Top 7 Business Analytics Courses in Chennai

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Top 7 Business Analytics Courses in Chennai

Today, education doesn’t stop with college completion. Professional courses like artificial intelligence, data analytics, business analytics, digital marketing, SEO, etc are the new trends. You can make yourself equipped with demanded skills and job-ready adeptness. Professional courses such as business analytics courses in Chennai are a godsend if you are someone looking to change your career field. Such courses by various institutes are generally shorter than years-long degrees, with the main object of imparting industry-required skills and placement opportunities.


List of best business analytics courses in Chennai


These efficient courses are precise, honing your expertise in one particular aspect rather than a whole range of subjects. This article lists business analytics courses in Chennai to look for if you desire to have a career as a business analyst. I’m assuming you are from Chennai or somewhere nearby since you are looking for business analytics courses in Chennai.


If not, let me tell you, Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, has endless options in terms of education and employment. The city bordered on one side by the Bay of Bengal and on the other by the land of Tamil Nadu is not just famous for its unique culture and south Indian cuisines. There is a popular saying in Tamil that roughly translates to ‘Chennai is the city that offers life to all who visits.’


If you are looking to equip yourself with methods and tools of business analytics, Chennai is an excellent option. Continue reading about the top 6 business analytics courses in Chennai. Before we list out the top 5 business analytics courses in Chennai in no particular order, let’s first get familiar with what business analytics is and why you should need it.


Business analytics includes expertise, practices, and tools that are used for explorative analysis of data to obtain the best results. While in the past humans made business decisions, currently, prior data on business performances makes it for them. The date of past business operations is analyzed to extract a conclusive method, plan, or decision to be applied, which proves to be valuable in business planning.


What Does ‘Business Analytics’ Mean?


Though the basic concept here is the analysis of data, it is not merely going through lumps of files with multiple data entries. As the meaning goes, analysis is where you simplify the data into processable components, while analytics is the computational analysis of data. In fact, data analysis is a subset of data analytics.


When the data, the key component of data analytics, belongs to a particular business, you get business analytics. The data can be of any kind, ranging from consumer reviews to finance. In the new age, almost everything is computerized. The human-driven method is applicable only for a small-scale business where the whole set of data is two to three files or if the business is still at an early stage.


For a large business and for one that has been around for decades, it is simply not possible. It is time-consuming and prone to error as most actions performed by us humans are. Here come the tools and programs to make the job easier for you, these technologies scan through lumps of data far exceeding the human limit, and develop insights and predictions. AI, artificial intelligence, is error-free and comes under the business intelligence subset of business analytics. 


Business Analytics is Innovative Statistics. Precisely, Business Analytics Means:

  • Processing of precedent business date
  • Identifying the sections of data that point to trends, prototypes, and causes
  • Decision-making based on the results of data processing and identifying 


In more literary terms: learn from the past. The process of business analytics involves data collection, data mining, descriptive analysis, predictive analysis, and reporting. With time, innovations and newer technologies in business analytics, directly gears business towards success and positive outcomes. Higher the sophistication, the higher the growth.


Why Do You Need Business Analytics?


One word for why you need business analytics is decision-making. Any business has to understand its customers if they plan to thrive. The decisions, plans, or schemes, should be targeted towards sales, in other words, the customers. So we place a better understanding of customers as the prime need. But it does not stop there:


  • When decisions are backed up by the data, there is very less chance to expect a downfall or an unforeseen event. Predictability benefits business operations.
  • The future is safe and planned, be it upcoming sales outreach programs, manufacturing and supply needs, or advertising campaigns.
  • The calculation of a what-if scenario can never go wrong and is made easy since you do not have to formulate an outcome or create refined algorithms for your need, the answer lies in the past data where an identical scenario has played out.
  • Business analytics simplifies and presents data value points in concise visualizations. While this enables easier reach of data, it also sparks new relations among variables in the mind of the business professional.
  • Business analytics influence marketing decisions based on customer reactions, leading to a better marketing plan with better results. Machine learning and AI study the market rapidly and ably, generating more leads.
  • Another way through which business analytics increase leads is through fragmentation of the sales cycle, by making you see which fragment of the sales cycle turns an observer into a lead, a lead into a customer, and a customer into a promoter.
  • What is a business without profit? When aiming for profit or an increased profit compared to the previous year, you take in the finance of various departments. That is large volumes of data. With business analytics, this data can invent a better budget that walks close to an assured profit.  


Scope of Data Analytics or Business Analytics


Business analytics offers a competitive advantage and is one of the most sought ways in marketing, HR, finance, etc.


  • Business analytics provides the views of the customer’s wants and habits that lead them to your business, thus ensuring a good quality customer experience.
  • Business analytics plays an excellent role in product positioning, extracting the market details of a similar product. 
  • Business analytics shows you which marketing strategy is fruitful based on customers’ reactions to produce targeted campaigns and recognize the successful cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • When the customer clusters are studied in detail, you know what the customer lacks, or to put it in other others, what your competitor lacks, thus enabling you to fill the gap. 
  • In the case of manufacturing and supply, business analytics gives a good image of the demand, so the manufacturing and supply can go accordingly.
  • Today many companies are looking forward to hiring HR personnel with knowledge in business analytics. Such an HR can analyze data to hire skilled candidates who will become a part of the company’s growth.
  • With data analytics to oversee the finances, resources can be allocated capably.


Business analytics is now a trend all over the world. Tech companies are achieving revolutionary results and visible performance escalation, together with being established as industry leaders. This would be a good time to consider a career in data analytics or business analytics as companies continue to combine big data and business intelligence. 


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Who Should Join a Business Analytics Course?


  •   If you are an engineering, science, and commerce graduates
  •   If you have analytical and logical skills
  •   If you are from KPO and BPO
  •   If you are from accounting and finance
  •   If you are from the management domain


What is the Salary to Expect in Business Analytics?


A business analyst is considered a good career choice, providing high salaries, and plentiful job opportunities since it deals with almost all sectors of employment, including government and non-profit organizations. There is also a reported record of job satisfaction and work-life balance.


The salary of a business analyst in India during the starting stage is around INR 3L per annum (INR 25K per month). It goes up to INR 15L per year (INR 1L and 25K) as experience is gained. The average annual salary is estimated to be IINR 7L per anum.


For example, a TCS employee in business analytics earns INR 6.8L per anum with an experience of  2 – 10 years, while Wipro pays INR 8.5L for the same. An IBM business analyst earns INR 8L per anum with an experience of 2 – 12 years. You can search sites regarding salary insights to know more about the companies you are interested in.


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Top 7 Business Analytics Courses in Chennai


We have listed out the top 6 business analytics courses in Chennai in no particular order so you can compare which will suit you the best. Of these 6 business analytics courses in Chennai, some are online and some are offline. Other than this, there are also global online platforms that are reachable from any place, like Coursera’s data analytics course offered by Google.  


1. Proschool


Proschool offers a 3 months program in business analytics, containing 75 above hours of live faculty-mediated training. It makes you ready for an entry-level job in business analytics for an average salary of INR 4L per anum, promising access to more than 100 classified opportunities across marketing, BFSI, and other sectors.


Their syllabus includes four modules, covering multiple topics each. They have both online classes and offline classes. The course enables the participant to attain three certificates under completion: Proschool certificate + NSDC certificate + NSE certificate (with an additional payment of INR 1700 + GST).


The course is designed for everyone irrespective of their educational background. Though they do state that basic understating of maths and statistics will be an added benefit to the participants. The faculty involves renowned professionals in the field: Varun Kumar Anguralia and Joyjeet Banerjee. The business analyst course costs INR 32000.


Apart from Chennai, their offline classes are stationed in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Banglore, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Gurugram.


Email for online classes: [email protected]

Email for live classes (Chennai): [email protected]




COPED facilitates 40 hours of workshops on business analytics. The classes are scheduled during weekends, to ensure it is accessible to working professionals. They report having produced successful business analysts from both IT and non-IT professionals. Their students have been placed in companies like Infotech, IBM, HCL, Infosys, TATA, Deloitte, etc. The training is recognized by IIBA, as an Endorsed Education Provider (EEP).  


Among the listed business analytics courses in Chennai, COPED has an additional advantage. Together with training, they also have internships available. These internships are in association with IT companies and are self-sponsored. It is aimed at passionate candidates looking forward to getting hands-on experience before being employed.


The only requirement is business analytics skills. The intern will gain knowledge and work on various tools and real-time cases. COPED has connections to top IT companies and provides placement services to the candidates once the training is over. The training locations are Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Bangalore, and Delhi. Together with the live locations, they also have the option of online classes.


Phone: +91 9742306227

Email: [email protected]


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3. Green Technologys


Green Technologys focuses on training corporates and professionals in business analytics, with no prior coding knowledge required. They only accept limited students for each batch. The trainer is a business analyst who has worked for Amazon, with 16+ experience in SAS, google analytics, data analysis, and statistical modeling.


They have flexible hours and weekend batches for working people. The job placements are guaranteed for positions in India, Dubai, Singapore, the UK, and Canada, depending on the number of projects available and the requirements of the partners. 


You can contact the number given below to arrange for two demo sessions free of cost before making a decision. The demo sessions also provide free sample study materials. They have branches across Chennai (Adyar, OMR, Tambaram, Navalur, Porur, and Perumbakkam.)


Contact: +91 8939915577

Email: [email protected]


4. Besant Technologies


Trusted by 25 million happy users, Besant Technologies provides online classes headed by industry experts in business analytics. The curriculum is highly structured, directing to the successful completion of the course with ready-to-use skills. They offer not just training but also hands-on training on real-time projects where data analytics is applied.


The qualification of the course is stated as a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, or any related subject. Their mode of teaching includes both online and offline. Tie-ups with top MNCs like TCS, Sony, Mu Sigma, Cisco, and Cognizant allow them to offer 100% job placement in Bangalore and Chennai, for which they assist in resume and interview preparation as well.


Their Chennai branches include Velachery, Omr, Tambaram, Porur, T. Nagar, Anna Nagar, Seruseri, Thiruvanmiyur, and Maramali Nagar.  


Phone: +91 8099770770

Email: [email protected]


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The certified business analyst course by EXCELR is created in a collaboration with IBM. EXCELR states that their business analyst course was put together to meet the industry requirements accurately. EXCELR is popular for its hallmark service. Their program involves training, assignments, live projects, support post-training, and placements.


Agile is dealt with as a value-added subject along with an efficient curriculum dealing with domains like Python, SAS, Tableua, etc. A blended training model is encouraged with both live online classes and pre-recorded materials. There are no particular credentials needed to pursue the course but they advise it is better to have analytical expertise, communication skills, and problem-solving skills.


The 180+ hours course cost INR 44999. Combo offers with their other courses are also available. The live virtual classroom is the only mode of teaching presented. In the end, you get an EXCELR certificate and a Steinbeis certificate with extra payment.


Phone (Chennai): +91 8591364838


6. Credo Systemz


Credo Systemz has formulated a business analytics course for participants who are clear with the basics of statistics. The curriculum begins with basic descriptive statistics and completes with data modeling. They offer a live demo, classes led by industry experts, live projects, placement support, and certification on completion. They have 1000+ satisfied learners for the 60+ hours of business analytics course. They have two branches in Chennai, one in Velachery and one in OMR.



+91 9884412301 (Velachery)

+91 9600112302 (OMR)


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7. Skill Lync


Skill Lync puts forward not just a business analytics course but a course targeted to students and beginners. The course is called business analyst fundamentals for beginners. It’s a 12-week time period and the teaching is done purely online. The features of the course include 3 live projects, mentorship from leading faculties and renowned professionals, included latest trends and innovations, and a well-built curriculum.


The Three Live Projects Are:

  1. Plan task with RACI Matrix
  2. Form a product concept as a Business Analyst
  3. Requirements gathering for migration projects


The fee for the course varies between INR 7000 to INR 15000 (monthly)


Phone: +91 9122291222

Email: [email protected] 


Now that you have understood what business analytics is and which place to look for business analytics courses in Chennai, it is time to go ahead and make a decision.




1. Who can do a business analytics course?

Apart from certain institutions that have prerequisites, it is open to anyone capable and willing. Mathematics and statistics are good to have so you can grasp the business analytics concept clearly.


2. What salary can I expect?

The average salary is reported to be INR 7L per anum. If it is an entry-level job then the salary may be lower than the average.


3. Is there a good demand for business analysts in the employment sector?

Yes, the demand is quite high.


4. Which mode is effective, online or offline?

Post-COVID online classes have been on the rise. What you have to know is if you are interested both will work. Decide according to your convenience.


5. Which among the six business analytics courses in Chennai should I choose?

That is up to you to decide. Weigh the options and the circumstances, some of them may already have started the current batch. Visit the website of those institutions listed in this article of the top 6 business analytics courses in Chennai. Go through their curriculum in detail, analyze it and understand if that is what you want. Then place a call or make a query to ask if there is a batch currently open.




A business analyst is one of the in-demand positions as businesses are taking advanced steps to take their organizations to the next level with the right decisions, which can be achieved with professional business analysts. The business analytics courses in Chennai mentioned above are highly recommended for each of the aspirants who are seeking for practical training to grab all the implementation processes of tools and techniques used for good decision making and analysis.


The courses are of extreme quality with a balanced curriculum that will assist you to develop basics to advanced skills to hone as a professional and make a rewarding career for yourself. As it is quite a technical field, you are recommended to have a good basic understanding of computers so that you can grab the concepts with ease. The courses also allow you to take part in internship programs during which you will get a complete overview of the workplace and how to force your intellect for business growth. The internship is a great way to empower yourself and build a strong understanding, the only condition is, you have to work hard and smart.


So, these were some of the best business analytics courses in Chennai, you can explore them more deeply to find what are the core areas you need to work on that these courses are focusing on. Go through the list, check out the syllabus, duration, fees, projects, and everything that appeals to you, and make the decision accordingly for your further learnings. You can truly find yourself a completely transformed person at the end of the business analytics courses in Chennai as all the courses listed here majorly focus on practical training. And of course, the internships that they provide help you to keep on track and make the best out of it.

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