Best 6 Machine Learning Courses in Delhi

Whenever an aspiring student looks for any course to opt for learning, they usually start with the best institutes so that they ensure the best learning from the best faculties and get a high-paying job after that.

They invest enough time in searching for these prominent educational organizations and their parents are ready to spend their hard-earned money for getting their children into those institutes. Machine learning promises to be a great career if pursued with utmost awareness. In order to assist, this article intends to list down the best 5 machine learning courses in Delhi.


List of the best machine learning courses in Delhi

Before going to know what all machine learning courses in Delhi are available, it is required to know all about machine learning as a concept. From where it came. We need to know the origin of machine learning. Also, we need to find out answers to some questions, which are as follows:


  • What is machine learning as a concept?
  • What is the course all about? Or what all syllabus it includes?
  • What skills or interests should one have before opting for it?
  • What academic qualifications are required?


So, before going for 5 machine learning courses in Delhi and their specifications, let’s find out the answers to the above-listed questions.


Here are a few other prominent courses that you might want to check:


What is Machine Learning as a Concept?


Many people do not know what machine learning is all about. However, machine learning is not any separate entity. Machine learning originates from Artificial Intelligence as one of its major parts. Artificial Intelligence was introduced by John McCarty in 1956. In a sense, Artificial Intelligence is a technique of deploying work to machines and behaving like humans.


For the last many decades, artificial intelligence has been able to accomplish this by creating robots and machines that are being used in a wide range of fields including healthcare, robotics, marketing, business analytics, etc.


Today, we use artificial intelligence in our daily lives, for example, while searching for anything Google tends to assume the content and assist us by showing the possible searches, if you remember how our Instagram shows in the feed the likable content of our interest.


Unlike humans who learn from experiences, initially, our computers only followed some instructions to operate on their own. Lately, it was found that our computers also can learn from experience as humans do.


However, their experiences have got a name which is called data. Machine learning is all about analyzing the data and enabling our machines to operate more smartly and analytically to predict and deliver desired or expected answers to our questions.


The goal of machine learning is to create an accurate model that can answer our questions or findings more correctly. As we humans, cannot handle huge amounts of data due to storage issues and aim to use our time efficiently.


Machine learning comes into the picture to store that data, analyze it, utilize what is important and make predictions in order to give results that are correct. In order to give correct results the quantity and quality of the data is highly important.


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  • What is the Course All About? Or what All Syllabus it Includes?


The machine learning syllabus includes various domains such as technology or engineering. Subjects which involve science in it like:

  • Applied Mathematics.
  • Computer Science Fundamentals.
  • Machine learning Algorithms and Data.
  • Programming in Java.
  • Programming in C.
  • Modeling etc.


  • What Skills or Interests Should One Have Before Opting for it? 


For any student who aspires to machine learning, they need to have some skills and interests altogether. The student must have basic knowledge of programming like C, Java, Python. Also, basic mathematical knowledge is also required for algebra, statistics, integration, and analytical skills.


  • What Academic Qualifications are Required?


Any graduate who has passed 10+2 with Science and Maths with required skills and interests can pursue machine learning courses.


6 Best Institutes that are Offering Machine Learning Courses in Delhi


  1. Aptron


It provides one of the best machine learning courses in Delhi. The syllabus here is designed in a way that matches industry requirements so that the training gets relevant. It helps the students to get assured placements aiming for their respective dream jobs in MNC’s.


Aptron proposed a deep understanding of machine learning along with practical experience. It provides useful and relevant content for both basic and advanced level courses for machine learning.


The faculties there at Aptron are experts in their respective subjects who previously had years of experience in the corporate world. It further ensures that the students at Aptron get maximum exposure and turn out to be skilled professionals which makes it easy to get better stage entry in the industry.



  • Introduction to Machine learning.
  • Design systems of Machine Learning.
  • Unsupervised Learning.
  • Supervised Learning – regression.
  • Unsupervised Learning- Deep Learning.
  • Supervised Learning- classification.
  • Spark core.



  • Candidates who know computer basics, software, and hardware.
  • Candidates who have an interest in developer, engineer, programmer.
  • Experienced Professionals.


Job Opportunities:

After passing out from Aptron Machine learning course in Delhi, the candidates will surely have huge opportunities to grow in the future. There are promising career opportunities as :

  • Developers or Engineers.
  • Higher positions in sectors like tourism and hospitality, wellness entertainment, oil and gas, mining, pharmaceuticals, shipping and ports, railways, renewable energy, space, etc.


Machine Learning Courses in Delhi Aptron



Duration: 45-60 days.

Hours: 2 hours per day.

Mode: live class



Duration: 8 weekends

Hours: 3 hours/ day

Mode: live class


Fast track

Duration: 5 days.

Hours: 6+ hours/ day.

Mode: live class


Why Choose Aptron for Machine Learning Courses in Delhi

  • Relevant training to match industry demands.
  • Covers complete courses from basics to advance.
  • Flexible class hours from weekdays to weekends and can be customized further.
  • Training faculties are industry experts having years of experience.
  • Assistance from interview preparation to placement.
  • Facilitates modern labs and infrastructure.
  • If required extra classes can be availed free.
  • Easy payment methods.


  1. Croma Campus Training and Development Pvt. Ltd.


When it comes to offering machine learning courses in Delhi Croma campus claims to be among the best training and development centers. Croma campus training and development provides courses in sync with industry standards.


Croma campus offers practical knowledge and implementation of the same. Here also, the training provided by faculties who have years of experience in the industry. They provide complete assistance from learning, implementation, preparation for exams, interviews, and job placements.


Why Croma for a Machine Learning Course in Delhi?


  • Advanced at best training and placement company in Delhi NCR.
  • Relevant courses are designed as per the demand of the industry.
  • The P-3 model which is placement, preparation, process, Croma ensures 100 percent placement.
  • Certified professionals having years of experience provided training and assistance in interviews and placement.
  • Over 3000 candidates have passed.
  • Affordable fees.


Course Content:

  • Linear Regression with one variable.
  • Linear Algebra Review.
  • Linear regression with multiple variations.
  • Logistic regression.
  • Regularisation
  • Neural networks.


Course Duration and Modes:


Duration: 20-25 days.

Hours: 2 hours per day.

Mode: classroom/ online



Duration: 8 weekends

Hours: 3 hours/ day

Mode: classroom/online


Fast track

Duration: 7 days.

Hours: 6+ hours/ day.

Mode: classroom/online


  1. Inventateq


Another job-oriented institution that provides machine learning courses in Delhi is Invetataq. Here the candidates get to learn from industry experts who have experience of 14+ years. Inventateq ensures not to compromise with the quality of the training. Around 2000 students have passed out and got their desired jobs. They have simplified and engaging training.


Placement Partners:

  • HP
  • Infosys
  • TCS
  • IMS health


Course Content:

  • Introduction to machine learning.
  • Supervised learning.
  • Random forest and Decision tree.
  • Unsupervised learning.
  • Unsupervised deep learning.
  • Support vector machines.
  • Logistic regression.
  • Analysis of time series.


Job Opportunities:

  • Data scientist
  • Software developer/engineer
  • Senior data analyst
  • Natural language processing scientist
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data scientist in IT


  1. IIIT Delhi


Indraprastha Institute of Information and Technology, Delhi located in the Okhla region was started in 2008. IIIT Delhi is approved by the university grants commission. The trainers of IIIT Delhi are highly knowledgeable and provide training as per industry expectations.


The faculties of IIIT Delhi are veterans in the fields of engineering, design, humanities, and social sciences, science and IT, and software. IIIT Delhi follows a ‘one student one internship’ policy. IIIT Delhi students can undergo the following kinds of internships.


  • Six-eight weeks of Semester internship in May-July.
  • Four-six months of Semester internship (not mandatory).


IIIT Delhi scholarships are offered under various criteria for undergraduate and postgraduate level students. The scholarship margin differs as per the income of the parents.


IIT Delhi Offers One Course Particularly in Machine Learning which is:

No. of Seats: 20

Exams Required: GATE


  1. IIT Delhi


IIT Delhi is known by its name only across the country. It was established in 1961 as a college of engineering in Delhi. Later it was considered the country’s prestigious college and renamed as Indian Institute of Delhi. IIT Delhi undoubtedly proves to be the best institute offering machine learning courses in Delhi.



  • Real-time online sessions take place every Sunday for 3 hours at noontime
  • Candidates who participate in the course are awarded a successful completion certificate
  • Participated candidates who couldn’t score 50 percent in the evaluation but have a 90 percent minimum attendance are given certificates



  • Candidates with Diploma Holders from a recognized university in any stream can apply.
  • Candidates with 10+2 mathematics or course completion in statistics at UG level are preferred.
  • Professionals who are experienced in the data science field.
  • Basic programming skills (preferably Python).


Recruiting Companies:

GAIL (Gas Authority Of India Ltd.) | Barclays Bank |ACCENTURE| Capgemini | Flipkart | Deloitte | JP Morgan Chase | ICICI Securities |


IIT Delhi Scholarships


Scholarship 1

Institute Merit-cum-Means (MCM) Scholarships (Undergraduate Programs):

The IIT Delhi facilitates undergraduate students in engineering and technology with Merit-cum-Means scholarships.

About 25% of the students are facilitated with this scholarship. The current aggregate sum of this scholarship is INR 1000/- per month for General/Obs/Ews students and the recipient is exempted from paying the tuition fee as well.


Scholarship 2

This Scholarship has Provision for ST, SC & PD Students (Undergraduate Programs):

Tuition fee exemption is admissible to all SC / ST/ PD students irrespective of their family income.


Course Offered:

Online Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Data Science.


Total Fees: 1.25 lac

Duration: 6 months (Online – Real-Time)


  1. Excel R


Excel R is also considered to be the best machine learning course in Delhi. It was founded in 2014, ExcelR has now claimed to be a giant leader in the world of training and consulting. Excel R intends to help aspiring students and experienced professionals across the world by providing exceptional classroom and online training.


They have experienced and dedicated professionals who have committed strong and provide training and assistance complying with the continuously changing technological up-gradation and meet all the needs of the industry.


The Excel R aims at providing updated and hands-on experience to the candidates in studies related to Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, IoT, AR / VR, Cyber Security, RPA, IR 4.0, and AWS.

Course Offered:

Machine Learning Course Training


Basic knowledge of Mathematics and Basic Data Science concepts, Computer Skills.


Who Should Attend?

  • Candidates aspiring to be a data scientist, developer, business analyst, analytics manager/ professionals, big data analysts.
  • Graduates who are considering building a career in Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Mid-level Executives
  • Managers with Knowledge of basic programming


Course Curriculum

Module 1 – Demo

Module 2 – Demo Recap, Basic Stat

Module 3 – Basic Stat Contd.

Module 4 – Python

Module 5 – Basic Stat Contd..

Module 6 – Basic Stat Contd..

Module 7 – Basic Stat Contd.

Module 8 -Hypothesis Testing

Module 9 – Hypothesis Testing

Module 10 – Hypothesis Testing

Module 11 – Linear Regression

Module 12 -Linear Regression

Module 13 – Logistic Regression

Module 14 – Logistic Regression

Module 15 – Disc Prob Distribution

Module 16 – Adv Regression

Module 17 – Multinomial Regression

Module 18 – Supervised – Classifiers

Module 19 – Supervised – Classifiers

Module 20 – Supervised – Classifiers

Module 21 – Supervised – Classifiers

Module 22 – Supervised – Black Box


Frequently Asked Questions :


  1. What are the four types of machine learning?

The four types of machine learning are:

  • Supervised
  • Semi-Supervised
  • Unsupervised
  • Reinforcement


2. What is machine learning in Artificial Intelligence?

Machine learning is all about analyzing the data and enabling our machines to operate more smartly and analytically to predict and deliver desired or expected answers to our questions.


3. What is the best institute for machine learning courses in Delhi?

Aptron is majorly considered the best institute for machine learning courses in Delhi. Aptron provides useful and relevant content for both basic and advanced level courses for machine learning.


The faculties there in Aptron are experts in their respective subjects who previously had years of experience in the corporate world. It further ensures that the students at Aptron get maximum exposure and turn out to be skilled professionals which makes it easy to get better stage entry in the industry.


4. What is the duration of the machine learning course?

The duration of the machine learning course varies from 6 to 18 months. Also, it depends on the curriculum as it differs from the type of degree or certification opted by any candidate.


5. What does the curriculum for a machine learning beginner look like?

It includes studies of:

  • Introduction to Data Mining.
  • Python machine learning.
  • The Elements of Statistical Learning.
  • Pattern recognition and machine learning.
  • Pattern classification.
  • The Master Algorithm.




It is undeniable as a fact that with advanced levels of science and technology, the industry related to Information Technology and Data Science is also booming at a very fast rate. We are seeing in our daily experiences that we are assisting and facilitating with more ease by the world of technology-driven by huge amounts of data collecting resources.


We cannot deny the fact that how much of our jobs at the human level are getting easier with the continuous advancement of technology. Considering this fact, it is obvious that studies related to the data will be required, which is why the world’s best data development-based companies are in demand of highly skilled and knowledgeable candidates and aspiring professionals who can pull off the task with utmost responsibility and dedication.


As a result of which, various institutes and colleges are offering courses related to artificial intelligence and its parts. Machine learning is one of the major parts of Artificial intelligence. This article has provided the best 5 machine learning courses in Delhi for aspiring candidates. However, there are other certification courses available these days online as well, which can be pursued from the comfort of home. See yourself and decide. Good luck!