Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai With Placements

Are you an aspiring content writer looking for Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai? Navi Mumbai has a huge number of opportunities in the field of content writing. This article provides you with the top Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai. Read on to know more about the content writing courses and how to become a certified content writer.



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Highlights of content writing course


Ø  What is content writing?

Ø  Why is content writing important?

Ø  How to write effective content?

Ø  Benefits of content writing

Ø  Eligibility to be a Content Writer

Ø  Future Scope of Content Writer

Ø  Most popular content writing employment sectors

Ø  Pay Scale of a content writer

Ø  Content Writing Career opportunities

Ø  Top Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai

Ø  FAQ’s


What is content writing?


Content writing is defined as composing content to convey a message to the target audience. In simple terms, content writing means playing with words. If you can write reader-friendly, error-free, engaging, informative, and original content you can become a great content writer.


Why is content writing important?


In an era of SEO and digital marketing, content is the most effective way to get your brand in the digital space. High-quality content and reader-friendly content helps the visitor to engage on your site and become a customer. Good content helps you to rank higher on the website. Writing content and posting it to the website is the best way to attract potential customers.


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How to write effective content?


Let’s explore how to write effective content.


1)Do Research: Research helps you to keep ideas flowing, once you find an idea about what to write research more on the specific topic. Make a note about the key points of the idea. Pen down the thoughts about the content from the reference pages you look up.

2)Stick to a single topic: Once you start writing the content to the specific topic stick to this specific topic and avoid strolling to different topics because it will break the user’s flow of reading.

3)Write original content: Make sure your ideas are original and the content you write is free from plagiarism. It also helps you in website ranking.

4)Create an inspiring headline: Headline will help you to attract an audience to your content. Make sure your headline is good, impressive, and attracts the audience’s interest.

5)Write engaging content: The content you write helps to hook the reader’s attention. To capture readers’ attention, have a promising introduction that engages the readers. Also, make a query to readers which helps them to think and apply the knowledge provided in the content.

6)Proofreading your content: To have error-free content you must check and eliminate the sentence that doesn’t match the flow of the content, eliminate grammatical errors, spell check the content and eliminate punctuation errors.


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Different types of content writing


Many people think content writing means writing articles and blogs, however, there are much more to explore. Listed below are the different forms of content writing.


Ø  Article

Ø  Blog

Ø  E-Book

Ø  SOP – Statement of Purpose

Ø  Commercial Page

Ø  Ads Copy (Copy Writing)

Ø  Business Listing

Ø  Academic Writing

Ø  Institutional Writing

Ø  Product Writing

Ø  Press Release

Ø  E-Listing

Ø  Product Description

Ø  Web Pages

Ø  Mailers

Ø  Brochure

Ø  Instructional

Ø  Social Media Post

Ø  Digital Infographics


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Benefits of content writing


1)Helps to build the awareness of your brand to the targeted and new audience

2)Helps to strengthen the bonds with the customer

3)Content marketing helps in lead generation for the business

4)Great quality of content helps to influence the buying decision

5)High-quality content is important for SEO ranking


Eligibility to be a Content Writer


Let’s explore the eligibility criteria to become an aspirant content writer.

Ø  Degree holders with any specialization are eligible to become content writers. Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Journalism or Literature is an added advantage.

Ø  Should possess excellent communication skills and writing skills

Ø  Should have basic knowledge of digital marketing skills such as SEO, email marketing, a web analytics


Future Scope of Content Writer


Everything in the world depends on the content, whether it is a small, medium, or large business. Content has a massive scope. In the age of the digital world, high-quality content writers are in demand to make their business top with engaging content. Cities like Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida, Pune, Delhi have greater scope in the content writing world when compared to other cities.


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Most popular content writing employment sectors


There are a Plethora of employment sectors looking for a good quality content writer. Here let’s discuss the most popular employment sectors that are looking for a good content writer.

Ø  Recruiting Companies

Ø  Education Industry

Ø  Healthcare Industry

Ø  Travel and Tourism Industry


Pay Scale of a content writer


Ø  If you are a content writer freelancer or with experience of 0-2 years, you can expect a salary between 3.5 lakhs per annum – 4.0 lakhs per annum.

Ø  If you are a content writer with experience of 2-5 years you can expect 5 lakhs per annum – 8 lakhs per annum.

Ø  If you are a content writer with 5 years and above years of experience you can expect a salary between 9 to 15 lakhs per annum.


Content Writing Career opportunities


Ø  Web Content Writer

Ø  Blogger

Ø  Freelancer

Ø  Scriptwriter

Ø  Content writers for Marketing

Ø  Creative content writer and editor


Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai


1) IIM Skills:  


IIM Skills provides the best and most well-grounded Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai. With an experienced set of facilities, they help the aspirant content writers to hone their skills to a professional content writer.


Their content writing master course provides 4 hours of live online classroom training usually on Sundays,16 hours of lectures, 60 hours of practical assignments, free tools worth 35k. IIM Skills also provide LMS facilities where we can listen to the recorded sessions of the content writing course.


After completion of the course, we need to complete the Content Writing Course (CWMC) exam to become a certified content writer from IIM skills. IIM skills do provide the option to become a HubSpot Certified content writer (international certification) by clearing the HubSpot exam.


The training course covers in-depth knowledge for the following topics


Ø  Different forms of content writing

Ø  Exposure to content writing tools

Ø  How to eliminate duplicate content using duplicate content detector tools

Ø  How to create a blog

Ø  Guidance to word press account and web development

Ø  3 Months optional internship

Ø  Career opportunities after the course

Ø  To write the first blog on a platform like Times of India

Ø  Self-publish first e-book in Amazon Kindle, google books

Ø  How to sell your content writing service

Ø  Keyword Research using keyword planner

Ø  Building up your brand

Ø  SEO optimization

Ø  Types of Keywords


Course fee – Rs 14900 + GST



Contact: [email protected]

Phone: 9911839503

Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS:


2) TBS Digital Marketing Institute:


The brand Salon institute is one of the premier content writing institutes. The institute delivers great quality Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai. TBS also provides courses in digital marketing courses.


Their content writing course includes


Ø  Art of content writing

Ø  Understanding the audience

Ø  Writing for digital platform

Ø  Different types of writing

Ø  Things to take care of after writing


Apart from a certification course in content writing the institute also provides a certification course in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a certification course in social media marketing, a certification course in PPC-AdWords-SEM.


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3) Compete Infotech Academy:


Also known as CIA, the institute provides one of the best Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai. They deliver many forms and styles of content writing for budding writers to become a professional content writer.


CIA also provides other certifications apart from content writing such as email marketing, web analytics, and Testing, video marketing, Digital advertising and affiliates, and marketing automation. They also provide placement support.


4) Indian Institute of Digital Education:


The acronym for the Indian Institute of Digital Education is IIDE. It is known as India’s No.1 Digital Institute for Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai awarded by the Indian education congress. It has short-term certification courses and fast-track certification courses. The institute also provides post-graduation programs.


IIDE also has branches in Andheri, Mulund, Churchgate. The courses in IIDE are taught by Subject-Matter Experts (SME) through the live session and also by video recording. They provide an interactive session that helps the student to interact with mentors.


Their syllabus of content writing covers


Ø  Essential of writing storytelling

Ø  Applying Psychology of writing

Ø  How to write for digital platforms

Ø  Different forms of writing

Ø  Proofreading, editing, rewriting


They do offer other certification courses such as google analytics, social media, SEO, etc. IIEDM provides hands-on experience with live projects, post-training support, job assistance.


IIM SKILLS Navi Mumbai Content Writing Course invite


5) Henry Harvin:


Henry Harvin Institute provides good Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai and also in other cities in India. They deliver 32 hours of a content writing course and provide Certified Digital Content Writer (CDCW) certification.


Henry Harvin Institute provides training on all aspects of content writing. The institute helps the budding content writer to improve their thoughts into words. The institute also provides internship opportunities for aspiring writers. Moreover, it has LMS mobile application facilities. They do provide placement opportunities.




1)Why opt for content writing as a career?


Content Writing is a booming career in India. Navi Mumbai and other parts of   Mumbai, Bangalore have been loaded with an ample amount of content writing job opportunities. The basic skills and abilities for writing content lie in language, style of writing, vocabulary, grammar, and original content. Content writing helps you to learn about SEO and the digital world.


2) What are the prerequisites to be a Technical Writer in Navi Mumbai?


A UG graduation is required to become a technical writer. Knowledge and experience in subjects like Engineering will be an added advantage.


3)How do I gather creditable Information?


The creditability of information for a specific subject or topic can be gathered from reliable news, magazine, journals, research, and reports.


4) How can I know my content ranking on websites?


The ranking of content depends on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results, website traffic and target audience.


5) What is the average fee structure to learn a content writing course in Navi Mumbai?


The average fee structure for a one-month content writing course in Navi Mumbai is approximately Rs15000.


6) Do I get freelancing opportunities or work from home opportunities after the completion of a content writing course?


Yes. Good quality content writers are in demand in freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, WorknHire, Guru, etc. and you can also get placement guidance from the institute you enrol.


7)What types of content writing jobs are in demand?


Text authors, Editors, Translators, Technical writers, Freelancers are the few demanding jobs in the field of content writing.


8)How to start my career in content writing?


You can start your career as a content writer by taking up a freelance project. There is an ample number of opportunities available for a freelance writer. The Company outsources its requirement of content writing to independent writers via websites like Upwork, Fiverr, WorknHire, Guru, etc.


Other options are to look for a content writing internship. Usually, platforms like Internshala helps budding writers with an ample number of internship opportunities. IIM Skills provides an optional 3-month internship after the completion of the Content Writing Master Course certification from the institute.


You can also set up your blog and pen your thoughts for the world to read.


9) what are the skills required to become a content writer?


To be a successful content writer you need to master different styles of content writing. The content you write must be original, and you need to know the basics of SEO, Html, CSS, and Word Press.


10)What are the basic content writing skills that a budding content writer should focus on?


Proper spelling and punctuation, good sentence and paragraph structure, knowledge of different styles of writing are the content writing skills a budding content writer should focus on.


Final Words


This article sums up the list of the top five reliable and creditable Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai. If your passion is to make content writing your career- explore the list and choose the desired one. These institutes help you to learn and hone the required skills for content writing and to become a good quality writer.


All the listed Content Writing Courses are equally competitive. Few institutes provide you with an added benefit. Good Luck!!! Follow your passion as a certified content writer and ace the job opportunities.