8 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp

The 21st century offers Digital Marketing as an emerging career, a strategy-driven, human-centric online marketing profession. Corporate sectors, advertising agencies, public relations offices, and small and medium enterprises, all require skilled professionals in digital marketing. And this surely necessitates proficient training from industry experts. The digital marketing courses in Krugersdorp are ready with the latest marketing techniques to carve your skill portfolio. Along with a detailed description of Digital Marketing, this article lists 8 such top digital marketing courses in Krugersdorp


List of best digital marketing courses in Krugersdor


The market is a place and marketing denotes an activity bridging the gap between a buyer and a seller. We generally understand marketing as a process comprising market research and analysis, promotion, and advertisement reaching out to a large extent of the targeted audience.

Our traditional understanding of marketing differs from Digital Marketing only in the use of the medium. When the entire chain of marketing leverages the internet as the preferred medium, we simply call it Digital Marketing.

Corporate sectors across the globe crafted their marketing strategies into digital versions for multiple reasons. Cost-effectiveness, higher customer engagement, a wider range of brand exposure, and immediate communication- are the key pointers of Digital Marketing.

The growth of any business in the modern tech-driven world largely depends on Digital Marketing and its related modules. A Smart inbound-first marketing strategy is ultimately the key driver.

Engaging content creation and marketing, improving user experience, data analysis, and maintaining sound connectivity with customers requires a perfectly skilled professional known as Digital Marketer. Being a dynamic field, it is expected from a Digital Marketer to be the updated version of the latest technologies and marketing strategies.


The role of an e-marketing professional is manifold looking after several aspects which are as follows-

  1. Decrypting trends and generating meaningful insights.
  2. Devising innovative plans for marketing campaigns.
  3. Website management for better user experience.
  4. Content optimization to increase website traffic.
  5. Campaigning brand awareness in social media and other E-platforms.
  6. Assessing ROI (Return on Investment) using data analytics tools.
  7. Executing innovative collaborations among new technologies and online sites.


Digital Marketing as Career-

With great potential, Digital Marketing offers a plethora of opportunities to the youth. The trending mode of business digitization requires a team of marketing specialists to handle specific modules of Digital Marketing. Below is the list of best Digital Marketing career options-


  1. Content strategist– The role of a content strategist lies in devising planning for relevant content which draws the business closer to the customer base. Text, images, videos, infographics- the content strategist working closely with the SEO team covers every other possible content format.


  1. Email Marketer– New product launching, live sales, big announcements- brands use emailing as one of their preferred options to reach out to customers. Lead generation, traffic boosting, higher conversion rates, increasing brand presence in the E-space via emails and newsletters- email marketers build campaigns aligning with both the business goals and customer needs.


  1. SEO specialist– SEO- Search Engine Optimization- simply means providing the right content to the targeted customer group using search engines as the medium. Keyword analysis, using short-tail and long-tail keywords the SEO specialist increases the visibility of his brand by efficiently leveraging search engine protocols.


  1. Digital marketing manager– Digital marketing manager is an efficient professional tasked with conducting the overall workings of the marketing team. The role of a Digital marketing manager includes lead generation, brand promotion, collaboration with entire marketing units, and managing campaign operations on various diverse platforms.


  1. Social media manager– A social media manager professionally handles various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. with a pre-scheduled content plan to E-present his company in social media channels.


  1. Digital marketing analyst– Data analytics is ultimately the key factor that gives meaning to all the initiatives taken by the Digital Marketing team. The analyst derives findings of a running campaign and helps the entire team in future campaign planning.


  1. UX designer– The term UX means user experience. The UX designer is professionally involved in analyzing user interaction with the brand in every possible e-space viz-website blog, social media platform, etc. He contributes his user research analysis with the marketing team to customize the e-look of the brand in the digital marketing channels.


  1. AI specialist– Using Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing is an edge added to the successful running of online marketing. Efficient handling of user profiles, deriving and analyzing data with utmost accuracy- the AI specialist supports the entire Digital Marketing team.


Why It Is Important to Enroll in a Digital Marketing Course?

There is a general saying- ‘A prince is born but a king is made’. Here lies the necessity for doing courses from the best institutions. If you are enthusiastic about making digital marketing your career, leave the skill portfolio to them!

The list below comprises detailed information about the 8 best digital marketing courses in Krugersdorp for you to upskill and outgrow your performance in the domain of Digital Marketing.


No.1 Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp  


Enrich your skill portfolio with IIM SKILLS offering a comprehensive course in all the core blocks for Digital Marketing. Through its online mode of learning, the institute perfectly trains learners from all over the world.

In 180+ hours of live interactive classroom sessions, the course covers 40 digital marketing modules. Flexible scheduling as one can choose weekdays as well as weekend batches and access to session recordings in the Learning Management System (LMS) benefits students across the globe.

The top 8 Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp enlist IIM SKILLS as one for multiple reasons. Let us have a look at the nitty-gritty of the Digital Marketing Master Course by IIM SKILLS.


Course Name– Master Digital Marketing Course

Course Duration 3 months + 2 months Paid Internship

Course Fee6,530.34 South African Rand


Modules Covered by IIM SKILLS-

Core ModulesSpecial Modules
Content writing and bloggingWordPress web development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Integrated digital marketing strategy
Social Media BuyingOnline reputation management
Search Engine MarketingMedia Buying
Inbound MarketingAffiliate marketing
Email MarketingVideo Marketing
Web AnalyticsMarketing automation
Digital infographic resume preparation



The modules mentioned above make you acquainted with many advanced tools required to master Digital Marketing. The course covers tools like Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Analytics, SEMrush, Moz, Ubersuggest, Yoast, SEO, Twitter Ads, Succuri Security Etc.

In just 3 months, the educators perfectly train the learners for Master Certification from IIM SKILLS and 15 other vital Certification exams including Google, HubSpot, and Facebook Blueprint. Students receive soft copies of their certificates in the LMS.

Students, working professionals, college drop-outs, and housewives- the course welcomes students from various fields. Your interest in digital marketing is the only eligibility criterion. IIM SKILLS provides quality training and the course curriculum encompasses every detail of digital marketing leaving no stone unturned.

The educators here are Google-certified experts with 10+ years of experience in this domain. After the successful completion of the course, the 2 months paid internship program gives you a plethora of opportunities to practically understand Digital Marketing from hands-on experiences.

IIM SKILLS provides placement support to its learners as it is approached by big giants and many other companies for their hiring requirements.


Contact- +919580740740

Email- [email protected]


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


No.2 Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp

2. Digital Marketing School

The Digital Marketing School is one of the leading educational platforms in Randburg providing courses in Digital Marketing, Social Media marketing, digital business, and graphic design. Learners from Krugersdorp can easily enroll themselves as the mode of learning is available in both online and virtual mode. DSM categorizes the Digital marketing section into five separate courses. Let us discuss in brief the course modules, durations, and fee structures.


  1. Basic Digital Marketing Course

Course Module


Introduction To Digital Marketing Paid Advertising and Marketing
Introduction To WordPress Advertising On Social Media Platforms
SEO And Web Analytics E-Mail Marketing
Social Media MarketingMobile Digital Marketing
 Content Marketing and Digital Copy Writing


Course duration-2 months

Fee structure– R9900 (for online mode)


  1. Intermediate Digital Marketing Course-

Course Module

Introduction To Digital MarketingWriting Advertising Copy
Introduction To WordPress Paid Advertising and Marketing
Marketing Communication Concepts Advertising On Social Media Platforms
SEO And Web Analytics E-Mail Marketing
Content Marketing and Digital Copy WritingMobile Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing


Course duration– 3-4 months

Fee structure– R10120 upfront

  1. Advanced Digital Marketing Course-

Course module

Introduction To Digital MarketingMarketing Communication Concepts
Introduction To WordPressBrand Contact
Digital Marketing StrategyBrand Positioning
Content Marketing StrategySupervise A Technical Project Team
Digital CopywritingSEO And Analytics
Defining Your AudienceCookies And Tracking In Analytics
Writing Advertising CopyEmail Marketing
Social Media MarketingMobile Marketing
Managing Social Media CommunityPaid Advertising
Online Public Relations


Course duration– 6-8 months

Fee structure– R14520 upfront


  1. Paid Advertising and Web Analytics Course-

Course module

Introduction To Paid AdvertisingSearch Engine Advertising
Planning A Digital StrategyDisplay Advertising
Paid Social Media AdvertisingWeb Analytics


Fee structure– R 8360 upfront


  1. SEO and web analytics course-

Course module

Introduction to WordPressIdentifying Website Problems
Introduction to SEOSEO Content
Fundamentals of SEOLink Building Techniques
SEO for the UserWeb Analytics
Labeling the Website


Course duration– 3 months

Fee structure– R 7920 upfront


Key Highlights

  1. Intermediate Certification after each module completion.
  2. Final certification (both hard & soft copy)
  3. Full-time student support


No.3 Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp

3. University of Witwatersrand

Place your first footstep in digital marketing with Wits University offering short-term certification courses to upskill South-African youth confronting ongoing digital world challenges in the workspace.  The course welcomes enthusiasts from any background. Business owners, marketing professionals, experienced managers, leaders, technical staff, and students – are the expected learners enrolling in the course.

The entire course module is divided into 12 lectures scheduled once a week for 2 hours. The 13th lecture is a revision class followed by a 2 hours examination in the last session.


Course duration– 14 weeks.

Mode of learning– Offline.

Fee structure– R 12,45.00


Course Content

IntroductionOnline Community Management
Marketing CommunicationOnline Reputation Management
Digital Marketing StrategySearch Engine Optimization
Mobile Marketing CampaignEmail Marketing
Social Media MarketingPaid Advertising
Content Creation & MarketingDigital & Social Media Reports


Eligibility Criteria- 

  1. Minimum 18 years of age.
  2. No specific educational qualification is required.
  3. Literate and numerate candidates can apply for this course.


Accreditation– certificate of competence.


Course lecturer– Helga Louw. (Business communicator, content creator, and digital marketing specialist at the University of Witwatersrand)


No.4 Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp


In the realm of digital marketing, the Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) ranks as one of the premier institutions aligning core modules of learning with corporate expectations. The e-learning method of training will help aspiring marketers and students from Krugersdorp to upskill for their next move.


Let us further explore the key factors of the IIDE Digital Marketing Course.


Course Curriculum

Introduction To Digital MarketingContent WritingSocial Media (Paid)
Search Engine OptimizationContent WritingWeb Analytics (Google & Social)
Key Performance Marketing JargonDesigning With CanvaFinal Project
Search Engine MarketingSocial Media
Campaign PlanningBrand Reputation Management
E-Commerce MarketingInfluencer Marketing
Soft Skills


Course Duration– 4 months.

Fee structure– R 21,678 (flexible EMI options available starting at R 1500.43)


Course Highlights

  1. Expert faculty— IIDE sources educators from top companies across the globe with more than 7+ years of experience.
  2. 1:1 learning experience– IIDE provides 1:1 educator-learner doubt-solving sessions.
  3. Tools to be mastered– For leveraging the skills of digital marketing in the future, learners accomplish knowledge in tools like- SEMrush, Moz, WordPress, Socialbakers, Yoast, Typeform, Shopify, and many more.
  4. Real-time experience in live-project– working on live projects helps the students understand the real industrial problems and solutions thereof.
  1. Certification- IIDE awards the learners with 12 certificates each after completing individual modules. After which on submission of 7 assignments and 1 final project the learner is awarded a certificate in Advanced Digital Marketing. The innate guidance from the educators makes the students ready to appear for Google certification.


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No.5 Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp

5. Udacity

Learners from Krugersdorp can surely opt for Udacity as their learning hub to master Digital Marketing skills. The smartly designed course curriculum is combined with a list of advanced technologies for building tech-savvy marketing strategies. The structured course module prepares you job-ready in just three months to apply online marketing skills in your workspace.

Digital marketing, Business intelligence, and analytics, google analytics, MarTech, social media Marketing, content marketing, search engine ad ranking, A/B Testing, Facebook ads, etc- the skills that you need to leverage in your marketing career.


Course name– Digital Marketing Nanodegree program

Course duration– 3 months (at 10 hours/week)


Eligibility Criteria– No specific education qualification is required. Basic computer skills such as managing files, using a third-party online program, and internet browsing are expected.


Mode of learning– e-learning


Course module:

Fundamentals of marketingSearch Engine Marketing
Marketing data and technologyDigital Ad. Making
Social media marketingEmail marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Key highlights-

  1. A hand on experience in dealing with industry projects.
  2. Dedicated mentor support
  3. Flexibility in scheduling the course
  4. Project Feedback from experts


Fee Structure- Enrolment for the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program costs $278 per month. Paying upfront for 3-month accessibility amounts to 708.37 USD instead of 833.60 USD.


No.6 Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp

6. Coursera

Through its online mode of learning, the Coursera Digital Marketing Specialization course is readily accessible to the folks of Krugersdorp. For building impactful digital marketing strategies Coursera divides the complete module into seven courses. The lessons are provided by the University of Illinois, and the specialization is part of their Masters of Business Administration degree program (iMBA).


Coursera Digital Marketing Specialization Contents-

  1. The digital marketing revolution– purely theoretical course defining differences between traditional and digital marketing.
  2. Marketing in a digital world– develop an in-depth understanding of the internet and mobiles in changing the trend of business marketing.
  3. Digital marketing analytics in theory– theoretical course explaining data analytics at the grass root level. The course is taught by Kevin Hartman, head of analytics at Google.
  4. Digital marketing analytics in practice– lessons focus on creating meaningful data analytics reports using data analytics techniques.
  5. Digital media and marketing principles– the course includes search marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing as its curriculum.
  6. Digital media and marketing strategies– a relevant course for learners focusing on the know-how of running targeted digital marketing campaigns.
  7. Digital marketing capstone- a practical course designed for gaining hands-on experience with digital marketing campaigns.


Eligibility criteria- 

No prior experience is required.

Anyone can enroll in this course.


Course duration- 

140 hours sessions.

It takes 8 months to complete the seven courses.


Fee Structure- 

A Coursera Plus Subscription costs 74 USD per month. So, the 8months long Specialization Course and Certification thereafter altogether amount to 592 USD.


Learning Outcome-

  1. Impact of the digital revolution
  2. Know-how of marketing in the digital world.
  3. Role of Data Analytics in making informed Decisions
  4.  Strategies to structure Digital Marketing campaigns from planning to implementation.
  5. Developing the Digital Marketing plan and adopting processes to set up, execute, and monitor from beginning to end.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


No.7 Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp

7. Udemy

One of the eminent institutions offering top-notch Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp is Udemy. It provides various skill development programs across the globe, with the digital marketing course being a high-rated one. The course module enables learners to opt for any career path within the domain of digital marketing.

Thriving your online business from scratch, working as an affiliate marketer, serving as a digital marketing expert, or launching yourself as a freelance marketer-choose any of them and implement your learned digital marketing skills in the future.


Course content-

IntroductionGoogle AdWords
Market ResearchGoogle Analytics
Website MakingInstagram Marketing
Email MarketingPinterest Marketing
CopywritingLinkedIn Marketing
Search Engine OptimizationFacebook Ads
Youtube MarketingApp Marketing
Facebook MarketingOld Content
Twitter MarketingConclusion
Quora Marketing


Key highlights

  1. 20+ hours of on-demand video lectures
  2. 35 articles and 8 downloadable e-resources
  3. Lifetime access to the course lectures
  4. Certification after completion


No.8 Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp

8. Hubspot Academy

The top 8 digital marketing courses in Krugersdorp conjoins HubSpot Academy as last but not the least in importance. The institute offers the complete course module free of cost. Through its e-learning mode, the course reaches out to students across the globe. The complete course curriculum solely centers around this objective.

The course is designed for marketing managers, content marketers, and students looking for learning and upskill themselves with digital marketing.


Fee structure– free certification course.


Key highlights

  1. Unlimited access to resources- signing up HubSpot academy account provides you unlimited access to the complete library of education and free software tools.
  2. Personalized guidance- HubSpot offers it’s learners personalized training recommendations for the continuous development of knowledge and skill.
  3. Globally recognized certification- the globally recognized certification enables the students in standing out as an efficient Digital-Marketer in the industry.


Course Module- 

  1. Digital marketing fundamentals
  2. Building a content creation framework
  3. How to find SEO strategy fitting your business
  4. Improving website performance
  5. Creating quality blog content
  6. Successfully creating a video marketing strategy
  7. Developing a social media strategy
  8. Introduction to paid search advertising
  9. Creating high-performing Emails.


Course details-

  • 9 lessons
  • 37 videos
  • 11 quizzes
  • 5:25 hours



On completion of the course, learners are provided with globally recognized HubSpot certification.


FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions-


Q1. Is there any specific academic background needed to pursue digital marketing?

Ans- No. A fresher from any stream can opt for the courses. College dropouts, students, housewives, business owners- anyone can pursue it.


Q2. Is it a stressful career?

Ans- Digital Marketer is a professional voicing the E-presence of a brand to its targeted audience. Handling digital media platforms, running campaigns, and building strong customer connectivity- all that marketing professionals usually do. It is not at all a stressful career. Ultimately it varies on a person how he does balance his personal and professional life.


Q3. What is the X-factor to sustainably rising in this path?

Ans- Innovation, degradation, and dynamism are the keys to its success. In the era of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, it is a must for a marketing professional to be smart, adaptive, and tech-savvy.



The human-centric marketing strategy is fast replacing the base of the old-school customer-centric approach. Enhancing the base of a company in the potent online market through engaging content creation, marketing, and improving user experience demands efficient learning in online marketing. The list mentioned above includes eight such top Digital Marketing courses in Krugersdorp dedicated to grooming their learners with advanced tools and techniques needed to master Digital Marketing.