Top 10 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Jalandhar

Every organization needs financial professionals to ensure that its business is running smoothly. Expertise in handling business accounts and taxations is vital in maintaining efficient financial records. If you want to build a sustainable career, it is very important to remain up-to-date with industry trends and technologies. This article will talk about the various options for business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar.


List of best business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar


What is Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT)?


Before you decide to pursue business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar, you must learn the basics about the course.


Business Accounting: 


Business Accounting is the act of systematically recording and analyzing the financial details of a company. The accounts help companies to make better and informed financial decisions. Modern accounting as a profession is said to have originated in the early 19th century. There are various kinds of accounting and some of them are:


  • Financial Accounting
  • Tax Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Fiduciary accounting
  • Auditing
  • Political campaign accounting
  • Information systems




Taxation refers to the act of levying and imposing taxes on individuals or entities by governments. As per the guidelines of the government, all companies are required to file various taxes. Taxes are levied on business transactions, assets, and income. It is important to have a thorough and updated knowledge of the taxation rules to ensure the smooth running of the business. There are many types of taxes like income tax, capital tax, sales tax, etc.


What Are Different Career Opportunities in This Domain?


Now that you have got an idea of what business accounting and taxation mean, let us talk about the opportunities that you can find in this field. Several different roles can be chosen after completing your business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar. You can choose to look for a job in the public/private sector or you can build a respectful career in academic jobs. The field has a good scope and it is also very lucrative.


Some of the suitable career options for people pursuing this course include:


  • Tax Accountant
  • Auditing Assistant
  • Finance Manager
  • Assistant or Senior Manager
  • Accounts Executive
  • Lecturer / Course Instructor
  • Accounting Manager
  • Budget Analyst
  • Income Tax Officer
  • Tax Analyst
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Company Secretary


You can learn more about these various roles and then choose which field it is that you want to enter, based on your interests and preferences.


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Institutes Offering Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Jalandhar


There has been a massive shift in the education and job sector in recent years. Many institutes offer business accounting and taxation courses through offline and online modes of teaching. This flexibility lets people upskill themselves from the comforts of their homes. Let us discuss some of the institutes that offer business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar.


1. BAT Course in Jalandhar – IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the leading institutions in the ed-tech space and it is headquartered in New Delhi, India. It provides many skill-based courses that are led by industry leaders. All their courses are practical and job-oriented. Their courses have trained more than 15,000 people across 35 countries.


Why Choose IIM Skills BAT Course:


IIM Skills is one of the major institutes offering business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar. The course offered by the institute covers several major topics including GST, Income Tax, Balance Sheet, Tally, Excel, and MIS Reporting. The course includes 120+ hours of learning and nearly 60+ hours of practical assignments.


It offers experiential learning with several case studies, assignments, and weekly tasks. The institute recognizes the importance of learning various tools, and accordingly, the course covers various tools such as Quickbooks, Tally, Excel, and BUSY. It provides convenient access to all the resource material through the Learning Management System (LMS).


The institute has a devoted team of BAT community with more than 2000 experts and students can use their guidance anytime they need it. The detailed and exhaustive curriculum is designed by industry leaders. It includes 6 modules that cover various crucial skills including Accounting in Tally, GST, TDS, Payroll, Income Tax, and GST in Tally and Advanced Excel


This business accounting and taxation online course aim to prepare students for the real-world market by equipping them with in-depth knowledge about several accountancy standards. It also includes opportunities for internships and a dedicated Placement Cell.


The 4-month live online course is recognized by the Government of India. You will be awarded globally accredited Master BAT Certifications following the successful completion of the course.


For More Details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: + (91) 99 11 839503


Other Courses

Financial Modeling Course

GST Certification Course


2. BAT Course in Jalandhar – EduPristine


In 2008, four industry professionals came together to start a new training company called EduPristine. In a few years, it became a Premier Finance Training Provider across the world. The courses cover five industries- Finance, Accounting, Analytics, Marketing, and Healthcare. They have trained more than 50,000 students across 25+ courses.


Why Choose EduPristine:


The Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation offered by EduPristine is designed by industry experts who have work experience in the fields of accounting and taxation. The course is designed to include case studies and students are given project-based practical training making them ready for the competitive job market.


The curriculum strikes a balance between conceptual understanding and practical implementation. It is divided into nine modules that cover various topics like Tally, GST, Income Tax, Payroll, Excel and MIS Reporting, Extraction of GST reports, and Purchase & Sales process.


The last module focuses on teaching soft skills like effective business communication and interpersonal communication. The course provides LIVE sessions led by experienced industry faculty.  


The course takes a minimum of five months to complete depending on the student’s dedication and focus. The course will prepare students for four top accounting certifications. EduPristine will also offer assistance in resume building and job placements.


For More Information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1800 200 5835

IIM Skills BAT Course free demo invite

3. BAT Course in Jalandhar – Coursera:


Coursera is a massive open online course (MOOC) provider that was started in 2012 by two Stanford University computer science professors. Nearly 150 colleges are estimated to be offering more than 4,000 courses through Coursera in 2021. Courses offered by Coursera include quizzes, weekly exercises, peer-reviewed assignments, and an optional Honors assignment. Sometimes, they also include a final capstone project.


Why Choose Coursera:


Candidates who wish to pursue business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar can consider Coursera as one of their options as it offers several courses that cover different aspects of business accounting and taxation. One can choose courses that cover the basics of accounting or Managerial Accounting Fundamentals. Many courses teach about necessary tools like Microsoft Excel.


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4. BAT Course in Jalandhar – The Institute of Professional Accountants (IPA)


The Institute of Professional Accountants, headquartered in Delhi, India, is one of the leading providers of job-oriented professional courses in Accounting, Finance, Taxation, and Banking. Their industry-experienced faculty works towards providing skills that help candidates in their professional development.


Why Choose IPA:


The institute offers a diploma in Accounting Finance Taxation and Banking that will provide students with employable skills. The course, which runs for 12 months, comes with a 100% Job Guarantee. The curriculum is divided into 13 exhaustive modules designed by industry experts.


Candidates will learn numerous crucial skills including Industrial Accounting, Tally ERP, BUSY, Company Law Matters, Banking, Advance Excel, GST, and Income Tax filing. The institute will also help students with Personality development and English speaking skills.


The faculty consists of experienced Chartered Accountants, MBAs, and Advocates at IPA Institute. They offer both online and classroom sessions. Candidates will receive a recognized diploma certificate after the completion of the course.


For More Information:

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: + (91) 92138-55555


5. BAT Course in Jalandhar – APG Learning


Launched in 2018, APG Learning offers industry-oriented courses in the fields of Technology, Business, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Soft Skills, and Lifestyle. These courses are designed to meet the needs of both working professionals and students. The institute has trained more than 12,000 students.


In an attempt to bridge the gap between industry and the available talent, the institute conducted job fairs where about 7,200 candidates got a chance to meet their prospective employers. It entered the online learning market in 2020 and offers courses to students all across the globe.


Why Choose APG Learning:


Candidates will gain practical and job-relevant experience in accounting and taxation through APG’s practical learning and highly interactive sessions. The course will ensure that the students have up-to-date knowledge of taxation and are ready for a job by the end of the course.


The business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar offered by APG come with a rigorous and detailed curriculum. The course will cover various industry skills like Industrial Accounting, Direct Taxation, GST, Tally, and Business Computer Applications.


Practical knowledge related to Excel and MIS will also be provided as part of the course. Students who are pursuing CA/CS/ICWA/CFA courses or any other similar course and students with BCOM/MCOM/MBA in Finance will be eligible for this BAT course. It is also open to students from non-commerce backgrounds who have work experience of at least a year.


For More Information:

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +91 7350001603


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6. BAT Course in Jalandhar – Amzine Accounting Institute


Amazing Accounting Institute can also be considered a good option for pursuing business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar. Through its courses, the institute focuses on imparting practical skills curated by industry professionals. 


Why Choose Amazing:


Amzine’s Accounting Course focuses on many skills including Finance and Accounts software like Tally, CATPRO, Xero, and Busy. Candidates will also learn about banking, GST and Balance sheet, ITR filing, and Auditing. The courses are designed to upskill and re-skill professionals using real-life examples. The curriculum of Amzine’s business accounting and taxation online course is updated regularly by the changing requirements of the industry. 


For More Information:

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 08968117000


7. BAT Course in Jalandhar – ICA Edu Skills


ICA Edu Skills, which began its journey in 1999, is one of the best training institutes that provides employable skills to students. It aims to train candidates at affordable rates and help them secure jobs at top companies and MNCs.


Why Choose ICA Edu Skills:


If you opt for business accounting and taxation courses through ICA Edu Skills, you will be presented with a myriad of courses that cover several major requirements of the finance industry. They have courses that exclusively focus on software like MS Excel and Tally. This lets the students pick specific skills of their choice and master them.


The courses provided by them include Tally prime with Payroll, SAP FICO, CIA with SAP FICO, GST and TDS, TallyPrime with Business Accounting, and CIA Express. The curriculum is taught by industry leaders. Students will be awarded industry-recognized certification following successful completion of the course. ICA Edu Skills is an affiliated training partner of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).


For More Details: 

E-mail:[email protected]

Phone: + (91) 8335069981


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8. BAT Course in Jalandhar – Udemy


Udemy is a massive open online course (MOOC) provider with numerous course options for both students and professionals.


Why Choose Udemy:


The Complete Accounting & Taxation Course 2022 offered by Udemy covers several topics including Accounting, Taxation Management, Tally, and GST. The curriculum includes case studies to provide practical learning opportunities. All the GST classes are also based on real-life data. The course uses various methods to keep the lessons interesting like quizzes for each chapter and practice tests.


Candidates can also choose from many other courses offered by Udemy that teach about business accounting and taxation. Udemy provides self-paced learning and on-demand videos. You can learn anytime, anywhere. Candidates will also gain lifetime access to all the resource materials. 


For More Details:


IIM Skills BAT Course free demo invite

9. BAT Course in Jalandhar – Finprov


Finprov, which was started by experienced chartered accountants, is one of the leading providers of finance and accounting courses. The team at Finprov are experts with more than 38 years in the industry which makes it a good choice for people who want to start their business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar. 


Why Choose Finprov:


The business accounting and taxation online course offered by Finprov is called the Certificate in Business Accounting and Taxation (CBAT). This course covers intensive software training and comprehensive subject knowledge. The 6-month long course is divided into two levels.


The rigorous and detailed course curriculum is curated by experienced chartered accountants and experts from the finance industry. The content of the course provides skills that are in demand in today’s world. Various Certificates are awarded in this program and they include Course Completion Certificate, Tally, Quickbooks, and STED Council accredited certificate.


The topics covered include Practical Accounting, GST Theory, Corporate Law, and ESI & PF Calculations. Finprov offers 100% placement assistance to all the candidates that have completed the course.


For More Information:

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: + (91) 8943644444


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10. BAT Course in Jalandhar – Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is one of the leading online training institutes with a customer base in about 97 countries. It exists across various business verticals including College Programs, Corporate Programs, Skill Development Programs, Consulting Services & Assessments. It has provided training to more than 3,00,000 people.


Why Choose Henry Harvin:


Henry Harvin is also one of the top options for individuals who wish to pursue business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar. As part of the institute’s Certified Business Accounting and Taxation Course (CATP), students will learn various crucial topics of Accounting like GST, Income Tax, and TDS. 


It is one of the top-ranked courses which includes 172 Hours of Two-way Live Online Interactive Sessions. It is divided into six modules that cover several topics like Income Tax, GST, Tally, Financial Statement Analysis, Advanced Excel, and Payroll. The course comes with two Complimentary modules that teach Soft Skills and Resume Writing.


This ensures that the students are ready to get a job in the industry. The business accounting and taxation online course offered by Henry Harvin also includes internship assistance so that the students can gain practical knowledge.


They provide 100% Placement Guarantee Support for a year after the successful completion of the course. Students who complete all the requirements of the course will receive Certification of Certified Business Accounting & Taxation from Henry Harvin and the Government of India.


For More Details:  

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: + (91) 9891953953




Q1. What skills are required to begin a successful career in the field of business accounting and taxation?

Some of the skills that you will need when you are looking for a job in this domain include:

  • Proficiency in Tally
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Problem-solving Ability
  • Analytical Skills
  • Attention to Details
  • Communication Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Proficiency in Excel
  • Tech Savvy
  • Business Knowledge

The business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar will help you start learning and implementing the skills that are required in the corporate world.


Q2. What are the eligibility criteria for BAT Course?

The eligibility criteria to pursue business and taxation courses in Jalandhar vary from one institute to another. Some institutes require a degree in Commerce while some require you to have completed 10+2. Basic knowledge of computers is appreciated. However, some institutes also let freshers enrol and begin their journey in this domain. The courses can also be availed by working professionals who wish to up-skill and update their knowledge based on current industry trends. 


Q3. What is the importance of accounting in business?  Is enrolling in Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Jalandhar going to be beneficial?

Yes, it is worth pursuing a BAT course as every company will always need accurate and systematic business accounts. The accounts help the company evaluate its performance and accordingly create budgets and future projections based on its financial position. Proper accounting and taxation process helps companies ensure statutory compliance. Companies are always going to need these services and there will always be a need for people who are well versed with the financial rules and trends. Also, accounting is needed across all industries which makes it one of the most in-demand skills.




In this rapidly transforming world, it is very important to constantly upgrade yourself with new skills and knowledge. The efficient use of various online tools like Tally and Excel has also become crucial in this digital world. To stay ahead, you need practical skills which can be learned by enrolling in business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar. These courses will guide you and help you enter the industry with subject knowledge and practical training. Many of these courses are available in online mode which makes the learning more flexible. Working professionals can choose a business accounting and taxation online course that will help them learn while they earn.