Top 7 Content Writing Courses in New Zealand

Content Writing is the act of putting ideas into words that leave an impact. It is a methodical process of understanding business needs, strategizing & creating written scripts or data that help reach defined business goals. New Zealand is heaven for any adventure enthusiast. Who can forget the scenic beauty of the movie Lord of the Rings (watch it, if you haven’t already!). Every corner of New Zealand is breathtaking. No, you haven’t come to the wrong article. We are, of course, going to talk about content writing courses in New Zealand. But first, we wanted to appreciate the sheer magnificence that New Zealand is! Now that we have covered why we love New Zealand, let’s get down to business i.e. getting to know some amazing content writing courses in New Zealand.


List of best content writing courses in New Zealand


There are different types of content writing. Let’s discuss them one by one. This will help you decide the important factors you should look for while finalizing different content writing courses in New Zealand.


Types of Content


1- Content for SEO:

This is a type of content writing for getting websites to rank on search engines. SEO content writers should be well adept at factors influencing search engine rankings. They have to adhere to rules laid down by search engines for the content being posted.


2- Web Content

Web content writing is specific to the demands or expectations of the website it is being written for. Every website has a market group they cater to & web content writers have to stay faithful to that.


3- Technical Writers:

Technical writing has many types within itself. But to summarise, technical writing involves written documentation for technology, research papers, manuals, etc. These documents need precision writing and there is no room for error. Technical write-ups are one of the lengthy written content but the job is very well paying.


4- Blogs

If you are reading this article, we are sure that you either are a blogger or intend to be one. A blog is a written journal. It can range from writing about products or services to a look into the blogger’s personal life. Blogging is a great first step to creating & expanding your online presence.


5- Emailers

The email notifications you get when your favorite shoe is out for delivery. That is an example of emailers. Emailers are automated responses that are sent out based on a customer’s actions. Though the writing part seems less in emailers, it requires a lot of creativity and an attention-grabbing writing style.


6- Social Media

Social media is the current trend. You must be living under a rock if you are not aware of the potential of social media. From individual social media influencers to social media handles of big corporations, this is one place for all. Content that is produced and written on social media reaches the maximum audience. This type of writing is short and crisp and that is what makes it tricky. As a writer, you will have to deliver maximum impact in the compact space that you have to draft your content.


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Skills You Need to Possess as a Writer:


Every job requires certain skill sets. Content writing is no different. Before you take up content writing courses in New Zealand & move towards your journey of content writing, read through the following skillsets of a content writer


Ferocious Reader

You cannot write well if you don’t read well. Content writers have to read as much as they can. This gives you an understanding of the different styles of writing, improves your vocabulary, and imparts the confidence needed to become a fierce writer.


Attention! To Detail

Content writing is a job that has a lot of responsibilities associated with it. The words of a writer are taken at face value. Hence writers must pay close attention to what they are publishing and it should be free of errors.


Research is a Must

Do not write about topics that you haven’t thoroughly researched. Get all the information, gather as much data as possible & then start writing on the topic. A well-informed writer is a well-accepted writer.


Consistency is Key

Writers have to be consistent with their work. If you are gone from the scene for too long, someone else will take your place. To be a writer means staying updated with new trends and publishing written information on the same. The more consistent you are in writing, the higher are the chances of making it to the top



This key unlocks every door of content writing. The more you write, learn from your previous work, and rewrite, the more established you will become as a writer.


Now that we have cleared the basics of content writing and writers, let us take you through some of the best content writing courses in New Zealand. This article intends to help you in your search to learn content writing.


Top 7 Content Writing Courses in New Zealand


1. IIM Skills:


IIM Skills is a leading institute providing content writing courses across the globe. The institute was founded by Mr. Vaibhav Khakkar, one of India’s top-ranking writers and digital marketing experts. From a blog to a full-fledged training institute, IIM Skills has managed to transform the online education sector of content writing.


Reasons why IIM Skills has ranked #1 on our list of content writing courses in New Zealand

  • Lifetime Access to learning material
  • 24*7 support for student queries
  • Industry and Market experts as faculty members
  • Certifications
  • Association with brands like BMW, IBM, KPMG, Dell, Amazon


Below Are The Details Of The Course


Name of the Course: Content Writing Course


Course Content

Articles,  Blogging, Writing & Publishing Your EBook & Paperback, SOP – Statement of Purpose, Commercial Page, Ads Copy, Copywriting, Business Listing, Academic Writing, Institutional, Product, Press Release, E-Listing, Product Description, Web Pages, Mailers, Brochure, Instructional, Social Media Post, Digital Infographics & Resume Writing


Master Module is divided into 3 parts:





A Detailed Description of the Curriculum:

  • Web Content (Module 1)
  • UI UX Interface (Blog Creation) (Module 2)
  • Introduction to Content Writing (Module 3)
  • Content Keyword Research (Module 4)
  • Start Content Writing (Module 5)
  • Content Writing Tools (Module 6)
  • Duplicate Content Detector (Module 7)
  • Content Distribution Using Email (Module 8)
  • Google Local Pages Set up (Module 9)
  • Content Marketing Using Social Media (Module 10)
  • Exploring Social Media Tools (Module 11)
  • Freelance Content Writing (Module 12)



Key Aspects of the Course:

  • Mode: Online
  • Placement assistance provided? : Yes
  • Internship provided?  Yes
  • Publish EBook on kindle, Google book
  • Portfolio development for Freelancers
  • Free tools worth Rs 35000


Fess: 299.95 New Zealand Dollar


Contact Details:

Email id:  [email protected]

Phone: # 91 9911839503


Check Out Other Courses Offered By IIM Skills:


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


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2. NZ Writer College


NZ writer college ranks 2nd on our list of top content writing courses in New Zealand since it is highly acclaimed by students across the globe. NZ writer college was established as a journalism course by Nicola Meyer & Lisa Lazarus, in South Africa, for a few local students. As of 2022, the writing college has a presence in the UK, South Africa & New Zealand. They have around 22 international tutors & 35 writing courses to offer.


NZ Writer college offers some interesting writing resources listed below

  • Free Writing Competitions
  • Global Writing Competitions
  • Writing Circles
  • Students Centre


NZ writing college offers the following types of writing courses

  • Creative writing
  • Novel Writing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Writing books for children
  • Writing for magazine


For our articles on content writing courses in New Zealand, we will be focusing on the creative writing course offered by the institute


Following are the Details:


Name of the course (Basic & Advanced): The Basics of Creative Writing Course

This course entails skills required to write fiction – from novels to short stories


Course Fee: NZ$ 895


Key Features Of The Course:

  • Individual Feedback
  • Assessment on reviews only from tutors
  • No automated marking
  • Flexible schedule
  • Relevant & Usable content
  • Online Assessment


More Details Of The Course:

  • Number of Assignments: 40
  • Number of modules: 5
  • Number of months to complete the course: 4


Admission Requirement:

Basic writing skills are essential. Computer skills, e-mail, and Internet access are required. No previous tertiary qualification is required.


3. Advanced Creative Writing Course


Please note eligibility for this course is only for graduates of the Basics of Creative Writing Course who attain a minimum average of 75%.


The Teachings of This Course Are as Follows:

  • Using dialogue, action, and description to create strong characters
  • Driving your story forward and keeping your reader hooked
  • Building mood, atmosphere, and tension
  • Writing impactful scenes


Course Fee: NZ$ 995


More Details on the Course

  • Number of Assignments: 40
  • Number of modules: 5
  • Number of months to complete the course: 4


Contact Detail of the Institute:

Email id:   [email protected]

Phone: # +64 (0) 9550 4635


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4. Udemy


Udemy is a leading global ed-tech offering multiple quality professional courses in almost every field. Courses on Udemy are published by teaching institutes across the globe. They are pocket friendly and competitive at the same time. One such field is content writing. In this article on content writing courses in New Zealand, we will be talking about one of the highly-rated content writing courses by Paul Jenkins, The course has 4.4 stars on the udemy app. Below are the details of the course


Name of the course: The Content Writing Course

The course deals with topics like Topic Selection, Research, Outlining, Writing,


Editing & Publishing Assisted by AI Apps.

Key features of the course:

  • 15 hours of on-demand video
  • 23 articles
  • 2 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


Course Module has 26 sections which will be conducted in 91 lectures throughout 15 hrs

Section 1: Introduction & Overview : 11 lectures

Section 2: Challenges & solutions for SEO Content Writing

Section3: Being a Professional Writer

Section 4: Longtail keyword research on free tools

Section 5: Longtail keyword research on paid tools

Section 6: Plagiarism and Referencing

Section 7: Creating your Outline

Section 8: Augmenting the outline with free tools

Section 9: Augmenting the outline with paid tools

Section 10: Augmenting the outline with SEO searching using tools

Section 11: Getting the final Article outline & flow

Section 12: Writing Approaches & methods for content writing

Section 13: Editing

Section 14: Fact-Checking

Section 15: Plagiarism checks

Section 16: On-Page SEO

Section 17: Publishing, Structuring & Formatting

Section 18: Indexing, Tracking, and Ranking

Section 19: Enhancing Articles after Publishing

Section 20: Content Ideas & Post Types

Section 21: Website Hosting

Section 22: Main pages of the website

Section 23: Distribution & Updating

Section 24: How to make money with content writing

Section 25: Forthcoming Lectures

Section 26: Bonus lectures


Course Fee: INR 1299 (You may avail of a discount of 65% on some occasions)


5. New Zealand Institute of Business Studies


Founded in 1991, NZIBS is one of the leading institutes offering content writing courses in New Zealand to global students. They also teach courses in other vocational subjects.


Their Content Writing Course Is Divided Into 2 Segments


1- Short Course

2- Comprehensive Course


With 16 Modules The Course Focuses On Covering The Following Topics

  • Short stories
  • Long stories
  • Novella
  • Non-fiction stories
  • Personal journal
  • Biography
  • Someone’s life story
  • Stories for children
  • Plays
  • Poetry


Key Aspects Of The Course:

  • Tutoring from New Zealand industry experts
  • Course books, folder, and stationery pack
  • Printed copies of all course materials
  • online learning option
  • Access to online forums to network with other students and tutors
  • Admin Staff assists in the learning experience
  • Trusted training for distance learning over 30 years


Skills to be Learned

  • How to get the most out of this course
  • Getting Started writing Journals, emails & letters
  • Writing Fiction & Non-Fiction
  • Planning the plot that excites the readers
  • Creating multi-dimensional rounded characters
  • How dialogue brings the story alive
  • Deciding on your point of view
  • Putting characters in a time & place
  • How to make your words sing
  • How to Write real-life stories
  • How to write poetry
  • How to choose the right story genre
  • How to write for TV, stage & films
  • How to get funding or paid work as a writer
  • How to turn the first draft into the final draft
  • Planning your career as a writer


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


More Details on the Course


Course Duration: If you invest 4-5hrs per week, the course can be completed in 12 months or less than that.


Course Fee: NZ $2100. It can be paid in monthly installments, a deposit of $350, and then $250 per month. However, if you choose to pay upfront, we give an NZ $200 discount. The fee is inclusive of tutoring & the cost of materials, books, and stationery.


Contact Details:


Phone # 0800 80 1994 (Toll free)

Phone # +64 9 272 3974 (International)

Whatsapp # +64 21 801508

Email id:  [email protected]


6. University of Auckland


If you are someone who is looking for a full-time, competitive college program offering content writing courses in New Zealand, then look no further. The University of Auckland provides one of the finest courses in creative writing.


Read Below to Find Out More About the Course


Course Duration: Full time – 1 year


To compete in 2 Semesters

Program Type: Postgraduate, Research Assistance provided


This program helps enroll in CREWRIT 797 Creative Writing (120 points)


Some of the Mandates Laid Down by the Institute-

A student who is interested in drafting novels, short stories, or creative nonfiction: Needs to create a portfolio of between 40,000 and 80,000 words. A minimum of  80 pages is required for poetry collections. In both semesters of the MCW, you must be able to attend two weekly class workshops and seminars.


To enroll in the program you need at least one of the following qualifications from a recognized university:

  • A four-year bachelor’s honors degree
  • A three-year bachelor’s degree, and a professional qualification in writing or at least three years of professional experience in writing


The course fee is inclusive of GST and is as follows (as of 2022):

Domestic Students: NZ $ 7,914*

International students:  NZ $ 37,891*


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7. Massey University


Located in Palmerston North, New Zealand, with other campuses in Albany and Wellington, Massey is a reputed university offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, diplomas, and certificates to students from around New Zealand & the globe. Massey university should be on your list if you are looking for exhaustive content writing courses in New Zealand.


Following Are the Details of the Course:

Name of the Course: Master of creative writing (MCW)

Type of program: Master’s degree – 180 point credit program


Course Curriculum:

This course is a part-based course. This means that in order to move to the next part you fully complete the previous part of the course.


Part 1 (60 credits):

Composed of two online distance courses. These courses can be taken full-time in a single semester or part-time over two consecutive semesters. To progress to part two, a student requires at least B+ is required in Part One


Part Two (120 credits)

Part Two includes a compulsory one to three-day residential course, held on one of the Massey University campuses.


Contact details of the institute:


Mon – Fri 8.30am to 4.30pm (NZST)


Email: [email protected]

Phone (NZ): 0800 627739

Phone (International): +64 6 350 5701

Text: 5222




1- What is the scope of content writing?

Currently, content writers are in huge demand across the globe. From writing one-liners for brands to publishing books & novels, content writing has no bounds. Content writing in itself has multiple subdivisions as explained above in the article. So a content writer has many options to choose from for a career path. You can always either freelance & become an entrepreneur or you can work for corporations as per your requirements.


2- How much do content writers in New Zealand earn?

The average base salary of a content writer in New Zealand is around NZ$59,093/ year. Please note that the salary package varies depending on the content writing field, industry, etc. It is also dependent on the experience & skills of the writer.


3-  What other courses can be completed with content writing?

Social Media Marketing course is a good course to go along with content writing. You can also research digital marketing courses. These courses will enhance your skills in selling your products i.e. written content.


4: How to become a successful content writer?

To become a good content writer, you need to be updated with the current writing trends and tools. It is also important that you write original and well-researched content. Gaining certifications & knowledge in SEO tools will help you reach more people. Communicate with as many other content creators as you can to gain more knowledge & perspective.




With this, we come to an end to our recommendation for content writing courses in New Zealand. Content writing is the present and future of Marketing. There is immense untapped potential in content writing which is slowly picking up. Ts is a great time to invest in education related to content writing since the creative writing field is just getting started. Technology has helped students gain access to world-class teachings from one part of the world to another. Why not make the most of it. We hope that our article on the content writing courses in New Zealand helps you choose the best of all the options.