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Best 10 CAT Coaching Institutes In Gurgaon

Today in this article, let’s look at the top CAT Coaching Institutes in Gurgaon that are high in demand because of their premium quality pedagogy, and experienced mentors. 

CAT Coaching Institutes in Gurgaon


MBA is one of the most desired higher education options and several CAT coaching institutes in Gurgaon have come up to educate students to crack The CAT exam and other competitive exams.


With such diligence and proclivity for higher studies, Gurgaon is today home to numerous aspiring students who want to carve a niche for themselves in the corporate world.


Technological advancement has given Gurgaon the name of the Millennium city of India. Today it is the hub for many important business organizations and fortune 500 companies. 


If you take a tour of the exquisite city, you will be amazed at the number of corporate brands that have come up in Gurgaon. They are today the main incentive for students and professionals to move to the city. Gurgaon has imbibed all the infrastructural advancements and has made it a part of Gurgaon’s intrinsic identity.


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Without any further delay, let’s look at the top 10 CAT coaching institutes in Gurgaon that ensure an organized approach to learning. They help you to overcome all difficulties that you encounter while preparing for the CAT exam. 



IIM Skills is a Pioneer Institute for providing premium professional courses to students and professionals for upskilling themselves. With industry experts, lifetime access to courses, and international certifications, you have an institute that prioritizes the welfare of the students above every other consideration. 


They offer one of the top online CAT coaching institutes in Gurgaon. Since you have online courses, you can access them from wherever you want and whenever it is convenient for you.


Other than the impeccable CAT coaching course at IIMSKILLS, you have exemplary training in different professional courses such as content writing course, technical writing course, digital marketing course, and GST course.


They not only prepare you to crack the different competitive exams., but also provide you with the training required to get premium jobs in any industry you like. 


All the courses are designed keeping in mind the industry demand and the overall manpower requirement.


Prominent characteristics of the CAT coaching program at IIM Skills. 

The CAT coaching program is divided into two variations. One is the instructor-led program and the other is the self-paced weekly online webinars.


The instructor LED program is more detailed and provides you with lifetime access to every content in the learning management system. The course fee is Rs 24999. 


The self-paced program provides you with access to the content in the learning management system for 14 months from the date of registration. The course itself is valid for 14 months. The CAT self-paced training course fee is Rs 1999. 


You have all the features of monthly webinars, mock tests, student support for CAT as well as non CAT exams, question bank that comprises problems and their solutions. 


In the detailed instruction-led program, you have weekly sessions by industry experts and personalized mentoring sessions based on your progress. And if you miss any classes, fret not. You get access to all the recorded versions of the live classes in the learning management system. 


Moreover, you have GDPI sessions that help to strengthen your confidence levels. You get video materials, presentations, ebooks, slides, and a variety of course materials that help you to understand the basics and advanced concepts of CAT thoroughly.


IIM SKILLS has superior technology-driven immersive classes. They provide you with interactive coaching and smooth access to the LMS. 


The course content covers every topic and section and provides you with miscellaneous practice materials as well to fortify your knowledge. Quantitative aptitude, verbal reasoning, data interpretation, and every small detail is covered for the CAT aspirants. 


The mentors are highly experienced and you have complete assurance of the quality of training. Furthermore, you have an unparalleled curriculum that covers all concepts with complete clarity. All these features make it one of the most formidable CAT coaching institutes in Gurgaon. You have an organized curriculum tailored to your requirements. It is prepared only after a thorough assessment test. So you can rest assured it is aligned to your needs. 


Contact 9911 839 503, [email protected]


2) Edushastra Gurgaon

Edushastra is one of the premium CAT coaching institutes in Gurgaon that specialize in training in the fields of competitive exams, business training, business courses, special education, music, spiritual, and moral education. 


They believe that work speaks for you. Therefore, they strive to provide the students with extraordinary training that provides them with incisive knowledge, and confidence-building. 


Some of the best characteristics of all the programs are affordable pricing, a flexible learning path, personalized learning, mentoring sessions, free consulting, and a money-back policy. 


CAT preparation at Edushastra 

They follow a customized blended interactive learning module that helps to provide students with a course that is tailored to their needs. The CAT training incorporates live virtual classes. They do not provide any pre-recorded lectures.


The CAT preparation exam is not just about developing and understanding the concepts that come in the CAT examination. They also concentrate on all the aspects of an individual be it personality development, assessment of skills, provide profile evaluation counselling, and assistance with the application process. 


Their pedagogy is customized according to the requirements of a candidate. They provide all sorts of guidance and assistance to bring out the best in you and maximize your productivity to crack the CAT exam. They have a system where they map the IQ parameters and group students with similar IQs in the same batch. The batches are then provided the curriculum tailored to the acumen.


  • The course fee for the live online classes is Rs 18999. 
  • The course fee for the hybrid classroom course is Rs 29999.
  • And course fee for the classroom course is Rs 28999.

It should be remembered that all these courses have a minimum of 160 hours of the expert program.


Some important points to consider

You have exhaustive study materials, personalized teaching, and mentoring sessions. There is also a test-taking strategy by the mentors. Information for the weekly test is intimated by emails to all students. 


Blackboard software and zoom are used for interactive virtual classroom sessions. The recorded sessions are available in the video membership program. You also have a special helpline for students who require more test and practice sessions. 


Contact Edushastra Gurgaon, Knowledge House, 101 DLF, Phase IV, Gurugram 122002, Phone 074 2872 4580, 9968 987 159. 


3) Alchemist Gurgaon

Alchemist has a judicious personalized mentoring approach that helps to provide a 360 degree understanding of the subjects that are part of the CAT syllabus. Its advanced features and exceptional mentor assistance make it one of the top CAT coaching institutes in Gurgaon. 


Features of the CAT syllabus at Alchemist

You have a variety of options for the CAT program at the alchemist. They are the following:

  • The CAT SWOT

The CAT SWOT preparation course fee starts from Rs 500. Here you have to take 10 adaptive tests for 10 minutes each. This helps to provide an assessment for the different topics and sections of CAT. The mentors prepare a report after assessing all the 10 tests and help to understand your competency in the different topics. They then provide you with the analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) for all the sections. The duration for this CAT module is 7 days. 


  • CAT Topic 

The CAT coaching course fee starts from rupees 3,000. You have a comprehensive curriculum that includes classes for the individual topics in the CAT section. There is a regular timetable for the tests. The faculty members are experts and help you in cracking the CAT mock exams as well as the non-CAT exams. The duration of this course is 60 days.


You have all the basic and advanced modules in the curriculum. Additionally, there is a skill assessment test for time management, speed, question choices, and conceptual clarity. 


You have the CAT skill scorecard that helps to track your progress. You also have a question bank known as a Smart Cat Mock platform that houses 21000 and more questions to practice. 


There are doubt resolution sessions and instant clarity on homework assignments. Moreover, there is a study zone for quick doubt resolution. You also have the option of weekday and weekend batches thereby making the program flexible for your convenience. 


  • CAT Section

The Cat Section Classroom and online starts from Rs 12000. It is for 180 days and all the advanced features are available to you that are present in the CAT topic section. 


  • Online Coaching for CAT, XAT, IIFT by Alchemist

This is a comprehensive course that provides coaching for all competitive exams that include XAT, NMAT, IIFT, SNAP, and others. The course fee is Rs 55000 and the course is valid till March 2022. Every feature of CAT is available along with additional mock tests, and study materials for the other competitive exams. 


Contact 1024, Sector 14, Second Floor, Gurgaon (Landmark SBI Bank) Phone 98188 10851, 730 344 5403. 


4) Career Launcher

Career Launcher was established in 2002 and since then has emerged as one of the top-rated CAT coaching institutes in Gurgaon. Not just that, it has a Pan India presence and provides education in almost all competitive exams that include Law, Business Management, Business Administration, IIT, and NEET. 


With a proper curriculum, and strategized education that emphasizes excellence Career Launcher has been shaping the careers of CAT aspirants for more than a decade now. Initially providing training for IIT aspirants only, they have over the years expanded their territory and are today recognized as a formidable force in the education sector. 


There are 3 online coaching versions for the CAT program at Career Launcher

  • MBA Premium Online Coaching 

The course fee is rupees 120000. It covers online live video classes, doubts solving sessions. You have 120 + interactive sessions, free recorded video sessions, mock tests, personal interviews, and mentoring sessions. 


You also have writing ability tests, group discussions. There are artificial intelligence-driven 7500+ practice questions. They have different levels of difficulty. It helps you to assess and track your progress and analyze your overall performance. 


  • MBA Online 2021

The MBA online 2021 program has 110+ live interactive sessions. You have masterclass recordings, physical books, pre-recorded video sessions, test series, doubt resolution, and mock tests. The course fee is 37500.


  • MBA Classic Online Classes

There is another MBA classic online program that incorporates live sessions, mock test practice sessions. There is personalized mentoring by some of the most efficient CAT aficionados. 


Moreover, you have weekly general knowledge and awareness digest, strategy sessions, percentile predictor with artificial intelligence. 


You also get actionable tips and hacks to crack the CAT exam by some of the most brilliant minds in the education department. You get advice on cracking the interviews for premium business schools to help you shortlist the best MBA colleges that would suit you best. 


Contact 8882 120 120, 730 3295 393


5) IMS Gurgaon

IMS Gurgaon prepares aspiring students and professionals for a variety of courses. Their commitment towards the welfare and excellence of students has made them of the finest CAT coaching institutes in Gurgaon. 


With comprehensive training of more than 175 hours with mock tests, video sessions, online study materials, IMS helps students to tide over difficulties and crack CAT confidently. 


You have several CAT programs both in physical classrooms and live interactive virtual classroom formats. There are also self-learning modules and test series that help students to master the fundamentals as well as the advanced concepts of CAT incisively. 


CAT Online programs at IMS

1. e-CATapult leaves the extended program. The course fee is Rs 31950 plus 18% GST. Some of the prominent features of the course are concept teaching, live sessions, video content, full-length mock tests, question banks, and one-to-one mentoring sessions. 


2. e-CATapult Live Focused 2021 Program. The course fee is rupees 24950 plus 18% GST. In this program the most prominent features are pre and post-class work, 5000 + online question banks, live sessions, customized course curriculum to focus on the weaknesses.


3. The self-learning CAT program course fee is rupees 18000 + 18% GST. It is 160 + hours of online training. The course features include live sessions, video content, workshops, hard copy books, master class series. 


You have a variety of test series that include workshops, sectional tests, video workshops, general knowledge, and awareness ebooks, intensive CAT replicated tests. The course fee depends on the test series module you take up.


Contact M – 23 First Floor, Old DLF Colony, Sector 14, Gurgaon 122001 Phone 086 5744 6667


6) Amity Institute Gurgaon

The Amity Institute Gurgaon is a member of Amity University and is regarded as one of the top-notch CAT coaching institutes in Gurgaon. It was established in 2000, and ever since has been working towards the objective of providing all sorts of assistance to aspiring candidates of CAT. 


Better known as AICE, or Amity Institute for Competitive Exams, the institute offers a plethora of courses for different competitive exams. They are dedicated to providing you with a detailed customized syllabus that will ensure success and help you build confidence. 


The different courses they offer training for are CAT, MAT, XAT, SAT, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, and others. 


They offer a variety of courses in CAT. They are listed below.


Crash Course for 7 months

The duration for the course is 200+ hours and designed for final-year students. It includes learning for 8 to 10 hours per week with mock tests, performance analysis, group discussion, personal interview sessions. 


 GD and Personality Development Program. 

This is for the duration of 90 hours and is formulated for people who are appearing for the different competitive exams mainly CAT, MAT, SNAP, and XAT.


This includes specialized GDPI sessions to get you acquainted with the admission procedure of premium business schools. You also have interview sessions and personality development classes with the help of external experts. Other than this you have two intensive classroom programs for 18 months and 12 months. 


You also have a mock test series that is customized for graduates and professionals. You have 3000+ questions and 60 tests replicated in the CAT format to provide you with a clear idea of how the exam is conducted. 


They have weekends and batches that are flexible. There are specialized classes for engineers and working professionals. They provide personalized attention to students and make a detailed analysis of the student’s progress through the different assessment tests. After that, they provide a structured approach to study and improve on the areas where the students are lacking.


Contact Power Grid Complex, Sector 43, Gurgaon Phone 0124 2385 110, 0124 3240 105


7) Handa Ka Funda

Handa ka Funda is is another of the coveted Online CAT coaching institutes in Gurgaon. With more than 1000 video tutorials, live sessions, mock tests, study materials they offer a comprehensive education in CAT. 


You have a variety of programs that include important features such as test series, videos on general knowledge and decision making, weekly live classes, and many more. 


The exhaustive curriculum helps you to understand the core elements of the different topics, and sections covered in CAT. There are proper guidelines, and a structured curriculum to give priority to the students’ needs. 


The CAT 2021 course fee is Rs 9999 + GST. The complete MBA preparation kit is Rs 12499 + GST. 


Here you have a judicious method of preparing for the basics. practicing these basics. and sharpening your skills. After that, you move on to the more complex topics and with continued practice hone your skills in those sections and topics. It is a full-proof method of covering all the concepts that are important and might come in your CAT exam. 


You also have individual classes on reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and data interpretation. All the doubts are clarified through live sessions on the weekends. Additionally, you also get tips strategies and hacks to crack the exams and prepare for the most difficult of questions. 


Contact 99823 52632


8) Apex Tutors

Apex tutors offer to help students with skill development in the different sections of CAT. They cover all the fundamental concepts and based on the performance of a CAT exam, evaluate your progress, and the areas you have to work on. 


Apex Tutors offers some of the best minds as private tutors for CAT aspirants. They are all CAT experts who are continuously striving to maintain and improve the standards of education provided to you. 


For their sincerity, they are regarded as the most reliable CAT coaching institutes in Gurgaon.


Contact 98181 03264


9) T.I.M.E

With a futuristic vision of providing more and more value to career aspirants wanting to crack the different competitive exams TIME has emerged as one of the best CAT coaching institutes in Gurgaon. 


A laser-like focus on creating the best curriculum has made them a favourite with students all over India. TIME has more than a decade of experience. The best part is the faculty members who are highly qualified and work under one of the finest mentors Mr B. Sai Kumar. 


There are complete online programs, self-study programs, and test series for CAT at the Triumphant Institute of Management Education. You get access to all the facilities like mock tests, study materials, reference materials, case studies, doubt resolution sessions. There are different modules for essay writing, group discussion, and personal interview training. 


Contact M 39, Second Floor, Old DLF Colony, Sector 14, Gurgaon 122001 Phone 9899 7622 15, 0124 400 8055


10) CAT Guroo

Cat Guroo is one of the most popular CAT coaching institutes in Gurgaon today. Not just CAT, they provide a plethora of courses and have a great success rate for students of MAT, bank exams, CTET, HTET, and others.


They have a supportive group of mentors who recommend different tips, and advice to maintain time efficiency, and speed. You get access to several mock tests, and general awareness, reference materials. They offer comprehensive coverage of all the subjects that are pertinent for CAT and other competitive exams. 


Contact Mata Road, Rajiv Nagar, Gurgaon 122021 Phone 097 11122 885



These are the top 10 CAT coaching institutes in Gurgaon that offer support in the form of course materials and soft skills development to CAT aspirants.


 Your CAT preparation is only going to improve if you practice continuously. An organized learning approach, a consistent timetable, and sincere assiduity will give you results like nothing else. 


So get prepared, enjoy the journey of learning for CAT. Once you develop the habit of enjoying what you are studying, the learning process will become easier. You will achieve great progress and yield great results. 

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