Top 6 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Thane

There is a strong demand in the industry for candidates with knowledge of business accounting and taxation. Whether you are a business owner or looking to join a finance team in an organization, it is very critical to understand business accounting and taxation. Many institutions in India provide BAT courses to meet the market demand. This BAT course helps the candidate understand the market requirements. Below we have made a list of business accounting and taxation courses in Thane, but before that, let’s first understand what exactly a BAT Course is.


List of best business accounting and taxation courses in Thane


What is a BAT Course?


The BAT course is an extensive certification application carried out via in-individual as well as online lessons to provide in-depth knowledge about accountancy and taxation. It consists of a balanced blend of theoretical and enterprise understanding of book-retaining and account-retaining to assist the candidate in understanding business perspectives.


Before we delve deeper into the coursework of the BAT route and the way it may advantage your profession by being a more energizing or running professional, let us first recognize the 2 most important elements of the route: Business Accounting & Taxation.


The whole module is dependent on this kind of manner that it envelops nearly all arenas of accounting with treasured recommendations and inputs from enterprises. Chapters like direct taxes, MS Excel, superior accounting, oblique taxes, and different vital competencies are protected and covered within the syllabus, which makes a candidate sufficient to show themselves as a worthy asset within the cosmos of commercial enterprise.


What is Business Accounting?


Accounting is how a company keeps track of its finances. Accountants examine the financial statements of a company so that the owner can make better decisions. This data is arranged into reports that reflect a company’s financial health. Accounting aids business owners in meeting their legal responsibilities. Business accounting is the system of amassing and reading economic statistics on commercial enterprise activity, recording transactions, and generating economic statements.


Uses of Business Accounting


Business accounting is crucial for quite a few reasons. Keeping tabs on all your property, liabilities, inventory, and different statistics will let you find stable investors, shield your property from theft, and locate methods to develop your agency and take it to the next level.


Bookkeeping, preparing and submitting tax returns, and drafting economic reports are the primary responsibilities of small business accounting. Through commercial enterprise accounting, you could better control your budget to make knowledgeable economic choices in your agency.


Business financing, auditing, and taxation are important for commercial enterprises to thrive and grow. An individual who encompasses those skills is deemed successful and best for an organization’s economic growth.


What is Taxation in Accounting?


Tax accounting is the method of accounting for tax purposes. It applies to everyone—people, businesses, corporations, and different entities. Even people who are exempt from paying taxes should take part in tax accounting. The reason for tax accounting is so one can tune budgets (budgets coming in addition to budgets going out) related to people and entities.


The Central and State authorities perform a considerable function in figuring out the taxes in India. To streamline the technique of taxation and ensure transparency within the country, the nation, and critical governments have undertaken numerous coverage reforms over the past couple of years. One such example is the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which eased the tax regime on the sale and delivery of products and offerings within the country.


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BAT Courses Cover a Wide Range of Topics


Business Accounting and Taxation courses help to provide candidates with the essential information on accounting principles, taxation, and payroll policies, in addition to the imperative disciplines of economics. Pursuing a BAT course can equip candidates with the critical information and competencies to deal with a company encompassing numerous departments of sales, accounting, and taxation. Below is a list of Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Thane.


Career & Salary after BAT Course


BAT courses in Thane help the candidate to choose from various career opportunities. They can pick from an array of professional profiles in the public in addition to the non-public area. BAT courses in Thane additionally help the candidate to understand the Finance area hence offering them a flexible skillset.


Along with pursuing the profile of a tax accountant, given beneath is a listing of different appropriate profiles for the candidate who has completed BAT courses in Thane: Accountant or Senior Accountant, Analyst or a Senior Associate Assistant or Senior Manager Accounts, Lecturer.


Top 6 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Thane


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a well-known online educational academy in India that gives the simplest skilled programs to rework and assist you to build a career that supports your preferences. These work-oriented courses cover the foremost basic and advanced ideas through a mixture of theory and practice.


Thorough analyses are conducted to formulate the program for each & every course. These skill development programs can help the candidate determine their interest and switch it to a satisfying and profitable career. The course programs developed at IIM Skills are in demand within the trade to satisfy the global workforce requirement.


These programs are created and valid by trade leaders. At IIM Skills, a student can forever have access to revised course content. Such course content with the categories by industry specialists on each subject would assist you to master the skills. Below are the details of the Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Thane.


BAT Course Modules

There are 6 modules in this course which are divided into sections. In each section, all topics from basic to advance are covered to help candidates understand the concept & its applications.


Accounting in Tally- Module 1

  • Section 1- Business Accounting
  • Section 2- Advance Tally ERP 9 & Tally Prime


GST in Tally- Module 2

  • Section-1 Basics of GST
  • Section 2- GST in Tally
  • Section 3- GST Filing


TDS in Tally – Module 3

  • Section 1- Basics of TDS
  • Section 2- TDS in Tally
  • Section 3 – TDS Filing


Payroll in Tally – Module 4

  • Section 1- Basics Payroll
  • Section 2- Payroll with Tally
  • Section 3 – TDS Filing


Income Tax in Tally – Module 5


  • Section 1- Basics of Income Tax
  • Section 2- E-Filing


Advanced Excel & MIS Reporting – Module 6

  • Section 1- Advance Excel
  • Section 2- MIS Reporting & Financials


Duration: 4 months

Fees: INR 49,900


You can contact them at

Mail Id: [email protected]


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2. IBA Training:


IBA (Institute of Business Applications) is a leading training institute for IT and non-IT courses. The diverse portfolio includes a wide range of courses such as GST, IFRS, Financial Modeling, INDAS, VBA programming, SAP ERP, and many other industry-relevant courses.


IBA is known as one of India’s best quality service providers in the education industry. IBA is one of the Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Thane. IBA Training has developed its Accounting and Taxation course for candidates who wish to improve their practical skills in the areas for better employment opportunities.


The BAT courses in Thane are valuable for professionals, recent graduates, and other students who want to become qualified experts at work or in their company. The program focuses on hands-on training in industry-relevant skills.


Course Name:


PACT course -Practical Accounts & Taxation

The PACT course is designed for all applicants who are willing to improve their practical accounting and tax skills for better career opportunities. The Practical Accounting and Taxation course is practical, industry-relevant training that can be taken by students, graduates, professionals, and entrepreneurs who wish to become qualified professionals for the company or for the company itself.


Topics Covered by the Course are

  • Accounts Up To Finalization
  • GST
  • Income Tax
  • TDS
  • Accounting Standard
  • Payroll
  • Audit
  • Financial Report Analysis

PACT Advance- Practical Accounts & Taxation Advance

PACT Advance is specifically designed for individuals who are willing to work in a managerial position in both finance and accounting. It is also suitable for any freshman student who is willing to pursue a career in finance as finance is fully account-based so learning accounting and tax first is a must.


Topics covered in Pact course Advance

  • Accounts Up To Finalization
  • IND – AS
  • Accounting Standard
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Custom Laws, Import Export
  • ROC Filing
  • GST
  • Income Tax
  • TDS
  • Payroll
  • Audit
  • Financial Report Analysis


PACT Advance Plus

This is the best combination of courses for all professionals who want to work and want to work in the areas of export and import compliance, remittances, and finance personnel dealing with banks and regulators. Professionals working in an accounting/finance department of this company with a turnover greater than 200 Cr must know about FEMA and transfer pricing best practices.


Topics covered in PACT Advance Plus

  • Accounts Up To Finalization
  • IND – AS
  • Accounting Standard
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Custom Laws, Import Export
  • ROC Filing
  • GST
  • Income Tax
  • TDS
  • Payroll
  • Audit
  • Financial Report Analysis
  • BK & Finalization
  • ICDS
  • IFRS
  • Transfer Pricing
  • FEMA


Duration: 100 + sessions.

The syllabus is covered in more than 100 plus sessions, depending upon the package of the course


You can contact them at

Mail Id: [email protected]


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ITAA was conceptualized in 2016, with the experience of more than 15 years in accounting and recruitment solutions, the founders were able to identify the real gap that exists between the knowledge provided in educational institutions and the skills required by the industry. ITAA is one of the Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Thane.


Course Name: Accounting Shiksha


The course is covered in 50 hours with 5 Modules

  • Related Market Practices in Accounting with the Most Popular Accounting Software Tally Prime
  • Existing Learning Experience with Qualified and Experienced Teachers
  • Practical Exposure to Related Market Practices Inventory Accounting Tally Prime
  • Basic and Advanced Accounting Banks Adjustment Tax Accounting (Income Tax and GST) MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint Overview


Tax Pro Professional

The course is covered in 65 hours with 7 Modules

  • Related Market Practices in Taxation and Accounting
  • GST Concepts and Tax Return
  • Practical Exposure to Related Market Practices
  • Account Finalization
  • Income Tax Return
  • TDS Feedback



The course is covered in 35 plus hours with 7 Modules

  • Advance GST
  • On-hand, experience learning from GST expert
  • Assessment of Notice received
  • Market Practices
  • GST Acts
  • Advance compliance


Duration: 35+  hours

The syllabus is covered in more than 35 plus sessions, depending upon the package of the course


For in-depth details on  Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Thane, you can contact them at

Mail Id: [email protected]


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4. Laqshya Institute of Skills Training


The Laqshya Institute of Skills Training is one of the best institutions in the education sector and it offers hands-on training methods for business accounting and taxation courses in Thane to meet the needs of various industrial skills training. Laqshya is one of the leading institutions offering the best BAT courses in Thane through 100% hands-on classroom training for beginners with support to become an accounting professional.


They provide hands-on classroom training and tutorials on accounting and tax programs using live trainers, real-time question clarification, online learning materials, online tests, and certifications. Laqshya Institute of Skills Training offers Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Thane, below are the details of modules provided in the course.


Course Name

  • Accounting & Taxation Course
  • Taxation Professional
  • GST Course
  • Tally & MS-Office


Duration: Not Available


For further details on their Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Thane, you can contact them at

Mail Id: [email protected]


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5. Learning Stage


Learning Stage offers Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Thane. They provide highly professional training in a know-how manner as a beneficiary for professionals and industry at large. They are setting the global standard for professional and practical training by providing Advanced job-oriented courses. Their practical courses provide personalized, customized, and consistent development for all students which helps in bringing out the best in them and making them leaders of tomorrow.


Course Name

PBAT- Practical Business Accounting and Taxation


The Practical Accounting and Business Taxation Course is a fully hands-on accounting course designed to help a person be practically ready to enter the world of business. In today’s world, students don’t have the opportunity to explore the practical side of accounting and are left behind.


PBAT is a way to gain practical knowledge of business accounting and taxation. The course is designed to provide practical experience in the areas of accounting, tax, GST, MIS, compliance, and reporting.


The program is integrated with high-end accounting software and applications, Tally ERP 9.0 and Advance Excel. Extensive training, case studies, and hands-on experience with this software are essential for any account professional to learn, grow, and advance in their career.


They have 5 main sections & each section has many topics from basics to advance


Section 1- Tally ERP9 & Practical BookKeeping

  • Basics of Account
  • Routine Entries
  • Balance Sheet Finalization
  • Sessions covering almost all real-life business transactions
  • Overview of Tally & its functionalities
  • Walkthrough of financial statements & reports


Section2- Practical Direct Taxes

  • TDS
  • TDS Act, Section
  • TDS Deduction,
  • E-payment
  • E-return
  • Download Form 16, 16A, 16B
  • TDS Correction Process
  • Income Tax Computation
  • Income Tax Computation of Partnership firm
  • Short Term Capital Gain Calculation
  • Long Term Capital Gain Calculation
  • DTAA-Act
  • Online ITR-I, ITR-II & ITR-III E-filling
  • Gift Tax, Clubbing of Income


Section 3- Goods & Service Tax-GST

  • Complete Introduction of CGST, SGST, IGST
  • Registration under GST Act
  • Tax rate and charge
  • GST return filing
  • New tax invoicing system
  • Input tax credit
  • E Payment
  • Returns under GST sections
  • Transfer of tax credit
  • Job work
  • Advance ruling
  • Section 4- Payroll Management
  • Complete Payroll Process
  • Employee’s Taxation
  • Various Labour Law Forms
  • Payroll Reports and Other MIS reports
  • Provident Fund
  • ESIC, Gratuity and Bonus
  • Professional Tax and Many More

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Section 4- Advance Excel + (MIS)      

  • Data Analysis, Data Validation
  • Goal Seek, Solver, Protecting your workbook
  • Working with Formulas & Functions,
  • Array formulas
  • Pivot Tables
  • Macros, VBA
  • Many more Advance Excel features


Course Duration: 1 month in Fast Track

& 2 months for regular timing classes


Fees: INR 15000/- During discounts the course fee is reduced up to INR 12000/-

Goods & Service Tax-GST

This is a small course they only cover GST.


Course Duration: 1 Week in Fast Track

& 10 to 15 days for regular timing classes


Fees: INR 6000/- During discounts the course fee is reduced up to INR 4800/-


To make further inquiries about their Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Thane, you can contact them at

Mail Id: [email protected]


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6. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is an online platform that provides one of the Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Thane. The Certified Business Accounting and Taxation Course (CATP) covers key accounting components such as GST, income tax, and TDS that have a decisive impact on the modality of Indian financial business.


Their BAT courses in Thane are aimed at professionals who want to build a successful career in accounting and tax. The GST accredited course provides 360-degree insights into GST regulations provided by experts speaking on Aaj Tak, NDTV, and other notable platforms. IT covers the latest trending topics such as GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A, new e-Invoicing regulations, and how to get ITC if not reflected.


Course Name

Accounting and Taxation Course

There are 7 modules in this course

  • GST
  • Income Tax
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Advanced Tally
  • Advanced Excel
  • HR Payroll Management


They also provide 2 complimentary modules with this that are Soft Skills Development & Resume Writing


Duration: 172 hours

Fee: INR 34500/-


For further details on their Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Thane, you can contact them at

Mail Id: [email protected]




1. What is business accountant and taxation?

Business Accounting and Taxation is designed for business graduates with a primary interest in finance and taxation. The practical aspects of both direct and indirect taxes are covered by powerful accounting, Excel, and reporting skills. The business accounting and tax curriculum have been developed entirely by industry experts.


2. Is it worth doing the BAT courses in Thane?

There are immense employment opportunities in these areas. After earning a degree or certificate in this field, you can work in both the private and public sectors. Professionally, you can also choose a teaching profession at university.


3. Who is eligible to enroll in BAT courses in Thane?

The Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Thane are suitable for candidates any fresher, B.Com graduates, or graduates with an equivalent degree are eligible to take the Corporate Accounting and Tax (PGP BAT) course.


4. What is the difference between Accounting & Taxation?

Taxation is an area that concerns everything that has to do with tax authorities and tax laws, i.e. the laws and regulations governing the various types of taxes (taxes, duties, etc.). Taxation is therefore a much more specific area than accounting. While accounting encompasses all of a company’s operations, taxation is more about devising strategies to help companies better file their tax returns.  Taxes also refer to individuals who are required to file tax returns annually, while accounting is organizing and analyzing a company’s data to understand the company’s financial health.


5. What is an advantage of GST?

GST is particularly technology-driven. All activities like registration, application submission, refund request, and note reply must be done online on the GST portal, which speeds up the processes. GST eliminates the tax on tax. GST mainly eliminated cascading earnings from the sale of products and services. The elimination of the cascading effect has condensed the value of assets.




With the growing competition, candidates need to pursue professional courses that will give them an edge in their careers. These courses are also helpful for professionals from the accounting industry who wants to achieve growth in their career. These courses are available online & offline making them accessible to everyone whether you are a fresher or a working professional. Choose the course that fits your requirement & Keep Learning.