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Best 10 CAT Coaching Institutes In Pune (Updated)

Pune has an indubitable reputation when it comes to education and is regarded as one of the hubs for premium colleges, and universities. The city’s indefatigable spirit coupled with rich cultural heritage. and positive ambience provides the right atmosphere for intellectual stimulation. 

Best 10 CAT Coaching Institutes in Pune


It is no wonder that students move to Pune every year to get into the most prestigious institutes, colleges, and universities that have come up in the city. Since it has a diverse range of industries that include communication, manufacturing units, and facilities for science, and research, it is regarded as a smart city looking to develop even further.


With so many top students moving to the city, today it is also home to numerous brilliant scholars. Additionally, Pune has people with different skill sets like sharp acumen in business, information technology, finance, engineering, commerce, etc. 


It is with this vision of developing into one of the most coveted cities for education that Pune has opened up a number of training centres for different courses and competitive exams. Today, India has the most premium CAT coaching institutes in Pune that cover all aspects relevant to CAT. 


Here is the list of the top 10 CAT coaching institutes in Pune offering an all-inclusive program for CAT. These institutes have an exhausted curriculum that encompasses all the components of CAT starting from the very important to the smallest of details.



IIM SKILLS has been involved with mentoring and nurturing young minds to turn them into prolific individuals confident of their abilities. With their comprehensive curriculum in diverse courses, they empower students with industry-relevant knowledge and help to inculcate the qualities of assertiveness and self-reliance. 


They not only provide students with course materials but help to develop soft skills that are an extremely important tool today to survive in the job world.


Along with exemplary courses in the domain of digital marketing, content writing, GST courses, and technical writing, they offer high-grade, comprehensive CAT Coaching.


Their voracious efforts and quality of prioritizing students over everything else make them one of the best online CAT coaching institutes in Pune. 


CAT program at IIM SKILLS

With a comprehensive curriculum that comprises concepts covering basic to advanced levels, IIM SKILLS aims to provide clear conceptual clarity to students. They believe that only when your foundation is strong will you be able to grasp the advanced concepts well.


Therefore, there is a structured step-by-step program that encourages understanding the basics very well and then moving on to the more complex concepts.


They have a detailed instruction-led online CAT coaching program. The course fee is Rs 24999 inclusive of taxes. They also have a self-paced online CAT coaching, the course fee is Rs 1999. 


IIM SKILLS provides you with a learning management system that houses all the course materials, recorded sessions, reference materials, updated content slides, presentations, PDF. 


Candidates who have enrolled for the self-paced CAT coaching program have access to the learning management system for 14 months from the date of registration. Candidates who are part of the instructor-led more detailed CAT coaching program have free access to the learning management system forever.


There are practice tests, mock cat tests, group discussion, and personal interview sessions, and assistance in terms of developing soft skills. 


IIM SKILLS first assesses your strengths and weaknesses and then helps you with the structured program that helps to work on areas that you need to improve in. With an organized program and guidance of experienced faculty members, you gain expertise in all the concepts including the ones that need work. 


The emphasis is on an individual-centric program rather than on a batch-centric program. This enables you to connect better with your mentors. It invariably leads to more interactive sessions that provide insight and help you brainstorm to bring out the best in you. There is 24/7 online support that helps you to overcome the difficulties and emerge a winner both in terms of confidence-building and cracking the CAT exam. 


A prominent feature is that they have a separate program structured for CAT retakers. You can work on your weaknesses and develop the skills to overcome the difficulties faced the first time. By the time you are finished with the CAT coaching at IIM SKILLS, you have an in-depth understanding of the concepts and are much better prepared mentally to sit for the exam.

Contact 921 1099 503


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2. Proton Training Solutions

Proton Training Solutions offers intensive training for MBA aspirants in Pune. Study materials include complete preparation with test kits, group discussions, personal interview preparations. The comprehensive curriculum along with the commitment of faculty members at Proton Training Solutions makes it one of the best CAT coaching institutes in Pune. 


Salient features of the cat program at proton Training solutions

There are four courses available for CAT training. All of them include preparation for CAT as well as other in the entrance exams like XAT, SNAP, MAT, CET, and CMAT. 


I) Online

The course fee for the online training program is Rs 25000. It includes live classes with flexible time slots. There are limited students in a batch that helps in connecting with the mentors and peers better. 


From the students’ perspective, it is more convenient to communicate with the mentor when the batch size is small. You also have doubt resolution sessions. There are more than 100 hours of concept-building courses, group discussions, personal interviews, and written ability tests. 


You get recorded versions of sessions after the classes are over. Along with the online study materials, you also get 22 hard copy books along with 100+ important class sheets. There are more than 2500 practice questions that come with solutions. Online tests are conducted every day. You have 100 sectional tests and more than 50 unit tests. There are also 75+ full-length tests. 



The CAT classroom preparation course fee is Rs 32000. It includes 30 hours of the fundamental course, 100 + hours of concept building with only 20 students per batch. 


You get 60 + hours of revision and 15 + hours of the intensive workshop. There are group discussions, personal interviews, written ability tests, and all the facilities available for the online CAT program. With the classroom setup, you have library facilities and study rooms along with personal assistance to clear doubts. 


III) Correspondence

The correspondence course has study materials, and test support for all the MBA entrance exams.There are 22 books and a detailed structure program to prepare for the CAT main exam.


You have practice questions, sectional tests, unit tests, and full-length mock tests that replicate cat exams. You also have the facility of personal assistance to solve doubts. The course fee for the correspondence training is Rs 8000. 


IV) Test Series

You have a test- series at the institute. The course fee is Rs 5000. The program comprises more than 2500 practice questions, sectional tests, unit tests, and full-length mock tests. 


The faculty members are extremely helpful and provide you assistance with every doubt. Even the smallest details are covered in the curriculum. 


Contact Building Number 1, Flat 5, DeepaShri Society, Mhatre Bridge, Erandwane Pune 411004 Phone 726 400 6300


3. EQL Classes

EQL Classes believe in assessing your weaknesses and transforming them into your strengths by providing you with a proper curriculum to develop important skill sets.


They have a detailed customized program for CAT, making them one of the pioneer CAT coaching institutes in Pune. Their strength lies in the fact that they have expertise in all the areas of CAT and provide intensive content that helps maximize your learning.


You also have customized mentoring sessions, visually appealing classroom sessions, and impeccable digital setup.


EQL was founded by Nayan Ajmera who is a mentor for the different sections of CAT. With his expertise and dynamism, he is today a proud mentor of one of the top-notch CAT coaching institutes in Pune. 


Salient features of the CAT program at EQL

The CAT coaching at EQL has two modes of training, online and classroom. There are pre-recorded videos of sessions, study materials, quick query resolution among other features. 


The curriculum is comprehensive, and relevant providing you with all the details of the topics and sections covered in CAT. The curriculum is strategized keeping in mind the diverse fields from where CAT aspirants come from. 


Moreover, the faculty is one of the best in the country offering courses blending technology, presentation, and appealing high-grade course content. There are personal mentoring sessions to strengthen your knowledge of concepts that need fine-tuning.


There are a variety of courses and the course fee varies according to the module you select.

Contact 980 9098 686, 9637 644 823. 


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4. Genesis Mentors

Genesis Mentors were established in 2010 and has emerged as one of the leading CAT coaching institutes in Pune. They provide structured aptitude training for different competitive exams that include CAT, IIFT, SNAP, XAT, and others.


They are one of the most desired institutes by MBA aspirants for their high-quality curriculum, expert mentors, and effective pedagogy. 


Their commitment and dedication to helping students realize their dreams are unparalleled. This is why they are regarded amongst the top CAT Coaching Institutes in Pune. 


Important features of the CAT program at Genesis mentors

You have small batch sizes with consistent query resolution sessions. Classes are flexible, including library facilities, mentoring, and counselling sessions. 


All the concepts of CAT are covered from the very basic to the most advanced elements. In this way, the institute provides conceptual clarity and a 360 degree understanding of all the topics incisively. 


The course fee for the cat 2021 online preparation is Rs 30000. This includes eBooks, video sessions, test series, and student support.


They offer an organized curriculum that consists of more than 250 videos, 15 eBooks, full-length tests, practice tests, and topic-wise tests. 


The CAT program is divided into four parts. They include concept building, revision module, group discussion, personal interviews. There is also a provision for the Non-CAT revision module. 


The resources include printed books, test series, workshops, backup availability for classes, general knowledge, and general awareness study plan, counseling, doubt resolution, and assistance among others. 

Contact 74983 17775, 988 114 7462


5. Spark Education Services

Spark Education has the vision of providing knowledge that is going to help students crack the cat exam as well as get into the premium b schools. They have a curriculum that covers all the concepts of CAT thoroughly and 24/7 support and guidance. 


Spark Education is regarded as one of the most sought-after CAT coaching institutes in Pune that is devoted to providing value to aspiring CAT candidates. 


Details of the CAT program at Spark Education Services

They provide all the resources that can assist students in learning about CAT comprehensively. Quantitative aptitude, verbal reasoning, written ability all are covered by expert mentors. They offer doubt resolution sessions to provide overall understanding. 


They have trained more than 50000 MBA aspirants, and have 30 years of experience to help students achieve their objectives and get into the best business schools for a rewarding career. 


Other than CAT, they provide courses for XAT, SNAP, IBPS, GMAT, and CMAT. 

Contact 892 8850 555, 9970 366 136.


6. Tarkashastra

Tarkashastra offers a plethora of courses to help students achieve their dreams. Whether it is to study abroad or to crack the entrance exams in India, Tarkashastra is equipped to provide education to career aspirants. 


There are different experienced mentors for each of the training programs that enable students to develop an aptitude for the particular exam. Other than the CAT program, they offer training in MBA CET, GRE, GMAT. 


They also provide a plethora of training modules for BBA like IMPAT, NON IMPAT, SET, and NPAT. Each of the courses has all the features like online and classroom training, video sessions, recorded videos of classes, reference materials, mock tests are written ability, group discussion, personal interview guidance, and resources on previous years’ exams.


Prominent features of the CAT program at Tarkashastra

The course is curated for all the students, and professionals wanting to crack the CAT course that is affordable, relevant, and completes the entire syllabus of CAT comprehensively.


There are three versions of courses available for CAT 2021 preparation

I) Recorded Video Sessions

The recorded video sessions comprise more than 300 hours of recorded videos. The combination pack for all the sections of the CAT is priced at Rs 5000. 


II) Study Materials

The study materials consist of more than 30000 question answers explained in detail. You have the Tarkashastra mobile app along with full-length mock tests, sectional and topic-wise tests. The course fee for that is Rs 5000 


III) Mock Test Series

The mock test series has ample full-length section-wise, as well as topic-wise mock tests, that are replicated versions of CAT. The version of the course is Rs 3000. 


You can get all of these in a special pack of Rs 8000. The courseware includes workshops, webinars, recorded sessions, sectional and topical mock tests, doubt resolution sessions, and access to the library. 

Contact 8850 712 170, 909663 5069


7. Cetking Pune

CETKing is one of the premium institutes that help with learning for different competitive exams, both government and non-government. They provide training in CAT, MHCET, IIFT, MAT, MICAT, SNAP, XAT, Finance, among others. Their high-grade curriculum and student support make them one of the top CAT coaching institutes in Pune.


All the courses are student-oriented and meant to provide equal opportunity to students coming from various fields. There are demo lectures available so that you can understand how the CAT course is conducted. The faculty members are available and help you by providing guidance with the correct way. 


You also have a Tea With Toppers Series at the institute where you can watch the toppers from the institute talking about their success stories and provide actionable strategies for CAT.


There are a variety of cat programs available at CETKing. 

  • You have a G100 program that is for 1 to 2 years. 
  • There is a CAT class for the same duration. 
  • And lastly, you have the cat fast track which is for 6 months.


All the courses have online coaching, full-length mock tests, workshops, seminars, lecture videos, strategy videos, study materials, mentorship programs. The mock tests for all exams and doubt resolution are exclusive to some of the programs. 

Contact 959 444 1448, 959 493 8931. 


8. IMS Pune 

IMS Pune is another Institute that has a variety of programs, the most popular of them being the IMS CAT coaching. The mentors at the institute have four decades of experience. Ever since its establishment in 1977, IMS has wanted to provide courses to upskill so that a plethora of job opportunities are available to them. 


The CAT program has 175 + hours of blended learning with mock tests, video content, study materials. They provide ample mentor support to transform the stumbling blocks into strengths. 


The mentors of the institute have formulated the program in a way that is beneficial to anyone wanting to crack the CAT exam. Whether you are from engineering, economics, commerce, or mathematics, you are going to benefit greatly from the course. 


Contact IMS has several branches in Pune namely Deccan, Hinjewadi, Pimple Saudagar, Pimpri, Dhole Patil Road, Magarpatta, and others. Phone 8291 895022( Deccan), 7045 445 442 (Pimple Saudagar). 


9. Takshzila

Takshzila is one of the top-notch CAT coaching institutes in Pune established in 2006. In the course of 15 years, they have emerged as one of the leading centres for competitive training. The mentors at Takshzila were originally from one of the leading CAT coaching institutes and then decided to venture out on their own. And thus they created Takshzila to help the CAT aspirants. 


They are one of the most honest institutes that emphasize the importance of rigorous training to be able to crack CAT. The classroom classes are held 6 days a week in a comfortable ambience. There are online classes as well that include comprehensive training on all the concepts like quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, reading comprehension, logical reasoning. 


You have the option of self-study and live classes

I)Self Study

The self-study version covers all the concepts that you can learn at your own pace, whenever you feel convenient. There are section tests, doubt solving sessions, optional mock tests, unit tests, and multiple question type tests. The self-study course with mock tests is Rs 12000. The one without a mock test is Rs 10000. 


II) Live Classes 

The live classes are conducted by expert faculty members and include learning 4 days per week. It consists of interactive immersive learning that will help you master all the skills relevant to CAT. 


All the concepts are very clearly explained and assistance is provided to the fullest. There are revision classes, problem-solving, and recording of the classes available to you. 


Here also, you have the option of taking the mock tests. The course fee is Rs 22000 ( With Mock tests) and Rs 20000 (Without mock tests).


Takshzila has more than 1800 videos and 350+ hours of video content. Along with that, you have 5,000 practice questions and 283 hours of live classes. 

Contact 85560 355 90


10. TIME Deccan

TIME is one of the renowned CAT coaching institutes in Pune with a Pan India presence. In almost three decades of experience since its establishment in 1992, TIME has set up more than 200 offices in 110 cities.


They have a sharp team of experienced 40 graduates from IIT and IIM. Needless to mention, the curriculum is top-notch with a special emphasis on developing management and soft skills to excel in group discussions and personal interviews. 


You have two modes of CAT program, classroom and online. There is a proper structure of concepts training, doubt clarification, webinars, and mock tests. 


You have topic-wise videos and section-wise tests that are divided into the foundation, intermediate, and advanced tests. You also have the feature of self-administered mock tests which you can take whenever it is convenient for you. The institute conducts proper group discussions, mock in-person interviews, and essay writing training to help smoothen the process of final selection. 


Contact Time has branches in Deccan, Chinchwad, Bund Garden, and Aundh among other places. Phone 020 6620 6546, 91589996078



We have covered some of the leading CAT coaching institutes in Pune here that will help you to crack the CAT exam successfully. Whether you opt for a self-paced course or a detailed mentor-led CAT-oriented program, the key to success is your enthusiasm to learn and adapt to the changes that are happening. 


Pay attention to the recorded videos, take plenty of notes, and go through them whenever it is convenient. Most importantly, sit for as many mock tests as you can. This will not only help to efficiently manage the time that you should allocate to every section but also help with building confidence and improving on the aspect of GDPI. Learn well, learn consistently and you are sure to taste success.

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