Top 5 Technical Writing Courses In Kota With Placements

Are you someone who is looking for a career in technical writing? You are undoubtedly at the right place! Let’s dive into the deep aspects of technical writing in various sections of this blog and also the top industry-best technical writing courses in Kota that can elevate your standard of learning technical writing and guide you through the right path to grab a career opportunity as a technical writer.


What Is Technical Writing All About?

Technical writing as a career can be taken by anyone who has a keen interest in researching new information and simplifying the context, understandable to any layman, how complex the technological jargon might be.

The first level of skills needed is the intake of knowledge on various topics on a deeper level. It is much more different from other forms of writing like article writing, web content writing, and traditional business writing.

It not only needs decent writing skills and language proficiency but a willing mindset to read and understand more about how things work on a deeper level and then write it concisely and crisply that the readers can grasp.

You will need to do deep research on every aspect of the topic before you write a technical document. In simpler words, it’s not writing on stuff that comes up to your mind exaggerating or cooking up stories to make it spicier for the readers.

There is no scope for enhancement on the technological processes on your own so you will need an open mindset to stick to it is what it is.

Categories Of Technical Writing:

The three major categories of technical writing documents are:

  • Traditional Technical writing
  1. Science and Medical Papers
  2. Professional Reviews
  3. Repair Manual Guides


  • End-User Documentation
  1. Product Manuals
  2. User guides
  3. Assembly Guidelines
  4. Technical Books


  • Technical Marketing Content
  1. White Papers
  2. Case Studies
  3. Proposals
  4. Pitches
  5. Brochures

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What A Technical Writer Will Be Expected To Write?

If you are opting for a career in technical writing in an organization/freelancing of your choice, some of the content that will be from you in today’s pace is:

  • Instruction Manuals
  • Journal Articles
  • Reports
  • Press Releases
  • How -to- guides
  • Software documentation
  • Hardware Description Manuals
  • Technology User Guides

What Are The Qualifications Expected For This Role? 

Entry-level qualification for a technical writer: a bachelor’s degree (in any specification) and a work experience of 0-5 years in the industry are sufficient. A spice of extra knowledge on science/technology in your job domain will make you a pro in the industry!

Does Technical Writing As A Career Have A Promising Scope?

In a traditional world, once you hear the term ‘technical writing’ what comes to your mind would be documenting the technical details as in software manuals, user guides, etc.

But the definition of technical writing has changed a lot more now, similar to business writing. Organizations have started hiring people to write emails, policies, press releases, and reports, almost documenting all of the technical stuff.

The definition of technical writing may become outdated among people, but not in the fast-paced technological world. It is one of the most highly expected skills in any organization today, irrespective of the industry.

Most industries like aerospace, IT, healthcare, finance, engineering, medical, chemistry, forestry, biochemistry, and supply chain hire technical writers. The Economic Times has included the role of a technical writer as one of the highest-paying jobs in 2017.

The same can be said for the upcoming years.  You can understand how competitive this career is and how the scope and demand of this field are increasing.

One point to be highlighted here is that writing down what you know and the content helping out a larger audience will yield you greater job satisfaction. Moreover, with years of expertise and knowledge, one will reach great heights in the technical writing industry.

Job Statistics for the role of Technical Writer

My career growth as a role of technical writer is projected to grow 12 percent from 2020 to 2030. On average each year, there are around 5500 openings for the role of a technical writer. Your job location is likely to play a vital role here.

These jobs pay high in the following cities in India – New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. So be more cautious with the location of work while picking your jobs. Thus, the pay for this role may invariably vary from organization /city/domain.

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Skills You Will Need To Cultivate To Become An Expert In Technical Writing:

  1. Be an avid reader.
  2. Develop the interest to grab more knowledge.
  3. Proficient language skills.
  4. Convey complex information in a layman’s language.
  5. Deep research skills.
  6. Decent writing skills.
  7. Knowledge of standard writing tools.
  8. Formatting tools
  9. Basic Internet Knowledge

 Who Are The Best People To Switch Their Career In Technical Writing?

  1. Teachers – As teachers, people usually have the skill to convey complex knowledge in a way that is easily understandable by an amateur. That is one of the key skills needed as far as technical writers are concerned.
  2. Software Engineers – As software engineers, geeks have an overall knowledge of how the software works and the flow of how things work technically. Able to set the perspective right for a user who is utilizing the software, documentation written by a well-versed individual who has technical knowledge on the domain would be great. Having immense software knowledge and also a passion for writing, this choice would be more welcoming to you people!
  3. Students -As an amateur with surface knowledge on whatever domain for the matter, if you are keen on grabbing knowledge by reading daily, this could be a perfect choice as a side hustle for you to get an income. It will more likely be just transferring your knowledge on things to your fellow students. Applicable only if you are willing to do deep research on all aspects before writing.
  4. Hardware Engineers – As a hardware engineer with in-depth knowledge of hardware parts, specifics, and functionality, this career choice would be good if you write what you know. That will help the users assemble/dismantle the hardware and know exactly the functionality of each part. You are the right fit for setting the basics right for the customers provided you have an interest in writing as well.

You can also opt for Online Technical Writing Courses and learn from the comfort of your home.

Not only the above-mentioned people are eligible to take up a career in technical writing, but any individual with basic Internet knowledge who is interested in writing up technological details by researching more on them will be the right fit!

To guide you through the right path step-by-step in setting up a career as a technical writer, we have multiple courses in the market (both free of cost and paid ones).

We have done in-depth research and picked the top courses that stand out by not only providing you with the learning aspects of technical writing but also guiding you to face the real-world challenges of acquiring a job as a technical writer, offering internships and mentorship by well-experienced people in the field. The more professional way you adapt your learning, the more well-versed you become in your career role!

Why Is It Advised To Pick One Of The Top Technical Writing Courses In Kota?

 Kota as a city is well-known for its education because of the quality of academics they provide and the statistics of students they have transformed over the years. One main reason why people prefer Kota is their systematic way of teaching. Let’s see the pros of various top technical writing courses in Kota:


Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Kota



IIM SKILLS is ranked as one of the top-class education leveraging institutes in India with headquarters based in New Delhi. They have their presence spread wide across Asia in 23 cities.

They have trained 15k+ individuals, conducted over 2.5k training sessions, and have experience of 5 years in the industry. All the courses offered by them are handled by well-versed proficients with industry experience of around 12 years.

Their course based on technical writing is ranked one of the best technical writing courses in Kota with promising career guidance.


What is in for IIM SKILLS to stand out?

  • Live Online Sessions rather than a recorded video that only covers the overview of the topics.
  • Inclusive Q and A session to cover the doubts of every individual enrolled.
  • Limited seats for each batch to give more attention to each individual
  • In-class assignments and feedback on the spot.
  • Weekly Assignments on topics covered in the class.
  • Prompt and any scope of improvement in writing feedback by mentors.
  • Well-experienced tutors.
  • Dedicated Placement cell.
  • Career Guidance and Freelancing Support.
  • Lifetime access to writing tools.
  • Portfolio Development Guidance
  • Master Certification is Included as part of course fees.
  • Lifetime access to recorded live sessions.
  • Internship in IIM Skills(non-paid and optional)
  • Publish your technical writing article with the Times of India.

 Tools that you will master :

  • MS Visio
  • MS Project
  • Git
  • Scribus
  • Canva
  • Powerpoint
  • API Documentation
  • DITA
  • XML
  • RoboHelp


Course Details: Technical Writing Course

 Batches Available and timings:

 Weekday Batch(suitable for students) – 10 PM TO 12 PM (Tuesday and Thursday)

Weekend Batch(suitable for working professionals) – 10 PM – 2 PM (Sunday only)

Course Fee – INR 14900 +18% GST


Do check here the best:


2. Udemy

Udemy is one of the leading education offering platforms that comprise 183,000+ courses on a vast spread of domains. They offer a specialized course on technical writing which is ranked one of the top technical writing courses in Kota.

The best-fit people to take up this course will range from college students, journalists, screenwriters, teachers, developers and code writers, librarians, web content writers, and fiction writers.

People who have retired or looking for a side career can undoubtedly take up this course provided with an immense interest in writing.

If you are looking for lifetime access to a huge dump of resources regarding technical writing, this pick among the technical writing courses in Kota would serve your purpose.

Course Details: Professional Technical Writing – Advance your writing skills

Course Fee Structure: INR 12,800

Course Specifics:

  • 6 hours duration of on-demand video.
  • 110 downloadable resources.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Study at your own pace.
  • Weekly updates on writing tips, ideas, and tutorials.
  • Certification included.

 The curriculum covered in this course:

  • Document Template creation.
  • Index Creation.
  • Usage of Flowcharts in documents.
  • Technical Writing Techniques.
  • Technical Editing Techniques.


3. Coursera

Coursera collaborates with 200+ leading companies and universities including Google, IBM, Stanford, Facebook, and the University of Michigan. They provide 4000+ courses on a diversified range of topics. They also have one of the prominent technical writing courses in Kota.

Unlike others they don’t start with the basics, this is an intermediate-level course and for easy understanding of the subject, the course material has been designed to be viewed in various languages making it a good pick among the various technical writing courses in Kota.

Course Details:

 Enroll for free – Coursera Technical Writing Course.

Specifics of the course:

  • 100% online sessions.
  • Flexible deadlines.
  • Shareable Certificate.
  • 19-hour course duration.
  • Intermediate Level Course.
  • Subtitles of the session are available in 9 different languages.

 The course curriculum will cover how to write

  • Laboratory Reports
  • Research Reports
  • Design Reports
  • Feasibility reports
  • Progress reports
  • Consulting reports


4. Alison

Alison Institute is recognized as one of the top world-class education providers through its free courses in various domains and technology. They provide an extra hand in career guidance and also metrics to boost your resume.

They do not take any course fees for most of the sessions, enroll in the session, get certified, get skilled, and get hired fruitfully. The institution has transformed 21 million learners into 4 million graduates across 195 countries.

In the writing skill development education, Alison offers one of the top-class technical writing courses in Kota. If you are looking for a free course, this is one of the best technical writing courses in Kota!


Course Details:

 Enroll for the free Alison Technical Writing Essentials Course

 The course curriculum covers the below-mentioned topics:

  1. Basics of Technical Communication.
  2. Professional Style.
  3. Document Design.
  4. Research Methods.
  5. Common Document Types.

Aldo Read:


5. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a global education technology company based out in the United States and India. They have been featured in the top reputed news providers including The Economic Times, Hindustan Times, The Business World, India Today, and The Indian Express.

They also provide a technical writing course alongside a PG degree in Technical writing. This institution undoubtedly offers one of the best picks for technical writing courses in Kota.

Course Details: Henry Harvin’s Technical Writing Course in Kota

 This course is ranked as one of the best technical writing courses in Kota by The Tribune, Higher Education, and India Today. The curriculum strengthens your writing process and helps you master the fine art of transforming complex processes and technical specifications into easy-to-use guides.

Fees Structure:

 INR 11,250 (Inclusive of lifetime access to resources)

Specifics of the course:

  • 1.16 hours of the live online session.
  • 24 hours of review meetings.
  • 3.50 hours of E-Learning access.
  • One-year gold membership.
  • Month-to-month Bootcamp meetings worth INR 12,500.
  • Job Status and Alumni Status.
  • Integrated Course Curriculum.
  • Monthly Brush-Up Sessions.
  • Focus on Experiential Learning.
  • Certification included.
  • Lifetime access to recorded videos.
  • Tutors with 15+ years of experience.
  • Become a part of Elite Writing Academy at Henry Harvin.

Career Benefits covered by under-taking this course:

  1. Get a rewarding certification-Certified Technical Writer(CTW).
  2. Update the Hallmark of Global Credential CTW Professional in your biz card.
  3. Become eligible to publish thesis and research papers.
  4. Open doors to job opportunities abroad.


Tools covered as a part of the course:

  • MS Word
  • NotePad
  • GoogleDocs
  • Snipping Device
  • FireShot
  • Greenshot
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Snagit
  • Grammarly
  • Canva
  • Piktochart
  • Venngage
  • OpenShot
  • VSDC



1. I’m an existing content writer in some organization, would these courses give me anything to add on?

 Answer: Even if you are a content writer, the role of technical writer would be a bit challenging for you because writing content on web /articles is much different from technical writing. One cannot just write what comes to mind without prior in-depth research in technical writing and the format of writing to be followed would be precise. So definitely, these courses would have a lot to add to your skillset for technical writing expertise.

2. What are the key aspects of technical writing?

 Answer: When you are writing a technical document, the main aspects one should remember are clarity of the content, conciseness of the subject to be delivered to the readers, accessible document design, audience recognition, and accuracy of the content.

3. Doesn’t a technical writing job seem boring?

Answer: If you are keen on reading more content and interested in doing in-depth research before providing any content to the readers, then technical writing is not boring to you. You get to know various aspects of different topics even without experience in the domain by working as a technical writer.

4. What is the average pay of a fresher in the technical writing field?

Answer: A newbie technical writer who steps foot in the technical writing industry can make an average of 2.77 lakhs per annum. A professional based on statistics, a freelance writer in India earns about INR 475 per hour. But this variably depends upon the quality of content they produce the level of clients they work with and also the probability of getting more clients.

5. How to switch a career in technical writing without prior experience?

 Answer: The answer simply is to take up any of the courses that suit you well to set the basics right. And then start writing more technical documents approaching clients on your own. Initially, you may find it difficult to gain clients as a newbie freelancer, but consistent efforts and quality work will help you get more clients. Writing more technical documents and building your portfolio to start a career in technical writing will progress your career steadily to gain a full-time job as a technical writer.


Technical Writing Courses in Kota are available for paid and free of cost mode. The only difference noted between the courses that are given out for free and the ones you need to spend money on is, that the paid ones offer extra support of guidance for setting up a career in technical writing. Some courses even have a dedicated placement cell to help those enrolled for their courses set footprints in the writing industry either as a freelancer or a full-time employee depending upon what they wish to achieve through the course.

Happy Learning and Technical Writing!