Top 10 Online Psychology Courses in Delhi

Psychology is the study of the human mind, its behavior, and its functioning. It is an interesting subject to learn and know how the human mind works. While the world has gone digital, learning isn’t limited to just closed rooms. So, we suggest, all psychologists should brush their existing skills and not refrain from any opportunity that helps them acquire new skills. 


If you are starting your career as a psychologist, here are ten online psychology courses in Delhi, you should know. You will get an answer to everything about psychology and psychology courses in Delhi here. Read on and get the answers to all your queries!


List of the best psychology courses in Delhi


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What is Psychology?


Psychology plays an important role in hiring people and is now increasingly taken up as a subject to read and know about. The four goals of psychology are, describing, explaining, predicting, and changing behavior. It helps psychologists learn everything about human brain development, consciousness, and behavior.

What is a Psychology Course?


A psychology course will help you get expertise as a psychologist while taking you through the important basics of psychology. This course is suitable for everyone, whether a student, an instructor, or an aspiring psychologist.


You will find a lot of information on psychology, but taking these courses will help you become the subject matter expert of psychology as a subject. It will improve your understanding and awareness of psychology.


If you are hunting for answers on psychology and its applicability, you should surely take up such courses. You need to know the necessity of doing a psychology course before you think of pursuing one. Let’s find out the advantages of taking up online psychology courses in Delhi before you know everything about them in detail.


What are the Advantages of Psychology Courses?


Psychology is one such course that touches several aspects of your life and everything around you. Every psychologist who is aspiring to make the most of it needs to know the reasons why psychology courses are pursued and their implications. While psychology courses these days is well-known and pursued course, here are some benefits of psychology courses you need to know:


  • It will help you understand yourself better.
  • You can communicate better.
  • You get to learn more about research methods.
  • It’ll help you develop critical thinking skills.
  • It will complement your other areas of study.
  • You get to know more about human development.
  • You will develop insights into mental illness.
  • Certified psychologists tend to get a hike.


Companies these days find psychologists who can be an asset to them, so you should surely take up such psychology courses. Taking up online psychology courses in Delhi will help you understand the fundamentals of psychology courses better. These courses will give you a chance to upskill yourself. You will get a chance to interact with subject matter experts in this field that results in getting a hike.


A well-known psychologist having noteworthy experience earns between 8 to 11 LPA. Any psychology course in Delhi will help you get familiarized and develop the required knowledge in this field.


What better time than now to take a leap of faith and get started with these online courses. Now that you are aware of all the possible advantages and scope of these psychology courses, this list will help you find online psychology courses in Delhi that suit your requirements.


1.      Introduction to Psychology on Coursera


This course covers experimental psychology and its impact on our understanding of human behavior. The course curriculum also covers everything about the brain, its cognitive abilities, mental illness, and its treatment. The tutor of the class is known for his innovative style of teaching. This course has a fixed schedule, and it is one of the well-known online psychology courses in Delhi.


Here’s why We Suggest you Take this Course:

  • Financial aid is available
  • Engaging and knowledgeable tutor
  • It covers a broad range of psychological topics


This course is free but costs $49 if you need a certificate. Check out this course on Coursera to know more.


2.      Understanding Human Needs (The Arts and Science of Relationships) on Coursera


This course mainly covers the topic Strategies and Skills Learning and Development (SSLD) System. This model helps you master ways in which you can attain personal goals in a social environment. You’ll learn the basics of SSLD & its relevance for everyday relationships.


You will get to participate in observation learning, simulations, and real-life implementations. This course is approximately 32 hours. Students of psychology and social work are interested to learn SSLD for interpersonal and societal relations as well as professionals in social work. It requires an understanding of social interactions.


The course fee is free but costs $49 if you need a certificate. Financial aid is available, and the course includes videos, readings, and multiple quizzes as well. This is one of the best online psychology courses in Delhi.


3.      Positive Psychology on Coursera


This course covers a subset of psychological studies. It’ll give you information about strengths that enable individuals. Based on this belief, people want to live a meaningful life nurturing the best in themselves. The tutor of the course is a distinguished professor of psychology. This is one of the psychology courses in Delhi in which you’ll get to study positive emotions, outcomes of positivity, and their resonance.


The course costs $49 with a certificate. It is a good platform for you to learn all aspects of positive psychology right from the comfort of your couch. This course is 11 hours long. Financial aid is available for this course. 35% of students start their career post this course.


4.      Foundations of Positive Psychology Certification on Coursera


This comprehensive course is offered by five professors holding doctorates in psychology. This course offers strategies and tools helping organizations and individuals allowing students to explore more about positive psychology. It is a five-course specialization that culminates in a project bringing all coursework from the first four courses together. It is done to test a positive intervention of your choice’s audience.


This course also includes a hands-on project. This is one of those online psychology courses in Delhi that will introduce you to the world of positive psychology if you are interested in making a career change. This course costs $79 a month. It takes approximately five months to complete this course where classes are held four hours a week. Around 57% of learners start a new career after taking this specialization.


5. Intro to Psychology on Udacity


It is a free course for beginners, needing no prerequisite. This course will help students analyze the social element of society. There are nine lessons in the course, and each of them is focused on consciousness and perception. You will have to complete exercises and interactive quizzes to test your understanding.


It is a four-month-long free course that has a flexible schedule. Instructors of this course are university-level professors. If you are looking to learn more about the science of psychology for free, this is the right course for you. This course is not a certification course hence, you get no certificates in the end.


6.      Developmental Psychology (Introduction to Psychology) on FutureLearn


This course on developmental psychology focuses on the cognitive neuroscience of memory and perception. It will also cover topics like human development, lifespan theories, stages of development, and the final stage of our lifespan. This course includes online assessments you have to complete to test your knowledge.


The price of this course is $39 a month. It’ll take you two weeks to complete this course and contribute six hours a week. You will get a valid certificate of participation along with a flexible schedule to complete the course. This course is best for students who have a bachelor’s degree in psychology or any other field. They give a seven-day free trial for you to be sure if you want to take this course or not.


7.      Advanced Level Psychology Course on Udemy


This course is a little advanced than all the beginner-level courses we saw on this list. The tutor of this course is a senior researcher, psychology teacher, and online entrepreneur of psychology-based materials. In this course, you’ll get to learn about psychological theory, applied social and cognitive psychology, child development, and the importance of research methods. This course is among the most advanced online psychology courses in Delhi.


You need some basic understanding of psychology before you take up this course. You get a certificate once you complete the course. It is accredited by IAOTH (International Association of Therapists). The course costs $99 and you receive a certificate of participation once the course is done. The course will be completed in 4 hours. This is the right course for you if you consider having a career in psychology or looking to brush your skills.


8.      Udemy


This course is focused on how we interact with others and influence people to get a better outcome for our ideas. It’ll help you understand your personality type and the basic difference between personality and behavior. You will also find out about elements of personality and learn about their importance.


It is one of the great practical online psychology courses in Delhi for those who want to learn more about handling conflicts and motivating others to get the best out of them. This course costs $44.99, and it’ll take 1.5 hours for you to complete this course.


It includes verified participation and a flexible schedule. This course will help you understand how to work and meditate more effectively. The added benefit of this course is, you get lifetime access to this course. This course is also good for people in managerial positions.


9.      Developmental, Social and Clinical Psychology on edX


Eight professors teach the online psychology courses in Delhi offered by the institute. It will help you understand why we think and behave a certain way. This is a self-paced course consisting of four courses, introduction to psychological research methods, introduction to social psychology, introduction to developmental psychology, and introduction to clinical psychology.


Each course has 7 to 8 sections and you need to complete 1-2 sections a week. You’ll understand more about psychological disorders and how to treat them. The four courses cost $ 356.40. It’ll take you seven months, given 1-2 hours per week to complete this course. This course has a flexible schedule. It covers more material than most courses.


10.  Trends in e-psychology on edX


This course is centered around an interesting subject that deals with electronic and digital applications used to promote healthy behavior. These applications deal with electronic communication to avoid escalation and promote conflict resolution. You’ll get to learn more with videos, demonstration movies, exercises, and reading assignments for three weeks. The final week will help you catch up on work so assignments and evaluations can be completed.


This course is free but you’ll have to pay $49 for certification. This course will take four weeks and the schedule is instructor-paced. This is one of the best online psychology courses in Delhi for those knowledgeable who are looking forward to expanding their understanding of current trends in electronic and digital health. All your assignments will be graded.


Frequently Asked Questions


1.      What are the psychology subjects?

Psychology comprises human psychology, human behavior, social psychology, developmental psychology, psychology of individual differences, and psychological disorders.


2.      Is psychology a good career?

Psychology is a field that focuses on mental health and well-being. The scope in the field of psychology is huge. Thus, psychology is a good career choice.


3.      What is the salary of a psychologist in India?

A psychologist in India earns 7 to 9 lakhs excluding perks.


4.      What is the use of psychology courses?

Studying psychology will help psychologists get a hike in their salaries. It provides the students with more chances, encourages them to brush up on their skills, and offers better services.


5.      What jobs are there for students pursuing psychology?

Any student pursuing psychology can get a job as, psychologist, psychotherapist, social worker, counselor, educational psychologist, teacher, and research roles.


Final Thoughts

Any of the online psychology courses in Delhi you choose from the list will upskill your knowledge. Being a fresher it is crucial to be acquainted with the basic terms of psychology and its correlated subjects. Hence, these courses will benefit you in the long run. They will pave the way for a successful career being your support at every step of your career.


You can pursue any course of your choice on the list, but we suggest you do everything about those courses along with the pros and cons of the course. This will help you remain aligned with what to expect out of the courses while being assured that it is worth the amount you pay.


Any course you pursue further will prepare you for what’s coming ahead. All tutors will provide you with theoretical information and practical training during the course. You can offer your services to various brands using your knowledge of psychology. Having skills that will help you get recognition for your work will only help you prove your ability better.


Being a psychologist, understanding the use of psychology in a different field is very crucial. So, having guidance from experts in the same field will guide you at every step. You should make the most of this chance and brush your skills from the comfort of your couch. Give it a shot and don’t leave a chance of upskilling yourself. Once you have picked the course you want to pursue, based on its pros and cons, you can go ahead and start working on it.


While psychology is an elaborate and interesting subject in itself, bridging the knowledge gap will bring you a step closer to the future you dream of yourself. On pursuing these courses, you’ll get new tips not everyone might know. The knowledge you get while taking these courses will impact the way you drive your career as a psychologist in the future. As a psychologist, bits of advice like this will help you scale up your career soon.


Psychologists like you should know ways to tackle different problems. You will learn to deal with situations better and also get a chance to know more about your work. Learn everything about psychology, its needs, advantages, and put it to best use. Get the hike you deserve and find how you can be different from the crowd. Be the psychologist who can help brands grow while learning new skills. To build a better future for yourself, keep adding new skills to your existing skillset and keep practicing everything you learn.


Happy learning!