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Top 10 CAT Coaching Institutes In Mumbai With Placements (Updated)

The several Top-notch CAT coaching institutes in Mumbai are dedicated to providing high-quality education to students dreaming of pursuing Business administration. MBA is today still a very much sought-after course. The demand is due to the several job avenues that open up with an MBA degree. 


Best 10 CAT Coaching Institutes In Mumbai



A Master of Business Administration degree from a reputed institute is also a testament to your skills, business acumen, and leadership qualities that help you to land a variety of greatly lucrative jobs. And this is where CAT and all other competitive exams for business administration courses come into relevance.



CAT or the common admission test is your entry into the elite b-schools of the country. A good score in CAT assures you a position in one of the top business schools and a guaranteed job provided you take your MBA with the utmost seriousness. The CAT coaching institutes in Mumbai help to propel you towards the direction of success. They offer a variety of facilities and features that bolster your strengths and diminish your weaknesses.


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If you’re looking to crack the CAT examination in 2021, here is a list of the top 10 CAT Coaching institutes in Mumbai that offers you 360 degree learning on everything that comprises the CAT syllabus. 



IIM SKILLS is today a brand unto itself that offers some of the most in-depth programs on digital marketing, GST, Content Writing, and CAT coaching.


The institute is one of the finest online CAT coaching institutes in Mumbai with instructor-led, and self-paced CAT preparation programs. 


Here, you have immersive learning through an interactive online virtual class that provides you with all the amenities available in the classroom setup. You get detailed versions of the CAT preparation sessions in the classes and the learning management system (LMS).


There have plenty of presentations, video materials, case studies, reference materials, eBooks, and mock tests to help you understand how to approach CAT and crack the examination successfully. 


The learning management system is accessible on any device which makes it flexible for you to learn whenever you want. It is device responsive so you won’t have any issues accessing it from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.


Coming to the mentors, they are all experts in their fields and alumni of IIM and other eminent business schools.


Course Name online CAT coaching preparation 2021

The CAT course is divided into two programs.

  • The Self-Paced Program with monthly webinars. The fee is Rs 1999 inclusive of taxes.
  • The Complete CAT Coaching Program. The course fee is Rs 24999 inclusive of taxes. 


Highlights of the CAT Course

The CAT program comes with topic-wise materials, recorded videos, and practice questions for the various categories of CAT. There are miscellaneous questions that help to further assess your preparation for the CAT exam. 


The sessions emphasize individual learning rather than taking up a large batch and providing education. It is extremely helpful for retakers of the CAT exam as well. 


The learning management system is available for lifetime access for the instructor led CAT Coaching. For self-paced learning, the LMS is available for 14 months which is the validity of the course as well. 


In the instructor-led CAT coaching program, you will register for the course, and appear for an examination of 3 hours. Based on the results, your mentor will provide you with a structured learning program that will help you get the best out of the course. 


You will get all the access to your study materials and your preparation for CAT will begin. The pedagogy suits people who are appearing for the first time and for people who are reappearing for the test. 


Contact 9911 839 503, [email protected]


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2. CATKing

CATKing is an illustrious ed-tech company started in 2008 in Mumbai with the vision of imparting high-grade training for MBA and various other competitive exams in the domain.


Today CATKing is hailed as one of the best CAT coaching institutes in Mumbai. The team comprises the cream de la cream students from IIM, SP Jain, NMIMS, JBIMS, and NIT. With incisive knowledge and expertise backing them, the mentors bring innovation and researched teaching methodology to the table.


You have CAT preparation workshops and mock tests as part of the curriculum at CATKing.


The cat course is divided into three intensive programs.

  • CAT 21-22 intensive course. The course fee is Rs 42000 and is recommended by IIMs and NMMS alumni.
  • CAT 21 Turbo course which is recommended by the alumni from IIMs. The course fee is Rs 30000. 
  • The CAT 21 Advanced course. The course fee is Rs 24000. 


Highlights of the Course

The facilities  might vary according to the course program. Here is an overall view of the prominent features of the CAT programs.


The live classes are available for the CAT intensive and turbo course. There are no advanced courses in the Live classes. You get access to Foundation and fundamental concepts in all the programs. There are more than 500 videos along with practice questions and insightful tips by CAT toppers. 


The mock tests are conceptualized by analyzing the CAT question papers. Hence, they are aligned in the manner of the CAT question paper. It helps you to prepare well and be self-assured when appearing for the actual exam.


The Intensive course and Turbo course come with a few more advantages like special videos, concept builder lessons, and an increased number of mock tests and topic-wise tests. 


All the programs enable you to stay updated with the latest information and notifications through a WhatsApp group.


You also have separate courses to strengthen your skills in one particular department. You can also go for the mock tests only. There are a variety of programs for both modules. 


Contact 8999118999



CPLC is one of the best choices for CAT Coaching Institutes in Mumbai. The extensive curriculum, helpful mentors, and exceptional teaching methodology make it one of the top CAT coaching institutes in Mumbai to learn from. 


The CPLC CAT Program is 220 hours of classroom training in a comprehensive program. Topics like verbal reasoning, quant, data interpretation, and other advanced concepts are covered in the curriculum. There are innumerable tests that help to assess your progress.


There are numerous online and offline tests with question banks. You have 110 hours of pre-recorded video sessions, 80 hours of workshops, guest lectures, general knowledge quizzes. Other features are the one-to-one mentoring sessions and personalized doubt solving, with an unlimited population for group discussions, personal interviews, and other soft skills development. 


They also provide a host of other courses like SNAP, CMAT, CET, JEE, GMAT, BBA, etc. 


Contact 602, 6th Floor, Sai Leela Building, Borivali West, Landmark (Moksh Plaza) Mumbai 92 Phone 9619 534 099. 


4. The Prayas India 

Prayas India is one of the most accomplished CAT Coaching Institutes in Mumbai. With innumerable students enrolling for Cat Coaching at the institute every year, the program provides training in a way that students from any field can grasp well. 


Features of the CAT Coaching Program 

You get more than 200 hours of classroom training along with an insight into the fundamental concepts. There are 180 + hours of online lectures to ensure concept learning in-depth. The sessions come with live as well as recorded lectures. 


You get study materials, doubt resolution, mentor sessions, and guidance on how to strategize for CAT preparation. 


Moreover, there is support and guidance for business schools with group discussions, personal interviews, and WAT( Written ability) sessions. You get updates and notifications on the changes and development for general awareness topics. There are seminars and webinars with actionable strategies and tips from CAT toppers business leaders, and B-Schools alumni for inspiration. 


You get access to 25 full-length mock tests replicated from CAT question papers. section-wise and topic-wise practice questions. 


They have a structured teaching pedagogy of learning, practising, and then analyzing. You first learn all the concepts covered in CAT and prepare for the exams in a simplified approach. 


The next step is a continued practice that will help you to develop confidence and build efficiency. You get oriented with the CAT exam pattern that will help you to achieve effective time management skills. 


The final step is the analysis of your progress through the different exams. Your performances in the mock tests will decide your strengths and weaknesses. Based on that evaluation, you will have to step up and prepare for the CAT exam. They provide training for a plethora of other competitive exams as well.


Contact: Prayas has many centres in Mumbai. Thane, Bhandup West, Navi Mumbai, Borivali, Dadar, Andheri West, Vasai are some of the centres. Phone 8355 951 603


5. Career Forum 

Career Forum is one of the distinguished CAT coaching institutes in Mumbai that has all the facilities required for CAT aspirants to score well in their exams.


Whether it is the state of the art infrastructure, advanced technology, libraries, or a well-strategized CAT preparation module Career Forum has it all. 


They conduct consistent mock test training sessions, provide question banks, and create strategies to strengthen the knowledge of the students. Moreover, the batch sizes are small and personalized attention is given to the students for any confusion or doubt.


The course content is updated according to the trends and developments. They have their centres in 45 cities and can boast of having 50+ branches with high-tech training facilities and top-notch mentors. 


Other than CAT, they provide training in MAT, XAT, SNAP, AIEEE, CET, SAT, TOEFL, and many others. The institute has ample experience in providing CAT coaching and their superior technology makes them one of the most popular CAT coaching institutes in Mumbai. With over 20 years of experience in creating content that benefits career aspirants, they offer to strengthen the overall comprehension capabilities of students. 


Contact Alankar Building, First Floor, SV Road, (Landmark Nadco Shopping Centre) Andheri West Mumbai 58 Phone 022 2620 7213, 982 0683 763



TIME is one of the most sought-after CAT Coaching Institutes in Mumbai. With a PAN India presence that speaks of its calibre as a CAT Coaching Institute, TIME is dedicated to nurturing young minds to become future entrepreneurs. 


CAT Coaching in Times Mumbai

Online Program

The online program helps the student community to learn whenever and wherever they want. The course covers concepts training, doubt session, seminars, workshops, and case studies.


Additionally, the student home page at Times has sectional tests, mock tests, personal interviews, and group discussions, and various resources for students. They also come with a detailed analysis of the tests and the progress of the students.


You have topic-wise videos and tests are divided into three parts Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced tests. These are formulated judiciously with each test aiming to provide you with more accuracy and efficiency. 


You also have self-administered mock CAT tests, essay writing, interview training, and learning for other competitive exams in the online programs. 


The self-study course comes in five varieties including videos, study materials, test papers, CAT mock tests. The course fee varies according to the program you select. 


Highlights Of the CAT Coaching Program

Study materials consist of booklets, study plans, mock tests, sectional tests, papers, videos presentations, among other features. 


Time has several branches in Mumbai. Just to reiterate the fact that they have some of the top mentors, the center director for TIME in Mumbai is Mr. Kaushik Laskar who is an IIT Kharagpur and IIM Ahmedabad alumni. 


He has worked in several sectors and industries and has more than two decades of corporate experience. His enthusiasm to impart knowledge pushed him towards the teaching profession and he joined TIME to help students overcome their challenges and taste success in CAT.


Contact: 2nd Floor, New Nagardas Road, Pinky Cinema, Andheri East, (Landmark Public Bridge) Mumbai 400069 Phone 8655 066 640, 9867 362 819


7. Quoin Academy

Quoin Academy has been a frontrunner among CAT coaching institutes in Mumbai to provide exemplary training for students so that they can achieve their goals through systematic guidance, and preparation structure.


The mentors Patrick D’Souza and Rochelle D’souza are expert CAT aficionados who offer organized training that helps to cultivate discipline among students for best results. 


CAT Program

The CAT Training Program admits around 30 students so that the batch size is limited. The course includes training in CAT+ XAT. There are 300+ topic-wise pre-recorded videos and lectures on CAT. 


You have group discussions and personal interviews along with soft skills development, and training. There are more than 32 mock tests to help you understand how to appear for the CAT exams confidently. The course has comprehensive yet detailed notes, reference materials, and practice questions to achieve proficiency.


The other courses include CAT along with XAT AND CET, CAT+ALL. You also have online cat coaching that includes 30 sectional tests, 10 full-length cat mock tests, 300 plus videos, and 50 plus hours of live lectures. 


People reappearing for the cat tests have a retakers batch that helps with regular guidance, individual feedback about resolution, and learning on the advanced concepts. The Academy incorporates 35 mock tests for retakers and the course is designed by Patrick D’Souza.


You also have different individual courses for CAT online cat coaching that includes 30 sectional tests, 10 full-length CAT mock tests, 300+ videos, and 50 plus hours of live lectures. There are mentorship modules as well as individual test modules. Personalized mentoring and resolution for any queries are provided by Patrick and Rochelle D’Souza to every student. 


Contact B-305, Raj Darshan Society, Dada Patil Wadi, Thane West, Landmark (Platform Number 1) Maharashtra 400602. They also have a branch in Dadar. Phone 9821 314 788, 98213 16764


8. Endeavour

Endeavour is a well-established name in the domain of CAT coaching institutes in Mumbai. They are committed to enabling the students to get the maximum percentage in CAT. 


With an advanced curriculum that is one of the most trusted in the industry, Endeavour provides students with 180+ recorded lectures, notes, and comprehensive reference materials to ace the CAT preparation. 


Key Features of the CAT Program

The curriculum is updated according to the latest news and updates. There is the facility of one-to-one mentoring and personalized doubt resolution classes. This also includes a dedicated telegram group that has peer-to-peer interaction. Another of their distinctive features is the fortnightly magazine “Genesis” which helps with covering all aspects of general awareness and general knowledge. 


You also have 25 + full-length mock tests, notifications for any new information, responsive design, and glitch-free technological experience of the course. The concepts like quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, logical reasoning, and verbal ability are covered inside the curriculum. 


The CAT Course features include MBA Online Personal Interview Advantage 2021, CAT Booster, and CAT Comprehensive 2021.


Other Courses in CAT include CAT Printed Modules, CAT Enhance Live, CAT Comprehensive 2021, CAT Advantage, and others. The course fee varies according to the module you choose. 


Contact 90290 64515


9. Cetking 

Cetking has been one of the most well-rated CAT coaching institutes in Mumbai adept at providing the right kind of training to CAT aspirants. Founded in 2012 by Ravneet Gandhi, and Avneet Bhatia from JBIMS, and IIT respectively, Cetking has emerged as one of the leading institutes for CAT coaching today. Initially, they started with 100 students and today they have trained more than 25000 students. 


They provide outstanding training by expert mentors in classroom and online modes of training. The learning approach is designed by CAT enthusiasts who understand the rigorous process of CAT training well. This helps them to provide a structured approach to the learning method.


The online lectures comprise 300 sessions, 200 shortcut lessons, and strategy lectures. The curriculum covers every subject in CAT whether they are fundamental or advanced concepts. The test series comprises replicated CAT mock tests to develop the skills required to ace the CAT exams. 


The cat program is divided into three categories

I) G-100 Program

It is for a duration of 1 to 2 years. You get 200 + hours of classroom coaching 60 full-length mock tests including CAT and other exams. There are strategy videos, workshops, basic lectures, group discussions, personal interview preparation sessions, weekly tests, homework, study materials, and doubt solving sessions. 


II) CAT Plus Training

It covers all the features of the G-100 program. The only difference is you do not have mock tests for all exams.


III) CAT Fast Track Program

It is for six months and covers all the features of the other programs barring weekly homework, tests, consistent doubt resolution, and mock tests for all exams.

You have to inquiry at the institute about the course fee for the different programs. 


Contact 959 444 1448


10. Preptors

Preptors is regarded as one of the leading CAT Coaching Institutes In Mumbai. The institute believes in providing education through a judicious mix of personalized mentoring and preparation. Rather than incorporating a strict traditional rule of teaching, it provides flexibility and nurtures the thinking process of the CAT aspirants. 


 Mr. Vishesh Nadiyana who is an IIM Calcutta alumnus himself and an engineer by profession started the institute. The course incorporates detailed sessions on CAT with an individual focus on your strengths and weaknesses. 


Other than CAT training they also offer programs on NMAT, SNAP, XAT, and others. You can get detailed information on the course curriculum duration and structure by contacting them. 

Contact 201, Mahalakshmi Centre, SV Road, Kandivali West. Phone 9867649506. 



This is the list of the CAT coaching institutes in Mumbai. They are well established and provide you with proper training so that you can excel in the competitive exams. The list is a summary of all the top institutes that provide you with comprehensive knowledge of all the topics covered in CAT. 


You also have Career Launcher, IMS, 2IIM that have a pan India presence. In today’s times, most of the courses are held online. You need to summon some amount of self-motivation to get the best of the courses. 


Though you have interactive sessions and mentors to help to the uttermost capacity, you do need to have a proper plan in place for CAT preparation. Your mentors will provide you with a plan, but you have to show zest as well. 


Getting enrolled in an online course helps you to cut down on the time taken for commuting to the class and you get more time to practice and give shape to your dreams. Take all the mock tests religiously, maintain a timetable for all the subjects, practice hard, go through the notes. You will notice greater consistency in performing well in the tests. That will eventually prepare you for the final CAT exam. 

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