Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Mumbai

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Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Mumbai

Mumbai is a great place to start a new business. The city has acquired the title of “India’s Economic Capital” thanks to its 6.16 percent contribution to the country’s overall GDP. The city’s massive population of 19.98 million people, along with a plethora of financial activity, makes it an ideal environment for all types of enterprises to prosper. Analytics tools are already being used by businesses of all sizes to figure out how to use data to solve problems and increase productivity and profitability. As a result, anyone looking for work will profit from taking one of Mumbai’s best business analytics courses.


List of business analytics courses in Mumbai


What does Business Analytics mean?


Business analytics is the systematic and meticulous examination of an organization’s data with a focus on statistical analysis (BA). Business analytics is used to identify patterns that can be used to develop strategies. Data analysis, business intelligence, and programming are all part of business analytics. Business analytics is used by companies that make data-driven decisions. Almost every industry can benefit from it. This is true in almost every business, including medical, technology, retail, and real estate, to name a few.


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Business analytics courses in Mumbai include the following:


Business analytics fundamentals are usually divided into four categories. They are, indeed.


  • Descriptive analytics: This strategy uses historical data to predict how a unit will react to a set of variables.


  • Predictive analytics: This type of analysis looks at historical data to see if specific future outcomes are likely.


  • Operational Analytics: This type of analysis looks at operational data to see how a unit might react to a collection of variables.


  • Prescriptive analytics: This is a strategy that combines descriptive analytics, which provides insight into what occurred, with predictive analytics, which allows users to forecast what will occur when it will occur, and why it will occur by providing insight into what might occur.


What is the significance of business analytics?


You might be wondering if taking business analytics courses in Mumbai is useful. In the following paragraphs, I’ll explain why you should go through one.


Businesses can use business analytics to see how they might improve their efficiency by streamlining and automating procedures. On the other hand, how and why professionals use data to make judgments differs by industry.


Business analytics also gives enough support and protection for businesses that want to make the most proactive judgments feasible. Business analytics can also be used to automate a company’s whole decision-making process, allowing it to adapt in real-time as needed.


Business analytics can help you reduce risk. It could help businesses reduce short- and long-term risks by supporting them in making the best decisions feasible based on readily available data like consumer preferences, trends, and so on.


What is the process of business analytics?


The following is an example of a simple business analytics workflow.


  • Obtaining information


In this part, identify and choose data for analysis, as well as its source. Data links can be discovered and reported on. Data must be pooled and categorized for simple access, regardless of where it comes from IoT devices, applications, spreadsheets, or social media. When a cloud database is employed, the data collection procedure is substantially simplified.


  • Selection of a methodology and the development of a model


It must decide which strategy to use for the analysis after dealing with the data. The data input and the sort of analysis that needs to be performed define this. Make several models and compare them using the metrics.


  • Deployment


Check to check if the model’s predictions are accurate. The model can then be deployed to the company’s system, which will assess any new data that comes in. After deploying a model, it must be tested for accuracy regularly.


Is it worthwhile to study business analytics courses in Mumbai?


Because businesses today have access to more data than ever before, business analytics is a growing field. The demand for data-savvy workers is at an all-time high around the world. Recruiters are looking for data-driven employees in senior management positions who aren’t only good at what they do. A business analytics course is definitely worth the investment.


You must know how to analyze and interpret data to solve complex business difficulties if you want to increase your company’s decision-making capacity. Business analytics has a bright future in Mumbai, India’s dream metropolis. Take business analytics courses in Mumbai if you live in Mumbai and want to work in a field that will be in high demand in the future.


In Mumbai, several universities provide business analytics courses. Choosing the best business courses in Mumbai, on the other hand, is critical. We’ve done extensive research to help you locate the best business analytics courses in Mumbai.


Who may enroll in business analytics courses in Mumbai?


This course is for anyone who thinks in terms of data and wants to deliver solutions based on data analysis. Anyone with a programming interest and experience with data can learn business analytics.


  • Professionals in the Business


Data analysis can help companies better understand their customers, evaluate their advertising efforts, personalize content, build content strategies, and generate new products. Finally, they may be able to use data analytics to boost their bottom line and performance.


  • Managers of projects


Analytics can be used by the project manager to see if the project is on schedule and whether it is under or over budget. Furthermore, analytics can assist a project manager in predicting the financial impact of different completion dates.


  • Architects of Solutions


In the field of solution architects, business analytics is used for operationalizing analytics, translating requirements to implementation, selecting technology, and assessing non-functional features such as security, usability, and stability.


  • Analysts of Information Systems


The objective of a business systems analyst is to figure out what a firm can do and then provide a solution to help it reach its full potential. By merging the domains of strategy and technology, this can be accomplished.


  • Graduates


A profession in business analytics is open to any bachelor’s degree holder. Candidates with a Science or Commerce background, on the other hand, would have spent more time studying math and statistics. Most management universities put the minimum aggregate at 50%, according to AICTE norms.


How to Become a Business Analyst


The big data landscape has altered considerably, making it difficult for specialists to understand where their efforts should be focused. Despite the industry’s ever-changing nature, there are a few fundamental business analytics skills that serve as the foundation for any successful business analytics profession. The talents required to be a business analyst are listed below.


  • Communication


The ability to convey findings clearly and succinctly is crucial to ensuring that all stakeholders understand insights and can put proposals into action. People who work in the analysis must be able to write and display facts in a way that tells a story.


Problem Solving Analytics professionals use logical thinking, predictive analytics, and statistics to produce recommendations that solve problems and move a company ahead. Being a natural problem solver could help you connect the dots in a position that requires you to translate data into answers.


  • Statistical terminology


It is not necessary to know any of these languages to study massive data collections.


  • SQL


SQL, a database coding language, is one of the most important tools in an analytics professional’s toolset. Data from the transactions database is retrieved and analyzed using SQL queries, and visualizations are developed to communicate with stakeholders.


Top 5 business analytics courses in Mumbai


Are you prepared to pursue a career in the fast-growing field of Business Analytics? To increase your chances of success, enroll in a Business Analytics course. We’ve compiled a list of the best business analytics courses in Mumbai to help you advance your career.

1. IMS Proschool


IMS proschool has been named India’s top-ranked institute for the past four years by Analytics India Magazine. It is one of the best business analytics courses in Mumbai. It offers combined certification from IMS Proschool and NSDC, as well as the option of NSE Academy certification.


Each student is assigned a mentor who assists them in achieving their personal “success” goals. They will advise you whether you need learning aid, job-related support, or assessment-related support. By enrolling in this course, you will learn how to use Python, R, SQL, and Tableau.


To accommodate students, beginners, and working professionals, IMS Proschool offers classroom, online, and direct learning choices, as well as ‘Fastrack,’ ‘weekday,’ and ‘weekend’ schedules.


Highlights of IMS Proschool


  • Different types of data
  • Data summarization
  • Frequency table
  • Frequency Distributions
  • Histogram
  • Measures of central tendency and dispersion
  • Skewness and kurtosis
  • Basic Probability, Conditional Probability
  • Normal Distribution
  • Sampling methods
  • Point and Interval estimation
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Null and alternative hypothesis
  • Level of significance
  • P-value
  • Types of errors
  • Hypothesis Testing


2. Imarticus Learning


Imarticus Learning is one of the leading business analytics courses in the Mumbai training institute. This six-month curriculum will prepare you for the responsibilities of an Agile Business Analyst. When you enroll in this business analyst certification course, you’ll be assigned a Program Mentor who will be your single point of contact throughout the process.


Through case studies, role-playing exercises, and hands-on training, this placement-driven program teaches you how to handle modern business analysis processes with appropriate tools and approaches.


You will obtain an industry-recognized Certificate of Excellence for the Post Graduate Program for Agile Business Analyst after completing this course. By verifying the skills and information you obtained during the course, this Certification will boost your portfolio and CV. 


Highlights of Imarticus Learning


  • Business Analysis
  • Agile and Scrum
  • SQL
  • Going Digital
  • Placement Preparation


3. COEPD-Technical Development Excellence Centre


For the past 5 years, COEPD has been offering Business Analytics courses in Mumbai. Workshops are offered in real-time by experts in the industry. In interactive mode, case studies, activities, scenarios, and role-plays are some of the pedagogy approaches employed. Real-life events, corporate obstacles, and issues have been added to the content.


In addition, the COEPD Community gathered and gathered all BAs who are dedicated to this purpose. COEPD raises awareness of the role of a Business Analyst and the advantages of hiring one.


COEPD offers BA Internship programs for both new and experienced analysts. COEPD has relationships with IT organizations and can assist participants in finding work as soon as they finish the program.


COEPD Course Running Highlights Exposure of the project


  • Internships for BA students
  • Advice on how to write a resume
  • Practise Interviews
  • Exams Practice Online
  • Forums and a blog
  • The success of the fostering process was demonstrated.
  • 12 months of on-the-job assistance
  • Special talks on the most recent developments will be held.
  • Agile \SQL \Tools
  • Documentations \Standards


4. Techcanvass


In Germany, Techcanvass teaches students to the science of business analytics and offers IIBA and iSQI business analyst certification preparation courses. These are the most well-known business analyst certificates in the world.


Their Business Analyst Training courses provide in-depth training programs, study guides, and question banks to assist you in preparing for these certifications.


Online/live online and self-study Business Analysis Courses are both accessible. This course includes a revision guide, a question bank with a range of questions, and a speed test simulation, in addition to assisting you in attaining the required 35 hours of professional development.


In Germany, Techcanvass teaches students to the science of business analytics and offers IIBA and iSQI business analyst certification preparation courses. These are the most well-known business analyst certificates in the world.


Their Business Analyst Training courses provide in-depth training programs, study guides, and question banks to assist you in preparing for these certifications.


Online/live online and self-study Business Analysis Courses are both accessible. This course includes a revision guide, a question bank with a range of questions, and a speed test simulation, in addition to assisting you in attaining the required 35 hours of professional development.


5. ExcelR Business Analyst Course Training


ExcelR is the way to go if you want to pursue a career in data analytics. ExcelR offers not only certification but also real-world data analytics projects using R and Python. As a result of our training, participants will be able to excel in their professions as Data Analysts, and statistics will serve as proof of our high-quality services.


Thousands of people have been trained as Data Analytics specialists by multinational corporations in India and elsewhere. They specialize in “Training to Job Placement.” Their experienced educators will guide you through concepts, assignments, and real-world projects.


To graduate from the course and receive a diploma, students must pass an online examination administered by the college after completing the program and scoring 60 percent or above. It is a well-known training Institute of business analytics courses in Mumbai


ExcelR Business Analyst Course Highlights Data Science Project Lifecycle


  • Basic Statistics Using R And Python is an introduction to our e-learning platform.
  • Hypothesis Testing and Probability
  • Analyze exploratory data -1
  • Regression Linear
  • Deployment
  • Unsupervised Clustering from Data Mining
  • Techniques for Reducing Dimensions
  • Association Regulations
  • System of Recommendation
  • Supervised Machine Learning: An Overview
  • Tree of Decisions
  • 2nd iteration of exploratory data analysis
  • Engineering of Features
  • Techniques Used in Combination
  • Support Vector Machines (SVMs) and KNNs
  • Techniques of Regularization
  • Text Exploration
  • Processing of Natural Language
  • Bayesian naive
  • Forecasting
  • Analysis of Longevity
  • Deployment and Project Description
  • Projects/Assignments/Placement Assistance
  • Courses with extra value


 Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What is a business analyst’s qualification?


Ans: As previously stated, a bachelor’s degree is required. SQL query writing skills and experience are required. Programming language expertise is required. They must be able to communicate effectively and negotiate effectively.


  1. What is the distinction between a data analyst and a business analyst?


Ans: Business analysts use data to help companies make more effective business decisions. Data analysts, on the other hand, are more concerned with acquiring and analyzing data for the business to analyze and use to make independent judgments.


  1. Is it possible for me to work as a business analyst after getting my MBA?


Ans: MBA students are increasingly interested in careers in analytics. In a mostly merit-based environment, the field offers fascinating and difficult work that combines business and technological skills. The financial incentives are substantial, and there are several prospects for advancement.




Unlike master’s degrees in business administration and management, business analytics is a relatively young field that has received little attention. Despite this, it has proven to be a useful tool in a range of corporate applications. This creates a large job market for professionals in this field, who are handsomely compensated for their contributions.


Because business analytics is such a rapidly growing topic, several of the best business analytics institutes offer business analytics courses. Based on the modality, time, and cost structure of the lesson, one can choose from any of them. Best of luck in finishing the course and seizing this fantastic opportunity!

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