Top 6 Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai

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Top 6 Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai

In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven business world, business analytics is the first step for companies looking to drive their business forward with a detailed plan for their future strategies and find solutions to problems based on the company’s past and current data. Since a business analyst plays an important role in the success of a business, this article will help you learn about business analytics courses in Navi Mumbai. 


List of best business analytics courses in Navi Mumbai


What is Business Analysis?

Business analysis is an area involved in identifying the needs of an organization and coming up with a solution to meet those needs. It involves learning how an organization works and the challenges that are faced. Business analysis plays an integral part in the growth of an Organization. A company carries out business analysis in three ways to help in its decision-making.

  • Descriptive Analysis: Describing what has happened to date.
  • Predictive Analysis: What could be the possible outcome of a particular decision taken?
  • Prescriptive Analysis: What Steps need to be taken in the present situation?


Why Business Analytics Courses Are Important.

The Business Analytics course helps students develop the skills necessary to analyze and understand the reasons for an organization’s success or failure. This includes taking a holistic view of the business and its goals and identifying areas that need improvement or change.

Choosing the right course with certification makes students indispensable to their organizations, whether in Navi Mumbai or in any other part of the world. Business analytical skills are also important and used during the development phase of a product or service to ensure the smooth running of the process.

It is the responsibility of the analyst to ensure the launch of the product or service successfully and that it maintains its edge in the competitive business. The role of the analyst does not stop here as he has to keep a tab on the current situation and understand the current demand and changing needs of customers so that new avenues can be looked into for improvement of the products and services.


How Choosing Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai Can Help You in Your Career.

Located about 29 km towards the northeastern part of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, one of the world’s largest planned townships is emerging as a major IT and business hub. With many big players in the multinational arena like Wipro Infotech, Bank of America, Barclays, Ranbaxy, and many more setting up their head offices across Navi Mumbai, job opportunities across many fields including that of a business analyst have shot up.

Investing in a business analytics course to gain knowledge and sharpen your skills would be highly beneficial in this fast-paced industrial environment. According to a study, a business analyst in Navi Mumbai earns between INR 2.6 lakhs to INR 14.4 lakhs with an average annual salary of INR 6.2 lakhs.

Below, we will see what to look out for while opting for business analytics courses in Navi Mumbai and the options available in the city.


What To Look for in Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai

While selecting a course, it is important to look out for the type of program that suits your needs, your skills, and time, and also the amount that you are willing to invest in a course and whether it is worth the money. There are business analytics courses in Navi Mumbai, that provide both online and in-person (offline) programs.

It is important to note the duration of the particular course, the subjects, and tools to be covered during the time specified, and the kind of certification that will be issued after the completion of the course. Most importantly, check out a course that will give you hands-on experience in the industry as this will make you industry ready when you get into the field.

Before looking at institutions providing the courses, let us first get information on the various business analytics courses in Navi Mumbai based on the expertise of students, the curriculum that is followed, and the usefulness or relevance of the skills taught in today’s business world.


●     Introduction to Business Analytics:

  • This is the ideal course for beginners with the basics of business analytics being introduced. The topics covered include data exploration, data visualization, and data analysis techniques with tools like Excel and Tableau. The course also introduces you to statistical concepts, such as probability, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis.
  • Course duration: 2-3 months.
  • Fee structure: INR 20,000 to INR 30,000.


●     Advanced Business Analytics:

  • This course is for students who already have some sort of experience in the field of business analytics. The curriculum covers advanced topics like machine learning, predictive modeling, and data mining. It also features big data technologies like Hadoop and spark, which are useful in handling large volumes of data.
  • Course duration:  4-6 months.
  • Fee structure: INR 50,000 to INR 70,000.


●     Business Intelligence and Reporting:

This course gives importance to teaching tools, and techniques used for data visualization and reporting. Tools like Power BI, QlikView, and Tableau, which are widely used in the industry for creating interactive dashboards and reports, are taught extensively. The course also includes an introduction to ETL (extract, transform, and load) processes, which are essential requirements for data warehousing.

  • Course duration: 3-4 months.
  • Fee structure: INR 30,000 to INR 40,000.


●     Data Science With Python:

  • This course focuses on teaching the programming language Python, which is very important for data analysis and machine learning. The curriculum covers topics such as data manipulation, data visualization, and machine learning algorithms, such as regression, classification, and clustering. It also includes an introduction to deep learning, which is a subset of machine learning used for tasks such as image recognition and natural language processing.
  • Course duration: 3-4 months.
  • Fee structure: INR 35,000 to INR 50,000.


●     Data Warehousing and ETL:

  • This course teaches the usage of design and implementation of data warehouses and ETL processes covering topics such as data modeling, dimensional modeling, and ETL tools such as Informatica and DataStage. The course also introduces us to data governance, which is essential for ensuring data quality and consistency.
  • Course duration: 4-6 months.
  • Fee structure: INR 50,000 to INR 70,000.


●     Big Data Analytics:

  • This course focuses on the tools and techniques used for processing and analyzing large volumes of data. Technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra are covered. The course also introduces us to data streaming technologies, such as Kafka and Flink, which are used for real-time data processing.
  • Course duration: 4-6 months.
  • Fee structure: INR 60,000 to INR 80,000.


●     Business Analytics with R:

  • This course focuses on the programming language R, a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. A business analytics Course with R can provide students with a comprehensive understanding of data analysis and visualization techniques. The course curriculum covers topics such as data cleaning, data exploration, and hypothesis testing. The students can also gain experience with tools like ggplot2, dplyr, and tidyr, providing students with a strong foundation in statistics and programming.
  • Course duration: 4-6 months.
  • Fee structure: INR 60,000 to INR 80,000.


Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai :


1. Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai: EXCELR Raising Excellence

If you don’t like to code but still want to become a business analyst, the business analytics course at EXCELR is the ideal starting point for you. The ExcelR curriculum, which is causing a revolution in the business analysis industry, includes Excel, Tableau, and Power BI along with Agile. One of the innovators in the field of upskilling students in data analytics is ExcelR.


Name of the Program: Business Analyst Course In Collaboration with IBM.

Course Length: 180+ hours over 6 months

Mode of teaching: 1. Online classes.2. Offline classes.

Fee structure: 1. INR 49,999. 2. INR 59,999.


Course Content:

  • Business Statistics- Descriptive statistics, probability, normal distribution, inferential statistics, data cleaning, and insights are all components of business statistics.


  • Advanced Excel- Quantum of Excel and the Fundamentals: Advanced Excel, Functions Introduction: the most popular Excel functions, Data anchoring Referencing, named ranges, and its applications, referencing information from various tables: different kinds of lookup, nested IF, referencing information from various tables: advanced capabilities, Cleaning data, identifying datatypes, and placing restrictions on data Formatting and filtering of data, Data summarization: sophisticated features, graphs, Pivots, Data Summarization Getting the Dashboard ready Power pivot, Power pivot, Power query Use case analysis Data preparation, project summaries, and an introduction to automation using VBA and recorded macros.


  • MySQL- Database Introduction, Software Setup, Types of SQL Commands, Data Types in SQL, DDL and DML Commands, and TCL Commands, SQL operators, Grouping operations, analytical functions, joining tables, views, triggers, ranking functions a description of sub-queries, examples of various sub-queries, Sequence objects, stored procedures, and indexing


  • Tableau- Introduction to the Tableau tool Data window, Tableau’s groups, sets, parameters, and filters field calculations, combining and joining data, Tableau charts, Reference lines, Bands, Distributions, LODs, dashboard introduction, narrative dashboard creation. building a sophisticated dashboard, Public Tableau server


  • Basics of R- R Studio installation, Data Types in R, Decision-Making Statements, Loops, and Functions are the foundational elements of R. Built-in R functions, including ggplot2, joins, and dplyr.


  • Python basics- Installing Anaconda, introducing Python, Data types, operators, additional data types, data slicing, Python’s built-in functions Sets, Set theory, regular expressions, clauses for making decisions, loops, functions, lambda functions, modules, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, and Seaborn are some of the terms used.


  • Power BI- Modeling with Power BI, Power BI Desktop Visualizations, DAX Expressions, Publishing, and Sharing are all topics covered in the Power BI introduction.


  • Agile: Overview, Methodologies, Analysis and Design, Planning, Monitoring, Metrics and Estimates, Quality, Value-Based Prioritization, Risk Management, and Communications.


How EXCELR handles business analyst projects.

Module 1:  Data gathering.

Module 2: Prepare data.

Module 3: Insights generation.

Module 4: Dashboard visualizations.


Path of Learning at EXCELR.

  • Get mentored.
  • submit tasks.
  • Activate active projects.
  • support following training.


Why do you need to select EXCELR?

  • Curriculum for courses based on industry.
  • Basics of Python and R.
  • Educators With Experience From IIT, IIM, & ISB.
  • Hands-on Participation in 10+ Capstone Projects
  • Job Readiness Program placement cell with a specific focus.
  • A committed team that supports case studies.
  • Bootcamps And Sessions For Interview Prep.
  • lifetime access to the internet.
  • Get access to free webinars and guest lectures.


CALL AT:  +918035240516.


2. Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai: QuickXpert Infotech

Looking for quality training with placements, then look no further. QuickXpert Infotech provides you with just that. This ISO-certified course is targeted at both freshers and experienced in both the IT and non-IT fields. The curriculum is designed to cover all the aspects of business analysis, starting from working with databases, core programming in python, and advanced data visualization tools along with Excel to distinguish you from the competition.


Name of the course: Business Analyst Course In Navi Mumbai.

Course duration: Data Analyst – Around 4 months, Adv. Data Analyst – Around 6 months.

Mode of learning: Online. Classroom training is available only in Thane.

Fee structure: Not available.


Course Curriculum:


  • MYSQL- Installation and configuration, using the professional tool- MYSQL workbench, create a database, create database objects, constraints, DML operations, select queries, functions, groups, joins, views and inline views, sub-query, create complex queries, mini projects/ case study.


  • PYTHON AND PYTHON ANALYTICS- Introduction and installation, programming basics, functions, OOPs programming, data structures, exception handling, MYSQL server setup, database integration with python, web scraping, data analytics in python, data visualization in python, beautiful SOAP library, project.


  • EXCEL ANALYTICS- Working with spreadsheets, preparing manual data, fetching data from databases, EXCEL common functions, pivot tables, charts, and projects on dashboards/ data visualization.


  • TABLEAU- Installation and configuration, introduction to the tableau, tableau interface, date aggregations, date parts, chart types, data visualization, run time columns, data formatting, advanced functionalities, filters, advanced charts, dashboards, case studies projects.


  • POWER BI- Introduction to power BI, getting and transforming data with power BI desktop, modeling with Power BI, introduction to DAX, visualizing data with reports, introduction to power BI service, sharing and collaboration tools in Power BI service, Power BI gateway, and refreshing data sets.


Tools You Will Learn.

  • Python



  • Training from experts
  • Personal attention
  • 80% practical
  • Training material
  • Course completion certificate
  • Live projects/ case studies
  • Interview Preparation
  • Placements- Assistance will be provided until you get a job up to a maximum of one year.



Call / WhatsApp- +91-7506252588, 7276681665

 Address – 101, Prestige Chambers CHS Ltd., Opp Thane west railway station, Beside Maurya Hotel. Mumbai 400601.


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3. Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai: 360 Digi TMG

360 DigiTMG is one of the world’s pioneer training institutes that has trained many leading professionals. The curriculum is specifically designed keeping in mind the current scenario in market trends. One of the important aspects of this institution is that it provides an opportunity to participate in a live project with INNODATATICS.


Name of the Course: Business Analytics Courses In Navi Mumbai.

Course Duration: Around 4 months.

Mode of Learning: 72 hours of intensive classroom and online sessions.

Fee structure: Not available.


Course Curriculum:

  • Hypothesis Testing and Simple Linear Regression: Learn various Hypothesis Tests to solve business problems. You can make a prediction using a straightforward mathematical formula called the equation of a line. Recognize the methods for improvising the results of prediction models.


  • Multiple Linear Regression: Line Assumptions are the prerequisite and post requisites for developing a Regression Model. As part of this module, you will learn to deal with conditions that may arise while developing a Prediction Model. Recognize the various discrete data regression techniques used, such as Poisson Regression and Logistic Regression.


  • Data Mining Supervised and Unsupervised: Descriptive Analytics analyses historical data and can explain scenarios that happened in the past. To get the desired outcomes, data mining techniques are applied to the information created by this preliminary analysis. As part of this Data Mining module, become familiar with the various mathematical approaches to descriptive and predictive analysis.


  • Text Mining and Naive Bayes: Learn to predict categorical data using Classifier Techniques. In the industry, classification techniques are predominantly used to solve prediction problems. You will learn the popular techniques and maths behind these algorithms. Learn to analyze unstructured text data by extracting features from the data. Using text data, employ classification techniques based on probability to forecast outcomes.


  • Black Box Techniques: Deep Learning techniques are based on Black Box techniques. You will learn the most popular Deep Learning Algorithms as part of this module. Learn about the various types of neural networks, the art of creating a neural network, and how to deal with unstructured data.


  • Time Series Analysis: Understand how time-series data is different from regular data, and learn to interpret the effects of time on the data. You will discover techniques for forecasting time series data.


  • Data Visualization using Tableau: Reporting is an essential stage of Data Analytics. You will learn about the most famous business intelligence tool, Tableau, and its capabilities. Learn the guidelines for data visualization and know the difference between a good and a bad visualization.


  • Visual Analytics: Learn to tell stories on data using graphs and plots. Learn the features like parameters, filters, Quick Table calculations, and sets to segregate the data.


Tools Covered.

  • Python
  • R
  • R Studio
  • Tableau


How Do We Make You Industry Ready?

  • Additional assignments of over 140+ hours
  • Live free webinars
  • Resume and LinkedIn review sessions
  • Lifetime LMS access
  • 24/7 support
  • Job placements in Business Analytics fields
  • Complimentary courses
  • Unlimited mock interviews and quiz sessions
  • Hands-on experience in a live project
  • Offline hiring events



Call –  +91 9082520601

Email us – [email protected]


Address – Thane, Maharashtra

D 02, Suresh Tower, opposite Vijay Sales, Rambaug 4, Kalyan west – 421301


4. Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai: Simplilearn

This master’s program from Simplilearn is a globally recognized business analytics-certified course that is designed to train students on all three aspects of business analysis-planning and monitoring, requirements elicitation, and requirements management and communication. The plus point of the course is that the tech giant IBM endorses it.


Name of the course: Master’s program in Business Analytics.

Course duration: 1 year

Mode of learning: Online.

Fee structure: INR 54,000. No-cost EMI starts at INR 45,000 per month.


Course Curriculum:

  • CBAP(Certified business analysis professional)- Introduction to CBAP, introduction to BABOK V3, Business analysis planning and monitoring, Elicitation, and collaboration, Requirements lifecycle management, strategy analysis, Requirements analysis, and design definition, solution evaluation, Agile perspective, business intelligence perspective, information technology perspective, business architecture perspective, business process management perspective.


  • Tableau Training- Introduction, introduction to data visualization and Tableau, connecting to various data sources and preparing data, working with Metadata, spotlight One, filters in tableau, structuring data in tableau, creating charts and graphs, spotlight Two, calculations in Tableau, Advanced visual analytics, dashboards, and stories, spotlight Three.


  • Data Analysis and Visualisation with Python- Learning objective, introduction, Data wrangling, exploratory data analysis, model development, model evaluation, projects, data visualization with Python, Simplilearn Jupyter lab.


  • Mathematical Optimization for Business Problems by IBM- Learning objectives, what is OR, what is optimization, optimization model, linear programming, network models, beyond Simple linear programming, modeling practice.


  • Business Analyst Capstone- Get to sharpen your business analytic skills through hands-on experience in three different domains – Retail, Banking, and Hospitality with this capstone project.


  • Harvard Business Publishing Case studies for Business Analytics- Learn the concepts of Business Analysis with the help of real case studies written by HBS professors and other top business school educators.


There is also a master’s program certificate with electives like

●      Business Analyst Industry Master Class

●      CCBA

●      Agile Scrum Master

●      SQL Training

●      Data Science with R Course

●      Business Analytics with Excel

●      Statistics Essentials for Data Science


Tools Covered-

  • Excel
  • Jira
  • Power BI
  • EXIN Agile scrum master
  • EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation
  • NumPy
  • Python
  • R
  • SciPy
  • Matplotlib


What Makes Us the Best?

  • Content and certificate by IBM and live interaction with IBM leadership, making it the best in Business analytics courses in Navi Mumbai.
  • Capstone from 3 domains and 14+ projects
  • IIBA-endorsed education provider
  • Job Assist



Call – 1800-212-7688


5. Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai: ITM NAVI MUMBAI

The private college connected to ITM Group is called ITM Navi Mumbai Business School. The college was established in 1991 and is ranked tenth for MBA by Outlook – ICARE 2021. The university has NBA accreditation and is approved by UGC, AIU, and AICTE.

At PG, ITM Business School Navi Mumbai offers PGDM iConnect in Business Analytics. The business school recorded a 100 percent placement rate with Amazon, JP Morgan, Deloitte, and others among the top recruiters.


Course Duration: 2 year

Eligibility: Graduation- 50%


Mode of Learning: Classrooms.

Fee structure: INR 10.95 lakh.

Median Salary: 7.5 LPA.


Scholarships: Based on the academic and professional performance of the students, they provide the following scholarships, making it one of the best Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai.

  • 2 Full scholarships
  • 5 Scholarships worth 50% off
  • 20 Scholarships worth 25% off


6. Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai: Dy Patil University School of Management

This private institute in Navi Mumbai was established in 2002. The college is accredited by NAAC with a grade of “A” and approved by AICTE and UGC. The college was ranked 75th among B-schools by the Times of India in 2018. Admission to the school is based on the scores obtained in the college entrance examinations. The School of Management offers both MBA and BBA in Business Analytics.


MBA in Business Analytics-

Course duration: 2 year

Eligibility: DYPCET University-based entrance exam)

Mode of learning: Full-time classrooms.

Fee structure: INR 15 lakh.

Median Salary: 4.6 LPA.


BBA in Business Analytics-

Course duration: 3 year

Eligibility: DYPCET (University-based entrance exam)

Mode of learning: Full-time classrooms.

Fee structure: INR 17.25 lakh.

Median Salary: 4.5 LPA.

Address: Sector 4, CBD Belapur, Vasantdada Patil Marg


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Why is a Business Analytics certification important?

With the demand for Business Analysts growing every year in the various fields of IT, Finance, Consulting, Healthcare, and Government Agencies getting certified by a reputed institution adds credibility to your portfolio.


  • Future growth of Business Analytics in India?

With the rapid digitalization in every sector, industries have also realized the importance of using technologies and data to drive their companies forward, and this is where a Business Analyst comes into play, with the booming industrial sector in India the job opportunities are set to rise in every sector for a Business Analyst.


  • Who can take up Business Analytics Courses?

Any graduate can take up this course. But a science and commerce graduate who is more familiar with data, maths, and statistics would find it more accommodating. But any person interested in learning to program and working with large data can take up this course.


  • Salary of a Business Analyst in Navi Mumbai?

A Business Analyst in Navi Mumbai earns anywhere from INR 2.6 lakhs to INR 14.4 lakhs with an average annual salary of INR 6 lakhs.



The above article tries to give you a comprehensive list of the various institutes that provide Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai. Any person who is interested in pursuing a career in the field of Business Analysis or anyone who is looking to upgrade his skills in this particular field will find this article useful. All said and done a Business Analyst should always be upgrading himself from time to time as the technologies involved in the analysis keep advancing and changing themselves for the better.

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