Top 11 Creative Writing Courses in London

Writing of any kind that comes with a person’s own imagination, feelings, and thoughts is creative writing. Any self-made characters and experiences in the form of writing, which is not specified for academics or journalism, literature, or professionals are said to be creative writing. Here are some universities and academic centers that offer the best creative writing courses in London.


List of best creative writing courses in London


There are lots of universities, colleges, and even private institutions which offer creative writing courses in London. Different levels of creative writing could be learned from these educational institutions which offer, diploma, and certificate courses. There is a rapid expansion seen in the last twenty years for creative writing in the UK.

Education in writing with English studies has been a new trend in modern studies in London, and courses are found appealing to students in every disciple. This article describes various universities & academic centers with an orientation of many undergraduate, postgraduate, and even doctoral-level courses in creative writing.


Top 11 Creative Writing Courses in London




IIM SKILLS is an institute that provides skill-based courses for students as well as working professionals. The mission of IIM SKILLS is to offer world-class education through online learning programs. The institute helps to up-skill professional life with various skill development courses at affordable fees.

The institute tries easy and bite-sized training with laymen tips for comfortable learning with concepts that are understandable and informative. The institute has achieved the trust of brands like IBM, KPMG, Amazon, Genpact, and many others in terms of providing high-class skilled professionals from the institute.

The institute mainly offers a course in content and creative working with learning as well as a career point of view. They offer an internship with the course which helps the students to utilize the skills with proper guidance while starting the skill professionally.

The Content Writing Course is designed in a manner that freelance writers and professionals could make their way open and decide their career choices based on their comfort zone. The course is conducted with flexible hours and comprises lectures + internship and free tools required for writing as a professional.

The course contains all the required subjects such as content writing, WordPress, copywriting, social media marketing, creative writing, SOP, Legal writing, Freelance writing, and many more. The institute believes in step-by-step learning starting from theoretical learning during classes to practical learning during the internship.



Keeping an idea of a professional writer, the mentors help in building a portfolio for a professional to step into the real world of content and creative writing. IIM SKILLS is one of the leading skill-based institutes which emphasize building a professional to make a career in writing.

The institute believes that not only college students but creative writing is meant for everybody like students, Entrepreneurs, Digital marketers, bloggers, content writers, and authors. The courses are online and it benefits each and everyone who is willing to learn and make a profession in the writing field.

The institute offers weekend classes and assignments from highly qualified mentors who are writers, publishers, and authors. For further details on the creative writing courses in London, you can reach their website.


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2. Faber Academy


This academy is one of the highly recommended academies for creative writing courses in London that offers writing course that helps writers to enhance their writing skills with workshops, and advanced and professional courses by providing a supportive and warm environment to complete projects or start a career as a writer.

One-day workshop provides the correct path for those who are creative writers and are struggling for advice and manner to boost their writing in a communicative and effective way. Advanced writing course is a 3-month course that provides end-to-end mentorship on how creative writing is done for freelance writers.

This is a certified course and a certificate is provided to a writer who completes the course. The course is specially designed for freelance writers, bloggers, and content writers to guide them on how to write effectively. The professional writing course is a 6-month course with an exam, and certification is provided for those who pass the examination.

The course is genre and level based where professional writers like corporate writers who write for multinational companies, newspapers, press releases, or literary writers. For novel writers, the course is bifurcated genre-wise like fiction, poetry, crime, thrill, short story, non-fiction, etc.

For all the enrolled members, the institute has a highly equipped library to read/ write, which makes sure to have a peaceful and positive vibe for all writers. All kinds of books and e-books are available with course-related material and syllabi. The reading room seating area does provide a USB cable and jack port to connect the device for research and one can also enjoy the music if enjoyed with headphones.


3. University of Warwick


The University is an internationally acclaimed university and the finest one for creative writing courses in London which attract writers and literary translators to learn courses on contemporary and experimental narrative with screenwriting, literary translation, and gaming content inclusive of fieldwork.

The institute maintains a good writing industry and helps writers achieve their career ambition as it has partnered with the popular newspaper “Sunday Times”. Also, the members have been awarded young writer of the year and are on the way to achieving the award for the translation category as “woman translator of the year”

The mentors are highly qualified nonfictional writers, poets, novelists, literary translators, and professional writer who helps enhance the quality of writing and guidance for top-notch writing genre-wise. The programs offered are undergraduate and postgraduate programs for domestic as well as international students.

The undergraduate program offers a graduation degree of BA after completion of a course in writing. The program is of 3 years with modules containing learning of language, skills required to write, examples and assignments on writing, translation, and project on personal writing.

The post-Graduation program offers a master’s degree of MA after completion of the course; the program is of 2 years and is based on comfort skills like writing or literary translations. One can also start with the P.HD in literary practice and translation.



Undergraduate Program (BA) – IELTS with overall 6 bands, Cambridge English proficiency of C2 level, Indian class level XII or equivalent for other countries, International baccalaureate or higher level English proficiency.


Post Graduate program (MA) – Undergraduate degree in language, literature, or equivalent.


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4. East London University


East London University offers a Graduation program (BA) Hons. in creative writing under performing arts which is a 3 years full-time course. The institute also offers 6 months part-time course. The university has a very unique program for writers to experiment and challenge the traditional ways of creative writing and explore the multimedia world in the field of poetry, drama, media content writing, fictional and non-fictional writing, and screenwriting with very dynamic progress.

The 3-year graduation course provides Academic development, a creative writing portfolio, social media project, Narrative and creativity, and professional development in terms of mental health. The mentors are highly skilled and qualified and work with a comfortable pedagogy to ensure lively learning.

Assessment of the course is done on the basis of theoretical, practical, and skill knowledge. The university campus also invites international students; the campus is very vibrant with accommodation and plays areas as at UEL (University of East London) mental health is given utmost priority.

Acing the list of creative writing courses in London, please visit the site for a campus tour and admission-related inquiries.


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5. University of Plymouth


An Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Ph.D. – select the level of study. The institute has courses ready at the University of Plymouth. Creative writers who are all set to explore the aspects of creative writing and discover the inner voice can enroll in this program which is one of the best creative writing courses in London.

The program starts with a workshop-based seminar where a brief related course is given. The course comprises writing fields such as fiction, poetry, drama, screenplay, and non-fictional writing with a dissertation at the end of the course. Full-time students have to take 2 modules per term.

The undergraduate Module provides different approaches to writing historical, aesthetic, theoretical, and creative writing; understanding the history of writing and how literary writing is born to how one can write in different genres of writing with dissertation writing at the end of the course.

Post-Graduate Module provides – stories and novels, poetry and non-fiction, and stage and screenwriting with the final dissertation at the end of the course.


6. Manchester Metropolitan University


The Manchester writing school at Manchester Metropolitan University is one of the UK’s most successful literary centers for creative writing courses in London and one of the largest Post-Graduate English and Creative writing communities. More than 100 of the students have a very successful careers in publishing books, journals, and magazines, many winning awards, and prizes.

The school offers an Undergraduate (BA Hons.) degree, Post-Graduate (MA &MFA) degree, and Ph.D. in creative writing. Also, some short courses with personal development like creative writing summer school and teaching creative writing are provided.

The undergraduate course covers both traditional and innovative aspects of writing in creative writing. The post-Graduated course covers creative writing in novels, poetry, kids and adult writing, script writing, and creative non-fictional writing. The courses are taken from on-campus and distance learning also. All the details related to campus, alumni, students, courses, fees, and registration are given on the school website.


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7. University of Kent


University of Kent – One of the country’s leading academic institutions with world-class research and community service. An institution that is very dynamic, creative, and committed to development and support. Explore the talent as a writer, editor, and publisher with rich literary traditions in the unique project-based programs.

Creative writing at Kent covers British, Irish, American, indigenous, and post-colonial literature. The university is located with stunning locations, free fitness membership for all students, and accommodation with all required facilities.

The university offers Undergraduate, Post-Graduate courses, and project-based programs such as studying literature in own way, learning from literary experts, unearthing hidden treasures by access to the Canterbury Cathedral library, explore Canterbury to enhance self-imagination for creative writing.

The program goes through journalizing, workshops, editing, and re-drafting major forms of literature like poetry, drama, and fiction. Choose the comfort aspect of writing, and by the end of the final year, learn to prepare a dissertation to write a novel, poetry, and online exhibition with a community project.


8. University of Wolverhampton


The university is on a mission to have opportunities in the heart for over 190 years. The courses unlock potential and help for a bright future. The University offers nearly 560+ courses in Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Online, Apprenticeship, and short courses. Starting in 1827, the university offers courses from A to Z.

This university is providing academic excellence for nearly 200 years now. The university itself has 4 campuses that offer various courses in every field, with modern infrastructure and traditional roots of education it is an ocean of education for learners. With the vision and historical value today, the university is listed at the top list of creative writing courses in London.

Undergraduate learning contains the module for fresh learners to be acquainted with writing, the history and literature of writing, introduction to non-fiction writing, reading as a writer, poetry writing, storytelling, connect with different genres of writing such as horror, thriller, life writing, screenplay writing, crime,

And by the end of the course, the learning further moves to complete projects, business and community links, entrepreneurship, and employment, writing novels. Courses for creative writing at the University of Wolverhampton for Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses are as below:


  1. Creative and Personal writing – Blogs, content writing, novels, etc.
  2. Creative and Professional Writing – Film, TV studio, Media, Literature, etc.


Student life at university is given the most importance with the four different campuses, 1) City Campus,  2) Telford Campus, 3)Walsall Campus and 4) Springfield Campus with required amenities like café, sports, theatre, and park. The motto is food, fitness, and fun while receiving the most knowledge.

The perfect example of learning with fun. From the 19th century onwards, the university is continuously emerging and developed for the betterment of society. The belief in equality and diversity makes it easy for students from all over the world. To learn more about the university, courses, campus, and life, please visit the website.


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9. Royal College of Art


The college offers a portfolio of online and offline short courses, summer crash courses, and executive classes for an organization as well as individuals from different backgrounds, disciplines, nationalities, and fields. They offer courses of Diploma, PG and short courses where almost all the disciplines of Art are covered from A to Z.

Under the field of Contemporary Art, it provides short courses, an MA in Art and Design, and curating contemporary Art which includes the subject of creative writing where the institute provides education on designing portfolios, curatorial thinking, and practice with leading researchers and writers.


Curatorial Thinking and Practice

This course provides an introduction to contemporary curatorial thinking and the practice of art and design. The subject is from the perspectives of experts who curate, research, and write in the field of culture and history with an opportunity to engage in curatorial research in and outside London.

This course basically emphasizes creative writing in the field of history and culture for leading galleries and museums nationally as well as internationally. The sessions consider practice such as programming, online curating, writing, and publishing. For further information on courses, modules, admission procedures, fees, and admission criteria please visit the website.


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10. British Council


The British Council creative writing course helps to find an expression for creativity, develop one’s writer voice & perspective, structure one’s thoughts, develop a critical appreciation of different writing styles, and enhance the knowledge of literature. The course offers an opportunity to learn in the top listed college of creative writing courses in London and improve writing technique, process, and creativity.

The content of the course covers writing fiction, blogs, differences between news reports and articles, screenwriting, memoirs, poetry, kid’s fiction, and experimental writing. The experienced teachers here will make the journey of writing courses enjoyable, the feedback and guidance will help to understand the prospect of courses.

From the start itself, academics are on the path to becoming independent writers. The course is a short-term course of 36 hours, classes will be conducted online and all the academics will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

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11. Morley College London –


Their degree or certificate course in creative writing helps to develop imagination skills to write and research. The course in creative writing has wide options that open opportunities in various sectors such as Advertising, publishing, copywriting, editor, translator, lecturing, lexicographic, journalist, proofreading, digital marketing, social media content creation, SOP designing, critics, historian, etc.

It is also a huge ocean for independent writers like novelists, poets, screenplay writers,s and non-fiction writers. Theor creative writing course offers expertise to pen down thoughts and imagination in a decent manner which attracts readers to read and connect through.


FAQs About Creative Writing Courses in London


1. How much does a creative writer earn?

The earnings of creative writers vary on the genre and the topic the person is writing on, also it depends on whether the writer is a freelance writer or working as a professional. On average, the creative writer earns somewhere between 42k to 70k per month depending on how professional the person is. Salary varies from company to company as per the role and designation and for freelance writers; the earnings depend on word count or time spent on writing.


2. Which institute is the best for creative writing courses in London?

There are numerous institutes worldwide for creative writing learning, universities offer grad in creative courses nationally as well as internationally. Also, courses are offered online as well as offline for easy learning for working professionals. IIM SKILLS provides a course by experts for professionals and students to enhance their knowledge in creative writing. They focus on the development of skills while keeping the sessions interactive and practical. IIM SKILLS is the greatest place for creative writing courses in London.


3. What is the basic eligibility to become a creative writer?

The basic eligibility would be 10+2 basic education from govt recognized institute/ school. Any adult whether a student or a working professional could enroll in a creative writing course. Not only in a short-term certificate or crash course, but one can also enroll in full-time graduation or post-graduation course in creative writing.


4. Is a creative writing course necessary to be a blogger?

Someone who wishes to become a professional blogger should at least learn creative writing, if not a long-term course then some crash or short-term course which enhances the writing skill more professionally. Whether a social media blogger or a professional working in a business team anyone who is in the writing field should get a basic knowledge of the technicality of writing.


5. Does the UK offers creative writing courses?

Creative writing is learned worldwide in almost all countries, there are long-term degree courses and short-term certificate courses. The UK offers creative writing courses in many top universities and institutes. One can search for creative writing courses in London, in the UK, or in any country. The courses are not just offered to specific residents but are open for all where the mentors guide from course information to career advice.