Top 9 Content Writing Courses in Vizag With Placements

Are you planning to do content writing courses in Vizag? If your answer is “Yes”, then this blog is for you. It is going to help you to understand different concepts of content writing, and it will provide you with the details of content writing Institutes available in Vizag. 


Content Writing Courses in Vizag Advisor Uncle


We have done extensive research for you to help and find out the best content writing courses in Vizag. In our research, we have considered many parameters for our analysis such as course details, fee structure, alumni review, job insights, and many more. Hope you will enjoy this read.


The chances are very high that you might be having so many questions in your mind at this point like, what is Content Writing? What are the different kinds of content writing? Why is content so important today? What are the career opportunities available for content writers? 


Through this article, we will try our best to explain the answers to these. This will help the readers to decide and can be in a better position to select the best content writing courses in Vizag.


What is Content Writing?


The content will ultimately affect or influence your potential audience to take action or make a call to buy your product or service. In simple words, the article, which you are reading now, is helping you in making a career decision. 


This is nothing but the result of a content writer’s rigorous effort to come up with a list of best institutes that might be helpful to decide your future. This is how content writers create value for their target audiences.


What is the Different Type of Content Writing?


The scope of a content writer is increasing day by day as the content writer is required in many industries like finance, healthcare & science, software & technology, travel & adventure, advertisement & marketing, beauty, e-commerce, automobile, and many more. As content writers, we have to do many things because clients’ needs are different and the writing niches required to fulfill those requirements are different. 


So, let’s look into the different types of content writing skills, which are mostly in demand and asked by the clients. This will not only help you to understand the type of content writing a content writer does, but also it will help you to decide the best fit institute for you.


Blog Writer 

A blog writer is someone who converts complex topics into simple warm conversations for their target audiences. This type of writing requires hours of planning, research, drafting, and editing. 

It may happen that the content writer may not have adequate knowledge about the topic for which he/she will be writing the blog. In that case, the writer may collaborate with a Subject-Matter Expert (SME) and take an interview and take their quotes that bring more credibility to the content. 

Not only does the writer do this but also demonstrates his/her SEO expertise, performs keyword research, optimizes the content, and chooses a great blog title to ensure the purpose of the client is met. 

A Blog Writer Generally Writes Below Writings

● Blog Posts

● Interviews

● Articles

● Research paper


SEO Content Writer 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical component of digital marketing in this digitized world. The process of planning, drafting, and optimizing material for high search engine rankings is known as SEO writing. 

Hence, the role of an SEO content writer is so critical these days. An SEO content writer has to apply all his/her skills to optimize the content for search engines. Additionally, SEO helps readers understand the information well, by using bold headings and subheads, bullets, small paragraphs and sentences, and so on.


Brand Journalist

Brand journalists are amazing storytellers. They write press releases, customer stories, etc to show your brand in a positive light. A brand journalist generally writes below writings:

● Brand stories

● Customer stories

● Press releases

● Internal communications

● Company bios

● Interviews


Ad and Promo Writer 

Ad and promo writers’ jobs are very creative. Their writing involves both online and offline content. The key skill in Ad and promo kind of writing is to produce powerful messages quickly within character count limits. 

Hence Ad and promo Writings are always CTA (call to action) focused. A lot of research is carried out among the customers before developing this kind of content. An Ad and promo writer generally writes the below writings:

● Advertising copy

● Blogs

● Flyers and Brochures

● Social Media Content

● Direct mail copy

● Landing pages

● Product descriptions



In today’s online world, many people and brands are not able to manage their content writing needs, and they outsource these activities to agencies that offer content writing under the classification of ghost-writing.

A ghostwriter’s name will never appear at the end of published articles because the content will always be published in the name of the person for whom you are writing. Ghost-writing is difficult since a ghost-writer must think like a company’s CEO, CTO, or other high-ranking executives.

A Ghost-Writer Generally Writes Below Writings

● Articles

● White papers

● eBooks

● Thought leadership

● Website copy

● Off-page content


Technical Writer

A technical writer makes highly technical stuff more understandable for others. They provide in-depth technical explanations about computer hardware and software, biotechnology, aeronautics, biochemistry, consumer electronics, robotics, engineering, etc. 

A Technical Writer Generally Writes Below Writings

● How-Tos

● User Manuals

● Instructions

● Guides

● FAQs

● UX (User Experience) Messaging


Social Media Writer

In today’s world, it will not be wrong if we say the social media writer is the brand’s spokesperson. They release content on social media to spark conversations and interactions every day. 

It’s not all about snappy language and smart hashtags when it comes to social media content. It’s also fast-paced and technical. They have to produce different content for different social media keeping the target audience in the center of the social media post.

A Social Media Writer Generally Writes Below Writings

● Social media posts

● Interactive content

● Quizzes

● PR outreach

● Platform-specific content



In multimedia projects, the scriptwriter plays a very important role. The scriptwriter doesn’t just use his storytelling method to deliver the message; he also imagines how words on a page will eventually convert to richer forms like videos and podcasts.

A Scriptwriter Generally Writes Below Creative Writings

● Video scripts

● Podcast scripts

● Chatbots

● Radio/audio advertising

● Explainer video scripts

● Motion graphics scripts

By now you might have got an idea of the type of skills you have to accrue to become a great content writer. In simple words, Content writing is not and shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. As producing quality content is so complicated, a range of writing specialists exists to satisfy the needs of clients.



Why has Content Writing become so Important Today?


It’s not that content writing was not important before. We all are witnessing the change very closely. Covid 19 crisis has accelerated this transformation. New technologies like Artificial Intelligence, automation, and robotics are the key drivers towards mechanization and digitalization.


 In simple words, we can say that Covid-19 has accelerated digitalization growth. Digitalization is not possible without content and content marketing. Let’s see how content and content marketing play an important role in digitalization.


●    Customer Stickiness for A Long Time – Great content creates positivity and trust in the customer’s minds.

●    Better Social Media Traction – Social media is the key in today’s competitive age, it’s only the trendy/creative content that can help to increase your social media followers to be more competitive.

●    Generate Quality Leads – When someone views your content, it reveals that he is interested in it, and many times the call-to-action (CTA) in your content generates new quality leads for your sales team.

●    Better Communication between Customer and Brand – The content which the brand posts on different social media opens up a new communication channel between the customers and the brands. 

It not only helps the companies to pass on the information which they want to convert to the customers but also helps the brand to understand customers’ reactions/ feedback.

●    Business Becomes More Visible, Thanks to SEO – From SEO’s perspective, Content is the King. The consistency and the quality of your content will determine your SEO performance. The better you manage your SEO, the greater success you will get in your business success.

●    Position Your Brand as an Industry Leader – When a reader is reading your content, he is expecting some value in your content. If your content is well researched and well-presented, then it will not only help the reader to trust you, but also will position your brand as the industry export.


There are many benefits of content and content marketing. The above-mentioned points are a few examples of content marketing benefits. Hope this will provide you with a perspective of how content and content marketing play an important role in digitalization.


What are the Career Opportunities Available for Content Writers? 


To give a fair idea about the career opportunities available for content writing, we have tried to do extensive analysis in two job sites ( and LinkedIn Jobs) and present the data for you. In our analysis, we have factored in many parameters. Out of which, let’s see some major factors for your better understanding.

● As of today (14th Nov 2021), more than 6000 content writing jobs are available in India. 

● Salary starts from 0-3 lakhs P.A. and the upper limit depends on your skills and niches 

● Jobs are available in every city in India

● Job providers are spread across the industry, and more than 5000 companies have posted their requirements 

● This job can be on-site, remote, and hybrid


Top 9 Institutes Offering Content Writing Courses in Vizag


  1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the best content writing institutes offering excellent content writing courses in Vizag. It provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of content writing throughout 16 hours of lectures (4 hours per week for a month), 60 hours of practical projects, and 10 hours of internship lectures. 


They have established a strong reputation in the industry after training more than 35000 pupils from all over the world. This is one of Vizag’s greatest content writing classes.


Course Offered: Content Writing Course (CWMC)

Course Duration: – 4 Months (1-month classroom train + 3 months internship)


Course Features

● 16 hours of live Lectures plus 10+ hours of the internship class

● Tools worth 35000 are completely free for the rest of your life

● Access to the most recent content and class recordings for the rest of your life

● Global placement assistance provided by a dedicated placement cell

● 60 Hours Practical Assignments

● Global Accreditation Certification 

● 24*7 Online Discussion Forum 


Who Can Participate?

CWMC Course is Specially Designed for:

● Students

● Working Professionals 

● Businessmen & Entrepreneurs Marketers/Digital Marketers 

● Bloggers, Content Writers 

● Retired, Housewives, Aspiring College Dropouts



Course Highlights:

● Free tools worth 35000

● 3 months of internship

● Lifetime support (technical and consultancy)

● Portfolio development for freelance/job

● Publish your ebook on Google or Amazon kindle

● Access to recordings, presentations, and training lectures for the rest of your life

● Dedicated Placement Cell


To get more insights, you can also find the details in this article IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review. For more details, please feel free to write to [email protected]



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2. Skills Upgrader


Skills Upgrader is a leading institute that provides content writing courses in Vizag. This content writing course will teach you all the techniques which are required to excel in the field of content writing. 


Skills Upgrader’s course is the perfect blend of content writing and content marketing. It’s been a while since Skills Upgrader provided these content writing classes in Visakhapatnam, and it has grown in popularity.


Whether you’re a student, a businessperson, a professional worker, or a stay-at-home mom, the course is for you. The architecture is designed in such a way that everyone can profit from it.


Course Offered: Content Writing Course

Course Duration: 4 weeks



● Introduction to content writing

● Web hosting

● The connection between marketing and UI/UX

● Website creation

● Understanding the writing process

● SEO optimized content

● Keyword Research

● Content marketing using social media

● Content marketing strategy


Course Highlights:

● They offer a demo class

● 16+ hours of classes

● 70+ hours of practical assignments

● 40000 worth of tools

● Lifetime support

● Portfolio Development

● Dedicated placement support

● Content writing certification from Skills Upgrader

● Hubspot and other essential certifications preparation.


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3. Nestsoft Technologies


Nestsoft is Visakhapatnam’s most prestigious training center. They teach people how to develop material that may be used in a variety of ways, as well as how to become future content writers. Nestsoft specializes in offering cost-effective job-related training. 


They have over 18 years of expertise in the sector and have trained over 35000 pupils. Overall, Nestsoft is one of the fantastic options from the available content writing courses in Vizag.


Course Offered: Content Writing Training


Curriculum Includes:

● Essentials of writing

● Introduction to writing

● Guidelines to writing

● Referencing and plagiarism

● Grammar and proofreading

● Editing and publishing

● Writing for the web

● Professional developmental skills 


Course Highlights:

● They provide Google certification

● 100% placement assistance

● Live project and training

● Flexible timings

● Customized syllabus and course duration

● Expert trainers


4. ECT


ECT is a Government of India-approved college that offers the best content writing courses in Vizag. It has effectively created its reputation in the industry by imparting information in the fields of content writing and digital marketing for the past ten years.


 ECT was established in the year 2010. It has trained approximately 1000 pupils since its start. ECT’s mission is to make learning simple and enjoyable through interactive sessions and activities. This is also one of Vizag’s greatest content writing programs.


Course Offered: Advanced Content Writing

Curriculum Includes:

● Introduction to Content writing

● Boost your Vocabulary

● Grammar boost

● Writing tools and techniques

● Non-fiction writing skills

● Fiction writing skills

● Business writing skills

● Technical and academic writing

● Specific pieces of content

● Content marketing

● Publishing your book

● Monetize your writing skills


Course Highlights:

● Recognized by the Government of India.

● 32 hours of live training

● Assignments, quizzes, and live projects

● Certificate on completion

● 100% placement assistance

● Lifetime support

● Internship opportunity.

● Highly experienced instructors. 

● Personalized attention and feedback.


IIM Skills content writing course free demo invite


5. Knowledge Hut 


Knowledge Hut is one of the leading colleges providing content writing courses in Vizag with digital marketing specialization. They provide experts with digital marketing training and assist them in integrating into the corporate ecosystem through well-designed digital marketing tactics. 


They are educating from the scratch and providing a holistic understanding of how all content writing concepts work in the real world under the umbrella of digital marketing.


Course Offered: – Content Marketing

Course Duration: – 4 Months 

Course Syllabus 


1. Introduction to Digital Marketing

o Business strategy and marketing

o Brand strategy


2. Marketing Analytics

o Introduction to marketing analytics

o Excel, Statistics and Data Visualization

o Metrics, Sources, and Statistics

o Segmentation, Targeting, and Tracking

o Testing & Experimentation

o Budgeting & Planning

o Presenting & Storytelling

o Mid-course lab


3. Acquiring and Engaging Users

o UX Fundamentals & Trends

o Developing a content strategy

o Activation & Retention

o Email Marketing

o Search Marketing

o Social Media Management & Influencer Marketing

o Facebook Advertising

o Twitter, LinkedIn & Display Advertising

o Final Presentations


Course Highlights

● Learn from practical case studies

● Get downloadable courseware and course credits

● 16 hours of intensive and interactive live classes on Digital Marketing


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6. Pivotal Soft


Pivotal Soft is primarily a design firm that specializes in digital marketing and web development. They also provide the best content writing courses in Vizag (digital marketing degrees). You can learn digital marketing under the guidance of industry specialists at this institute. They also provide students with 100 % job assistance.


Course Offered: – Digital Marketing / SEO & Content writing Course 

Course Duration: – 3 Months 


Course Syllabus 

● Search Engine Optimization

● Understanding Websites

● Social Media Marketing

● Facebook Marketing

● Twitter Marketing

● Online Paid to advertise

● Google AdWords

● Twitter Ads

● Email Marketing 

● Web Analytics 

● Search Engine Marketing 


Course Highlights

● Training from Industrial Experts

● Hands-on Practical/ Projects

● 100% Placement Assistance

● 24×7 Expert Support 

● Certificate on Completion

● Live Free Demo


 7. SRJ Infoways


SRJ Infoways provides a dedicated digital marketing and web technologies training academy. They have a lot of experience with digital marketing and web technologies training in Visakhapatnam. 


This institute was established in 2015 to deliver real-time training to students and associates. SRJ Infoways has been recognized for providing one of the best digital marketing and content writing courses in Vizag since its inception.


Course Offered: – Digital Marketing Course 

Course Duration: – 3 Months 

Course Syllabus 

● Search Engine Optimization

● Search Engine Marketing

● Social Media Marketing 

● Google AdWords

● Google Analytics

● Google AdSense

● Mobile Marketing

● Search Advertising

● Affiliate Marketing

● YouTube Ads

● Display Advertising 

● Facebook Advertising 

● Pay per click

● Content Optimization

● Twitter Advertising

● Email Marketing 


Course Highlights

● Web Designing

● Digital Marketing – Reach Potential Customers

● Get Trained by Certified Digital Marketing Trainers

● Online Classes

● Practice Sessions

● 100+ Certified Students


8. IIDE 


IIDE was created in 2016, and since then, it has grown to be a well-known brand in the world of digital marketing. It is one of India’s most prestigious digital marketing institutes. It has provided online, offline, and on-demand training to over a million students.


IIDE is well-known for its superior teaching methods and student-friendly learning atmosphere. It is a comprehensive online digital marketing course that includes 13+ certificates and an advanced teaching style. 


The course begins with self-paced video lectures and is followed by live online discussions with industry professionals on a weekly basis. It also provides one-on-one mentoring sessions with the trainers for in-depth query resolution.


Course Offered: – Digital Marketing Course 

Course Duration: – 3 Months 


Course Syllabus

● Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

● Content Marketing

● Social Media Marketing

● Digital Scenario in India

● Web Analytics

● Influencer Marketing

● Brand Reputation Management 

● Media Planning 

● App Store Optimization (ASO)

● AD Psychology

● Website Planning and development 

● Soft Skills 

● E-commerce Marketing 

● Creative Strategy

● Email Marketing

● Copywriting

● Design Essentials 

● How to monetize your Blog 

● Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Google Ads 

● Advance Content Strategy


Course Highlights

● 20+ Industry Tools Mastery 

● 40+ Hours of Video Learning 

● 70+ Hours Live Learning 

● 13+ Certifications 

● 1-on-1 Mentoring 

● 8 Brand Projects 

● Expert faculty 

● 100% placement assistance

● 250+ Hiring Partners 

● 7 Modular Assignments

● 1 Final Project 

● 0% EMI Option 

● Learn from Experts 

● Live Q&A 


9. Henry Harvin


From the available content writing courses in Vizag, Henry Harvin’s content writing course is unique. You can learn how to articulate your thoughts in a way that attracts readers from Henry Harvin. You will get the opportunity to work with a professional content writer. Following completion of training, a CDCW hallmark is placed next to your name.


Course Offered: – Henry Harvin Content Writing Course

Course Duration: – 4 Months 


 Key Highlights:

● Globally acceptable CDCW certificate.

● 1year of Henry Harvin Gold Membership.

● The Hallmark on your CCW certificate will be directly next to your name.

● Guaranteed Internship.

● 32 hours of widespread training to develop your skills.

● Monthly Bootcamp sessions are scheduled to help students learn more effectively.

● Latest study material.

● All sessions have been video-recorded to ensure you don’t miss any lectures.

● 100% placement assistance and job opportunities.


IIM Skills content writing course free demo invite


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: – What is the basic qualification required for content writing?

A: – There is no basic qualification for content writing. If you are comfortable writing and speaking in English, you can pursue content writing as a career option.


Q: – How much is the average fee to Learn content writing courses in Vizag?

A: – The fee structure varies from institute to institute, however, as per the data collected during our research content writing courses in Vizag is between 10k to 15k.


Q: – Which are the best content writing courses in Vizag?

A: – All institutes are delivering great content writing courses in Vizag. However, based on our analysis and several reviews, we recommend IIM Skills.


Q: – Is work from home (WFH) opportunity available for content writing jobs?

A: – As per the data available in the major job sites, content writing jobs can be on-site, remote, and hybrid. Hence, you can be flexible enough. However, if you want to work from home, you can work as a freelancer.




All you need is the correct coaching to make digital marketing straightforward and enjoyable to learn. In light of the pandemic, mastering digital marketing online is a wise decision, as no change will be able to derail your career path. We hope that article will help you in finding the best content writing courses in Vizag and to achieve your goal soon.