Top 5 Udemy Content Writing Courses

Udemy is a platform that has changed the way of learning for the better lives of the people. Whatever may be the subject or learning style, they have a course that just fits you. Instructors come from all around the globe to teach and share their knowledge with a coverage of 65 languages. These instructors are passionate people who love sharing what they know with the students and educating them with better in-depth knowledge. These Top 5 Udemy content writing courses are from highly educated instructors who help to create a better opportunity for the needy as many people don’t get a chance to access better schools or universities but with the help of these courses, these people can easily get the knowledge and necessary skill for employment.


List o best Udemy content writing courses


Many refugees have made a new life with the help of these types of platforms. Udemy acts as a savior to reach the dream destination of getting a perfect job or promotion which needs an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and better skills for the job which all can be learned at this platform. Whether you want to learn or to share what you know then this place is the right place.


Udemy connects with people through knowledge as a global destination for an online learning platform. Here opportunities and possibilities begin. They are one of the leading marketplace platforms for learning and teaching online in the whole world. You can explore as many courses as you want on different subjects and learn something new.


Top 5 Udemy Content Writing Courses:


1. Course NameWriting Tools & Hacks: Copywriting/Blogging/Content Writing


It is one of the bestseller content writing courses instructed by Tyler Speegle at udemy with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 (3752ratings) by 19,998 students. Tyler Speegle is a professional writer and a freelance blogger and a Udemy’s best-selling instructor of +100,000 students. One of the important contributors at the Huffington Post. He shares his secrets and hacks for writing. One of the top 5 udemy content writing courses available with high reviewers.


This course helps in getting knowledge about free writing tools & apps and hacks to take your content writing, copywriting, and blogging to the next level. This course is for copywriters, content writers, bloggers, creative writers, online entrepreneurs, authors, journalists, content creators, and any writer who wants to improve their productivity.


The Curriculum of the Course

It has 9 sections with 33 lectures of 1h 20m total course duration



●     Tools for Brainstorming Killer Content Ideas

  • Brainstorming hacks
  • Tools for Researching the Internet’s most shared content
  • Tools for Brainstorming Content ideas
  • Tools for finding engaging, fun, and unique ideas.


●     Tools for Performing Robust Keyword Research

  • Keyword Research Hack
  • Tools for Simple & Easy Keyword Research
  • Tools for Performing Keyword Research
  • Tools for Performing Niche Keyword Research


●     Tools for Writing Persuasive Marketing Copy

  • Resource for Researching High-Performing Digital Marketing Copy
  • Studying Marketing Copy & About the Psychology of Selling
  • Resource for studying other copywriter’s work


●     Tools for Writing Killer Headlines

  • Killer Headline Writing Hack
  • Tools for Writing Headlines Like a pro
  • Tools for Generating Headlines
  • Tools for Generating Killer Headlines and Blog Topics
  • Tools for Analyzing the Effectiveness


●     Tools for Word Processing and Digital Note-Taking

  • Tools for Word Processing
  • Tools for Digital Note-Taking (For Mac/iOS Users)
  • Tools for Seamless Digital Note-Taking & Content Curation (For All Users)

●     Tools for Organizing Your Writing Workflow

  • Tools for Organizing Articles, Videos, and Online Content
  • Tools for Setting Up Content Research Feeds
  • Tools for Organizing the Workflow (Store Projects & Documents)


●     Tool for Finding the Suitable Word for writing

  • Robust Online Dictionary Tool
  • Tools for searching the Perfect Word (Word Association Dictionary)
  • Tools for Adding Alliteration to Your Copy
  • Tools for Learning the Insider Language
  • Tools for Adding Rhyme to Your Copy


●     Tools for Polishing & Proofing Your Writing

  • Tools for Automatically Proofing Anything You Write
  • Tools for Making Writing Flow
  • Tools for Making Writing Clear and Concise


Key Features of the Course:

  • 5 hours of on-demand course video
  • 1 article
  • 4 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


2. Course Name- Viral Blogging 101 and Content Writing:


Another one of the Bestseller Blogging and Content Writing Masterclass course instructed by Tyler Speegle in Udemy with a Rating of 4.3 out of 5 (1544ratings) by 8,275 students. Tyler Speegle is a Professional Writer and a Freelance Blogger being a Udemy Best Selling Instructor of +100,000 students. He shares his secrets and hacks for writing.


This course helps to learn the keys to faster blogging, writing, and editing with step-by-step blogging tips and tricks & content writing methods and guides you to go from dull posts to viral blog posts. One can take this course to become a blogging and content writer expert.


This course ranks in the top 5 Udemy content writing courses which can be helpful for Bloggers, Writers, Copywriters, Freelancers, Online Entrepreneurs, or those who want to improve their writing efficiency, who want to grow their blog, or who want to start a blogging business.


The Curriculum of the Course

It has 6 sections with 16 lectures of 1h 13m total course duration


  • Introduction
    • Introduction


  • Choosing Your Post Topic and Post Type
    • Picking your post topic and type
    • Choosing a post headline – 1
    • Choosing a post type and headline – 2
    • Post Topics and Post Types


  • Creating an Effective Outline
    • Using a blog post template
    • Defining the main idea
    • Listing supporting details
    • Creating a call to action
    • Creating an Effective Outline


  • Building a Solid Rough Draft
    • Writing your first paragraph
    • Connecting points with the body
    • Writing a conclusion


  • Revising Your Work Like a Pro
    • Make your writing clear
    • Making your writing flow
    • Checking for grammar, punctuation, and typos
    • Revising Your Work Like a Pro


  • Crafting a Killer Headline
    • Headline strategies that work
    • Choosing a headline


Key Features of the course

  • Able to brainstorm new blog posts
  • Able to create an outline
  • Able to build out a rough draft
  • Able to revise your rough draft
  • Able to polish your post
  • Able to craft killer headlines


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3. Course Name- Complete Web Content Writing Masterclass


One of the highly opted courses for web content writing masterclass by Sivakumar Kannan in Udemy with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 (1964 ratings) by 9515 students. Shivakumar Kannan is a digital marketing consultant and a coach focusing on SEO and content marketing, helping small to midsize businesses and startups to get more website traffic by expanding their online presence and speeding up their revenue growth through great conversions of clients.


This course helps in Copy/Content writing, blogging, marketing strategies, SEO keyword research, and editing. This course can be helpful for someone who needs to upskill his digital marketing skills. This course is a must for  Aspiring Entrepreneurs with websites, Website Owners, Online Entrepreneurs, Digital Marketers, Marketing Students, Employees who maintain a website, Freelance content writers, or Anyone who aspires to write content for the web.


The Curriculum of the Course

This course has 9 sections with 45 lectures of 4h 36m in total course duration

  • Introduction-Content Writing
    • Introduction
    • Contest Information


  • Basics of Content Writing and CopyWriting
    • A Quick Reminder and Request
    • Introduction to content writing, editing, marketing tools, research.
    • Basics of Content Writing and Copy Writing
    • An Important Advice Before Writing Content
    • Become a world-class creative writer
    • Finding your starving crowd
    • Keyword Research, Grammar, and Punctuation Rules
    • Basics of Content and Copy Writing


  • Home Page Content Writing
    • Creating Headlines
    • Creating Sub Headlines
    • Creating Primary CTAs
    • Include an Image
    • Including a Lead Magnet
    • Write the Benefits
    • Include Social Proof
    • Include secondary CTAs
    • Optimize the SEO for Blog Page


  • Outsourcing 1
    • Outsourcing


  • Blog Posts-Content Writing
    • Write Blog Posts-Introduction
    • Content Calendar
    • Writing a blog post-Step by step
    • Best Practices while Writing a Blog Post-Part-1
    • Create a Buyer Persona
    • Best Practices while Writing a Blog Post-Part-2


  • Business and E-Commerce Page Content4

○     Product Page Content Writing

  • Category Page Content Writing
  • Best practices for unique product page copy
  • Examples of Category and Product page Content.
  • Blog and Sales Page Content


  • Offers to increase sales/conversions and its types
    • Offers to improve response and reduce risk
    • Offers that drastically reduce risk
    • Offers that reduce the price
    • Offers that increase urgency
    • Offers with services
    • Conclusion + 3000+ Power words eBook


  • Bonus Section-Keyword Research
    • Keywords & SEO
    • Keyword Research Basics-1
    • Keyword Research Basics-2
    • Site Structure and Keyword Targeting
    • Keyword Research-Step by Step
    • Keyword Relevancy
    • How to find Keyword Difficulty
    • LSI keywords
    • Content Ideas
    • Voice search keyword optimization


Key Features of the Course:

  • 5 hours of on-demand video
  • 10 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of completion


4. Course Name- The Content Writing Course


Next-level content writing course: Topic selection, research, outlining, writing, editing & publishing Assisted by AI Apps. One of the bestseller content writing courses by Paul Jenkins with a recent update. He is a Documentary Film Director, Writer & Founder of Brilliant. This course rating is 4.4 out of 5(383 ratings) by 2667 students.


Paul Jenkins founded Brilliant as a publisher of Ideas That Matter. Paul wanted to pass his work knowledge to everyone easily and affordably. He has handled more than 40k students in nearly 165 countries. This course can help Website owners who wish to use their blog to attract more traffic or Online entrepreneurs who wish to understand how to use content writing to get heavy traffic on their website.


Bloggers who want to take their content writing to the next level, Absolute beginners who want to know more about SEO content writing, and have an A-Z guide for the future, and Content writing editors, who wish to acquire new and faster ways to do their job.


Anyone who wants to understand better how Google operates now and in the future viz ranking written content, Anyone who wishes to grow their business with content marketing. This course has the longest course duration in the Top 5 Udemy content writing courses mentioned here.


The Curriculum of the course

It has 26 sections with 91 lectures of 15h 0m total duration of the course

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Challenges and Solutions for SEO Content Writing
  • Being a Professional Writer
  • Longtail Topic (Keyword) Research Using Free Tools
  • Finding Longtail Topics (Keywords) Using Paid Tools
  • Plagiarism and Referencing
  • Creating Your Outline: The Vital First Steps
  • Using Free Tools for Initial Research to Augmenting the Outline
  • Using paid tools for Initial Topic Research to Augment the Outline
  • Using SEO Tools for Augmenting the Outline
  • Getting the Structure and Flow of the Final Article Outline Structure
  • Writing Approaches and Methods for Content Writing
  • Editing
  • Fact-Checking
  • Plagiarism Checks
  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Publishing, Structuring, and Formatting
  • Indexing, Tracking, and Ranking
  • Enhancing Your Articles After Publishing
  • Content Ideas and Post Types
  • Avoiding Site speed Nightmares in Website Hosting
  • The Main Pages of a Website
  • Distribution/Syndication & Updating
  • Content Writing Marketplaces to Make Money with Content Writing
  • Forthcoming Lectures
  • Additional Resources, Budget Packages, and some useful links.


Key Features of the Course

  • 15 hours of on-demand video
  • 23 articles
  • 2 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


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5. Course Name- Content is King: Writing Killer Content


One of the highest-rated content writing courses by students curated by Steve McDonald rated 4.1 out of 5 (1,264) by 20861 students. He is a self-taught tech geek and a dedicated Instructor who makes complex subjects (like Web Content Writing, Digital marketing, eBook writing, and ) and makes them simple to learn.


Steve normally uses layman language which can be easily understood by everyone other than using jargon and fancy words like other tutors that the average person doesn’t understand. In this course, Steve tells how to Create Killer Content, how to use keywords, headings, titles, and descriptions to help your content attract new readers and keep them bound to you, and to be found in search results in an organic way.


This course will be a great help for Website developers, Content marketers, Self-published writers, Freelance writers, and anyone who wants to attract readers or make money using words.


The Curriculum of the Course

This course has 7 sections with 29 lectures of 2h 57m total duration


  • What is this Course about and what you can Get?
    • What Is This Course About?
    • What you can get?


  • How to Develop Unique Content Ideas for the Web
    • Introduction to the Types of Content – eBooks, Website, and Blogs.
    • Brainstorming to Develop Content Ideas
    • Example of a Live Brainstorming Session
    • Brainstorming Checklist
    • Powerful Keyword Research Tools
    • Deepen research by Using Forums and Websites
    • Injecting Passion and Experience into Your Content
    • Knowing Evergreen and Trending Content and its differences
    • Understanding Your Audience


  • Ways to Make Your Content Unique That You Can Use Right Now
    • How to Create Valuable Content
    • How to Improve Your Content by using Voice and Tone
    • How to Use Voice in Writing with examples
    • How to Use Tone in Writing with examples
    • How to correct the Flow issues
    • Example of Nonsensical Run-on Sentence vs. Broken Up, Clear Writing
    • How to Improve Flow in Your Content
    • Getting to know how to Improve the Flow of Your Content with examples


  • Editing Content to Make it Better
    • Editing Content to Make it Better


  • It’s (almost) All About Keywords
    • Keyword Research and Deciding on Keyword Relevance
    • Using Keywords in the Content to Get it Found


  • Websites – How to Write Content Specifically for Websites
    • Writing Killer Website Homepages
    • Writing Killer “About Me” Pages
    • Writing Killer “Products” and “Services” Pages


  • Coupons and Course Summary
    • Free eBook – Content is King
    • How to Get Your Course Certificate


Key features of the course

  • 3 hours of on-demand video
  • 4 articles
  • 1 downloadable resource
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


Preparation Tips for Being a Technical Content Writer.

  • How and where to Find Unique Content Ideas
  • How to Develop Those unique Ideas into content
  • How to Understand Your Audience so you’re writing for them specifically
  • Three Ways to Make Your Content Absolutely Killer ( better than others)
  • How to Edit Your Content to make it even better for precision.


Careers to Choose From After Completing Content Writing Courses


●     Freelance Content writer

●     Copywriter

●     Business Content writer

●     Academic Writer

●     Blog writer

●     Digital Marketer

●     SEO Writer

●     Social Media writer

●     Author

●     Blogger




Q1.What is the basic eligibility for these top 5 Udemy content writing courses?

Ans. Normally a 12 pass is enough but it’s always better if you have a degree and start your content writing journey with little extra subject knowledge.


Q2. Should I have to be a very fluent writer in English to take a content writing course?

Ans. You do not have to be a fluent writer in English to take this course as skills can be developed through practice and turn your substandard English writing into fluent and grammatically correct English with the help of some great apps.


Q3.Will these top 5 Udemy content writing courses fetch me a job?

Ans. Absolutely yes, if you desire to learn and keep on practicing the methods mentioned in those top 5 content writing courses and slowly become a content writing pro and get a highly paid content writer job.


Q4. Are these Top 5 Udemy Content Writing courses only for experienced Content writers?

Ans. Absolutely no, even if you are an absolute beginner in content writing, you will find this course easy to follow and understand. These courses are designed to help you develop writing and marketing skills. The complex fundamentals are explained simply so that you could learn easily.




These Top 5 Udemy Content writing courses are designed for anyone who is creating written content for the web. If you are an eBook writer, blogger, website developer, freelance writer, or ghostwriter, these courses will help you to start creating killer content. Even if you are a publisher, editor, or web developer who is curating content you can benefit from these courses. These courses assume that you already know basic spelling and grammar or have resources for learning them.


From this course, you will learn how to find the right keywords and express your unique writing style and share your gifts with the world and become a highly paid content writer. These top 5 Udemy Content Writing courses make the candidate master highly profitable in-demand content writing skills and start working as an absolute beginner, freelancer or start your own business or get a promotion at work. So what are you waiting for now, start enrolling in one of the above courses mentioned in the top 5 udemy content writing courses and start your content writer journey?