the subjects. You can iron out the weaknesses and have a chance of securing better scores. 


To sum it up, the course provides you with a complete study on conceptual understanding of CAT as well as fundamental and advanced subjects to help you get into the best business schools. 


Contact 842700 1707


6. 2IIM

2IIM is another of the most illustrious CAT coaching institutes in India. They provide a variety of options for CAT coaching including online CAT coaching, CAT study materials, and online mock test series.


They emphasize gleaning knowledge about the fundamental aspects to fortify your strength overall. The mentors help with all aspects of the learning process, nurturing your analytical skills. They believe in an unbidden way of learning, rather than a strict rule-based curriculum that might take away the excitement of learning.


Key features of the Institute

Online CAT Coaching

You get the training from some of the best minds like Mr Rajesh Bala Subramanyam who has a record of achieving 100 percentile four times in CAT.


There are 150+ live sessions in the online course with 10000 plus practice questions segregated into basic and CAT levels. You also have a dedicated Whatsapp group where you can discuss with the mentors and address any doubt and confusion.


There is a video library that comprises 2000 plus videos of the course, 1000 plus videos on YouTube, and 3000 plus videos for learning mathematics. 


Online CAT coaching is complete with important quizzes, mock tests, slideshows, and presentations that provide you with CAT learning from scratch to the more advanced concepts. 


You also have a CAT preparation module that includes study materials, reading lists, and Tests. The study materials provided are updated regularly and the questions banks in the module give you a proper idea of the test.


Contact 9962 648 484, 7406048484


7. Mindworkzz

Mindworkzz is also another of the top CAT coaching Institutes in India that provides online training in CAT as well as other courses that include CLAT, GD-PI, and AECC test series.


The institute was started by Arun Sharma who is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore. All the faculty members are equipped with superior knowledge and have more than 10 years of experience in business management. They have conducted more than 450 live classes with 50 + mock tests. Whether it is CAT or any other competitive exam, Mindworkzz has trained numerous career aspirants for cracking the different competitive exams for a brighter future.


Key features of the institute

The Online CAT Coaching is priced at INR 39700 inclusive of taxes. The online Coaching is recorded and uploaded in the portal of the institute. The duration for each class up to 2 hours and you have 4 to 5 classes per week to cover different topics and subjects. 


They provide special general knowledge and vocabulary classes to develop relevant skills. The several mock tests and mentor support provide the much-needed motivation to update your skills in the different categories. 


Contact: You can connect with them by filling up a form with your details on their website. 


8. TCY Online

TCY Online is one of the popular CAT coaching institutes in India offering comprehensive education in CAT and other exams. 


The online courses for CAT are a trial pack that helps you to appear for a limited number of mock tests. These provide you with detailed analytics of your progress and assessment.


The other course is a special MBA Mock plan at 1499 which contains a mock test for CAT along with other competitive exams like SNAP, XAT, IIFT, etc. 


You also have personalized learning plans that you can take up for more incisive training on CAT and other exams. Personalized learning plans are divided into monthly plans, mock tests, weekend batches, night boosters, and study planners. The course fee is according to the program you select. 


Contact 855 889 6644, [email protected]


9. iQuanta

iQuanta offers compact online CAT coaching with live Facebook interactions and discussions with mentors from anywhere you want. iQuanta is one of the most reputed CAT Coaching Institutes in India that specializes in a variety of courses along with CAT.


They offer training in Quant course, General Knowledge, GDPI, GMAT, XAT among other courses.


The CAT Full Course

The CAT Course at iQuanta has more than 40 sessions with 150 videos and 70 assignments. It has a combination of video presentations, images, and mock tests. There is constant support for doubt resolution. The CAT course is priced at Rs 20,999. 


They are expert support sessions through live virtual classes. You have more than 100 live sessions and 500+ videos. The candidates also get the opportunity to communicate with peers. Since it’s online, it helps for overall time efficiency as you do not have to commute. Other features such as flexibility in batch timings, consistent practice sessions, clarification of any doubt are also provided. 


Contact 9515843236, [email protected]


10. Unacademy

Unacademy has slowly established itself as one of the prime CAT coaching institutes in India. With its well-thought-out pedagogy and fruitful learning network, Unacademy offers one of the finest programs in CAT. 


Unacademy was set up in 2016 and initially was a portal to prepare for the UPSC exams. Over time, they have grown and today Unacademy provides one of the most meticulous, and organized CAT Coaching in India. 


With the CAT subscriptions, you get access to unlimited courses, live and recorded classes from India’s best mentors. You also get the benefits of personal coaching, test analysis for assessment, mock tests, quizzes, presentations, and small batch sizes. 


The Normal CAT subscription rates are as follows:

1 Month – 3500, 3 Months – 8750, 6 Months – 14000, 12 months – Rs 17,500. 

The CAT Iconic subscription starts from INR 1708 per month. You also have a CAT plus subscription that starts from 875/month. 

Contact: You can connect with the Unacademy Team on their website page. 



Now that you have a clear idea about the different CAT coaching institutes in India, you can choose one according to your preference.


Most of these institutes provide a structured program that helps you to crack the examination. You will get full support from the mentors. Additionally, they provide you with some invaluable advice that will help in understanding the concepts better and applying them to taste success in the examination.


Enrolling in a CAT Coaching Institute is an investment that requires you to understand what the course entails. It is not just a monetary investment. You have to devote time to learn and practice.


Go through to the course structure, mentor support resolution, features, reviews, testimonials, and success records of the institutes before zeroing in on one of these. Remember the support of an institute is paramount. It goes a long way in propelling you towards success.

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