Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Delhi With Placement

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Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Delhi With Placement

Industry growth and quick development in Delhi have necessitated the use of business analysis. The process of analyzing company requirements and creating proper solutions to a given business problem is known as business analysis.

Organizations are aggressively investing in big data analytics to speed up the decision-making process using historical data. To complete this work, big data experts collect data from a variety of sources and break it into manageable chunks. Various data resources may or may not be related or can be completely different from one another. As a result, the demand for business analytics courses in Delhi has skyrocketed.


List of the best business analytics courses in Delhi


In today’s rapidly changing industry, a business analyst’s role is extremely valuable to a company; a business analyst is a generalist who is capable of working in a variety of roles. Outsourcing has now become a vital component of the global economy. Large corporations cut their operating costs by hunting for the same job quality at a lower cost.


Outsourcing assists in establishing a barrier between corporate investors and programmers. In addition, in a competitive economic environment, corporate organizations are battling to improve their business processes and cut expenses, and business analysts are at the forefront of the majority of these projects.


Business analysts are in high demand currently in India, and job titles range from business architect, business systems analyst, and enterprise analyst to product owner, product manager, and requirements engineer. This article showcases the top business analytics courses in Delhi.


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Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst:

  1. The business analysts collaborate with the business to identify possibilities for improving business operations and processes.
  2. The business analysts are also involved in the business system’s design and modification.
  3. Their main responsibility is to collect, document, and analyze a variety of business requirements.
  4. They also support the resolution of business issues as needed, together with the development of technical solutions.
  5. They also assist in the testing of the system as well as the creation of system documentation and user manuals.
  6. They are also in charge of documenting business system functional and technical designs.
  7. They must communicate with the system architects and developers to make sure that the system is properly implemented.
  8. The business analysts collaborate with stakeholders and subject matter experts to better understand their issues and requirements.


Four Essential Reasons to Study Business Analytics:


  1. You can Learn to Measure Corporate Values by Taking a Business Analytics Course:


Studying a business analytics course in Delhi will teach you how to dig deep into values and successfully convert them for business applications.

When these values are converted into quantifiable metrics, they can assist a company in expanding its business proposition in real-time. With a data analyst at the helm, nothing is left to chance. You become a valuable asset to your company when it comes to utilizing data in support of the company’s values.


  1. You Develop the Ability to Make Well-Informed and Sound Business Decisions:


The power of effective decision-making is the next thing you’ll learn in a business analytics course. Any organization that wants to succeed needs to be able to analyze data quickly and in real-time.

A company’s ability to make informed and thoughtful decisions is likewise a valuable asset. You can save time for your firm if you know how to make the most optimal yet smart selection based on numbers. Only via good analytics can a well-informed conclusion be taken. Utilize critical data to generate fresh ideas and projections that will benefit your company.


  1. You Learn to Accept Responsibility for Keeping Your Business Ahead of the Competition:


While studying data in a business analytics course, you must continue to learn from your practical experiences in order to preserve your competitive advantage.


  1. Studying a Business Analytics Course will Teach You How to Use Data Visualization to Acquire Deep Insight:


Your analytics training will teach you how to interpret visual data more clearly. You can predict better, more agile, and faster trends by researching visual data.

Based on the latest market patterns visible in the visual data, you can rapidly decide what will work and what will not. As you continue to make educated decisions faster than ever, charts and graphs become a piece of cake for you.


Why Business Analytics is Important:


  1. Business Analytics Enables Businesses to Make a Difference:

Analyzing data allows a firm to gain a better understanding of both its business and the industry in which it works, allowing it to make decisions that will help it expand.


  1. Business Analytics Keeps Firms Current in a Rapidly Changing Environment:

It is critical for a firm to stay informed on the newest industry trends and best practices in order to remain competitive in the modern marketplace, which necessitates ongoing development and growth.


  1. Operational Efficiency is Improved by Using Business Analytics:

Business analytics allows a corporation to identify inefficiencies in its operations and respond appropriately.


  1. Business Analytics Enables Businesses to Plan for Future Expansion:

Analytics gives firms the ability to forecast, making them more agile and prepared for any hazards. As a result, the company is more confident in making crucial decisions, knowing that it can manage risks and alter the repercussions.


  1. Customer Relationships are Strengthened as a Result of Business Analytics:

Companies may gain insight into their consumers’ behavior, needs, and pain points through analytics. It also allows a firm to gauge public perception of its brand, track the success of various marketing activities, and strategize how to improve its marketing strategy in order to cultivate long and fruitful client relationships.


Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Delhi:


1.    LBSIM:


The Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University is affiliated with the Lal Bahadur Shastri Educational Society, which was created in 1995 and hence makes it one of the best options when it comes to considering business analytics courses in Delhi.


LBSIM Delhi stands for Lal Bahadur Shastri Educational Society. The National Board of Accreditation has awarded the college accreditation. LBSIM Delhi is recognized by many well-esteemed institutions such as the Association of Indian Universities and the Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business.


The All-India Council for Technical Education has authorized LBSIM Delhi. The objective and ambition of LBSIM Delhi are to develop global leaders via creative and research-based education.


The Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (Research & Business Analytics) program is designed to give a thorough understanding of research and analytical principles, tools, and applications in enhancing business processes and decision-making.


The program’s goal is to provide students with in-depth exposure to research and business analytics methodologies and practices, as well as to prepare them for the industry’s increasing demands in diverse functional domains of research and analytics.


It offers hands-on learning opportunities in finance, marketing, retail, operations, human resources, and other business fields through industry-driven research and analytics projects.


Key Highlights:

∙         Lectures, case discussions, assignments, seminars, workshops, role plays, group discussions, simulation exercises, live projects, and industrial visits are some of the instructional methods used.

∙         The program includes summer training for 8 -10 weeks.


2.      EMPI:


Since 2008, EMPI has been a proud pioneer in business analytics education, which makes it one of the top-notch business analytics courses in Delhi, awarding two-year full-time PGDMs (recognized by AICTE/equivalent to MBAs, certified by AIU).


EMPI, in collaboration with IBM, is celebrating its 20th anniversary by announcing ‘Innovation’ embedded, industry-integrated analytics programs, expanding worldwide career opportunities. Their course is designed to provide students with highly marketable abilities as well as in-depth knowledge and understanding of general management.


Participants will be able to develop, organize, and produce knowledge solutions to difficult real-world business challenges by the end of the program, as well as have a thorough understanding of the functional domains of business analytics.


A bachelor’s degree in business administration, engineering, science, or commerce is preferred. Students in their last year of studies are also qualified to apply. Applicants with job experience will be given preference.


Key Highlights:

∙         The only institution in Delhi that offers an IBM co-certified Business Analytics Program Certificate upon completing the course.

∙         The AICTE has approved the program, and the AIU has recognized it.

∙         EMPI’s Residential Campus hosts an IBM Business Analytics Lab.

∙         IBM and EMPI academics collaborated to create and deliver a unique curriculum.

∙         The curriculum is designed to meet the diverse skill requirements of enterprises around the world, including banks, computer services, education, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and other fields.

∙         IBM professionals and EMPI faculty will teach classes at EMPI together.

∙         IBM specialists will present real-world project challenges as well as mentor the students.

∙         Participants will learn about the latest software, real-world industry experiences, hands-on lab sessions, best practices, and case studies.

∙         IBM printed training materials.

∙         Access to a variety of IBM online resources and study materials.

∙         Visits to IBM locations for hands-on industry experience.

∙         Participate in a variety of national and international award-winning contests, such as IBM’s The Great Mind Challenge.


3.      AnalytixLabs:


Without a doubt, one of India’s greatest business analytics courses in Delhi. Apt for people who wish to learn how to use core business analytics tools like Excel, SQL, and Tableau before progressing to more advanced data science tools like R and Python.


In today’s analytics world, however, acquiring tools without understanding techniques is only half the job done. Basic statistical concepts to advanced analytics and predictive modeling approaches are covered in this business analytics course in India.


You will learn all of the skills you’ll need for a successful career as a business analyst, as well as how to address real-world challenges. This certificate program will teach you how to develop comprehensive data science abilities in data visualization, descriptive analytics, and predictive analytics in order to make better business decisions.


This course is deemed as one of the best business analytics courses in Delhi which are tailored for applicants who are looking for job-oriented business analytics certification but have no prior experience of any business intelligence or data analytics tools.


This 180-hour analytics certification course is for anyone interested in changing careers and starting a career as a business analyst in the field of data science. With the goal of providing world-class Data Science and Business Analytics skills to all aspirants, regardless of their location


Key Highlights:

∙         Suitable curriculum for people without prior background in business analytics.

∙         The course includes projects for self-study and hands-on skills.

∙         Lifetime support along with profile building, interview preparation, and job referral.

∙         Demo class.

∙         The course stretches to 180 hours.

∙         Choose between three different course formats: classroom & Bootcamp, interactive live online, or self-paced e-learning.


4.      SimpliLearn:


SimpliLearn offers one of the most advanced business analytics courses in Delhi. In cooperation with IBM, the special business analytics course in Delhi will help you enhance your career in business analysis.


In this business analytics course, you will learn the top business analysis skills with superior training from well-known and accredited industry professionals.


There are no requirements to enroll in the business analytics certification program. The business analytics course covers all the principles of business analysis, but if you’ve done any prior work in the field, you will breeze through it.


Key Highlights:

∙         Become an expert in cycle management techniques.

∙         Gaining expertise in the realm of current issues.

∙         Learning the skills needed to plan and monitor business analytics projects.

∙         Building interactive dashboards and learning tableau.

∙         Understanding SQL concepts, particularly the Universal Query Tool (UQT) and the SQL command.

∙         From the fundamentals to advanced Scrum projects, you’ll learn everything you need to know.

∙         Agile Scrum project management, apps, daily synchronization, sprint planning, and review are among the specialties.

∙         Learning the Scrum application procedure in the workplace.

∙         Excel is taught at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

∙         Understanding fundamental concepts in business analysis and the business.


5. Henry Harvin Academy:


This Academy offers one of the best business analytics courses in Delhi. Analytics skills are taught through action-oriented learning solutions created by subject matter experts with years of industry experience.


As a result, the academy can achieve its mission of empowering aspiring analytics professionals to achieve their full professional potential. Henry Harvin’s Certified Business Analysis Course teaches candidates how to master the abilities needed to work as a business analysis specialist.


This course was created by subject matter experts to help you avoid project failure by identifying and validating requirements before implementing the project.


Learn a lot about business analysis skills and how to demystify the function of a business analyst. From completing a need assessment and identifying stakeholders to testing, validation, and release, gain a thorough understanding of the business analysis processes.


Key Highlights:

∙         Attend as many batches as you want with as many different instructors as you like over the next year without paying anything extra.

∙         Assistance with internships following training.

∙         For one year, you will receive 100% placement support.

∙         Certified Business Analysis Specialist is a prestigious certification.

∙         Henry Harvin® Analytics Academy Gold Membership for a Year

∙         Support and access are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the rest of your life.

∙         Moodle E-Learning Portal Access via Mobile App.

∙         Access to more than 5 soft skills courses to improve your employability.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Is working as a business analyst a dying career in India?

A business analyst’s job isn’t going away anytime soon. A big number of companies throughout the world are actively recruiting and hiring for the position. Hence the increased demand for business analytics courses in Delhi and India in general.


  1. Who should study business analytics courses in Delhi?

Anyone who thinks in terms of data and is capable of providing solutions based on data analysis can opt for a business analytics course.


  1. Is studying a business analytics course in Delhi a good choice?

Business analytics is a fantastic alternative for anyone working in any department or business. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional looking to advance your career, business analytics will undoubtedly propel you to greater heights.




According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for management analysts (also known as business analysts) is expected to expand by 14% between 2020 and 2030, substantially faster than the national average.

This growth, however, differs depending on where you work and what area you specialize in. So, it is no wonder that business analytics courses in Delhi are in demand and the scope of business analysis is growing vastly.

Whether you come from a business analysis background and want to hone your skills or are a newbie who is about to delve into the business analysis world and wants to be primed with the integral knowledge and skills, opting to take one of the business analytics courses in Delhi mentioned above is never a bad idea.

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