Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in New Zealand

The world is becoming technologically driven, and creative writing courses are more popular than ever in response to societal changes, hence people need these skills more than ever. It requires the writer to think creatively. To cope with the technological changes and increasing audience knowledge, writers need to work hard and write stories about anything and everything better than ever. It is possible by attending creative writing courses in New Zealand.


List of best creative writing courses in New Zealand


There are courses designed for writers to become better and more innovative writers. They teach people how to write engagingly, and they also teach them how to be creative with their work. This article provides a list of some of the top-rated creative writing courses in New Zealand and suggests what level each course is aimed at. Creative writing courses are a great way to learn to express oneself through words. But before we learn about creative Writing, we should also consider the styles of writing.


Let Us Understand the Types of Writing Styles in Brief as Follows:


1. Expository Writing Style: The style of writing provides information to the reader in a clear and organized way. The writer uses various techniques to explain or show the reader what they are talking about. The exposition is often used for informative purposes and can be found in research papers, essays, blog posts, and articles.


2. Descriptive Writing Style: A descriptive writing style uses vivid details to create a mental picture of the described object, person, or event. This writing style is used to make an event more memorable or to evoke a particular mood from the reader. It is often used in fiction, poetry, and non-fiction.


3. Narrative Writing Style: Narrative writing style is a type of Writing that tells a story with an introduction, plot, climax, and conclusion. The narrative style is often used in creative writing to captivate readers and keep them interested in the story.


4. Persuasive Writing Style: Persuasive writing is a type of writing style that states a point of view and tries to convince the reader to adopt that point of view. Persuasive writing is widespread in most genres of writing. It is used in many texts, from essays to advertisements. Persuasive Writing can persuade readers about a product or service, an idea or opinion, or anything else for which the writer has a point of view.


Let Us Understand What Creative Writing Is.


Creative writing is a term that has no strict definition. Creative writing is a genre in which writers can express their thoughts and imagination freely. Any set rules and regulations do not bind it. It can be seen as an umbrella term for all types of written work, including fiction and non-fiction.


Creative writing is using one’s imagination to create content that is not merely factual. It can be seen as a form of art often done to express oneself or one’s emotions and not for a particular audience or purpose. It is not an easy skill to master, but with the proper guidance, anyone can learn it.


This type of writing is not limited to any specific style or format and can include science fiction, poetry, drama, or even journalism. It is a form of writing that is not bound by the conventions of traditional genres, such as essays or biography. It can be lyrical and personal or more structured and impersonal, which we can get to know by attending creative writing courses in New Zealand.


Creative writers are widespread in fiction and journalism because they must be able to create a story that is believable to the reader. Creative writers also need command over grammar, usage, punctuation, and sentence structure before looking to learn Creative Writing Courses in New Zealand.


Elements of Creative Writing:


The following are the elements of creative writing you should understand:


Character: A character is a person, animal (real or imaginary), or object in a work of fiction, drama, or other narratives.

Dialogue: Dialogue is a literary technique that presents a conversation or monologue in written form. Dialogue can be used to reveal characters and motivations, to make the story more interesting, to provide information, or to advance the plot.

Genre: Genre is a type of literature. There are many genres, including Biography, Comedy, Drama, Fiction, Humour, Narrative, Novel, Prose, Science Fiction, Tragedy, etc.

Narration: Narration is the act of describing something as if it only happened.

Plot: Plot is often used to refer to the sequence of events inside a story full of tension and suspense.

Scene: A scene is a unit of dramatic action in a play, film, or narrative story.

Style: Style is a set of guiding principles that determine how language is used in the context of a document. It is a way of using words to convey meaning and emotion, sometimes to persuade or inspire.

Suspense: It is the element of curiosity and excitement that the reader feels when they are waiting to know what will happen next in the story.

Theme: A theme is a framework a writer will explore in detail.

Tone: one is the attitude a writer takes towards their subject. Various tones can be used in writing, such as Formal Tone, Informal Tone, Offensive Tone, etc.


Importance of Creative Writing Courses:


Creative Writing courses are a great way to get started with writing. Creative writing courses are not just for aspiring writers. They are helpful even to writers with some experience. The courses are an excellent choice for those who want to pursue a career in creative writing or to improve their writing skills by attending any creative writing courses in New Zealand.


Professional writers or professors typically teach creative writing courses with experience in the field. They teach you the basics of creative writing, such as how to write a story, develop characters, and write dialogue. They provide inspiration and new ideas to writers. Creative writing courses teach students how to create compelling stories that will captivate readers and keep them interested in the story.


Creative writing courses also teach students how to use different literary techniques like symbolism, imagery, etc. Creative writing courses teach students the skills they need to become successful creative writers. These courses will help you develop your creativity, hone your technique, and teach you how to write with clarity and power. Attending any creative writing course allows you to work on your creative projects and get feedback from peers and tutors.


Future of Creative Writers:


Creative writing courses are becoming more prevalent in the world of education. These courses help the students to improve their writing skills to sharpen their future. Reputed universities, colleges and institutes offer creative writing courses in New Zealand. This is because the demand for creative writers is increasing day by day. Creative writing jobs are challenging but have many perks and benefits.


Many teachers and students find that creative values and skills are strengthened during these courses as students spend time focusing on the process of creating rather than completing a piece of work. Creative writing involves often writing to be published and creating entertaining and fulfilling works for readers.


Creatives writing courses require instructors to teach students various topics and skills, including persuasive writing, creative nonfiction, poetry, memoirs, fiction, playwriting, etc. The future of creative writers looks pretty bright. There will be more opportunities to write creatively in the future, pushing the demand for these skills even further.


Here are a few other best courses in New Zealand you must consider


Scope in Creative Writing:


The scope of Creative Writing is vast and varied. Creative writing courses in New Zealand are a great way to learn the basics of creative writing. Creative writing courses in New Zealand can help you explore your creativity, learn to write creatively, and enjoy the process. Creative writing courses are not only for aspiring novelists.


They can be taken by anyone who wants to improve their skills in the field of creative writing, whether it is poetry, fiction, or screenplays. Creative Writing courses in New Zealand can be taken as standalone or as degree programs. Students can choose from various courses that offer different levels of specialization.


These courses are generally top-rated and can be taken by people of all ages. Creative writing has a broad scope, making it a very flexible field to pursue. Most creative writing courses in New Zealand will teach students how to write fiction, screenplays, poetry, and essays. The courses may also teach students about the publishing industry and how to get published in magazines or books.


There are several creative writing courses available. Some students want to pursue a career in the field, while others are for those who want to improve their skills. There is no single type of Creative Writing course because the scope is so broad. Some workshops, degree programs, certificate programs, and even online courses provide insight into this field.


These courses are offered by different universities, colleges, and institutes worldwide. The scope of these courses can vary from short-term workshops to long-term degrees.


Top 10 Institutes Offering Creative Writing Courses in New Zealand:




IIM Skills is one of the best creative writing courses in New Zealand that you can attend if you want to learn how to write creative content for books, fiction, non-fiction, poems, scripts, and dialogue placements. It offers skill development courses for working professionals, students & entrepreneurs worldwide.


They have trained more than 15000 professionals from over 35 countries across the globe. It has been a part of the industry for several years. Since its inception, it has been ruling the writing industry with its dedicated and experienced faculties with 12+ years of industry experience. Their focus is on the practical approach to learning.


It is one of the most sought-after institutes for people who want to learn how to write creatively. Creative writing is one of the modules of their Content Writing Course. It is one of the best writing courses in the world. The course curriculum includes 16 modules.


By doing this course, you can gain mastery over the following concepts, including working on word press, blogs, articles, press releases, product descriptions, business listings, commercial pages, e-books, book reviews, copywriting, video scripts, SEO, resume, portfolio, brochures, flyers, infographics, legal writing, research paper and many more.


Key Features of the Course:

  • Four weeks of live online sessions
  • three months of guaranteed optional internship
  • 30 hours of training which includes (16 hours of lectures + 14 hours of internship sessions)
  • Free tools worth 35k
  • Freelancing career opportunities
  • Certification of completion



Other Important Courses from IIM SKILLS You Can Have A Glance:


2. Massey University, Wellington:


Creative Writing courses are a great way to explore the world of Writing and determine if it is the right career choice for you. Massey University offers the following creative writing courses at its Wellington campus:


  • a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, an undergraduate degree.
  • a Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Writing, a postgraduate qualification that takes one year to complete.


The course has been designed for anyone who wants to explore the world of Writing and find out if it is the right career choice for them. The creative writing course covers various genres, such as memoirs, fiction, poetry, and screenwriting. The creative writing course is also offered as a stand-alone course, a prerequisite for the Creative Writing and Publishing degree program, or as an elective in other BA programs. Massey University offers the Creative Writing program in Wellington, New Zealand, as well as online courses.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


3. Victoria University of Wellington:


The Victoria University of Wellington is a public university in New Zealand that provides a range of courses and degrees. They offer creative writing courses in New Zealand for those interested in learning more about the art and craft of Writing.


It offers two undergraduate degrees – Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) and Bachelor of Arts (Literature). The former teaches how to write creatively, while the latter focuses on teaching students how to read, analyze, and understand literature.


Must check out the best Online Creative Writing Courses


4. Coursera:


Creative Writing is a top-rated course on Coursera, which offers free online courses from top universities and professors. There are many different types of creative writing courses available on Coursera that can help you develop your skills and understand the industry. Award-winning authors and world-renowned writing instructors teach them.


Creative writing courses on Coursera are designed to help aspiring writers learn the craft of fiction and non-fiction writing. In some of their most popular courses, you can learn how to write novels, your personal life, and narrative storytelling.


The Course Curriculum for These Courses Includes:

  • Fiction and non-fiction techniques
  • Personal narrative
  • Memoir
  • Essay writing


Students can take these online classes at their own pace without deadlines or due dates. The creative writing courses in New Zealand are open to anyone interested in writing fiction and non-fiction.


5. Auckland University of Technology:


The Creative Writing course at Auckland University of Technology is a three-year undergraduate degree. It is the only university in New Zealand that offers this degree. The university offers two courses, one for English and another for Maori students. The course has a strong focus on writing in terms of academic essays and creative Writing.


  • The first year of the course consists of workshops on various aspects of Writing and literature, as well as seminars on different genres such as short stories, novels, screenplays, and poetry.
  • In the second year, students will be allowed to study a range of texts from around the world, focusing on how they are written.
  • The third year will be devoted to honing their creative writing skills through workshops covering publishing, editing, and illustrating topics.


The course is designed for students who wish to study English Literature and Language or Creative Writing and Culture across literature, language, and culture disciplines. Students will concentrate on exploring texts that examine the relationships between language, culture, and power through different lenses of literary analysis (such as gender, race, or sexuality).


6. Edith Cowan University:


Edith Cowan University offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and Literature. The course is designed for aspiring writers or those who want to improve their existing skills and for professionals seeking new ways to develop their creativity. The program is delivered over three years, with students studying at ECU’s Perth campus two days per week and completing a 12-week internship at an approved publishing company or literary agency each year in semester two.


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7. The New Zealand School of Creative Writing, Auckland:


The New Zealand School of Creative Writing is a private tertiary institution in Auckland, New Zealand. It offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in creative writing and related fields. The NZSW is an internationally recognized provider of high-quality education in creative writing, literature, and publishing.


The school also offers professional development opportunities for writers, publishers, and teachers and public programs such as workshops, lectures, and performances. It also provides a Master of Creative Writing. There is a strong emphasis on teaching the craft of Writing: developing skills and techniques, exploring new ideas, and developing the writer’s voice. The school welcomes students from around the world to study creative Writing courses in New Zealand.


8. Udemy:


Udemy is a global marketplace for online education. It offers various online courses on different subjects, including creative writing. Creative writing courses on Udemy are designed to teach students how to improve their skills in this area. They also provide insights into publishing and how to make it as a writer.


You can find various courses that focus on different aspects of creative writing, such as how to write a novel or how to write short stories. Udemy courses are a great way of learning creative writing skills. There are many courses available on Udemy that will teach you how to write creatively and how to improve your writing skills.


Some of the Popular Udemy Creative Writing Courses Include:

  • Creative Writing for Beginners
  • Writing Fiction with Narrative
  • Writing Fiction with Characters
  • Creative Writing for Kids


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9. edX:


EdX is an online learning platform that offers high-quality education in more than a hundred disciplines. The creative writing courses on edX are open and accessible to anyone with access to the internet. The EdX Writing courses allow you to learn how to write well and creatively and explore the different ways writing can be used in your life.


You will learn about different writing genres, such as essays, memoirs, fiction, and poetry; explore the principles of storytelling, and develop your voice. The edX courses help New Zealand learners build a solid English language foundation. The courses are designed for people who want to improve their English skills and those who want to learn more about the culture of New Zealand.


The edX Course Curriculum Includes 

  • English language,
  • writing,
  • reading,
  • listening and
  • speaking skills.


Learners can choose from a variety of topics that they want to study, such as “English for Work” or “English for Tourism”.


You can also check out the in-demand Creative Writing Courses in India


10. Skillshare:


Skillshare is an online platform for acquiring new skills. It provides access to various courses that cover topics like creative writing, business, technology, and more. The courses are designed by experts in their respective fields who share their knowledge with the participants. The courses are usually self-paced and can be taken at any time of the day.


With Skillshare, you get access to several online classes taught by experts from all over the world. You can sign up for free and take a course on your schedule without having to leave your home or office. They provide various courses for people in all professions and interests.


The Course Curriculum for the Writing Section is As Follows:

  • Introduction to Creative Writing: Discover the fundamentals of creative writing and unleash your creativity with this introductory course.
  • Writing Essays and Reports: Learn how to write essays and reports in various formats, from persuasive arguments to informative reports.
  • Copywriting Fundamentals: This course will teach you how to write copy that sells, including persuasive headlines, captivating introductions, and compelling body copy.
  • Advanced Copywriting Techniques: Take your copywriting skills to the next level with this advanced course that covers topics like SEO, email marketing, landing pages, and conversion rate optimization.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What does a creative writing course include?

Creative writing courses are a great way to start in the creative world. These courses teach you about the different types of creative writing, including poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. They also teach you how to explore your creativity and develop your skills as a writer. Experienced writers usually teach creative writing courses with years of experience in their respective fields. They share their knowledge with students who want to learn how to write creatively and improve their skills as a writer. Creative writing courses can be found at different levels, depending on your deck or the type of courses you want to take.


2. Is a creative writing course worth it?

Creative writing courses are a great way to improve your writing and storytelling skills. Creative writing courses will teach you how to turn your ideas into a story and engagingly tell that story. Some people think that creative writing courses are not worth it because they believe they can teach themselves or find information online for free. However, there is no substitute for the knowledge and experience you get from taking a course with an instructor with years of experience teaching this subject matter.


3. Do creative writers born or made?

Creative writing courses teach people how to learn the craft of creative writing. Creative writers are not born but made. Creative writing courses teach people how to write creatively and with passion.


4. Are creative writing classes difficult?

Creative writing courses are often seen as challenging to learn, but this is not the case. They require a lot of time and effort, but this is true for any other skill you might want to master.




In this article, I gave a detailed view of the creative writing course, the elements of creative writing, the importance of creative writing courses, the future of creative writers, the scope of creative writing, and the list of top 10 creative writing courses in New Zealand. Before joining a course, attend a demo session and proceed as you wish. Above all, habituate to write daily at least 200 words a day. This will fetch you to become a good writer in the long run.