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Best 10 CAT Coaching Institutes In Kolkata with Placements (Updated)

Kolkata is one of the major cultural hubs of the country and can boast of some of the top universities and exemplary courses. The people of Kolkata place a lot of importance on good education and proper knowledge to grow into an astute individual. There are numerous top-rated colleges, universities, and schools present in the city. 

CAT Coaching Institutes In Kolkata


There are several CAT coaching institutes in Kolkata that provide training to master all the CAT sections to get into some of the premium B-schools in the country. They keep the students and their welfare as a priority.


We are going to go through the top CAT coaching institutes in Kolkata in this article today. But, before that let’s look at the evolution of CAT since it started in the 1990s. 


Just like any other exam, CAT has evolved over the years, and the pattern has changed to some extent. In the 1990s, CAT included quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and had approximately 190 questions in 4 sections. From the late 90s to 2008, the number of questions was decreased with the pattern remaining the same.


The CAT exam was moved to an online-based examination in 2009, and since then the methods and patterns have remained the same. Today, we have around 100 questions in three sections. The duration of the exam is 180 minutes. 


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Without any further delay, here are the top 10 CAT Coaching Institutes in Kolkata that help you to overcome all the challenges and get acquainted with the CAT program.



IIM SKILLS is one of the finest online CAT coaching institutes in Kolkata with an instructor-led program and a self-paced program. They have one of the best curricula with highly qualified mentors. 


The institute emphasizes the importance of providing the highest quality support to students. This is why it is also one of the most leading names for Digital Marketing, content writing, and GST courses


IIM SKILLS believes in strengthening the core knowledge of the subjects. Hence they have a thorough step-by-step process of providing you with the required training for CAT and other competitive exams. 


You will get access to eBooks, practice questions, and recorded lectures once you enrol for the course at IIM SKILLS. The course is designed by industry experts who have years of knowledge of tutoring candidates for CAT. 


The self-paced course is valid for 14 months. The course fee is Rs 1999. You get access to the learning management system, and to the recorded videos, modules of different sections, practice questions, eBooks. 


The learning management system is only available to you for 14 months in the case of the self-based learning program.


The instructor-led CAT coaching allows lifetime validity for access to the learning management system. You get all features that come with self-paced learning. 


Moreover, you get weekly sessions conducted by mentors, personalized coaching, and access to online group discussion platforms. Additionally, you have personal interview preparations, advice, and tips for cracking other competitive exams. The course fee is Rs 24999 inclusive of all taxes. 


Some of the salient features of the CAT coaching at IIM skills are as follows:

The course incorporates an in-depth materials section and topic-wise. You also get miscellaneous materials to further assess your development and understanding of the subjects. 


IIM Skills prioritizes individual attention rather than providing training in a large batch without any personal connection.


You have the flexibility of timing and schedule for professionals and college students. There is ample time to prepare for the mock exams and you do not have to forgo any other commitment while being a part of the CAT coaching program at IIM skills.


When you register for the instructor-led training you have to sit for a 3-hour long online exam that assesses your strengths and weaknesses. 


Based on the results your mentor charts a plan for you to learn the different subjects of CAT. It is a structured way of regulating your training and putting emphasis on your weaknesses and fortifying your strengths. 


IIM SKILLS makes all the efforts to provide you with exhaustive knowledge on all the topics so that you can crack CAT at the very first attempt itself. If you are someone who is preparing for the test there is a different structure and method of preparing for the exam. 


Contact 9911 839 503


2. Edufoster

When we think of coaching institutes in Kolkata, Edufoster is one of the foremost names that come to mind. They are one of the most supportive CAT coaching institutes in Kolkata. 


With their carefully designed curriculum and ample support, they have been able to turn dreams into reality for innumerable students. Apart from CAT coaching, they offer training in other competitive exams as well such as GMAT, GRE, CLAT, and BCom. 


As the name suggests, Edufoster aims to nurture the students to provide the best training and prepare them for their professional lives. They not only provide an in-depth course but also help to nurture young minds to develop a strong mindset. 


Other than training, they provide career counselling and soft skills development. 


Salient Features of the CAT course at Edufoster

They have advanced technology, and computer labs, that help you to provide a real-time experience of appearing for the exams. There is a library that sees to all your needs for books on competitive exams. The faculty is experienced and highly qualified with years of experience in CAT coaching and training. 


You get all the facilities for e-learning with advanced and interactive tools that help equip yourself with the online domain. There are innumerable mock tests that help to enhance your understanding of the topics. 


You also get a fair idea of your plus points and weaknesses. It helps to organize your study plan accordingly. The topics covered and the structure of the pedagogy are meticulous. All study materials are updated and according to the industry practices, and standards. 


Contact 95E, Lenin Sarani, Maula Ali crossing Kolkata 13 Phone 62 9012 3645. 


3. Erudite

Erudite has been of the most popular names for CAT coaching institutes in Kolkata. In more than 20 years they have transformed the institute into a brand committed to providing students with top-notch education for all cat and MBA-related competitive exams.


With their high-quality curriculum, extremely supportive mentors, and state-of-the-art technology, and infrastructure, Erudite helps students to crack on competitive exams especially CAT to get into the best business schools in the country. 


They provide personalized attention to students and counselling that helps them to build confidence. There is ample support for doubt resolution and mock tests. All the complex, as well as basic concepts, are covered in the course.


Some of the distinct features of The Program

There are normal classes and refresher classes where you understand the different concepts thoroughly. You also have one-to-one personalized mentoring sessions, doubt clearing facilities, understanding the different types of questions, and exhaustive practice through the different practical assignments, mock tests, and homework. They also provide you with a clear strategy for time management so that you can cover multiple concepts in the least time possible. 


The curriculum helps to enrich students with the most exhaustive knowledge on the different subjects and topics covered in the CAT exams. One of the most prominent features is individual mentoring that is meant to provide the most focused attention to students. All their queries and doubts are cleared in the easiest way possible.


The Erudite web program has a student home page where registered candidates can log in and get a variety of features. Online tests, assessments, exam results, study materials, GK, and strategy tests are all provided in the web support. You have a comparative analysis of test results and a highly efficient algorithm that helps to perform a multidimensional analysis. Topics are covered subject-wise and topic-wise. 


Contact 900 753 7856


4. Worldwin

Worldwin has consistently provided high-grade training to students in Kolkata for various competitive exams. Established almost a decade back, Worlwin has emerged as one of the top CAT coaching institutes in Kolkata offering an intensive curriculum in quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, language proficiency, and logical reasoning among others.


They offer both online and classroom setup and provide comprehensive training to students for CAT.


Some of the salient features of the course are as follows:

You have small batch sizes to give attention to students. The study materials are designed and conceptualized keeping in mind students from different fields. The timing is flexible and you have experienced faculty along with online classes and mock tests. 


After proper assessment of the tests, Worldwin evaluates your overall understanding of the subjects and topics. They determine a method of training that best suits your abilities and acumen.


The CAT training follows a step-by-step process of counselling and evaluation of your profile. There are introductory classes and regular classes. You also have special classes from visiting mentors, complete mock tests before the CAT exam, and special actionable tips that will help you ace CAT. 


Worldwin ensures that every student gets the required attention and a proper methodology with case studies and tailor-made books. The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the previous year’s question papers and patterns. Along with preparation for the exam, they also provide career counselling and training to cultivate self-assuredness. 


Contact CK 12, Karunamoyi Sector-II, Bidhannagar, Kolkata West Bengal 91 Phone 0983 0989 168


5. Cubix

Cubix which was earlier regarded as one of the top CAT coaching institutes in Kolkata in the classroom set-up has now gone online too They provide you with 24*7 access to class recordings along with all other important features. 


The CAT program is a detailed curriculum formulated by expert mentors with plenty of experience in mentoring. 


Salient Features Of the CAT Program

The study materials, case studies, and assignments are included in the online portal which you can access from anywhere and anytime you want. You also have mock tests, results analysis, and doubt clearing. They also have WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram groups where you get regular updates about the courses and the sessions conducted. 


The CAT 2021 program consists of 200 + hours of live training in the different sections. The course curriculum is available to you for one year. It includes books, assignments, mock tests, class recordings, doubt clearing sessions. 


There are Capsule programs, general awareness sessions, personal interviews, group discussions, essay writing, sectional tests, and videos that help to cover all the concepts of CAT in detail.


If you want, you can also take an individual course that consists of a particular section covered in CAT. There are Quant Capsules, LRDI Capsules, Verbal Capsule, GDPI, MOCKS, and Workshops Capsule in case you want to concentrate on one or two modules. 


They assess the students through a diagnostic test and prepare a study plan according to the results. There is rigorous training for each of the sections along with workshops, mock tests, group discussion, and personal interviews. 


Contact 9433 063 089



TIME needs no introduction, it is undoubtedly one of the best CAT coaching institutes which have a Pan India presence. With the high quality of training and efficient mentors, TIME help students ace CAT as well as a host of other entrance exams that includes SNAP, MAT, IIFT, XAT among others.


Salient Features of the CAT Syllabus

They provide all the necessary tools, case studies, reference materials, preparation materials, replicated mock tests of CAT to provide you with 360-degree learning of appearing for the CAT exams. 


You have the facility of connecting with the mentors whenever you hit a roadblock. Moreover, there are provisions for taking only the CAT mock tests or individual sections of CAT.


There are general knowledge sessions, workshops, and seminars offering important advice.  There are a variety of modules available and the course price varies according to the module you select. 


Contact: There are several branches of TIME in Kolkata. Park Street, Jadavpur, Howrah, Salt Lake are some of them. Phone 033405 10046, 09903 339 573


7. Test Funda

Test Funda is another of the premium CAT coaching institutes in Kolkata. They have customized study packs for CAT as well as other competitive exams that include XAT, IIFT, SNAP, and CMAT.


Some of the features of the CAT program are as follows:

They have an interactive way of providing education that makes it appealing for the students even if the curriculum is rigorous. The faculty is communicative and provides Knowledge sessions, personal interview sessions, group discussions, and essay writing that help you prepare for your MBA. 


The detailed analytics and reports of your performance help you to know where you stand. This invariably helps you to work on all the aspects that need attention. 


You have mock tests which replicate the exact CAT exam. Furthermore, you have proper analysis and advice to work on your weaknesses. You are also provided with improvement tools to help you score better. 


Test Funda conducts practice sessions, questions, doubt resolutions. Test Funda has a proper step-by-step video analysis for the CAT tests that help you to understand how to approach the exam efficiently. There is a comprehensive curriculum that covers the different levels of difficulty for each section and helps you overcome all the challenges.


The CAT Comprehensive Program 2021 Course fee is Rs 6500. It has 25 mock tests, more than 550 videos, theory, and thirty sectional tests. 


The CAT Test Pack 2021 course fee is Rs 3000. It consists of 25 mock tests, 30 sectional tests, and 140 area tests.


Cat 2021 Concept Builder Course fee is Rs 4500. It comprises the entire cat preparation for 2021 including 300+ videos, concept practice tests, and 100 application builder tests, and question banks. 


The doubt resolution is for 24*7 and answered by some of the most valued CAT toppers and mentors. You also get demo videos to understand how Test Funda conducts the training. 


Contact 99 3000 5544


8. TCC Management Systems

TCC Management Systems has been a part of the education sector since 2001. In these 20 years, TCC has become an institute that provides the highest quality training for CAT and other competitive exams.


As one of the leading CAT coaching institutes in Kolkata, they provide one-to-one mentoring, including the development of soft skills. 


Moreover, TCC designs the curriculum in a way that is most beneficial to students across fields. 


TCC offers a variety of features available in the CAT program of the TCC management systems Institute. You have the concept phase and the customized and personalized phase in the cat curriculum. 


You also have an online testing, GDPI, and test platform that helps you to take a number of mock tests to prepare for the main exam. Study materials, doubt resolution, and knowledge on different concepts are provided exhaustively. 


Contact 8/1A, Little Russel Street, Park Street, Near Metro Plaza, West Bengal 71 Phone 03340001947


9. Career Launcher

Career Launcher is one of the top names for CAT coaching institutes in Kolkata. They have classroom as well as online sessions available for students. You can take up the option of starting with online classes and then moving to classroom training.


Salient Features

The team comprises mentors who are CAT enthusiasts and provide in-depth learning on all CAT modules. You have an online CAT coaching classroom setup as well as test series.


All study materials and books are provided to you along with do-it-yourself preparation kits that help you to self-analyze your objectives, work on all your plusses and minuses and prepare for the CAT exam. You also have GDPi training for other competitive exams.


The different programs available for the cat are as follows

CAT 2021 Night Classes

These constitute webinars, doubt clearing, more than 70 sessions for CAT preparation. You also have video recordings and 30 cat mock tests.


CAT 2021 IIT Special

This comprises 48 sessions optimized for CAT coaching, video recording, mock tests, doubt clearing, and live sessions in the format of webinars. 


There is a variety of CAT test series for classroom coaching. The course fee varies according to the module you select.


Additionally, you have GDPI sessions and preparations that help you to develop confidence and be better prepared for the professional journey. The GDPI modules price from Rs 12000 to Rs 30000 based on the features you select. 


Contact 8882 120120, 730 3295 393


10. Breakspace

Breakspace is the last one to be covered in the list but definitely not the least among CAT coaching institutes in Kolkata. they have one of the highest quality study materials, curriculum, and efficient mentors. They offer the best strategies and advice for you to excel in your CAT exams. 


Breakspace is a unique establishment that helps to fortify the strengths in group discussion, personal interviews, essay writing. They are committed to helping you improve your written abilities.


There are personal interviews, group discussions, creative activities, classroom sessions to help you understand the essentials of personal interviews and group discussions.


The mentors at Breakspace are from the Indian Institute of management. You have mock tests, sectional tests, study materials, and a consolidated support system that helps to eliminate all confusion and queries. 


No matter how challenging or arduous the CAT exams might appear to be, Breakspace makes it a point to solve all your queries and prepare a structured method for you to sail smoothly into the premium business schools by cracking CAT. 


They provide details on the GDPI section and are not generic advice. You have peer-to-peer interactions and access to a community of people who help you to understand topics concretely. 


Contact You can fill in a form on their website to connect with them. 



The CAT exam is taken by innumerable students from different fields. It offers grand career opportunities in business administration. Once you get admitted to a premier B-school, work hard and get the desired results, the sky is the limit. 


Ideally, students start preparing for the CAT exams during their years in college. However, professionals with certain years of experience also take the CAT exam to further bolster the existing skills and strengthen their CV for more lucrative career opportunities. 


If you have a degree in economics or Commerce, and an MBA from a reputed Institute, it greatly enhances your chances of having a stable, high-paying, and fulfilling career.


CAT is the first step to embark on this journey. CAT coaching institutes in Kolkata mentioned above offer you training to increase your chances of cracking the CAT exam. You can then enrol in elite business schools and look forward to a very satisfying career. 

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