Top 8 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Netherlands

Today, everything is at your fingertips. From calling your best friend, who is sitting hundreds of miles away to getting your favorite pizza delivered to your home in minutes. With the increasing dependence of people on Internet services, the demand for people to get their businesses’ voices to people has also increased. The ability to market products online has led to a completely new profession of digital marketing. If you are interested in diving deep into this profession, then keep reading the list of the best digital marketing courses in Netherlands.



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Digital marketing has risen to a mainstream career in recent years. With the pandemic going on, businesses have learned and adapted to new ways of selling and branding their products. Today, nearly every business is online. And the ones who don’t have an online presence yet are transitioning online.


Many people are making career shifts from their traditional jobs to digital marketing jobs. There are hundreds of job openings every day for people excelling in digital marketing. With so much rise in digital platforms, digital marketing has turned out to be a lucrative profession. The best part about this profession is that it is not bounded by global boundaries.


It is a truly borderless profession. A digital marketer can work anywhere for anyone around the globe. If you are living in the Netherlands and interested in learning this skill, then you are at the right place. But before diving into the best digital marketing courses in Netherlands, let’s more about digital marketing.


What is Digital Marketing?


Digital Marketing is the way of connecting businesses with their potential customers through the means of digital products and software. People are surrounded by digital gadgets. Today, most people spend time on search engines like Google, and social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail.


The world is connected digitally by these platforms, and as marketers, we can exploit these platforms to bring leads to businesses. With the help of these platforms, businesses can promote their product to a wide array of audiences in a shorter amount of time with cost-effective methods.


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Future of Digital Marketing


Statistics report that people make more than 3.5 billion searches on Google every day. More than 1.6 billion people visit Facebook every day, and a person spends an average of 30 minutes every day scrolling through Instagram and spends more than 3 hours a day reading and sending Emails.


It’s clear from these statistics that people spend more time on digital platforms communicating, entertaining, doing business, and learning new things. And this trend doesn’t seem to fall in the near future. Everything is getting online, and there have never been better opportunities to attract customers’ attention to businesses through online marketing methods.


List of Digital Marketing Courses in Netherlands


1.   IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a leading provider of digital skills at an affordable rate. Students can attend virtual live classes taught by their world-class faculty. Their teaching methods and knowledge are up-to-date and adaptable to the changing standards of the digital industry. This institute has helped thousands of students to excel in their careers and start new careers.


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Their digital marketing course is one of the most well-sought programs on the list of the digital marketing courses in Netherlands. With their 5 months of the live training program, you will master 40 marketing modules. These 5 months are divided into 3 months of the study program and 2 months of paid internship.


The student gets to work on more than 15 live projects, 10 plus case students and will get access to tools worth more than 79,000 RS. You will receive a letter of recommendation and a certification of completion after finishing your education.



This course will help you to master the skills required to write blogs. You will gain the ability to launch your YouTube channel; you can launch a podcast on Apple, Google, or Spotify and eventually start with affiliate marketing.


Other Courses


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


2.   Udemy


Udemy is another renowned name for providing various skills at a cheaper rate. Teachers from all around the globe come forward to teach their skills and help students to master these skills. Out of many professional courses present on Udemy, we have picked the best 2 for the list of the best digital marketing courses in Netherlands.


  • The Complete Digital Marketing Course

This course will help you to grow your business online; teach you about affiliate marketing, and teach you the skills to become a freelance marketer and get hired as a digital marketing expert. You don’t need any experience to enroll in this course.


This course is divided into 12 modules, that will cover topics – Market Research, Worpress, Email Marketing, Copywriting, SEO, YouTube Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Linkedin Marketing, App Marketing, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics.


  • Digital Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Strategic Marketing

This course is offered by Oxford Learning Lab. The ideal students for this course are professional marketers, people who are starting their start-ups, marketing consultants, and website owners/managers. This course will hone you with psychology and neuromarketing techniques that will help you to outperform your competitors.


You will learn different social media strategies to drive traffic and various SEO and email marketing strategies to gain leads. In addition to that, you will learn to use various digital tools that will aid you to achieve your marketing goals.


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3.   Coursera


Coursera has its reputation for providing quality learning content offered by various universities and official institutions. It has material from big names like Google and Stanford. The benefit of enrolling for courses offered by Coursera is that you can take educational courses for free and only pay when you want to take that certification.


If you are looking for another way to get a free course then it is one of the best online digital marketing courses in Netherlands. The Digital Marketing Specialization course is offered by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After completing this course, you will be armored with skills like digital marketing, pricing strategies, marketing mix, product strategies, data collection, data analysis and visualization, and much more.


This specialization course explores various aspects of digital marketing. And it is divided into 7 mini-courses covering specific topics. You will get 8 months to complete this course at your own pace, and get a shareable certificate upon the completion of this course.


4.   Simplilearn


Simplilearn is another big name in teaching digital skills online. The courses offered by Simplilearn cover the spectrum from computing skills – cloud computing, cybersecurity, and Artificial Intelligence, to management skills like digital marketing and design thinking. With the testimony of more than 3 million trained alumni, their digital marketing courses is one of the best choice among the best digital marketing courses in Netherlands.


With the help of this online digital marketing certification course, students will gain in-depth insight into the most important domains of digital marketing. This program is co-created with Facebook.


You will learn about the various domains of digital marketing like SEO, pay-per-click, digital analytics, conversion optimization, social media, and mobile & email marketing. Additionally, you are given the opportunity to work with 45+ hands-on projects and case studies.


5.   Hubspot


Hubspot Academy is known for offering various digital learning courses online with certification and mainly free of cost. The courses offered by Hubspot are excellent sources to learn about the foundations and the roadmap to any digital skill. Hubspot is offering an excellent program for students looking for an introduction to digital marketing.


Content marketers and marketing managers can take advantage of this free course to upskill their marketing expertise. This course will teach you ways to optimize websites for search engines and hone the skills to build and grow a social media following without spending money.


Additionally, you will master the skill of creating effective ad campaigns to amplify your business’s message to a targeted audience. This course comprises 9 lessons divided into 37 videos and 4 hours of duration. This is a free certification course and an excellent start for your digital marketing career.


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6.   United International Business Schools


UIBS is a private Business school organization. Its campuses are spread all over Europe and Asia. This organization is private and accredited, hence taking a degree is legit. Out of all the digital marketing courses in Netherlands, this institute’s campus is located in the Netherlands. Therefore, you can enroll in their offline learning program.


This course is taught entirely in English; therefore, you’re required to have a good proficiency level in English. The degree program gives time flexibility to its student. A regular student will finish the degree program in 1 academic year. Whereas, part-time students can earn their degrees in 2 – 3 academic years.


If you are interested in enrolling in a degree program, then this digital marketing course is a go-to of the best digital marketing courses in Netherlands.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


7.   College of Multimedia


College of Multimedia is famous for providing professional education and training in the field of digital marketing, IT, and multimedia. This institute offers both full-time and part-time courses. The courses provided by this institute are led by industry experts and are very practically oriented.


They offer a certified digital marketing professional course. If you are living in the Netherlands or interested in learning online, this course is one of the best digital marketing courses in Netherlands. This course is offered in the hybrid learning season; you can take the course at their location in Amsterdam, or you can enroll in an instructor-led Livestream course.


This course is super beneficial for beginners. You will cover all the foundations required to kickstart your career in digital marketing. This course is divided into 10 modules that cover all the fundamentals of digital marketing.


In addition to this certification program, you will get access to a free-of-cost 12-month membership to keep you updated with digital trends and help you to learn new skills. To complete the course you have to complete a computer-based examination.


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8.   Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences


Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is an accredited Vocational University situated in the Netherlands. This university offers various bachelor’s and master’s degrees in various vocational skills. This university also offers a Master of Business with a specialization in Digital Marketing & Communication degree.


The duration of this Master’s degree program for digital marketing is 18 months. This program educates students in business administration and modules of economics and management.


In addition to the business and economics skills, this course put emphasis on digital marketing and the impact of digital marketing on businesses. If you are interested in combining digital marketing with business skills then this degree program is the best of the digital marketing courses in Netherlands.


Why You Should Enroll in Digital Marketing Courses?


All of these digital marketing courses offer you the complete picture of digital marketing. You will learn the aspects of digital marketing that will help you to excel in your career. Some of these courses are free of cost, you can start with these courses to get a better understanding of what you are getting into.


After that you can move on to paid courses, some of these courses are also offering a paid internship. There is never a better way of gaining experience as well as getting paid for it. Getting certified is not necessary for getting into digital marketing, however, after enrolling in paid digital marketing courses in Netherlands you will get proper guidance and support from teachers as well as become a part of a community that can make the path to digital marketing easier and fun.


If you go into learning everything by yourself, it will cost you a long time and you have to follow a harder path without knowing where you’re going. Learning digital marketing by yourself can be super tiring and time-consuming. Therefore, enrolling in these courses will not only teach you the skills required to become a digital marketer, but also the teachers will guide you on the right path to become the best at it.




1. Is digital marketing a good career?

Yes, digital marketing is a good career. Today, every business is getting online and is competing with their competitors to gain more leads. With the surge of social media platforms and methods of promoting products online, the demand for people qualified in the craft of online marketing has also increased. With these values, digital marketing has become a mainstream career. In addition to that, with a good amount of experience and skills a digital marketer can make a handsome amount of money.


2. Can I do digital marketing from home?

Yes, you can do digital marketing at home. You can work as a freelancer who works for remote companies or you can choose to work from home as per your company guidelines. Because of the pandemic, many companies are offering work-from-home opportunities to their clients. And in addition to that, you can also work as a digital freelancer. You don’t have to be present at the business’s location and can work from any corner of the world.


3. Is digital marketing easy?

The ease of digital marketing depends on your learning style and the amount of hard work you put into it. No profession is easy unless one puts effort into making that skill easy. Digital marketing is a skill that comes with practice and patience. You have to remain up-to-date with emerging technologies to make the best use of various platforms for marketing purposes. If you have the right guidance and you’re ready to put effort then learning digital marketing can be fairly easy, however, if you don’t remain consistent with your learning and don’t practice what you’ve learned then it won’t be as easy as it seems to be.


4. What are the benefits of learning digital marketing?

With the rise of businesses getting online, digital marketing has opened vast career opportunities for people worldwide. You have the flexibility to work from home or from any corner of the world. If you own a business then digital marketing is the best way to connect with your potential customers. It is highly cost-effective and offers high returns on investment. It will also help you to globalize your business and you can connect with international clients at the base of your fingertips.




Digital marketing has completely revolutionized the way businesses interacted with their customers. Today, building a good social media image is as important as building better products. Nowadays, it is very likely a business may go unnoticed without having a positive brand image despite their best quality products. Whereas, a business with average products but with amazing digital marketing is making skyrocketing profits. Digital marketing is a well-sought career. Many people have taken the advantage of work-from-home opportunities and are working as freelance digital marketers. And many are holding very high positions in companies as digital marketers. Our life is widely based on online products and as a business person, there has never been a better opportunity to reach a wider audience. Getting into digital marketing will add new skills to your armor. With the help of the digital marketing courses in Netherlands you can make a significant change in your career which can lead to fruitful results in a longer span of time.


Top 7 Certificate Courses in Finance Accounting and Taxation in India

Are you looking forward to a solution to financial management for your business? Are you a commerce student looking forward to learning skills to increase your chances to get your dream position in your dream company? If you are a tax expert looking forward to mastering the new taxation system, then you are at the right place. In this article, we have shared the list of best certificate courses in finance accounting and taxation in India that will help you to excel in your career.


List of best Certificate courses in finance accounting and taxation in India


Learning accounting and taxation skills are super beneficial for people from commerce backgrounds and for budding entrepreneurs and businessmen. The demand for people fluent in the new taxation system along with accounting skills is on the rise. Small to medium size companies and businesses need people who can both manage their finances as well as align their finances with the new taxation system.


Budding entrepreneurs and businessmen can benefit by learning to supervise their own accounts without worrying about hiring an extra workforce. These certificate courses in finance accounting and taxation in India will help you acquire the knowledge required to manage both the accounting and taxation part of a business. But before diving into the list of best certification courses in India, let’s learn more about accounting and taxation.


What is Financial Accounting and Taxation?


Financial accounting is the way to document all the transactions a business has made over a period of time. A financial accountant has to manage all the financial records, accounts, sales records, tax filings, and other accounting tasks. And they work with various financial documents like balance sheets, cash flow statements, income statements, and other documents that represent a financial work of a business.


And the taxation system is the set of rules operated by the government and applied to all business transactions. The Government of India introduced a new taxation system in 2017. Although it is called one nation one tax, it has complexities that are not easily understood by common folks.


Businesses need qualified and well-experienced people to keep up with the taxation norms and keep their accounts under control. With that being said, no matter how large a business is, it requires people who are proficient in managing the accounting part of their work as well as aligning their finance with the taxation.


Although large corporations hire individuals for separate work, many small to medium-size businesses need people who are well experienced in managing both the accounting and taxation part of their business. Thus, with the help of these certificate courses in finance accounting and taxation in India, you will learn the skills and tools required to become proficient in both of these concepts.


Here is a Guide to Cost Management Accounting in India


Certificate Courses in Accounting and Taxation in India

1.    IIM Skills


IIM Skills is the most renowned name in the digital education industry. This institute is a leading provider of digital skills. In their 5 years of career, they have trained more than 14,000 students to move ahead on the ladder of their careers. This institute offers educational courses in topics ranging from digital marketing to business accounting.


The best part about enrolling in this institute is that you get lifetime access to course material as well as lifetime support from teachers. All the courses are taught by industry experts who are up to date with the latest developments in their niche. Their BAT course is one of the best certificate courses in finance accounting and taxation in India that is available online and offers in-depth knowledge of these concepts.


This course is 4 months live course offering more than 120 hours of lectures and allowing you to work 60 plus hours on practical assignments. The curriculum of this course is divided into 6 modules, each module teaching various concepts of accounting and taxation in detail. In the first module, you will spend 25 hours learning the basics of accounting and accounting in Tally from basic to advanced.


In the next module, you will cover the basics of GST and GST in Tally. You will cover concepts like registration under GST, E-way bill in GST, recoding of GST entry in Tally, and GST filing. The third module will cover the basics of TDS and TDS in Tally, followed by module four which will cover the basics of payroll and payroll in Tally.


And then module 5 will in-depth cover Income tax with Tally. You will learn the basics of income tax with Tally and also learn the income tax e-filing. And in the last module, you will learn advanced excel and MIS reporting.


Other Courses

IIM Skills BAT Course free demo invite

2.    Udemy


Udemy is a well-known platform for connecting teachers with students around the world. It has a vast database of thousands of videos taught by instructors at a reasonable price to learners all around the globe. All the courses provided on this platform are self-paced and have lifetime access. With so many certificate courses available on this platform, we have picked the best for you.


Complete Accounting and Taxation Course


This course is taught by a Tally authorized institute faculty. This course covers Tally prime, Income tax and TDA, GST, its concepts, and Double Entry Accounting Systems. Alongside the learning material, you will get to work on quizzes, assignments, and practice tests and get access to the soft copy of the learning material.


The series consists of 249 lectures worth 32 hours. This extensive course will help you to cover all the basics of accounting and in-depth lectures on Tally Prime. All the seven sections cover different aspects of accounting and taxation and cover each section in depth. From the downloading of TallyPrime to company creation to TCS Reports and Returns everything is covered in detail about TallyPrime.


If you want to extensively focus on TallyPrime, then this course covers all the features of Tally in dept. In addition to that, the teacher has covered GST concepts like knowing Pan Card Status, GST registration, GST returns, GST Tax computation, and GST Application for Refund in depth.


The taxation section covers the introduction of taxation to the complex concepts like a tax audit, how to file ITR, TDS on salary, and return status. Additionally, the instructor has offered a teaching a beginner to advanced MS Excel course.


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3.    National Institute of Financial Markets


National Institue of Financial Markets is a private vocational training institute. This institute focuses on various short-term job-oriented skills in the financial sector. They offer courses like the stock market, share market, tax-saving instruments, and other subjects like the forex market and insurance sector.


National Institue of Financial Markets offers a diploma in financing accounting, auditing, and taxation. The prerequisites to enroll in this course are candidates should have the minimum qualification of 10+2 or graduation and should be well-versed in using computers and MS Office. Their diploma course is best for students, entrepreneurs, and freelancers interested in getting their work better by learning more about accounting and taxation systems.


This course is 6 months long and is available in both weekday batches and weekend batches. The course is divided into 6 modules that cover the concepts like accountancy, GST, TDS/TCS, Tally ERP 9 with GST, Income Tax, and Auditing in detail. You will get trained by industry experts and receive a certification after completing the course. The teachers will guide you if you are interested in becoming a freelancer or starting your own business.


4.    Edu Bridge


Edu Bridge is another institute that provides digital skills to youth to make them understand their strength and build future skills to excel in their lives. For more than a decade, this team of IIM alumni and professors has trained over 150,000 youth and helped more than 100,000 people to get successfully placed in companies across the country.


Edu Bridge offers a certification program in accounting and taxation with GST and Tally. This is an offline course that covers 300 hours of learning which includes concepts like bookkeeping fundaments, accrual accounting, ratio, cash flow analysis, stock valuation, Tally, GST, Payroll Taxation, and TDS. In this course, you will get hands-on experiences with various real-life-based scenarios, quizzes, and other practical homework on Microsoft Excel and Tally Prime.


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5.    University Programs


Many top colleges and universities in India are offering financial accounting and taxation courses. The duration of their course is 1 year. And the eligibility to enroll for this course is to have 50% plus marks 10+2 from a recognized board. The course is divided into two semesters.


In their certificate courses in finance accounting and taxation in India, you will learn the fundamentals of accounting and taxation, and learn how to incorporate Tally with GST, cost management, MS Excel, and other tools to enhance your learning and understanding of accounting and taxation.


Some institutes that offer degree and diploma courses in finance accounting and taxation are Maharishi Dayanand Vocational Training Institue, AKB Institue of Finance and Management, Nabari Commerce College, and Delhi Technological University. To learn more about the fee structure and course curriculum you can visit their respective websites.

IIM Skills BAT Course free demo invite

6.    Indian Institute of Skill Development Training


IISDT is a government-authorized assessment agency that helps in empowering youth with skills to scale their career. This authority has more than 750 courses available and has trained over 75,000 thousand students. It is a very cost-effective option out of the certificate courses in finance accounting and taxation in India.


IISDT offers a diploma in accounting and taxation. Their course is priced at 2,000 Rs. After completing the study material, you have to pass the online examination to receive the certification. This certificate is valid for a lifetime and authorized by a government body.


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7.    Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is another prominent provider of digital skills in India. They provide various programs that include skill programs, college programs, and corporate programs. They have helped more than 3,00,000 students to excel in their careers. Henry Harvin offers another good certification course of the certificate courses in finance accounting and taxation in India.


With the help of their course, you will learn the basics of accounting and taxation, learn about GST, income tax, business income, and taxation concepts and gain a deep insight into TCS and TDS. With their master’s faculty, you will gain worthy experience and will get.


Their certification course is divided into 6 modules that consist of a GST practitioner course, income tax course, financial statement analysis, advanced Tally ERP 9, advanced excel, and HR payroll management. And in addition to that, you will have access to two complementary modules that will teach you soft skills and resume writing.




1. What are the benefits of enrolling in certificate courses in finance accounting and taxation in India?

The certificate courses in finance accounting and taxation in India will help you to get well-rounded knowledge regarding accounting and taxation in India. If you are a commerce student or someone interested in working in the accounting sector in India, then these courses can help you a lot in your path to getting a job. Most of these courses have covered tools like Tally and Excel in depth which you will not find as thoroughly covered anywhere. And as an entrepreneur and business owner, these courses will guide you to handle the accounting and taxation of your business. Additionally, the teachers are knowledgeable and highly experienced that can help you solve your problems and guide you on your career path.


2. Can I learn accounting and taxation by myself?

Finance accounting and taxation are the important aspects of any business. Every business needs to take care of their financial expenditure, gains, losses and the taxes to be paid on their services and products. To learn these topics you have to be mindful to find the right tools and information that connect accounting and taxation together. It will take a lot of time to find good information on topics like Tally, Excel, accounting terms, and taxation and its terms. Although you can learn accounting and taxation by yourself, doing so will be full of troubles and can lead to a waste of time. But by enrolling in certificate courses in finance accounting and taxation in India you will get access to the comprehensive curriculum right under your fingertips. The teachers have organized the curriculum in such a way that it covers all the aspects of these topics and teaches you how to connect the dots. You don’t have to worry about finding resources on various topics, and the teachers will guide you through every stage of learning.


3. What is the scope of learning finance accounting and taxation in India?

People from a commerce background have a wide scope after enrolling in certificate courses in finance accounting and taxation in India. These courses will help you to hone skills that are required for you to become a financial analyst, tax analyst, or personal finance or tax consultant to businesses, entrepreneurs, or individuals. Businesses need people who can use digital tools to manage their business’s financial data and accounts. In addition to that, you can also opt to work as a GST practitioner. The introduction of the new taxation system in India has increased the demand for people who have mastered the new taxation system and can help companies and individuals manage their finances according to the newer taxation system.


4. Who can enroll for the certificate courses in finance accounting and taxation in India?

Although there is no strict prerequisite to enroll in certificate courses in finance accounting and taxation in India, these courses are ideal for people from commerce backgrounds. If you are a commerce graduate, a charted accountant, or a tax expert then these courses can help you add new skills to your armor and you can perform better in your career. Whereas, if you are an entrepreneur or someone looking to start a startup then learning accounting and taxation skills will help you manage your finances and taxes.




Accounting and taxation are part of every single business. No matter how large or small a business is, it has to keep records of its finance and pay taxes as per the taxation rules. People who are trained in both skills come in handy for businesses to manage their accounts and manage their tax filing and returns. Hence, for people who are studying in the commerce stream or are already working in jobs in the commerce sector, these skills are highly valuable for a long-term career.


And if you are a budding entrepreneur or a businessman, then you may not need to hire additional people to manage your business’s accounts. By enrolling in these courses you can acquire the required knowledge to manage your accounts. With the help of these finance accounting and taxation courses, you can master these skills. All of these courses are designed in a way to armor you with the essential knowledge and teach you all the necessary tools required to excel in this career.