Top 4 Digital Marketing Courses in Nungambakkam

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that is done to promote or market a particular product using digital technology as a platform which includes many types of technologies such as emails, social sites, multimedia messages, etc. Any type of branding or promotion which involves digital technology is termed digital marketing. Digital marketing is also called online marketing because it is done by using internet services. In today’s world where technology is something everyone is familiar with and known as the fastest mode of communication, it is used widely to promote a particular brand, product, or service to seek the attention of its customers to increase its demands and sales the for business. Digital Marketing courses in Nungambakkam will offer a platform for those who are seeking to pursue a career as a Digital marketer.


List of best digital marketing courses in Nungambakkam


What is a Digital Marketing Course?


Digital marketing is a course where you are trained on how to use technology and its various techniques to promote the product, brand, and services. Since nothing seems to be difficult because of technology in today’s world, a digital marketing course will boom your career faster.


Choosing your career as a digital marketer will help you earn from any corner of the earth since it is not limited to any location-based job. Many institutes offer digital marketing courses in Nungambakkam, however very few are listed to be the best.


Before we start looking for institutes, let us get in-depth about how will digital marketing courses be beneficial in uplifting one’s career growth and also earning a good income.


Benefits of Digital Marketing Course


As earlier mentioned, today technology rules the whole world. There is almost nothing where technology is not needed. Technology is growing at a faster speed. A digital marketing course is a platform for those who are seeking a career technology industry. Digital marketing is the source every industrial sector relies on to promote their business be it a brand, a product, or a service.


Digital marketing not only proves to bring higher business but also has proved to be the best source of way where start-ups up can promote their business and gain customers’ attention and make money. In a very short period, digital marketing has captured all the attention and has proved to be time-saving money-saving, and also goes along easily in today’s busy world.


Where people today are so busy managing their professional and personal lives digital marketing has proved to be time-saving where humans don’t have to hunt shops to shops physically to look for the best quality products or services they are easily available at click-through digital marketing. Digital marketing courses in Nungambakkam surely will boost your career in tremendous ways.


Why Choose Digital Marketing as a Career?


There is no second thought about whether there will be a successful career in digital marketing. The demand for marketers is rising because many companies have understood the benefits of online marketing and hence there will always be a rise in opportunities in this sector.


Essentials of Planning a Career in Digital Marketing


The main two components for planning a career in digital marketing are education and experience. One need not have a marketing degree or have long years of experience. This profile requires skills that are not taught in the academic years.


A simple way to start your career is by enrolling in the best digital marketing courses in Nungambakkam. Through the course, you can also apply for an internship for practical experience. Now before we decide to choose a career in digital marketing let us first have a few learnings about digital marketing.


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There Are 8 Modules of Digital Marketing as follows


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In a very simple language SEO is a process where you improve your site to have more visibility where the audience is searching for the product services similar or common to your business on Google or different kinds of search engines.


SMM is a very popular type of digital marketing where one will provide details about its business, product, or services on social media like Facebook to seek the attention of its focused customers.


  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is a form of digital marketing where the information about the business or product is conveyed to its customers via videos, texts, or images.


It is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing. As the term says so, the source of this type of marketing is smartphones or any handheld device for promotional activities.


  • PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay per click is a model used for internet advertisements. It is used to drive customers to its websites where an advertiser pays its publisher on each click.


  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate is a type of marketing where an affiliate is a person who will use his networks and his skills in digital marketing to promote a particular product or service. When there is profit in sales the promoter and the product owner both will share the profits.


  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest and most popular form of digital marketing. It is the most effective form of marketing. A product or service is promoted through emails direct to its customer.


Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Specialist


A certified digital marketer is one who is capable of working on all digital marketing domains. The main responsibility of a digital marketer is to promote the product’s brand and increase sales. His main focus is to bring new customers using his digital marketing skills.


He will initiate marketing campaigns to understand the needs of his audiences and create different strategies to increase demands for his product. A digital marketer is wholly responsible for planning strategies and implementing them in favor of its brand products through online promotions and campaigns.


They can use many digital marketing domains for promoting their products and services. A digital marketer is not only responsible for planning and creating online campaigns in favor of his products but he will also analyze the data and study the performance of his campaigns and compare its performances of last month and make the required changes to better results and output.


Hence a digital marketer needs to have high efficiency in analyzing data to study the market and his customers. There will be many institutes that will assure the best Digital marketing courses in Nungambakkam. Before you enroll yourself,  know how to make the right choice while selecting the right institute to make it worth your money and time investment.


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How to Select the Best Institute for Digital Marketing Courses in Nungambakkam


Don’t just rush for an enrolment, do some research as it is very important to make the right choice since it will be a time and money investment. Technology is growing at a faster pace and so there is also a rise in numerous institutes that will offer to assure the best digital marketing courses in Nungambakkam.


Consider the following very important factors when you select your institute:


  • History of the Legacy of the institute.

Go for the alumni based and recognized institutes


  • Faculty/ Teaching staff

Check for experienced expertise in the industrial domain.


  • Training Approach

Digital marketing courses demand more practical training than theoretical. When you are doing research check on how much is the institute offering practical training and theoretical training. Choose institutes that offer more practical training.


  • Accreditation

It’s very obvious that if you are pursuing any courses you look for certification. And it’s quite obvious that any institute will offer certification after you complete the course choose the institute that offers a certificate that is recognized by the industry and is affiliated with Google.


  • Placements and Internship

If your institute is offering assured placements and internships with reputed companies, also the best institute will help its alumni with well-paid jobs in the industry, which of course depends on testimonials and reviews of the institutes you are looking for.


The most important factor is to check the reviews and testimonies of your preferred institute. The testimonies and reviews will help you understand if the institute is worth spending your money and time


Following Are the Best Top 4 Institutes You Should Consider for Digital Marketing Courses in Nungambakkam

1. IIM Skills


IIM skills are among the top institutes that offer professional courses. They are the best-known institutes that offer the best digital marketing courses in Nungambakkam. They are among the worlds leading online educational institutes. They have its headquarters based in New Delhi and have its presence across Asia in 23 cities.


They the offer best skill development courses for working professionals. They have trainers with above 12 years of experience. Along with Digital marketing courses they also offer other skill development courses like the Content Writing Master course


Digital Marketing Course Details


  • Duration

The duration of their course is 5 months including 3 months of program and 2 months of paid internship. Students are trained on live projects with 10+ case studies & tools worth 79000+.


  • Support

Students get assured support in launching their own agency. They offer opportunities to a write blog for the Times of India. Full guidance and support for launch and broadcast with Apple, Google, and Spotify.


  • Internship

Students get paid internships. They not only offer paid internships but also give their pass-outs full support and guidance for their career and business. They have more than 300 placement partners.


  • Certification

IIM skills is a recognized institute by the government of India, which is why students get an authorized certificate after completion of their course with IIM Skills.


  • Lifetime access

Students are given lifetime access to their course recordings and class presentations. Access to their training materials is not limited to the duration of the course which is why they are considered to be the best institute.



Why IIM Skill?


The most important factor that makes them the best is that they are recognized by the government of India.

  • They offer tool-driven courses that help gain practical knowledge.
  • Offer lifetime access to their training materials.
  • Offer flexible learning, students can learn while having their job commitments.


Other Courses


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


2. DMC


DMC is a very known and popular institute that offers digital marketing courses in Nungambakkam. They mainly focus on practical training in the effective tools and techniques of digital marketing which makes them the best institute. Their syllabus for digital marketing courses is created with the expertise of industry professionals. They well trained their students to be capable of applying for digital marketing certificate examinations like Google digital marketing courses,  Facebook blueprint, Google ads, etc.




  • 90+ hours of learning

They offer 45 days of training with live and practical learnings with industrial expertise faculty.


  • Exams & Certification

Offers excellent training to be capable of applying industry-recognized digital marketing exams.


  • Career Support

Offer assured job placements with reputed companies and career guidance during and post the completion of the course.


  • Syllabus

They offer an updated course syllabus with advanced modules to enhance skills for guaranteed success in career and business.


Why DMC?

  • DMC is a decade old.
  • The students are trained by certified digital marketing professionals
  • DMC offers an authorized certificate after completing the course.
  • They offer training from basics to the advanced concepts of digital marketing.
  • They are rated among the best institutes that offer digital marketing courses in Nungambakkam.


Other Courses Offered by DMC


3. E search Advisors


E Search Advisors is among the oldest and most popular institutes known for offering the best digital marketing courses in Nungambakkam. They are offering training since the year 2015. They train their students under certified professionals for theoretical and practical parts.


They offer training with modern advanced dance techniques in digital marketing. They also offer online training for digital marketing. They are also listed as the best digital marketing institutes in Chennai.


Their curriculum includes the major part of practical training as compared to theoretical training. They offer options for both online and offline training. Their training is based on updated and advanced modules.




  • 30 Days of learning

They offer 30 days of live training with 4 hrs of class per day. They also offer Short term classrooms and live online training that comprises of weekday batch of 5 days 4hrs classes per day.


  • Exams and certification

They offer industrial-based training with expertise. Students are given authorized certification after completion of the course.


  • Guaranteed Job Placements

After completing the course students will be offered job placements in renowned companies to enhance their careers. As per the student’s capabilities, they offer the best job opportunities with MNC, and Startup agencies at the top.


  • Internship

Students get practical exposure to practice their training with the assistance of the in-house team of experts. They offer full support to bring their training to help their students grow in the practical world of digital marketing.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Why E Search Advisors?

  • They offer both online and live training. This is why anyone who wants to take up this course can enroll as per their availability.
  • E Search is one of the top listed institutes for digital marketing courses.
  • They are not only the best but also offer affordable packages.
  • Students are trained under experts.
  • They offer an authorized certificate after completing the course.


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4. Skartec


Started is one of the leading institutes for Digital Marketing Courses in Nungambakkam. Students in Skartec are trained with skill and knowledge. They offer quality digital training to their students. They provide the same learnings for both online and offline sessions. Their digital marketing training is a 360-degree marketing approach. Training with Skartec will give a kickstart to your career.




  • Duration

There is no limited duration for the course, students here will learn at their own pace and with flexibility. They provide all the resources and proper guidance from their industry experts.


  • Practical Learnings

They offer practical learnings to their students to get well trained and gain practical experience.


  • Certification

After completion of the course, students receive a globally recognized certificate.


Why Skartec?

  • Flexible learnings
  • Experts at providing top-quality training.
  • Assured job assistance.
  • Globally recognized certification.


Frequently asked question


1. What is the scope of digital marketing in India?

Of Course, the future is bright for digital marketing worldwide. Irrespective of what the product service or sector industry belongs to every industry has positive benefits from digital marketing. Since it saves a lot of time end the consumer and the seller side it has huge benefits boosting the business of every industry. In a very short period, there has been a tremendous shift from old marketing techniques to the modern way of digital marketing which with time is only going to rise. So the scope of digital marketing will only be high in the coming years.


2. How will digital marketing benefit small businesses?

Small business means there is a very limited budget for marketing their business, therefore digital marketing is playing a major role in using the internet as a platform to promote their business to help them grow their business and promote their product or services at less price. The traditional way of marketing demanded more money spend on television advertising or radio etc. Without any second thought, digital marketing will surely give a platform to small businesses to promote investing minimal money and expect a higher response.


3. What is the eligibility for a digital marketing course and is there any age preferences for pursuing this course?

NO, there is no particular eligibility for taking this course, as this is a skill development course anyone can take the course. However, people who are not good at English can either avoid or can take this course after they are good at English communications. For taking this course there is no age limit, anyone who is good at English communications and has a basic understanding of digital technology can enroll in the course.


4. What does a digital marketing specialist do?

The main job responsibility of a digital marketer is to promote his product/services using the internet. His main purpose is to create traffic on his brand websites and help the business to grow and get more customers. Therefore he is responsible for creating strategies and ideas using the internet as a platform to bring more clients to his company’s brand and help them gain more business.




Digital marketing is a skill development course. It will require time investment and basic knowledge about using digital technology. Anyone who has this basic quality should pursue this course. The most basic and most important requirement is English communication, reason English is the global known language. Digital marketing courses in Nungambakkam will give a platform to those who are interested to make their career in digital media.