Top 10 Investment Banking Courses in Argentina

The investment banking landscape in Argentina has witnessed tumultuous transformations due to the political and economic changes in the country. Nonetheless, the investment banking domain has shown progress, thus showing the importance of investment bankers in the country. And proper training and skills can give you an edge in this field. Keeping this in mind, we have listed below the top 10 investment banking courses in Argentina. 

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With the country embracing AI and tech changes, the need for trained professionals has grown sporadically. Investment banking through the years has always been a gratifying career. That also makes it a very competitive field to break into.

What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking constitutes a bank or a financial institution. Investment banking offers financial services to both businesses and customers. The activities include advisory services, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), offering underwritings, asset management, and delivery of stocks, bonds, and many other products.

Investment banks also act as liaisons between big corporations and investors. They can be considered as the “middlemen” who help carry out financial transactions between two entities.

Investment banks offer a range of financial services to their clients to make them aware of the finance industry. Investment banking serves as a key bridge of the financial ecosystem making economic growth possible and streamlining capital for diverse companies from different sectors.

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What do Investment Bankers do?

Before you enroll in investment banking courses in Argentina is it important to understand what an investment banker’s job entails. Investment bankers are a group of people who are well-versed and educated about the current financial market.

They may choose to work with either organizations, government bodies, or other groups to strategize and manage their investing projects. The main purpose is to help them save money, and time and identify the risks involved in the projects.

Businesses engage investment bankers to give them advice on effective growth strategies. Some of the major roles and responsibilities of Investor Bankers are as follows-

  • Investment bankers use their expertise and knowledge to provide recommendations based on current financial affairs.
  • They are a link between advisors and business managers to maintain transactions for clients.
  • They help negotiate deals with corporate finance groups
  • They analyze the equity capital market or the debt capital market to get equity and fixed income and set up new deals.
  • They have an advisory role in capital formation, valuation, and risk management and are responsible for managing the transactions in assets, securities, and currencies.
  • They act as facilitators to redirect the flow of cash to the investors.


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The Transforming Investment Banking Landscape in Argentina

The investment banking landscape of Argentina faces changes influenced by the economic and political challenges of the country. In terms of financing big projects, mergers and acquisitions, and capital market services, the investment banking sector of Argentina has in the past been of significant importance.

Nevertheless, repeated economic crises, currency depreciation, and political uncertainties have been too challenging for both investors and financial institutions. However, these challenges should not deter you from pursuing investment banking courses in Argentina.

The Argentine financial market, even with these difficulties, possesses a variety of investment choices. Argentine investment banks provide services like underwriting securities, mergers and acquisitions advisory, debt and equity offerings, as well as asset management.

The capital markets of the country such as the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BCBA) offer opportunities to companies to raise funds and the investors to diversify their portfolios.

Argentina has undertaken economic reforms in recent years to restore stability and encourage foreign investment. Programs including settlement of debt, inflation targeting, and regulatory reforms have been implemented to ameliorate the investment environment.

Moreover, Argentina’s increasingly strong financial technology sector is fostering fintech innovation, with digital platforms for payments, lending, and investment management.

Although investment banking in Argentina faces continuous challenges, its landscape provides chances for growth and diversification backed by ongoing reforms and technological innovations in the financial sector. Nonetheless, the market entails the evaluation of risks and compliance with the regulatory system as the country’s economy and politics keep transforming.

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Top 10 Online Investment Banking Courses in Argentina With Placements



IIM SKILLS is a reputable and well-known online educational platform offering many courses across multiple countries. The Certified Investment Banking Master Course has been carefully designed by experts from the industry to make it conceptually comprehensive and practical.

The course aims to make you job-ready in the competitive field of finance, making it one of the best Investment banking courses in Argentina.

The selling point of this course is that regardless of whether you have an academic background in finance or not, this course is open to you.

The course will help you develop the skill set that enhances your resume. And finally, to put the learning into practice, a guaranteed internship is also offered with this course.

Course Curriculum

  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Excel
  • Basics of Financial Market and System
  • Derivatives Market
  • Investment banking technicals
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Financial modeling technicals
  • Business valuation

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Course Highlights

  • At the end of the course, you will earn an IIM SKILLS Master Investment Banking Certification that has been recognized by the MSME Govt of India. Along with this, you will also earn Capstone Projects certification from Citi Bank, Bank of America & JP Morgan, and Internships Certification.
  • The course is taught by instructors who are highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the industry.
  • IIM SKILLS provides guidance and assistance for crafting resumes and preparing for interviews.
  • You have a chance to take a free demo class before deciding to enroll in the class.
  • Students are also given lifetime access to the class recordings, training materials, and class presentations.


2. The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is one of the biggest online education and training companies. They have over 1200 locations across 200 countries and offer several programs including Investment Banking Courses in Argentina.

The institute provides two programs in the country – the Investment and Trading Training course and the Investment Management Masterclass. These will offer a comprehensive understanding of the financial market. Learners have the option of choosing between the instructor-led course and the self-paced course.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Investment Banking
  • Financial Markets and Instruments
  • Valuation Techniques
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Debt and Equity Capital Raising
  • Financial Modeling
  • Compliance and Ethics
  • Industry Specialization

Course Highlights

  • All learners receive certification upon the completion of the course.
  • The course is suitable for beginners and professionals who are looking to accelerate their careers in the investment banking domain.
  • Flexible delivery methods are available depending on your preferred learning style.

A Few More Options:


3. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is a leading institute offering a variety of Investment Banking courses in Argentina. They abide by the principle that learning is a lifelong process. In light of this, their goal is to make learning accessible for all and organize knowledge with advanced technology for a futuristic, tech-driven society.

The Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional (CIBOP) is the institute’s popular industry-approved program which is best suited for learners with less than 3 years of work experience.

It is an extensive program of more than 150 hours program which will make you an investment banking operations expert. It will teach you the fundamental concepts of finance and also prepare you for job interviews at leading companies.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Financial Markets-

  • Introduction to Investment Banking
  • Cash Equities and Fixed Income
  • Foreign Exchange and Money Markets
  • Derivatives Markets
  • Job-interview Readiness

Trade Life Cycle-

  • Reference Data Management
  • Corporate Actions
  • Asset Management
  • Reconciliation
  • Introduction to ISDA
  • Stock, Borrow & Lending
  • Collateral Management
  • Trade Life Cycle

Risk Management-

  • Risk Management & Regulatory Environment
  • Anti-Money Laundering & KYC
  • Job-interview Readiness

Course Highlights

  • You will receive a certificate upon completing the program which can be added to your resume and CV.
  • They provide 100% job assurance and assistance with building a robust portfolio to ensure that your profile catches the eye of prospective employers.
  • Along with this assistance is also given for Interview Prep and 7 guaranteed interviews.
  • This course is open for recent graduates (0-3 years of work experience) from commerce, finance, or business management streams, non-STEM fields with a background in Finance and business management streams only, and applicants with a justified gap of up to 1 year can also apply.

A Few More Options If You Are Interested in Financial Courses:


4. Wall Street Prep

Wall Street Prep was established in 2004 by investment bankers to provide training to the financial services industry. They are offering online Investment banking courses in Argentina. The courses are designed to impart practical skills and close the gap between academia and real-world experience.

They have a global faculty of more than 90 highly specialized investment bankers, and private equity and investment professionals. The Premium Package- Financial & Valuation Modeling Certification Program is the most in-demand course for investment bankers.

Course Curriculum

  • Financial statement Modeling
  • DCF Modeling
  • M&A, Modelling
  • Trading Comps Modeling
  • Transaction Comps Modeling
  • LBO Modeling

Course Highlights

  • Learners are eligible to earn Wall Street Prep’s globally recognized Financial & Valuation Modeling Certification after completing the final exam from each of the program’s 6 courses.
  • Wall Street Prep has a dedicated support center where enrolled students gain free and unlimited access to answers to questions, free downloads, and important updates from a support staff comprised entirely of experienced former investment bankers.
  • Private Online Tutoring is also available for an additional fee of $800/hour with experienced investment bankers.
  • Students are also allowed to upload their resumes and cover letters to WSP.

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5. Financial Edge

Financial Edge was founded by industry professionals to develop first-class training programs and technology in the context of learning. They work closely with companies to provide tailored training solutions.

They have online investment banking courses in Argentina. The program provides the same training as new hires at the top investment banks and covers all the essential topics required to kickstart your career.

Course Curriculum

The Accountant-

  • Financial Accounting Review
  • Income Statements
  • Earnings Per Share
  • Working Capital
  • Non-Current Assets
  • Capital Structure
  • Accounting Ratios
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Equity Method Investments
  • Intro To Full Consolidation

The Modeler-

  • Introduction To Modeling
  • Three Statement Modeling with Iterations
  • Three-Statement Model Editing
  • Three-Statement Model with Estimates
  • Building A Model with Cash Sweep
  • Checking A Model for Integrity And Errors

The Valuer-

  • Trading Comparable
  • Transaction Comparable
  • WACC Analysis
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
  • Pulling The Analysis Together

The Deal Maker-

  • Merger Model
  • Synergy Analysis
  • Earnouts
  • Leveraged Buyouts
  • Acquisition Finance Debt Capacity

Banking Interview-

  • Breaking Into Banking Interview
  • M&A Banking Expert Interview

Financial Data Tools-

  • BamSEC Series
  • FactSet Workstation
  • FactSet Charting
  • FactSet – Finding and Extracting Data

Course Highlights

  • Upon the completion of the course, students receive a Wall Street-recognized certification.
  • The course has been certified by the CDP (Continuing Professional Development) Certification Service.
  • Students will have access to industry-expert Q&A and receive continued instructor support.
  • The instructors and the course designers are industry experts with real-world experience.
  • You will get to engage in over 250 practical exercises.


6. The New York Institute of Finance (NYIF)

The New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) is an American Education Company providing Investment banking courses in Argentina and worldwide. NYIF was instituted by the New York Stock Exchange in the year 1922.

The institute mainly provides courses and certifications to professionals in the finance industry and corporations worldwide. The most popular certification is the Investment Banking Certificate (IBC).

By the end of the program, the skills developed will help you in multiple analyst roles in the investment banking domain. This certification makes you industry-ready, provides subject-matter expertise, and equips you with the necessary practical skills in finance.

Course Curriculum

Foundation Courses-

  • Finance For Managers
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Quantitative Methods and Techniques
  • Free Cash Flow Modeling
  • Specialization – Capital Markets:
  • Fundamentals of the Securities Industry
  • Equities
  • Fixed Income Securities
  • Derivative Instruments

Specialization – Valuation:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Business Valuation
  • Corporate Credit Analysis
  • Measuring Risk: Equity, Fixed Income, Derivatives

Specialization – Fund Management:

  • Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Hedge Funds and Private Equity
  • Wealth Management
  • Portfolio Management

Specialization – Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A):

  • Concepts And Theories: An Introduction
  • Concepts And Theories: Advanced Topics
  • Structuring The Deal
  • Advanced Acquisition Modeling

NYIF Signature Track-

  • Corporate Finance
  • Business Valuation
  • M&A Concepts and Theories
  • M&A – Structuring the Deal
  • Equities
  • Hedge Funds and Private Equity
  • Portfolio Management
  • Advanced Acquisition Modeling

Course Highlights

  • The course is extremely comprehensive, self-paced, and 100% online.
  • Students get large networking opportunities with the alumni of NYIF.
  • Students earn a recognized certification upon completing the course.
  • The course has been designed and taught by industry experts, market practitioners, and seasoned finance professionals.
  • This course is open to recent graduates, final-year master’s students, and finance professionals looking to accelerate their knowledge.


7. Data Trained

Data Trained is a professional development institute offering Investment banking courses in Argentina among other tech education courses. Data Trained has collaborated with GoDaddy Academy to provide courses that prepare individuals to be industry-ready.

They are offering a PG Program in Investment Banking and Financial Modeling. They use the latest and in-demand tools and techniques to impart training to prepare you for a career in investment banking.

This program aims to close the gap between theoretical concepts learned and on-the-job application of those concepts.

Course Curriculum

  • Basics of Finance
  • Introduction to Financial Statements
  • Basics of Economics
  • Introduction to Investment Banking
  • Introduction to Financial Modeling and Valuation
  • Basic to Advanced Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
  • Cost of Capital
  • Relative Valuation
  • Start-Up Valuation
  • Merger & Acquisition along with LBO
  • Financial Management of Start-Ups

Course Highlights

  • Upon the completion of the program, participants will be awarded 4 industry-recognized certificates- Course Completion Certificate from Data Trained Education, Project Completion Certificate from Data Trained Education, JP Morgan Investment Banking Virtual Internship Certificate, and Citi Bank APAC Investment Banking Virtual Internship Certificate.
  • The program has been designed by investment bankers and industry experts.
  • They offer career assistance, career counseling sessions, soft skills training, and mock interviews with hiring managers.
  • Students receive full support from program managers on call and chat during working hours.



CFI is a well-known online training and education platform specifically catered to finance and investment professionals. They provide Investment banking courses in Argentina along with several other degree programs and certifications.

The courses are versatile and suitable for all investment banking and finance roles. Further, the courses can be customized as per your requirements as it has elective programs for you to pick from. In terms of quality, this is one of the best courses available online.

The Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) certification is the most popular course on their site. This course will equip you with all the skills and tools for a successful financial career.

Course Curriculum

Core Courses-

  • Financial Analysis Fundamentals
  • Introduction to 3-Statement Modeling
  • Introduction to Business Valuation
  • Accounting Principles and Standards
  • Operational Modeling
  • DCF Valuation Modeling
  • Comparable Valuation Analysis
  • 3-Statement Modeling
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • FP&A Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Model
  • Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis in Excel
  • Dashboards & Data Visualization
  • PowerPoint & Pitchbooks
  • Professional Ethics

Elective Courses-

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Modeling
  • Startup / e-Commerce Financial Model & Valuation
  • Mining Financial Model & Valuation
  • Real Estate Financial Modeling
  • The Amazon Case Study (New Edition)
  • Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Modeling
  • Renewable Energy – Solar Financial Modeling
  • Corporate & Business Strategy
  • Presentation of Financial Information
  • Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions
  • Excel VBA for Finance
  • Fundamentals of Data Analysis in Excel
  • Power BI Fundamentals
  • Power Pivot Fundamentals
  • Power Query Fundamentals
  • Power BI Financial Statements
  • Modeling Risk with Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Regression Analysis – Fundamentals & Practical Applications
  • ESG Integration & Financial Analysis

Course Highlights

  • A certificate can be earned after completing the course and successfully passing the exam with a minimum 70% grade.
  • The entire course is self-paced and 100% online.
  • The course can be completed as a self-study course or a full immersion course. The full immersion course provides access to Pitchbook and Capital IQ, which gives the course a solid grounding.
  • The courses offered by CFI have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the CPA Institutions in Canada, and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) in the US for CPE credits.


9. EDX

EDX is an online educational platform by the leading digital education company. They provide online learning courses to millions of people around the globe in diverse fields of education and careers.

They have many investment banking courses in Argentina for you to choose from. A few of these courses are Essential Skills for Investment and Finance, Corporate Finance, Project Finance and Public-Private Partnerships, and Derivatives Markets: Advanced Modeling and Strategies.

These courses will help improve your financial literacy to help you accelerate your career in investment banking.

Course Curriculum

  • Risk Management and Credit Principles
  • M&A: Concepts and Theories
  • M&A: Structuring the Deal

Course Highlights

  • All the courses are self-paced and can be completed on a flexible schedule.
  • The course can be audited for free or you can enroll for a fee and get multiple benefits.
  • Students enrolled in a paying course get access to course material, graded assignments, and exams.
  • A shareable certificate is available at the end of the program for the enrolled students.


10. Coursera

Coursera is another popular online platform offering a variety of courses and degrees from leading universities and companies around the world. They also offer Investment banking courses in Argentina. Many different courses are available for you to choose from.

Some popular courses are Investment Banking: Financial Analysis and Valuation, Financial Market, Financial Market and Investment Strategy, Private Equity and Venture Capital, Financial Investment and Risk Management.

The courses can be audited for free and self-paced, however, you will need to pay a fee to earn the certificate.

Course Curriculum

  • Financial spreads and adjustments
  • Valuation analysis and comparable public companies’ analysis
  • Comparable precedent transaction analysis
  • Discounted cash flow

Course Highlights

  • At the end of the course, you can earn a credential certificate which can be added to your LinkedIn profile, resume, and CV.
  • After purchasing the certificate, you will get access to all the course material and graded assignments.
  • Financial aid and scholarships are available for some selected programs.
  • The courses are set at the beginner level and do not require previous experience to enroll.
  • All the courses are self-paced and can be completed on a flexible schedule.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the salary of investment bankers in Argentina?

The average salary for Investment Banking Analyst is reported to be ARS 4,45,000 annually in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There is also an average additional cash compensation of ARS 3,00,000, with a range from ARS 1,00,000 – ARS 3,00,000. On the other hand, an Investment Banking Associate is reported to earn ARS 2,50,000 per year.

Q. What skills should investment bankers develop?

There are some hard skills and soft skills an investment banker is required to have. These include mathematical skills, Analytical skills, Communication, Project Management, Problem-solving, Negotiation, and Persuasion. Along with this, you need to be up to date with the current financial climate. This can be learned through comprehensive investment banking courses in Argentina. Developing these skills is invaluable and will help you stand out in front of your employer.

Q. What are the different job roles in an investment bank?

The main departments in an investment bank can be broken down into four main categories- Private equity, M&A, Underwriting, and Venture capital. Within M&A there are four hierarchical categories of job roles Analyst, Associate, Vice President, and Managing Direct. The most common job roles in an investment bank are analysts and associates. They work as intermediaries and advisors to businesses and corporations.


Investment banking is a career that is very much in demand and continues to grow, providing a plethora of job opportunities. Investment banking courses in Argentina will give you the perfect kickstart that your career needs. The courses covered in this list are all available online and can be completed from the comfort of your home. However, investment banking is a career that requires a lot of diligence and time to hone the skills.

Here a course from IIM SKILLS can help you to hit the ground running as it gives you extensive training along with practical skills in the form of an internship. But at the end of the day, regardless of the course you choose the hours of work need to be put in by you. We hope our list will guide you in deciding which investment banking courses in Argentina are appropriate for you to start your investment banking journey.