Top 10 Computer Courses after 12th in Mumbai (Updated)

Computer courses are popular study programs and an evergreen career alternative worldwide. Mumbai too has aplenty courses in computer. As a parent, you want good career options to illuminate your child’s future. As a student, you require concrete info about the career scope in Computer Science after the 12th. This article will guide you towards computer courses after 12th in Mumbai.


List of the best computer courses after 10th in Mumbai


The tremendous boom in the IT sector necessitates the study of computer courses. Moreover, the advent of Artificial intelligence and IoT has made computers a pro career version. Let us briefly look into the reasons to study computer courses after 12th in Mumbai.


Why Pursue Computer Courses after 12th in Mumbai?


Students and parents think if it is worth pursuing computer courses after 12th in Mumbai. Mumbai is India’s industrial hotspot with various IT and manufacturing industries. Undertaking computer courses can enrich the student’s career and can offer opportunities in multiple industries. Look at the below facts that commemorate the importance of Computer courses after 12th in Mumbai.


  • Computer courses play a pivotal role in the digital era. Today, the job market welcomes anyone with a skillset in computer science.
  • It is an interdisciplinary field that connects the dots from various industries. Computer science is not limited to industry. Opportunities are wide open for enthusiasts irrespective of industry.
  • Computer science can aid students from different streams of study. For instance, computer courses enhance the fields such as graphic designing, multimedia, animation, etc. Thus, students can pursue their interests while being at par with the industry demand.
  • Pay and remuneration are a step higher compared to other career alternatives. As a result, students can pursue their interests as well as get a competitive salary.
  • With technological advancements, industries rely more on data and software. Maintenance of gadgets, data security, use of AI, use of advanced computer programs is the need of the hour. A career in Computer science can shape the world’s future that in turn creates opportunities.
  • Computer courses are demanding and popular. Therefore, it is easy to find universities that offer different types of computer courses.


There are multiple computer courses in various streams. Therefore, a student can make convenient career choices by pursuing computer courses after 12th in Mumbai.


Popular Computer Courses after 12th in Mumbai     


Let us discuss some of the most sought-after courses by students after the 12th.


  1. Study of Programming languages:


Several programming languages help to flourish in the tech world.  Programming languages help students understand software and applications of day-to-day life. Some of the top computer programming courses include Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, R, C, C++, Swift.


The study of programming languages is one of the path-breaking computer courses after 12th in Mumbai. So let us explore further about each programming language.


  • C- C is an old programming language that serves as a building block to start a computer career. C is used to develop system apps, desktop apps, database management, device drivers, game consoles, and OS. Job opportunities for C programmers include Junior/ Senior programmer, Quality analyst, Software developer, Game programmer, Programming architect, Backend developer, Embedded engineer, Database developer. Today, schools include C as part of the curriculum. Students should learn advanced C courses to get lucrative jobs.


Course Details- Below topics are essential concepts for a C programmer/ developer.

  1. Lists, data structures
  2. Addresses and indirection
  3. Variables, constants, types, operators
  4. Arrays, loops
  5. Stacks and queues
  6. Lexical elements, data types
  7. Functions, arguments, switch
  8. Linux tools and libraries
  9. Modular programming
  10. Dynamic memory allocation
  11. Function pointers
  12. Recursion in C
  13. Typecasting and Typedef


  • C++ – C++ is a C language with object-oriented paradigm. C++ specialists use C++ in Systems programming, OS, Chrome browser, Firefox browser, Graphics, Database engines, and Cloud systems. Learning C++ aids understanding of other languages like Java and Python. Students can become front-end developers, game developers, mobile engineers, application developers, data scientists, QA/test/automation engineers, DevOps engineers with C++.


Topics to learn in C++- Learn the below topics to become C++ experts

  1. Flow control
  2. Arrays and strings
  3. Structures, object class, pointers
  4. Inheritance
  5. Polymorphism
  6. Abstraction
  7. Encapsulation
  8. Interfaces
  9. Exception and signal handling
  10. Files, Streams
  11. Dynamic memory


  • Ruby- Ruby is an object-oriented programing language that is a must-study language for web development. Ruby is an on-demand language easy to run on different operating systems and browsers. Ruby supports procedural and functioning programming as well.


List of power players using Ruby

  1. Airbnb
  2. Github
  3. Bloomberg
  4. Crunchbase
  5. eBay
  6. Shopify
  7. Slideshare

List of Ruby concepts to master are:

  1. Operators
  2. Ruby variables
  3. Ruby data types
  4. Class hierarchy
  5. Loops, strings, numbers
  6. Arrays
  7. Object orientation
  8. Control structures
  9. Typecasting
  10. Ruby gems
  11. Modules, mixins, blocks
  12. Files, IO
  13. Exception handling


  • R- R is a famous language used in statistical analysis, graphics representation, and data science. A basic understanding of programming languages fosters fast learning in R. Suitable job titles for R aspirants are data analysts, statisticians, data scientists, data architects, database administrators, data visualization analysts.


Concepts to learn and master R language are as follows:

  1. Syntax and variables – Data types, logical operators, comparison operators, vectors, conditionals, fu
  2. Data frames
  3. Data cleaning and data visualization- Reshaping, parsing, splitting.
  4. Data manipulation– Label encoding, feature engineering.
  5. Predictive modeling using machine learning- Linear regression, decision tree.


  • Python– Python experts use this programming language for scripting and in top techs like IoT, AI, and big data. Students with know-how in Python are eligible for career profiles such as Software programmer, Python application engineer, data analyst, Python developer, and Android software developer.


Concepts to learn in Python-Before choosing a university/ online course, look for the below Python concepts in the course package to stay at the top of the most demanded skills.

  1. Classes and Functions
  2. Strings, Lists, Tuples
  3. Slicing
  4. Loops, Scopes, Namescapes
  5. Dictionaries, Sets, Modules
  6. Lambda expressions
  7. Python version numbers
  8. Object-oriented programming
  9. File handling
  10. Generator, Iterator, Decorator
  11. ‘C’ in Python
  12. Metaclasses
  13. Python in Java
  14. Python in C#


  • Javascript- Many web pages use Javascript apart from CSS and HTML. Javascript is also useful for client-side and server-side applications. Job profiles for JavaScript students include front-end web development, full-stack web development, Information Security Software, IT cloud web development, and WordPress.


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Must learn concepts of Javascript- Some important Javascript concepts are as follows.

  1. Scopes (Local, Global)
  2. IIFE
  3. Hoisting
  4. Closures
  5. Callbacks
  6. Promises
  7. Async and Await
  8. Prototype
  9. Module pattern
  10. Currying
  11. Memoization
  12. Polymorphism
  13. Data Models
  14. DOM manipulation
  15. js/ Express
  16. Frontend framework
  17. Bundling/ transpilation


  • Swift- Swift is a powerful programing language for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.Swift is fast, powerful, and safe. As a result, Swift plays a pivotal role for iOS app developers. Job roles after learning Swift are iOS Swift Developers, iOS Team Leaders, and iOS Application Developers.


This course entails concepts such as Xcode environment, user interface, object library, label elements, data structures, functions, Swift features, design patterns, image assets, syntax, object-oriented principles, and memory management.


  • PHP- PHP is a server-side scripting language that is called a hypertext preprocessor. Popular databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL servers use PHP. PHP-based online platforms are Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Mailchimp, etc. Career opportunities for PHP students- command-line scripting, server-side scripting, desktop application development, and Compiler based applications.


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Key topics of PHP programming language are as follows:

  1. Variables and Operators
  2. Contol structures, arrays, PHP array functions
  3. External files
  4. Functions, arguments, scopes
  5. SQLite
  6. OOPS concept
  7. Error handling, security
  8. Web application
  9. Debugging and deployment
  10. Frameworks
  11. PEAR, XML
  12. Shell scripting


2. MS office certification:


Microsoft office is a well-known software suite that encompasses many tools. This certification course aims at teaching popular software tools like MS Word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint. Usually, certification involves three levels- Specialist, Expert, and Master. Microsoft office certification help in obtaining a variety of positions like office manager, executive assistant, administrative assistant, IT support technician, database specialist, research analyst, SharePoint specialist, project coordinator.


Some famous Microsoft training topics in Mumbai are as follows:

  1. MS Excel
  2. MS Access
  3. MS Dynamics Ax and CRM
  4. MS Outlook
  5. MS PowerPoint
  6. MS Word
  7. MS SharePoint
  8. VBA Macros
  9. MS SCOM


3. VFX and Animation:


Animation courses are famous among students with creativity. This course teaches visual effects, animation effects, graphic designing, etc. Some popular topics of VFX and animation courses are as follows:

  1. Media encoder
  2. Character modeling and encoder
  3. Colour sensing
  4. Digital methodologies: Sound and audio
  5. Rotoscopy
  6. Portfolio development
  7. Classical animation and animation techniques
  8. Media economics
  9. Visual effects design
  10. Television and Film production analysis
  11. Digital image processing


4. Web designing:


Web designing is subtly website production and website maintenance. Web designing encompasses graphic web design, user interface design, authoring, user experience design, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Possible job titles after pursuing web designing: front-end developer, back-end developer, web application developer, design layout analyst, UI designer, senior Web analyst, web marketing analyst, and UX developer.


The course module entails the following concepts:

  1. Web programming- Covers main concepts in HSS, HTML, Javascript
  2. Web editor
  3. Website hosting
  4. Web Graphics like Adobe Photoshop
  5. Web animations like Adobe Flash
  6. WordPress blogs and websites
  7. Mobile App/ Website development
  8. On-page and Off-page Optimizations
  9. Google Webmaster tools
  10. Web utilities
  11. Website and marketing infographics


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5. Web development:


Web development refers to the coding, programming of the website. Web development includes HTML text and feature-rich applications.

Web development requires these skills: CSS Code, HTML, Javascript, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Three main job profiles for a web developer are Frontend developer, Backend developer, and Full-stack developer.


List of topics to learn in web development course:

  1. Website structure and hosting
  2. HTML basics, Javascript
  3. CSS properties, colors, fonts
  4. PHP, MySQL, APIs
  5. Libraries and frameworks
  6. Git and Github
  7. BrowserDev tools
  8. Project management tools
  9. DevOps and deployment


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6. Digital marketing:


Digital marketing is quite different from other computer courses. Digital marketing focuses on generating leads, increasing website traffic through digital media (mobile apps, search engines, emails, social media, websites).


Businesses today want to make their mark in the digital realm. Digital marketing is a great tool to complement their ideas.


Digital marketing offers many career opportunities such as digital marketing manager, brand manager, social media manager, online content developer, business analytics specialist, SEO specialist, web designer, professional blogger, etc.  One can blindly choose Digital marketing as one of the computer courses after 12th in Mumbai. Digital marketing has diverse job options, immense learning scope, and an easy career to start.


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Essentials skills for digital marketing experts:

  1. PPC
  2. SEO
  3. Copywriting
  4. Content Marketing
  5. PR
  6. Affiliate and inbound marketing
  7. Email marketing
  8. Conversation rate optimization
  9. Data analysis and Social media


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7. Graphic designing:


Graphic designing is all about creating visual content as means of messages. Graphic designers accommodate user’s needs and design website layouts by combining art and technology. For example, a graphic designer looks for symmetry, balance, flow, reception, pattern, golden ratio, rule of thirds, typography, audience culture while creating a design.


If you have a creative flair and software knowledge, you can choose Graphic designing as part of computer courses after 12th in Mumbai.


Responsibilities of a graphic designer include discussion on client requirements, budgets, explanation of design styles, a suggestion of product illustrations and layouts.


Critical skills for a graphic designer:

  1. Creative thinking
  2. Critical thinking
  3. IT skills
  4. Time management
  5. HTML, CSS, Photoshop


Typical job roles of a graphic designer are as follows:

  • Multimedia artists
  • Animators
  • Web designers
  • Art Directors
  • Mobile designers
  • Product designers


Many universities in Mumbai offer a range of courses such as B.Des, B.Sc, B.A, and   Diploma in graphic design. As a result, graphic designers can get employment opportunities in AD agencies, multimedia companies, design studios, corporates, web designing, and marketing firms.


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8. Mobile application development:


Built-in software for mobile devices based on an operating system is called mobile application development. Google Android OS and Apple iOS are big players when it comes to app development. Therefore, one must master the app development in Google Android OS and Apple iOS to stay competitive in the tech market.


In this digital era, developing apps is quintessential for businesses to mark their online presence and grow. Choose a platform (Android or iOS) and hone your skills to become a successful mobile app developer.


Essential skillset for mobile app developers:

  1. Cross-platform expertise
  2. Coding languages
  3. Cloud infrastructure
  4. Data storage
  5. Product management
  6. Scrum management
  7. QA and performance testing
  8. Material design guidelines
  9. Building user interfaces


9. Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD):


As the name suggests, CADD is computer tool designing software to assist engineers, architects, and design professionals. Product layouts, 3D drawings, 2D drawings, tools, machinery, product optimizations use CADD.


A 12th pass student can take up Diploma, UG, and certification courses in CADD. Many types of CADD courses are available such as mechanical CADD, Electrical CADD, Civil CADD, architectural CADD,  Auto CAD, etc. The syllabus varies with the type of course.


The job scope for CADD students:

  1. Electrical designer
  2. Control engineer
  3. Product designer
  4. Architectural Renderer
  5. CAD designer


10. Computer hardware design and maintenance:


You can take up hardware computer courses after 12th in Mumbai. Not all software courses interest students. Many students like to pursue computer hardware courses. Computer hardware design and maintenance is a course ideal for such students. Computer hardware professionals analyze, design, develop hardware components of a computer.


Eligibility for the certificate, Diploma, and UG degree:

  • 12th pass students
  • Technical tests in some institutes
  • Entrance exams in some institutes


Concepts in hardware design and maintenance:

  • Computer networks
  • Database administration
  • Basic programming languages
  • Hardware Lab and theory
  • Information Theory
  • Operating systems
  • PC Assembling
  • Troubleshooting
  • Electronics and microprocessor basics
  • Linux administration
  • Server Administration


Popular job profiles after course completion:

  1. Router operator
  2. System engineer
  3. Network engineer
  4. Hardware consultant
  5. Hardware executive
  6. Network designer
  7. Systems Integration engineer


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Which computer courses after the 12th in Mumbai are best for beginners?


All the ten courses of this article are ideal for freshers and experienced individuals. However, a basic knowledge of programming languages will help beginners to a great extent.


  1. Why take up computer courses after 12th in Mumbai?


In the fast-growing digital world, Computer courses are the most demanding courses. Therefore, students will get the advantage of learning the in-demand skillset and obtain good jobs with high salaries.


  1. Can Science, Commerce and Arts students take up computer courses after 12th in Mumbai?


Yes, students from any background can pursue computer courses. Computer courses are multi-disciplinary, will help in advancing the student’s career.


  1. Do computer courses after 12th in Mumbai promise good job prospects?


Industries today rely on making a successful web presence. Companies focus on mobile apps, software, and hardware for their growth. Good job prospects await students learning any computer discipline.


  1. Is it worth pursuing computer courses after 12th in Mumbai?


Yes, Doing a computer course is beneficial in this digital era. For 12th pass students, it is worth the time and money as it increases the chance of getting hired by big-shot companies.




Computer courses can boost one’s career and help in professional growth. Many universities provide online and offline courses at basic and advanced levels. Students should choose a particular area of interest and pursue it as a career.