The Top 4 Interior Design Courses in Delhi

The luxurious lifestyle is one of the most prominent and important features which represents today’s time of living. Appearances and looks play a major role when it comes to leaving an impression.

For humans, we have skin specialists and when it comes to a house or a place, then interior designers are introduced. Nowadays, the demand for interior designers has increased, especially in Delhi.

To learn interior design, the interior design course has been introduced as a subject in many institutes and colleges. Here we bring you the list of the top 4 interior design courses in Delhi.


List of the best interior designing courses in Delhi


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What is Interior Designing?


Interior designing is an art or skill which is used to modify the spaces by making them attractive and luxurious to make a beautiful environment for a person using that space. A space with a nice interior speaks volumes for a person using that space.


For example, the interior design of a company or any workplace place plays an important role in setting up a working yet peaceful environment for employees who don’t lose their focus.

Interior designing is a creative yet mindful skill where you just don’t enhance the space but also add a creative touch to it. Interior designing is a combination of elements like “Color, Form, Light, Line, Pattern, Texture and Space”. Interior designing is an art where science and calculations both are applied.


A Career in Interior Designing


Since many people have started to understand the importance of how the appearance of the space can affect the lifestyle including mental health too, people have started looking for someone who can design their space accordingly with the correct advice and suggestions.


Interior designing comes with various career opportunities which one can choose, such as lighting designers, furniture designers, exhibition designers, kitchen designers, architects, etc.


People with creative minds can surely pursue interior designing as a career and can become professional interior designers. One can also work as a freelance interior designer and can take up projects according to their comfort.


Skills Needed to Become Interior Designer


The basic requirements that are needed to pursue interior designing are that a candidate must have completed his or her bachelor’s degree. However, people who have completed their high education and are interested in art and creativity can also become interior designers.


Other than Education, the Other Needed Skills are:


  1. Creativity:  Creativity is an important skill to become an interior designer as one should have a creative mind to play with colors and designs. To create something which gives the eyes a sense of beauty, one should know how to select colors, designs, arrangements, and architecture and textures. One should have a curiosity to understand more about colors, textures, and shapes.


2. Communication Skills- Well, communication skills are something which is almost needed in every field of work. But as an interior designer, one should know how to convince the customer and make them like their work.


Many people fail to tell what type of colors and designs they want because of the lack of creativity in their minds. At that moment, communication skills play an important role in making the person understand what design and color theme will look best. Communication skills are not important just to convince the customer but to also understand the need of the customer.


3. Going with the Trend- Trends make life fun and more enjoyable. With time these trends keep changing in every aspect of life such as makeup trends, dancing trends, fashion trends, and many more.


Just in that same way, the trends in the field of interior designing keep changing and bringing new artistic designs to light. Interior designing trends became a central theme according to which many projects got designed. For example- 2021 Interior designing trends are “Comeback of warm colors, Bold Wallpaper, Statement roofs, Nature like setting up of Indoors, etc.”


4. Focus on Detailing- Interior designing demands full attention and focus on details. One should have this skill where they can notice small and minute details of the space. The corners, the small spaces require a detailed view so that they can be used in a more useful manner.


Interior Designer’s Salary


Interior designing is a booming career and as an interior designer, one can expect the salary based on their knowledge and experiences. The salary of an interior designer who just had recently started is around 4 lakh per annum, while those who are more experienced and have been in this field for many years could earn up to 30 lakh per annum.


Well, a proper salary depends on the quality of work an interior designer does which shows his experience and knowledge in this field. One needs to win the trust of the customer for the long run in this field.


What is an Interior Design Course?


To become successful in the field of interior designing course, one should possess certain skills and should have complete knowledge about interior designing. The people who start their journey in this field from scratch need to learn from the beginner level and the basics of interior designing but the question arises from where they can get complete and detailed information and knowledge about interior designing. The answer to this question lies in the concept of interior design courses.


The interior design course is the learning course that provides a complete guide about interior designing. Interior design courses help the person to gain skills step by step needed to become an interior designer.


An interior design course is like a syllabus which one needs to follow to learn about interior designing. In this course, people learn about different types of arts and designs and the way of using them with the different color palettes.


People also learn how every design, color, shape, and texture affect the mood and the environment. The skill of using every element of designing to make the space attractive with the healthiest environment is the main objective of this interior design course. One should have this skill in them as a successful interior designer.


Benefits of Interior Design Course


Interior design course is learning yet challenging training for the creative minds. This course challenges your imagination and helps you become an extraordinarily creative person without losing your sense of individuality.


Some of the benefits are:


  1. This course enlightens you with the technical knowledge related to interior designing with practical learning.
  2. This course pushes your boundaries of imagination and creativity by giving you practical assignments.
  3. This course also gives you the certificate which makes you a certified professional interior designer.
  4. This course and its certificate give you great scope and open the door for many opportunities.
  5. As a certified professional interior designer, one can expect a hike in their earnings too.


After learning the benefits of this course, let’s talk about the colleges and institutes that are providing this interior design course. Since, Delhi is the place where many offices and companies have been established, especially New Delhi, which is the first choice of grand political events, the demand for interior designers is increasing there. So, we bring you the list of the top 5 institutes which provide interior design courses in Delhi.


List of Top 5 Institutes Offering Interior Design Course


1.    Pearl Academy


Pearl Academy is one of the best and leading institutes that offers many courses in the area of design, business, and media. For the past 28 years, Pearl Academy has been giving training to those students who have a keen interest in creativity.


With the motive of empowering creative minds, Pearl academy was established in 1993 and for two decades, Pearl has made its name in the industry of fashion, design, and business. With its well-designed courses, Pearl Academy aims to give delightful and fruitful experiences to the students.


Interior Design Course at Pearl Academy


Pearl Academy offers undergraduate interior design courses in Delhi that give you a glimpse of the designs and their complexities. This course makes you ready to face the challenges which come with ever-changing trends in designs from time to time.

This course upskills the person so that they can create meaningful ideas and turn them into realities. This course teaches the students to think critically and creatively both about designs for best results.


Course Highlights


  • Duration- 4 Years
  • Eligibility- 10+2, in any discipline
  • Certification- By the end of the 4th year, Students will get a professional diploma.
  • Training by experts.


What will You Learn in this Course?


In 4 years, this course has 8 semesters which gives complete detailed information about designing. Students will learn about the following:


  • Fundamentals of Interior Design.
  • Principles of designs.
  • Theory of colors.
  • Use of representation tools for space planning.
  • Effect of designs on the human mind.


Contact Information:

Email[email protected]



2.    Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD)


Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD) is another finest institute that offers interior design courses in Delhi intending to give creative minds more exposure and more understanding about this field.


This institute was established in 2015 as an independent design school. IIAD in association with Kingston School of Art, London wants to bring society and art closer. They give students world-class knowledge with the motive of the creation of new designs in the future. IIAD partnership with Kingston School of Art, London gives the students more opportunities not in India but in international companies too.


Interior Architecture and Design Course at IIAD


Interior architecture and design course is the undergraduate interior design course that IIAD offers to its students. Interior and architecture are linked with each other. So, through this course, IIAD wanted its students to understand the correlation between interior design and architecture.


The Interior Architecture and Design course is more based on the technical knowledge of interior designing. This course prepares students to look for new trends and designs. Students will learn about the emerging and trending designs of the 21st century.


An architect looks at the outside design of a building while an interior designer understands the inside of that building. This course upskills the students to make the Interiors of a building adapted to the change. This course makes the students critically creative.


Course Highlights


  • Duration– 4 Years UG program
  • Eligibility- 10+2, in any discipline
  • Certification- By the end of the 3rd year, Students will get a certificate.
  • Learn on-site Internships in the first two years


What will You Learn in this Course?


For 4 years, this course will give you a complete guide about the whole process and the techniques included in interior designing.


Students will Learn the Following:


  • Fundamentals of the built environment and personal narrative
  • Project-based learning
  • Advanced digital skills
  • Advanced Design Process
  • Research methodology


Contact Information:

Email at: [email protected]

Phone number: +91 11 4138 0000


3.    Academy of Applied Arts


Academy of Applied Arts is one of the leading institutes of interior design courses in Delhi which has ranked amongst the top 10 interior design colleges in India by academic insights in 2020. This institute is also awarded the best interior design institute (2016) Pride of Indian Education award.


This institute helps the students to refine their skills and knowledge about the various fields of art and design. This institute aims to give recognition to these less known subjects of arts so that people with artistic talents get more exposure and more subjects related to art education. Through its several courses in the fields of art, this institute aims to create more career opportunities for the ones who have creativity as their main talent.


Interior Design Course at Academy of Applied Arts


The interior design course at the Academy of Applied Arts is one of the well-designed and well-researched courses which works on refining the originality and creativity skills of students.


This course mostly helps the students to find inspiration from everything they see to enhance their imagination and creation. Academy of Applied Arts provides various programs under the course of Interior Design.


Programs of Interior Design Course


  • Higher Diploma
  • Graduate Program
  • Post Graduate Program
  • Professional Diploma


These programs have different durations which you can select according to your choices. Academy of Applied Arts provides interior design courses in Delhi West and South Delhi.


Course Highlights


  • Duration– 15-36 months, every program has a different duration.
  • Eligibility– 10+2, in any discipline.
  • Design Aptitude Test- One should clear this test for enrollment in this course.
  • Certificates will be issued on the completion of courses.


What will You Learn in this Course?


  • Workshops related to model making
  • Guest lecture by industry experts
  • Internship Programs
  • Exhibition and Site visits
  • Photography


Contact Information:


Phone number– +91 95 999 99619 (South Delhi Campus)

Phone number– + 91 7836091111

Email- [email protected]


4.    JD Institute of Fashion Technology


JD Institute of Fashion Technology is one of the most renowned institutes that has been leading in the field of “Art and Design Education”. This institute was established in Mumbai. This institute has well-researched and well-designed courses in the field of fashion and the designing of interiors and jewelry etc.


This institute aims to reach the field of art to great heights. From fashion to every aspect which is associated with art, this institute provides every course which covers the various aspects and various industries of art and creativity. With its different branches, JD Institute of Fashion Technology provides interior design courses in Delhi too.


Various undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma certification courses are available in interior designing. Undergraduate and postgraduate interior design courses for beginners level while for professionals, diploma courses are provided by JD Institute of Fashion Technology.


Programs of Interior Design Course


  • Undergraduate Interior Design Course for 3 years.
  • Postgraduate Interior Design Course for 2 years.
  • Interior Design Diploma Certification for 1 year.
  • Advanced Interior Design Diploma Certification for 2 years.


Course Highlights


  • Eligibility – 10+2, in any discipline & Bachelor’s degree from recognized University.
  • General Aptitude Test- One should clear this test for enrollment in this course.
  • Certificates will be issued in the diploma courses.
  • Internships and placements.


What will You Learn in this Course?


  • Introduction to interior design and space planning.
  • Study of various elements related to architecture and designing.
  • CAD training in software like Photoshop, InDesign, etc.
  • Study of traditional and contemporary uses of interiors.


Contact Information:


Phone number- +917042232536, 0116528404

Email- [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What careers can we make in interior designing?

Ans. There is great scope in the field of interior designing. People who have an interior design course degree or have done an interior design certification course can find various career opportunities such as those who are interested in architecture, they can go for an architectural technologist.


Those who are more into digital designing can go for graphic designer and product designer. Apart from them, one can become an interior designer and can provide his services independently as a freelancer.


Other options are event designer, furniture designer, textile designer, estate manager, architect, exhibition designer, production designer, visual merchandiser, interior and spatial designer, and many more.


Q2. What income can one earn as an interior designer?

Ans. The salary of an interior designer depends on the experience and skills of the person and the type of interior designer that person has chosen. Like, the salary of an interior or spatial designer is more than 2 lakhs per annum at the beginner level and more than 4 lakhs per annum at the senior level.


The salary of lightning designers ranges from 2-3 lakhs per annum at the beginner level and in hikes to more than 6 lakhs per annum at the senior level. Production designers earn 4-8 lakhs per annum depending on the level.


Q3. What are the benefits of an interior design course?

Ans. Interior design courses are beneficial because they provide the students with knowledge and experiences. These courses appreciate the students with certificates which opens new doors of opportunities for them. The knowledge and skills which the students learn from these courses help the students to build confidence and communication skills.


Apart from these benefits, the internship programs which these courses provide play a major role in creating the path for students’ great careers ahead. There are many institutes of interior design courses in Delhi which are very famous and the best in this field.




Here we came to the end of the top 4 institutes which provide the best interior design courses in Delhi. Since Delhi is a metropolitan city that reflects grandeur and pride; so, the need for interior designers and the institutes for interior design courses in Delhi has been increasing rapidly. We hope that this list helps you to find your best institute for interior design courses in Delhi.