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Top 10 CAT Coaching Institutes in Ahmedabad (Updated)

Ahmedabad is home to one of the most prestigious business schools – The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A). With this, you can have a clear idea about the immense importance of CAT coaching institutes in Ahmedabad for students and professionals. 

Best 10 CAT Coaching Institutes In Ahmedabad


We are going to cover the top 10 CAT coaching institutes in Ahmedabad today in this article. Before that, let’s learn a little about Ahmedabad, the city, and how it has emerged as one of the most favourite places for students and professionals to start their careers. 


Ahmedabad is one of the most prosperous cities in Gujarat which always emphasizes education, industrial development, and economic growth. The people are true to their tradition and culture but the city is a glowing example of the amalgamation of rich cultural heritage and modernization. This is also made them one of the most endowed cities and leading business organizations, educational institutes, research institutes are assets of the city’s rich culture. 


IIM Ahmedabad is ranked 48th in the Financial Times Global MBA ranking and 1st in the Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking in Agribusiness and Food Industry Management internationally. IIM-A is a premium B school that enjoys prestige and reverence by scholars globally. It is one of the most highly acclaimed educational institutes not just in India but worldwide.


The people of Gujarat are known for their advanced business acumen. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Ahmedabad has several eminent business houses. Be it Reliance Industries, Adanis, Infibeam, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, or Zydus Wellness, Ahmedabad has offices for brands across sectors and industries. 


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Without further ado, these are the top 10 CAT coaching institutes in Ahmedabad that are committed to providing you with the best training in CAT. These cover all the facilities including doubt resolution, counselling sessions, and customized curriculum. 



IIM SKILLS is one of the top online CAT coaching institutes in Ahmedabad known for its superior technological features, innovative curriculum, and highly proficient mentors. 


Additionally, they provide all sorts of help to students to excel in their professional lives. IIM SKILLS is committed to helping students achieve the best results through an incisive training method. 


This has made them the go-to institute for different professional courses like Digital Marketing, content writing courses, GST courses, and technical writing. They provide well-thought-out interactive, immersive learning to students that help them to thrive and build confidence to tide over any challenge and emerge triumphantly. 


They understand the importance of providing an environment that is conducive to learning. Therefore, the institute pulls out all the stops to make the students comfortable. 


Prime features of the CAT Coaching at IIM Skills

The CAT curriculum is designed in such a way that it caters to students and professionals coming from various fields and subjects. The mentors being highly qualified have designed the curriculum that breaks down important concepts and provides a step-wise understanding of complex concepts. 


There are two CAT programs available at the institute. You can either opt for the self-paced learning course or the more exhaustive instructor-led detailed CAT training.


You get access to all the resources and additional features like doubt resolution, group discussion, personal interview training. However, the learning management system that houses all the resources is available for life to the candidates who have taken up the instructor-led coaching. The LMS is available to Students in the self-paced course for 14 months from the date of enrollment. 


You have a 24/7 online support desk that ensures that you get quick answers to all your doubts. They teach the basics with the utmost sincerity so that your foundation is strong and you comprehend the more complex concepts with ease. All the development and changes are incorporated in the CAT syllabus promptly to help you with the updated knowledge of all the CAT sections. 


The learning pedagogy involves an online test of three hours. Based on the results, the mentor can assess your strengths and weaknesses. This way they provide an effective and compact CAT curriculum. The institute makes an earnest effort of helping you master all the concepts with complete clarity. 


You also get actionable strategies and hacks to manage and allocate time to each section judiciously. You also have numerous practice tests designed in the CAT format to help you ease comfortably into the CAT exam process. 


There are Personalized mentoring sessions, case studies, reference materials, and structured curriculum that help to provide deep insight for excellence. 

Contact 9911839503, 9211099503, [email protected] 


2. Foresight School Ahmedabad

Foresight School has been set up by expert professionals to train students and working professionals to appear for different competitive exams like CAT, CMAT, GRE, Bank Exams, BBA, GMAT, and Law entrance examinations. Their curriculum is designed for students to become competent, and confident when appearing for these exams. Foresight School is regarded as one of the top CAT coaching institutes in Ahmedabad. 


Features of the CAT training at Foresight School

They offer a thorough understanding of the basics and the theoretical aspects of all the concepts. This is important because once your knowledge of theory is strong, you can implement them better practically.


Whether it is quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal ability, or reading comprehension everything is covered to the smallest details. You have webinars, online classes, video sessions, workshops, mock tests to help you further strengthen your understanding of the concepts. 


The faculty members are prolific individuals who are adept at providing you training for CAT, and various other competitive exams. Therefore, they understand the essentials of CAT and help you with a structured curriculum that is formulated keeping in mind people coming from diverse fields. 


You get access to study materials, they provide intensive immersive learning. That ensures conceptual clarity and successful practical implementation. 


Other than training for competitive exams, they also provide education in finance, and corporate services to different professionals.


Contact Mauryansh Elanza, 304 Shyamal Cross Road, Satellite (Landmark Pareek’s Hospital, Talwalkars Gym) Ahmedabad 380051 Phone 9825 204 615, 982 409 7871


3. Logic Academy Ahmedabad

Logic Academy, ever since its inception 15 years back, has been a trusted institute providing knowledge to students for various entrance examinations. 


They have been actively involved to help students realize their dreams to get into premium colleges and universities. Whether it is studying for Indian entrance exams like cat GRE GMAT or international exams like TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE, they provide all-around assistance to the students to ensure that they get the best out of the courses. 


The mentors are highly talented and qualified individuals who understand that a proper understanding of the basics is paramount for students. They have a minimum of 8 years of experience in the education and teaching field. 


With such in-depth knowledge, they have created a CAT curriculum that takes into account all the concepts of CAT, no matter how minute it is. All these features make Logic Academy one of the premium CAT coaching institutes in Ahmedabad. 


Prominent features of the CAT program at Logic Academy

The course is divided into three varieties, the Express module, the Busy Bee module, and The Early Bird Module. The curriculum for each course is designed in a manner that helps you to appear for the CAT within the time frame that you like.


The Diverse Courses  are as follows
  • The Express Module helps you to appear for the CAT exam within 6 months of enrollment in the course.
  • The Busy Bee module is for those people who want one year of training before appearing for the exam.
  • When you enrol for the Early Bird module you can appear for CAT within 1.6 years of enrollment in the Academy. 


All the training modules incorporate the best features that help you ace CAT. You all have 5000+ practice questions and problems in the different categories. This helps not only in the preparation of the exam, but also to anticipate what kind of questions can come. Additionally, you have more than 100 lab assignments, 20+ full-length tests, and 50+ topic-based tests. 


The sections in the training module include strategized stepwise training, mentoring sessions, group discussion, personal interviews. It includes assessing your strengths and working on your weaknesses, video analysis for better performance in GDPI among others. 


All the courses have original customized content available to the candidates in online and offline mode. They are committed to transforming your understanding of the core concepts of competitive exams. Furthermore, you are provided with soft skills training and management advice to excel in your professional life.


Contact SM compound 1 – Sagar Satellite Road Ahmedabad 380015 (Landmark Nehru Nagar BRTS) Phone 079 2630 1800. 


4. Chhanwal Coaching Institute 

Established in 2003, Chhanwal coaching institute helps to provide the required training and motivation to students to appear for varied competitive exams. 


These include CAT, CLAT, BANK PO, MCA, CSAT, PTE, and others. They provide in-depth guidance on group discussions, communication skills, personal interviews, public speaking, and overall confidence building. The curriculum and the mentors make it one of the finest CAT coaching institutes in Ahmedabad. 


Salient features of the CAT program at Chhanwal Coaching Institute

The course is ideally suited for students and professionals wanting to crack CAT in the least time possible. You have highly qualified faculty members and instructors who are CAT aficionados. 


They have an in-depth understanding of how the CAT exams are conducted and provide you with a methodology that covers all the concepts comprehensively. 


There are around 16000+ practice problems in the curriculum. Since all the courses are conducted online now, you have 10 to 15 online mock test series for CAT. Additionally, you have resources in the sections of general knowledge, and awareness, English vocabulary, reading comprehension, verbal ability, data interpretation.


Chhanchwal Academy conducts classes 5 days every week for 1 hour. You get reference materials, one-to-one mentoring sessions, video lessons, and quick doubt resolution sessions. You also have the provision for attending the class for two days after registration and then paying the course fee on the third day. 

Contact Chamchwal Institute Ahmedabad Phone 971 281 4411, 9106 51 2017


5. Gateflix Ahmedabad

Gateflix is regarded as one of the top online CAT coaching institutes in Ahmedabad. You have expert faculty members who are Indian Institute of Technology, and IISC alumni. 


Prominent features of the CAT Training program at Gateflix Ahmedabad

They have the experience of training more than 400 batches in a user-friendly interface. This makes for more interactive and enjoyable learning of the concepts. You have approximately 400 hours of video lectures that cover the entire curriculum. The course fee is Rs 499. You get add ons in the form of e-Books and practice question papers. 


There is a Telegram group that keeps you apprised of the latest developments and notifications. It is also one of the best places for posting your doubts and getting quick answers to your queries. 


There are video lessons and mock test series, general knowledge, and awareness resource materials that you get with the CAT full program at Gateflix. The video lectures cover all the elements including aptitude, verbal ability, data interpretation, logical reasoning, and maths. 

Contact 626 206 2627.


6. IBT Ahmedabad

IBT Ahmedabad places a lot of emphasis on understanding the core elements well to crack the different competitive exams. They have a pan India presence with more than 10 years of experience and 100+ centres in the country. They are counted among the top CAT coaching institutes in Ahmedabad. 


Key Highlights of the CAT program at IBT Ahmedabad

IBT Ahmedabad has a classroom course, video course, online test series, and correspondence course in their CAT program. 


You have customized books formulated for each subject that will help you to understand the topics and sections of CAT. They also have an online test series  Make My Exam that is conducted to track your progress. You have query resolution, capsules for general awareness/current affairs, and general knowledge. You also have assignments, video lessons, online support. 


The video course has several pre-recorded videos by All-India experts from IBT. It is replete with suggestions, advice, strategies, hacks, and techniques to crack the CAT exam. 


There are a number of important features like quizzes, articles, notifications that help you to prepare better for your CAT exam. You also have weekly topic-wise schedules for more comprehensive learning. 


It provides you with an e-magazine and general knowledge resource materials. There are daily tests in the form of quizzes to strengthen your knowledge and help you to confidently appear for CAT. 


The course fee varies with the module you select. 

Contact Aaron Elegance, New CG Road, Chandkheda Ahmedabad Landmark Radhe Bungalow 1 Phone 9696 9600 229, 9328 963 499


7. Gill Sir Coaching

Gill Sir Coaching Ahmedabad is another of the premium CAT coaching institutes in Ahmedabad. It is extremely popular for its customized study materials, mock tests, sample tests, and resource materials that help students to crack the CAT exam easily. 


It is a comprehensive course that provides training in CAT, CMAT, and other competitive exams. The instructors have designed an impeccable CAT curriculum that will provide you with all the necessary knowledge on the different topics and sections of CAT. 


Contact: Daxini Society, Maninagar Ahmedabad 380008 (Landmark Opposite Good Luck Society, Indian Bank). Phone 989 8334 999


8. IMS Ahmedabad

IMS is a renowned name in the domain of education and training. They are present in numerous cities in India. IMS Ahmedabad is one of the top-notch CAT coaching institutes in Ahmedabad with its exemplary curriculum and features.


IMS Ahmedabad CAT coaching program

You have the option to attend a demo lecture that gives you an idea of how the CAT course is conducted at the IMS Institute. With live online classes and an in-depth curriculum, you have the option of preparing for your CAT exam comfortably from your home.


The curriculum incorporates approximately 175 + hours of learning. You have video lectures, presentation slides, PDFs, full-length mock tests, and study materials included in the curriculum. As soon as you enrol in the course, the study materials and resources are dispatched to you immediately. 


You can enrol online and avail yourself of the online classes conveniently. You also have exceptional mentor support and the opportunity to resolve any doubt or query promptly. 


Contact 202/203 Vishwanath North view Gujarat University Road 360009 Landmark regional passport office Phone 7041 774 887, 982 5700 668


9. T.I.M.E

The TIME Institute has been at the forefront of training for MBA-related examinations for more than a decade now. They have been instrumental in helping students realize their dreams for not just CAT but different bank exams, CLAT, MCA, engineering, and others. 


The mentors that the Ahmedabad centre is Mr M. Bharadwaj and Mr Satish Kumar who are alumni of the Indian Institute of Management.


They are very proactive and helpful in solving the queries of the students as promptly as possible. The best part about the TIMES education faculty members is that they are experienced mentors and enthusiasts who want the students to improve. Hence they work tirelessly on the syllabus for better results and successful careers. 


You have diverse programs in CAT that consist of online programs, classroom study, and self-paced study. You have the AIMCAT series which is very popular for students across the country. 


 The comprehensive online and classroom mode of training provides you with study materials, resources, mock tests, practise sessions, conceptual clarity to master the CAT concepts, and topics. 


All the modes of learning provide you with ample mentoring sessions that help to fine-tune your knowledge. You also get to organize your timetable and plan your study to devote more time and attention to the areas that need improvement.


The practise tests help you in your problem-solving skills and you become more adept at time management. They also provide soft skills training and Management advice to help you deal with the stress that comes with preparing and sitting for the CAT exam. The Soft skills training offered at the institute goes a long way in helping you to cope with the pressures and stress of the corporate world. 


The detailed CAT program brochure is available to you on the website. 

Contact You have two centres of TIME in Ahmedabad. 

304, Gala Business Centre, St. Xavier’s College Corner, H.L. College Road, Landmark Hotel Nest, Above Kaya skin clinic Ahmedabad 380006 Phone 6359 9933 33

3rd floor, Akshar Complex, Satellite, Near Shivranjani Over Bridge, Landmark PC Jewellers Ahmedabad 380015


10. Jeremy Education Center

Jeremy Education Centre helps to provide result-oriented training to students and professionals to crack different competitive exams. the entire training includes personalized mentoring sessions and a compact syllabus. They have all the features that are essential for a good CAT training program. Thus, it is regarded as one of the top-rated CAT coaching institutes in Ahmedabad. 


With students coming from various backgrounds, Jeremy Education Centre provides an environment that enhances the chances of immersive learning. 


Jeremy Education Center CAT Program

You have a dedicated, and experienced faculty that tracks your progress, and assesses your strength and weakness. They develop a program then and help to consistently follow it. 


The continuous practice and the organized curriculum helps to nurture the mind and build proficiency in all areas of CAT. There are doubt resolution sessions, grammar and vocabulary sessions, group discussions, personal interview training. There are tips and solutions for improving the score of CAT re-takers. 


Contact 307, 3rd eye vision, IIM Road Near Panjara Pole, Landmark Shivalik Plaza, Ahmedabad 380015. Phone 97240 31501, 079 4800 2638



These are just some of the top CAT coaching institutes in Ahmedabad. You also have other institutes like Career Launcher, Endeavor, and the more recent Study Tree that is slowly moving into the online space. All these institutes provide exceptional concept-based training. They cover the areas that need incisive training and help with numerous practice tests. 


The choice of Institutes is paramount for your success and is the first significant step. While they provide you with adequate guidance, resource materials, case studies, and mock tests, it is up to you to make the best use of all the features that are available to you. 


It is your eagerness to learn and master the concepts that will help you to be successful in the CAT exam. You need to be proactive and approach the course with due diligence and sincerity. Have a structured timetable in place, consistently appear for the mock tests, learn the basics as well as the advanced elements well. You will smoothly be able to “bell the CAT” as they say.


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