Top 5 Google Content Writing Courses

This 21st century, being a digital era is heavily dependent upon content to allow the people to certain their presence and thereby make a living out of it. Unlike how people earned a living by running product and service-oriented businesses in a tangible world, the modern world demands people’s digital presence and quality content to be successful. Content writing involves researching, drafting, organized writing, editing, proofreading, and producing SEO-friendly content. In this article, let us see about Google content writing courses that help you acquire the necessary skills to become the best content writer.


List of best Google content writing courses


What Exactly is Content Writing?


Content writing is the skill of developing the necessary content to meet the needs of a particular target audience. It’s a demanding skill where you churn your ideas and organize them into a well-structured message in a way that addresses all the questions that the readers have and builds an active engagement with your website.


In the past, the mouth of the word was considered to be very reliable, but as time changed, with the upsurge of powerful search engines like Google, people are reliant on them for any key decisions they take even in their day-to-day life. That can range from looking into product reviews before purchasing, checking out cool restaurants for weekend outings, and top health tips for summer to finalizing a good online course to acquire skills.


The frequency of the times your brand stands at the forefront of any Google search approves the success of your business. Search engines have some inbuilt bots with programmed algorithms that determine the uniqueness, value, and relevance of the content you publish online. In this way, we see that each and every piece of content acts as an assurance for the internet audience.


The major factors which need to be considered while creating SEO-based content are the longtail keywords, shorttail keywords, internal link building, and building backlinks. This helps the search engine algorithm recognize your piece of content as valuable for the visitors.


All that is looked for is a perfect blend of all important keywords and systematically structured headings. Content writing strategy is quintessential in selling your content effectively thereby increasing your potential to sell your brand amidst the cutting-throat competition in the digital platform.


Be it any sector of business – grocery, consultancies, education, services, and luxury goods, content maximizes your chance of converting your quality products or services into a successful business. Therefore, Google content writing courses are the best tools in the process of becoming a great content writer.


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What Are the Types of Content?


When hearing about the content field, people are more acquainted with blogging and business listing than they come across search engines. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg whose other facets aren’t familiar to many. Utilizing the best of all the other types of content in a good ratio will boost the digital presence of your brand or website.


Visitors are not the same and different people have different interests in content. One may be a nerd interested in reading crazily big articles; another may be interested in two-liners packed with wit and humor. One may be drawn more towards infographics and another towards short videos. So, let us see what are the different types of content found in the digital space.


1. Blogging


Blogging involves writing informative content in an informal tone to connect to the hearts of your readers easily. Under a chosen niche, a blogger will share his knowledge and experience through his blogs that certainly have a word count ranging from 600 to 1500. The more often he writes, the more engagement is for his website.


2. White Papers


White papers are elaborate reports issued by a firm or an organization that present and analyze a complex issue or matter. Through the white papers, the issuing body informs the readers about its stance and so guides them to make the right decision.  Research done on products or services to come up with a viable solution in the form of an informational report defines white papers.


3. Press Release


A press release is an official statement provided by any company or organization to the press media in order to make any important announcement public. As there are original informants of the press to gather press releases, we call them primary sources. Appointment of new CEOs and release of a new product can be announced in the press release.


4. Business Listing


Business listing can be called the yellow pages of the digital platform where all necessary information of a company like the name of the company, address, contact numbers, google map, website, office time, etc., are organized in a format. People when searching for a business land up in this and get acquainted with the company.


5. E-books


An eBook is a published book of any kind that is made available in digital format. The most popular formats of eBooks are epub, Mobi, Kindle, and DJVU. When any content is customed to these formats it can be read on any digital gadgets or handheld devices. Never mistake PDF format for an eBook format as PDFs are meant for printing books in the form of hard copies.


6. Infographics


Infographics are the visual way of representing data and their interpretation with clarity and easy cognition. It’s an easy and effective substitution of written content to communicate any piece of information quickly and lucidly. They include elements like bar graphs, pie charts, listicles, and statistical representations.


7. Longform Content


Longform content is any piece of content that ranges from 1000 to 10,000 words. They are exhaustive and heavily loaded contents that serve the reader’s purpose of deeper understanding and gain of the rigor of any topic that is dealt with. Studies show that on average people stay for more time on a page that provides content that crosses 1000 words mark.


8. Technical Content


Technical content consists in writing precise and user-friendly technical manuals and handbooks that guide them in using or assembling the products and also in understanding certain procedures or protocols. They are very essential in the fields like medicine, biotechnology, software, hardware, engineering, robotics, and electronics. All these types of content are explained in-depth and techniques for writing these are taught to you in detail in Google content writing courses.


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Top 5 Google Content Writing Courses


Let us get into the details of all Google content writing courses that train you to be a sort after content writing professional and get a high-paying job in big companies.


1. Promote a Business With Content


This content writing course is one of the most popular Google content writing courses and it is free of cost. Google has a non-profit digital platform called Google Digital Garage. Through this, it offers many professional courses related to Google products and Digital Marketing. This particular course that encompasses four modules do not include any certification but adds value to your skillset.


Let Us Look Into the Modules in Google Content Writing Courses One by One.


a. Get Noticed with Social Media:

The first module has video content, interactive quizzes, and suggestions for improvement that last approximately 30 minutes.


The topics covered in the 1st module are:

  1. Basics of social media
  2. The social media sites you need the most
  3. Setting goals for social media platforms
  4. Getting started with social media


This module teaches you about the significance of your social media presence and the importance of social media in leveraging your business.


b. Deep Dive into Social Media:

This module teaches you how a well-planned social media strategy will help you save time and energy in your business campaigning. It helps you to find out which type of content works for you. It educates you about the necessity of social media advertisements and the ways of measuring your campaign’s success.


The Key Takeaways From the Module Are –

  1. Long term plans for using social media
  2. Advertisements
  3. Measuring your success in social media use
  4. Pitfalls to avoid


c. Make the Most of Video:

This module covers the popularity of the video content and says how it is the most sort after content in recent days. This module teaches how to make videos under your budget and make them one of your pillars in the marketing strategy. Promotion of the video content to the right audience and measuring the success of the campaign are also being taught in this module. It covers 5 lessons and spans up to 55 minutes.


d. Get Started with Content Marketing:

There are a total of 6 lessons in this module. Here, the fundamentals of content marketing are explained. In content marketing, building trust in the customers and converting it into your active website traffic are vital. Next, studying the preference of your audience is critical for you to create the right content for them.


With this analysis, formatting, structuring, and tailoring of your content become easy. Following this phase, comes the promotion of your content with a step-by-step strategy and gauging your content’s success for improving it the next time. All of these processes are elucidated under this module.


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2. Google Technical Writing Course


The foremost of all courses offered by Google is the technical writing course which trains you to work on quality technical documentation. This course consists of two parts: Technical Writing I & Technical Writing II. With preclass and in-class lessons, each of these two parts is further subdivided into two parts.


The course modules run you through the needed skills to curate a good technical document and familiarize you with the role of technical writers employed in Google. This course is specially designed for software engineers and other engineering-related product managers to write technical documents. This course is completely different from business writing and it requires a basic knowledge of coding and a good competency in English writing as prerequisites.


a. Technical Writing I:

The basic rules for writing a decent technical document that is taught in this particular course of all Google content writing courses are:


  1. Proper usage of jargon words, acronyms, and abbreviations
  2. Avoid ambiguous pronouns and learn 3 key strategies for developing neat and engaging sentences.
  3. Always stick with short sentences
  4. Learn why active sentences are preferred over passive sentences in technical writing
  5. Learn using numbered and bulleted lists wherever necessary
  6. Structuring of the paragraphs according to the key concepts, the audience’s prior knowledge, and what they want to learn new
  7. Correct usage of idioms
  8. Correct usage of commas, colons, semicolons, parentheses, and dashes
  9. Introduce the usage of markdowns
  10. Summary


b. Technical Writing II:

Technical Writing II is designed for candidates who are at the intermediate level of technical writing. Once you finish this 2nd level course, you will be able to compose first, second, and third drafts methodically. Error spotting and arrangement of information in order are the skills that you acquire.


Framing of figure captions and choosing the right information density are the major takeaways from this course. In the process, you will acquire ways of developing valuable, precise, and reusable sample codes.


The brief course structure of Technical Writing II is as follows,

  1. Introduction
  2. Editing
  3. Organizing large documents
  4. Illustration
  5. Creation of sample codes
  6. Conclusion


3. Send Professional Emails


When we want to communicate with an unfamiliar person or someone in a higher position, we often rely on email. So, it is evident that professional emails are sent in a highly formal environment. Sending professional emails requires a great deal of linguistic rigor and standard of language so that you communicate in a polite and precise way.


Send professional emails offered by Google Digital Garage is one of the basic Google Content Writing Courses consisting of only one module that spans for an hour time. This course gives you a hands-on experience to practice different scenarios in which you construct different kinds of professional emails.


To undertake this course, you will have to sign in with your Gmail account and the tools you use extensively are going to be Gmail and other google specific apps. Certainly, the skills you develop are not going to be limited to Gmail but other mailing services too. In this course module, you will learn to create templates and signatures and generate automatic emails at scheduled times as well.


Here Is an Overview of the Module Content –

  1. Introduction
  2. Parts of an email
  3. Different features of Gmail
  4. Practicing different scenarios
  5. Wrap-up


4. Business Writing


Business writing is a well-planned and concise piece of writing that is essential in communication at the workplace. Business writing involves writing reports, emails, proposals, notices, and memos to inform the readers about the business. With the help of your business writing, people take critical business decisions. Therefore, the purpose and the target audience are key in any business writing.


You do business writing for both internal and external audiences inviting them for a CTA – call to action.  Usually, a business writer uses different pieces of information like statistics, analogies, comparisons, graphs, citations from authentic sources, etc., to make their report sound rigorous.


This business writing course, which is one of the important Google content writing courses was developed by the University of Colorado. This is a four-module course program hosted by Coursera online education platform. In this course, you will learn the top ten important rules for effective business writing.


This course, which is one of the most popular among the Google content writing courses consists of thirteen hours of quality content. This course can be completed at your own pace with a flexible deadline and you will be offered a shareable certificate. like English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Arabic. This is a specialization program that assists you in becoming a great business content writer.


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5. Write a Business Plan


A business plan is a formally written document that outlines what the business of a company or a start-up is all about. It can be seen as a summary of the company’s operational and financial goals that both the internal and external members envision upon. Each and every business consider it mandatory to have a well-defined business plan that delineates its capital, investments, partners, potential customers, etc.


Among many Google content writing courses, ‘Write a Business Plan’ is one that teaches content writing enthusiasts about writing a properly structured business plan that consists of details about a company’s business, products, and services. In your business plan content, you will enlist your strengths in comparison with that of your competitors and draft a summary that influences decision-making internally and externally.


This course consists of a module of one-hour duration and once you finish it you will be competent enough to come up with a great business plan. You will be provided with worksheets, templates, and business-model development guidelines to explore deeper as a business plan writer.


The Sections in the Module Are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Writing a business description
  3. How to write about your product and services
  4. Writing an executive summary
  5. Writing a business plan wrap-up
  6. Summary
  7. Extensions for practice


The number of extensions offered at the end of this course to improve your business planning skills is six. They are:

  1. Formatting of your business plan
  2. Adding footers and headers
  3. Proofreading the business and sharing it for feedback
  4. Saving the business plan in different formats
  5. Evaluation of threats and opportunities
  6. Writing an elevator pitch and training with a partner




1. Are there free courses offered for content writing?

A: Google content writing courses are free of cost. In addition to it, there are other free courses to enhance your content writing and related skills. They are:

  • HubSpot’s Content Writing Certification Course
  • Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Udemy’s SEO Training Course
  • Open2Study’s Writing for the Web Course
  • Udemy’s Essentials of Writing Content


2. What are the skills necessary to become a successful content writer?

A:   To be successful in a content writing career, the primary prerequisite is to have a great flair for writing. Moreover, one also needs –

  • Creativity in writing
  • Researching skills
  • Basic SEO skills
  • Basic WordPress skills


3. Is content writing a successful career choice?

A: It is the content of various types that define the functionality of the very internet. Your digital footprint directly translates into your success story. The more a brand has invasive content the more successful it is in this digital millennium. So, you will be an unshakable king until the content rules the internet world.




It is out evident to everyone, the importance of content in the modern world. The marketplace to sell your products or services not on the streets or any bazaar, but on different digital platforms and search engines. So, becoming a content writer makes you stand out of the crowd with leveraged job opportunities. What is more exciting is that the nuances and techniques of writing SEO-based content for businesses are taught to you by the master of all search engines, Google themselves. It’s high time you grab this opportunity offered by Google to enhance yourself in content writing to become a successful full-time content writer or a freelance writer.  With no further delays, kickstart your content writing career by completing the Google content writing courses.