Top 10 Data Science Courses In Thane With Placements

Ever wondered why businesses and corporate decision-makers rely on data scientists for their strategies and choices? Or why data is so prized as well as harvested from any sources by companies. If so and you’re in Thane, and want to be a part of this new paradigm, you need to find the right Data Science institutes in Thane. Here you will be able to check and compare the best Data Science courses near you in Thane.


Before we jump into the list of the best science courses in Thane, let us understand data science.


What is Data Science?

Technical definitions can be quite confounding if you are a traveller at the beginning of your data science journey. In simple terms, Data Science is the collection and analysis of data, using algorithms, statistical methods and various other tools to look for and identify patterns, and gain insights to help with decision-making.

The blend of usage of AI, Big Data Analysis and machine learning provides unexplored horizons for growth and new prospects. Data Science has become a tool of massive importance for organisations and businesses to adeptly manage and manipulate huge volumes of data.

This data can be in structured or unstructured form, arriving from various sources like e-commerce, social media, share and mutual fund markets and more. Over the last few years, the demand for data scientists has grown tremendously, for improving the efficiency of business operations. It has become an integral part of business functionality.


Learn About the Data Science Life Cycle, and Why It Matters

The data science lifecycle shows the steps taken to produce, deliver and sustain a data science product. Since one cannot expect each data science product or project to be similar to the next, so too is the life cycle for each data science project different.

Generally, a data science lifecycle incorporates the use of machine learning, algorithms and statistics practices that give models better predictability. The common steps found in the entire project lifecycle are data extraction, preparation, modelling, assessment, etc.

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Here Are the Steps of the Normal Data Science Lifecycle

Business Understanding

Before you embark on the road to solve a problem, it is very important to fully understand the problem or the issue at hand. In this case, working closely with the key personnel from every department involved ensures that all are in agreement with the objectives and direction.

Furthermore, it is necessary to frame the issue in a way that is not vague, so that it is specific and measurable. This allows the approach to finding solutions to be empiric, that is progress can be provable and quantifiable. Once we know what, it is easy to measure the project’s progress. This means that KPIs are identified and tracked to measure metrics.

Understanding the Data

Once we understand the problem at hand, we have to identify and gather the relevant data from all the necessary sources. This includes both organizational and external databases, client or customer surveys, as well as third-party data.

Then we summarize the data by utilizing descriptive statistics, such as mean, median, standard deviation, etc, which helps us get a sense of the central tendencies and trends, as well as variabilities.

Data Preparation

During this stage, the data is cleaned up, meaning missing values, inconsistencies and outliers are found. Techniques such as deletion, imputation, or transformation are used to improve the data quality, therefore improving the data for analysis.

Exploratory Data Analysis

This stage is where we delve deep into the data to find hidden trends, relationships and patterns. EDA is where we get a sense of the data, and immersing ourselves in its story, so to speak, we learn from it.

Data visualizations like scatter plots, box plots and histograms can be created to explore and discover relationships between variables and identify patterns. If you are dealing with data which has a higher degree of dimensionality than required for your purposes, dimensionality reduction techniques can be used to modify it without altering or reducing the information gathered.

Data Modeling

Here, we build a model which can be utilized to make predictions and classifications based on the data. The type of model chosen will depend on the nature of the data and the data type.

We can use supervised learning for the prediction tasks where labelled data is present. These include logistical regression for the classification problems and linear regression for the continuous predictions. Unsupervised learning can be used to find hidden patterns in the unlabeled data.

Model Evaluation

Once we have created a model, assessing its performance as well as identifying weaknesses it may potentially have is of the utmost importance. This process consists of training and testing. Data can be divided into sets for training and testing respectively, where the model is trained on the former, and then evaluated on the latter, which is the unseen data.

Appropriate metrics are used to assess the performance of the model. Later, the model can be refined by tweaking its hyperparameters.

Model Deployment

After testing and evaluating the model, if it performs well on the evaluation metric, we can deploy it and move to production. The model after being trained can now be saved in a format which can be used by other systems or applications. We may also integrate the model into pre-existing applications and systems which make it accessible for end users.

Vigilantly monitoring the performance of the model once it is deployed is essential, to make sure it retains its effectiveness over time. This consists of tracking the accuracy of predictions as well as data drift identification.


The 10 Top Data Science Courses In Thane With Placements



One of the most highly rated online institutes across the world, IIM SKILLS is the most sought-after by professionals or career-oriented individuals. They offer a wide variety of courses with excellent reviews suitable for professionals. Besides data science, they also offer courses in other highly sought-after fields like content writing, technical writing, finance, marketing as well as data analytics.

The most valuable and fruitful data science courses in Thane, once we compare the skills imparted and practised along with the level of training and quality of instructors, there is nothing close enough.

Their data science courses in Thane shall cover each topic relevant to data science. SQL, AL and ML, Power BI, Tableau R, Python and Alteryx along with statistics will be taught as part of this course. Several important industry tools, such as ChatGPT, Python, SQL, Flask and Jupiter which are essential to industry applications will be covered in this course.

IIM SKILLS is undoubtedly the best option, and several publications and organisations that review and rank courses have placed them on the top of their recommended lists.

Pros Should You Choose the IIM SKILLS Data Science Institutes in Thane

  • Opportunity to learn from experts in the data science industry.
  • Guaranteed internship on completing the course.
  • Microsoft and Google aligned course.
  • IIM SKILLS master certification awarded which is one of the most trusted.
  • Opportunity to work on several Capstone projects.
  • Round-the-clock support from IIM SKILLS for your career.
  • Assistance from experienced professionals to help you build your resume and in your interview preparation.

Course Details:

Course Name: Data Science Course

Course Fee: INR 99,900 + 18% GST

Course Duration: 11 Months

Certification: Yes

Mode of Instruction: Online

Payment option: 12 Zero-Interest EMI’s of INR 9,823 per month

Group Discount: 10% discount on registration of 3 or more individuals

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Contact Information:

Phone no: +91 9580740740


E-mail: [email protected]


2. DigiPerform

DigiPerform is a training institute focused on digital marketing. They also offer fully certified courses in several digital marketing fields, including SEM, social media marketing, SEO, E-mail marketing and Data analytics including data science.

On attending and completing this course, you are guaranteed placement, and to get this you will be getting assistance from the institute. They are well regarded with plenty of positive reviews online across search engines, as they provide a learning combination of both online and offline.

Thus we can see that the course is a comprehensive one, and consists of 16 modules. These will include introductions to data science, Excel, statistics, descriptive statistics using Excel data sets, inferential statistics using Excel data sets, database design and MySQL, data visualization utilizing Advanced Excel, the same using Tableau and Python programming.

Also, you will be learning Python used towards data science, data visualization utilizing Python, Matplotlib and Seaborn, exploratory data analysis, supervised learner models utilizing regression, the same using classification, advanced machine learning & AI NLP, neural networks as well as deep learning.

The most impressive and useful part of the course will be the opportunity to work on several important assignments and projects. Such projects range from interactive dashboards for e-commerce use, customer lifetime value prediction and calculation, customer churn prediction, customer segmentation dashboard, film recommendation algorithms for streaming and OTT platforms pandemic data visualization, stock market visualizations, etc.

Case studies and assignments will be given on many use cases as you have read earlier, which will help you gain experience working on such real-world use cases and projects to prime you for a successful career in Data Science. All these aspects combine to provide you with an astute choice for the best Data Science Courses in Thane if you wish to join.

Course Details:

Course Name: Data Science Course

Course Fee: INR 1,22,720

Course Duration: 11 months

Contact Details:


3. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is one of the best education institutes offering career-oriented courses and training programs in many different fields such as Financial tech, Finance, data analytics, and data science. Also offered are courses on marketing, banking and investment banking.

Their Data Science course is quite comprehensive and covers all relevant topics in a detailed manner. The curriculum for the course is divided into 3 main parts – Foundation, Core Track and then Specialization.

The course also incorporates 10 interviews guaranteed, more than 25 projects and 10 or more tools, which will all help you in your career.

The foundation will have you getting all the basics of programming knowledge, this module is specially designed to assist and help non-programmers. The core track will help you learn Excel, SQL, Advanced SQL, programming in Python, statistics in data science, machine learning as well as Data Visualisation with Tableau & Powe BI. The Specialization track will have you learn about advanced ML track, data analysis and ML track.

You will have the chance to work on Capstone projects as part of the course. Imarticus Learning will provide career-assisting services such as resume building, GitHub project portfolios, job interview and assurance preparation, mock interviews and mentorship for your career.

Course Details:

  • Course Name: PG in Data Science and Analytics
  • Course Fees: INR 75,000
  • Course Duration: 6 months

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4. Learning 360 Academy

Learning 360 Academy is a reputed IT training institute situated in Thane, ideally located if you wish to go for an offline classroom option for the best Data Science Courses in Thane. They offer industry-tailored software and IT training for students to help them build a strong technical base as well as practical skills employing real-world use cases and projects.

Through this course, you will be able to learn the skillsets needed for a data science career, such as R Studio, Python, Data Collection, SQL, Data cleaning, statistics analysis, hypothesis testing, logistical regression, Data Visualization using Tableau, machine learning and so on.

Course Details:

  • Course Name: Data Science Course
  • Course Fees: INR 84,999
  • Course Duration: 6 months

Contact Details:

  • Phone no: +91 9953823020
  • Website:


5. ExcelR

ExcelR is a reputed online educational institute that provides various certification courses in fields varying from AI, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing to Data Science and more. These courses are for both professionals already employed as well as students looking to make their careers, making it one of the best choices if you are looking for top-ranking Data Science courses in Thane.

In addition to delivering excellent service worldwide in about 40 countries, they have partnered with several corporations and universities to create training programs, with both offline and online classes for your benefit.

If you are looking for the best Data Science Courses in Thane, then we believe that this should be just the one for you. It is well regarded by industry experts and alumni as well and will cover all the essentials and basics needed along with hands-on training and projects.

This course provides 15 hours of immersive training conducted by IIT Madras for a couple of days, more than 25 assignments with round-the-clock support, 15+ industry real-life projects, tie-ups with more than 2000 companies, and most of all, IIT Madras Pravartak certification and subsequent job readiness program.

Course Details:

  • Course Name: Certified Data Science Course
  • Course Duration: 6 months
  • Course Fee: INR 84,999
  • Institute website:


6. Quastech

Quastech is a reputed Information Technology training establishment, situated in Thane, that offers courses covering a range of fields and skills in demand, such as web development, software testing, coding languages such as Python and Java, digital marketing, data science and many more. They offer top offline Data Science Courses in Thane.

Quastech has a reputation for practical learning and training based on industry needs, which change according to the skills and tools required to evolve in the industry. Their course covers data science using Python in totality. The advantage for those situated locally and hesitant to go for a distance learning approach is their physical training and offline learning focus, to help familiarise you with the field.

Course Details:

  • Course Name: Advanced Data Science with Python
  • Course Duration: 6 months
  • Course Fee: INR 45,999


7. QuickXpert Infotech

QuickXpert Infotech is an offline software and IT training academy located in Thane, offering training courses in several fields like Python, Java, Web development, Software testing, digital marketing and, most importantly for us, Data Science. Being located physically in Thane, they offer both online and offline classroom learning.

They also guarantee placement and career opportunities on completion of the course, and they have a network of more than a thousand companies to help you connect with the best situation for you. QuickXpert Infotech is certified and recognized by all major employers and certification portals.

If you choose to enrol their Data Science Courses in Thane, you will be immersed and skilled in all the relevant tools and subjects, from the basics of Python to installing data structures, libraries such as NumPy & Pandas, Stats, concepts of data analysis, algorithms for machine learning and tools such as TensorFlow and Keras, as well as data visualising with libraries such as Seaborn and MatPlotLiv.

Course Details:

  • Course Name: Data Science and Data Analytics Course
  • Course Duration: 6 months
  • Course Fee: INR 69,999

Contact Details:

  • Institute website:
  • Contact no: 075062 52588


8. Ignicia Technologies

Ignicia Technologies is a digital education platform, started in 2015, and has experience in training hundreds of attendees, preparing them for a bright career through the courses offered. They are also renowned for their assistance in getting their graduates placed as well as the industry experts who help train their students.

They specialize in providing IT training in various fields such as cybersecurity, whitehat hacking, digital networking, and programming languages like Python, Java and Data Science.

With this Data Science Courses in Thane, you will be able to learn SQL, Python programming language, Data cleaning, Hypotheses Testing, Statistical Analysis, linear regression, logistical regression, advanced regression techniques, discrete probability distribution, predictive analytics, visualizing data using Tableau, analysis of text, data mining and AI learning.

Course Details:

  • Course Name: Data Science with Python
  • Course Duration: 4-6 months
  • Course Fee: INR 60,000 + 18% GST

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9. DeveLearn Institute

It is an Information Technology education training institute in Mumbai, focussed on data science and software learning and development. They also have data analytics, programming languages such as Python, and Big Data technology such as Hadoop, deep learning and machine learning.

DeveLearn offers both offline and online classes, with an emphasis on real-world experience and learning as well as a job-oriented syllabus to prepare learners for industry requirements. They also have links with industry experts and companies to help with experience and placements.

Course Details:

  • Course Name: Data Science with Artificial Intelligence
  • Course Duration: 14 months
  • Course Fee: INR 2,00,000 + 18% GST


10. Ethlive

This is a Software educational institute, that offers courses on software development, data science and analytics, cloud computing as well as ethical hacking. They provide a combined learning format comprising pre-recorded video lectures and live interaction classes.

During this Data Science Course in Thane, you will be able to learn deep learning, machine learning, and AI alongside tools used for data science and several other skills.

Course Details:

  • Course Name: Data Analyst and Data Science
  • Course Duration: 6 months
  • Course Fee: INR 45,000 + 18% GST


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why is Data Science an ideal career choice?

Data Science is a rapidly growing field with high demand for young and talented data scientists, who will be able to adapt rapidly to a dynamic industry and provide effective solutions and products. For those with a natural aptitude for coding, maths and problem-solving, this is an ideal career path with unlimited potential. The pay scale reflects the level of demand in the job market, with an average salary much higher than in another field for entry-level positions. A Data Science Course in Thane also allows you to work on many revolutionary projects.

What are the key things I should look out for in a Data Science Course?

Almost all institutes have a complete syllabus with all the basics and advanced tools and processes, ably taught by experts in these fields. However, what you should keep in mind while making your decision is that hands-on experience and real-world projects are priceless when it comes to building your foundations. Make sure the course and institute you choose have ample projects as well as provisions for you to get the experience and expertise you deserve.

How to evaluate the cost and duration of the course against value for money?

If you are looking for a Data Science Course in Thane, then odds are you looking to get a job in Mumbai on completing your training.

Therefore, look to those choices which offer offline classroom learning near your location, as face-to-face learning is best suited for those who live nearby. However, the best options nowadays are all digital and online, so the cost-saving and efficiency for working professionals tend to lead them to online courses. Usually, you will find that the longer and more hands-on and industry-integrated the course is, the higher the fees. Therefore, you will have to choose a sliding scale to find the best balance for you.



If you live in Thane and are looking for top-ranking Data Science Courses in Thane, either locally or online, then this article should help you look at prospective courses and make your choice. Data Science is a rapidly expanding field and the demand for capable data scientists and analysts is growing proportionately.

These courses will help you learn the skills required to extract meaningful information and insights from complex, raw data. Alongside real-world projects and experience gained, these skills will open up many opportunities for you in the data science industry. One of the main benefits is the interview preparation help and placement assistance you will receive on completing your Data Science Course in Thane, to help get you the job of your dreams.