14 Best Content Writers in the World (Updated)

Content Writing is an art in itself. Today, the systems are swamped with a lot of content, but it’s only the finest content that stands out. Content should be engaging, informative, valuable, and be a companion to solving people’s problems. It serves as a conduit between the writers and the readers. The art of conveying a relatable message and creating magic out of the ordinary are the secret ingredients to becoming the best content writers in the world. 


Updated listings about the best content writers in the World


Here is our list of Best Content Writers in the World, who we think are true artists and wizards in content creation. 


1.     Vaibhav Kakkar


Vaibhav Kakkar is an Indian entrepreneur, author, content writer, and digital marketing professional. He is the Founder and CEO of IIM Skills, Course Dekho, and Advisor Uncle. He is one of the best content writers in the world.


Today, IIM Skills is one of the leading training institutes for digital marketing and content writing courses. Vaibhav Kakkar has a strong foothold and a decade-long experience in content creation, writing articles and blogs, social media marketing, online reputation management, email marketing, and SEO.


Vaibhav has played a crucial role in shaping the careers of students globally. His colossal knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing and Content Creation has helped various brands/businesses with their marketing initiatives.


He has also written several publications, including World Castle, Becoming a Content Marketer, and The Secret of Online Businesses. Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar is an inspiration to many, having progressed from the humble beginnings of blog writing to being one of India’s most sought-after Digital Marketing and Content Writing professionals.


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2.     Darren Rowse


Darren Rowse is an Australian blogger, speaker, author, podcaster, and online entrepreneur. He is the editor and founder of several well-known blogs, including Problogger.net and Digital-Photography-School.com. Today, these blogs have around 5 million visitors per month. He started his blogging career in the year 2002, entirely unaware that just 18 months later, he would be one of the world’s first professional bloggers.


Darren Rowse has a colossal passion for public speaking, concentrating more on topics like blogging, social media, building a personal brand, entrepreneurship (and more). His knowledge and experience in the field of content writing make him one of the best content writers in the world.


He is the co-founder of several companies, including the b5media blog network and Third Tribe Marketing. Darren is also the co-author of a book titled ProBlogger – Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income. His passion led to the foundation of the ProBlogger Training Event in Australia, which attracts over 550 Australian bloggers each year.


ProBlogger owns a podcast, a series of e-books, and a job board featuring listings for aspiring and experienced freelance blog writers. They welcome and publish other authors’ work.


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3.     Heidi Cohen


Heidi Cohen is one of the world’s most knowledgeable marketers. She consistently produces engaging and educational content that is beneficial to everyone in the marketing industry. Hence, she is one of the best content writers in the world.


Heidi began her marketing career working for well-known companies such as Citibank, Bertelsmann, and The Economist. Today, she has mapped out a hiccup-free integrated marketing strategy for global leaders such as the New York Times Digital, AccuWeather.com, CheapTickets, and the UJA.


Heidi Cohen is a well-known public speaker. She is a true master in tackling topics related to social media and content marketing. Junta42 recognized HeidiCohen.com as a Top Content Marketing Blog in 2011, and Social Media Examiner designated HeidiCohen.com as a Top Social Media Blog in 2012. Heidi has been named to Twitter’s Nifty Fifty Women list and also tops the lists of other social media channels.


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4.     Neil Patel


According to the New York Times, Neil Patel is undoubtedly one of their best-selling authors. He is known as the top influencer on the web by the Wall Street Journal.  Forbes recognizes him as one of the top 10 marketers. President Obama mentions him to be one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30, and the United Nations features Neil as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35.


Top corporations across the world have praised his marketing tactics, including Amazon, Microsoft, Airbnb, Google, Thomson Reuters, Viacom, NBC, Intuit, Zappos, American Greetings, General Motors, and SalesForce.


Neil Patel is well-known for promoting his content across several platforms. Neil Patel’s marketing blog ‘neilpatel.com’ receives over 4 million visitors per month. His Marketing School podcast receives over 1 million listens per month, and his marketing-related YouTube channel has over 31 million views. He is indeed one of the Best Content Writers in the world.


Neil Patel, a blogger, and the author is passionate about assisting businesses in their growth. He is the brain behind a slew of blogs and businesses, like QuickSprout and Crazy Egg, where he offers ideas and guidance helping people to master all elements of digital marketing.


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5.     Seth Godin


Seth Godin is an American entrepreneur, public speaker, marketer, and best-selling author of all times, in Marketing and Leadership. Seth has been inducted into the American Marketing Association’s Marketing Hall of Fame (2018), Guerrilla Marketing Hall of Fame, and Direct Marketing Hall of Fame.


The Marketing Seminar and altMBA, two of his online workshops, have helped thousands of people to uplift their careers. Godin has spent most of his professional life as a writer and has published 20 best-selling books. He has translated his books into more than 35 languages.


Seth Godin believes to be a teacher at heart. He has delivered thousands of speeches touching millions of people across the globe. Seth Godin’s blog is one of the most popular in the world. He has the art of delivering valuable content, believing in quality over quantity. He is definitely one of the best content writers in the world.


6.     Nicole Dieker


Since 2012, Nicole Dieker has been working as a full-time freelance writer. Her work has appeared on Bankrate, Vox, Haven Life, and CreditCards.com regularly. She’s also contributed to Lifehacker, Popular Science, The Penny Hoarder, The Write Life, NBC News, Unbounce, and KlientBoost in the past.


For five years, Nicole has worked as a writer and editor for The Billboard, a personal finance blog. She also works one-on-one with freelancers and authors as a writing coach, developmental editor, and career consultant, offering writing, freelancing, and publishing workshops (including online ones).


She published two volumes of her novel, The Biographies of Ordinary People, out of her love and enthusiasm for writing.


7.     Bhavik Sarkhedi


Bhavik Sarkhedi journey evolves from his hobby of writing personal diaries to become one of India’s well-known Digital Marketing experts. Today, he is the most renowned Digital Marketer and one of the best content writers in the world.


His passion for writing began when he was nine years old, and he is now the author of four books: The Weak Point Dealer, The C to T of Content Marketing, Will You Walk a Mile, and The Unproposed Guy. Bhavik is also the brain and the driving force behind content writing firms such as Write Right, Estorytellers, Taletel, and Dad of Ad.


Bhavik Sarkhedi’s writing rose to prominence when he started contributing guest articles to Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, YourStory, Inc42, and other publications. Today, his impeccable knowledge in Content Writing and Digital Marketing has aided aspiring writers, authors, and digital marketers in their career development and success.


8.     Gary Vaynerchuk


Gary Vaynerchuk, famously known as ‘GaryVee’, is a Belarusian-American entrepreneur, author, speaker, and world-famous internet influencer. He is a 5-time New York Times best-selling author. He serves as the chairman of VaynerX and is the CEO of VaynerMedia.


Today, Gary is one of the most sought-after Social Media Influencers. His content is truly loved and appreciated by many, generating a fan base of more than 30 million across all platforms.


Being one of the finest entrepreneurs in today’s world, he creates magic in the field of business development. Gary is indeed one of the most foresighted business thinkers and is adept at identifying the impact of new trends and shifts on the present Market and Consumer Behavior.


Today, through his full-fledged advertising agency, VaynerMedia, he helps Fortune 1000 brands leverage consumer attention. We admire his ability to develop meaningful content that has a positive influence on people’s daily lives. He is an inspiration to many, and for us, Gary is the epitome of exquisite content creation.


9.     Jay Baer


Jay Baer is known for being the world’s most inspirational marketing and customer service speaker. He is an entrepreneur, a mastermind behind five multi-million-dollar companies, and an internet sensation. Jay is a 6-time New York Times best-selling author.


Today, he is one of the finest digital marketing and customer service strategists and an advisor to more than 700 brands including, Nike, United Nations, Oracle, Cisco, Hilton, Caterpillar, and 32 Fortune 500 companies. He is a co-host of an award-winning podcast named Social Pros.


Jay Baer’s consulting firm named Convince and Covert helps brands improve their digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and word-of-mouth marketing. They host one of the world’s most popular content marketing blogs, multiple podcasts, and various other educational resources for business owners and executives.


Jay’s approach towards growing a business is considered unique and focuses on giving customers a differentiated experience. Being backed by his 27 years of Marketing and Customer Service expertise, he is indeed one of the best content writers in the world.


10.  Jeff Goins


Jeff Goins is a well know personality in today’s wide expanse of content creation. Jeff was a former Marketing and Communications Director in a non-profit sector. Today, he is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, podcaster, blogger, marketer, and public speaker.


His blog – Goinswriter.com, is an award-winning blog and receives traffic over a few million, each year. He conducts seminars and addresses the topics related to social media – Blogging and Online Marketing, Leadership, Creativity, and Finding Purpose in Life and Work.


Every year, he helps hundreds of authors flourish through his online courses, events, and coaching programs.


11.  Ann Handley


Ann Handley is a digital marketing pioneer and a content guru. She is a professional author and a keynote speaker, encouraging every marketer to create marketing magic that produces real-world outcomes. As the World’s first Chief Content Officer, Ann Handley teaches business owners how to get beyond marketing mediocrity and create actual marketing outcomes. Her marketing plans have always revolved around delighting the customers.


Ann is Wall Street Journal’s best-selling author and an honored member of the LinkedIn Influencer program. Ann is the owner of the company named MarketingProfs. MarketingProfs is an educational company having more than 600,000 subscribers. This institute conducts both online and offline courses/educational programs, teaching marketers from all over the globe with great precision.


Over the years, she has earned immense trust and respect from all her followers and marketers. Today, her name constantly appears on the lists of Top Marketing Influencers on social media. She has also been listed as one of the seven people shaping modern marketing by IBM.


Forbes named her the most influential woman in social media, and ForbesWoman named her one of the top 20 women bloggers. Today, looking at all of her accomplishments, it is impossible for anyone to not include her name on their list of best content writers in the world.


12.  Anuradha Tiwari


Anuradha Tiwari is well-known for her expertise in content creation and social media marketing. She serves as a link between the brand and the consumer. Anuradha delivers her content in the form of a well-crafted story, helping global brands to attract and engage more with their customers. She taps into the pulse of her client’s needs and curates tailored and explicit content suiting their demands.


Her forte is creating content, writing articles, blogs and press releases, social media promotions, online reputation management, email marketing and SEO. Today her presence is spread across more than 100 brands with more than eight years of experience.


Along with being a TEDx speaker, she has been featured in India Today, Yourstory, and Topyaps.


13.  Joe Pulizzi


Joe Pulizzi is known to be one of the best content writers in the world. In 2014, Pulizzi was honored by the Content Council, with the John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award, for content marketing. Joe Pulizzi is a professional author, podcaster, marketing speaker, entrepreneur, and the founder of several businesses, including the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). In 2014 and 2015, Inc. magazine recognized Content Marketing Institute (CMI) as the fastest growing business media company.


He has written four books, and since September 2015, his book, Content Inc., has been a #1 direct marketing best-seller. Joe has been invited as a guest speaker by many top companies and organizations including, Fortune Magazine’s Leadership Summit, Nestle, General Motors, Oracle, DuPont, HP, Dell, SAP (and many more).


His podcast, The Old Marketing with Robert Rose, receives its traffic from over 150 countries, amassing millions of downloads. Overall, his content marketing plans and strategies have proven to be the driving force to success for many reputed companies globally.


14.  Chris Brogan


Chris Brogan is an American speaker, author, journalist, and marketing consultant. He is the president of Chris Brogan Media and Human Business Works. These marketing firms concentrate on storytelling, customer experience, and digital channels development.


He is a professional speaker and consults with premier companies globally, including Disney, Coke, Google, GM, Microsoft, Cisco, Sony USA, and many more. Being an author, Chris Brogan has written multiple books. His book named Trust Agents is New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller.


He ranked #1 on Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers, and his blog ranked in the Top 5 of Advertising Age’s Power150.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. How much do content writers earn?
  • If you can build a strong foundation in the content writing industry you can earn a decent amount of money. Freelancers can earn more if they are successful as writers.


  1. Is the content writing industry popular?
  • It is one of the leading industries in today’s world. The digitalized world demands more content writers every day to make people aware of various brands.


  1. How much do content writers charge for writing content?
  • It depends on the subject of the content and the word limit. The freshers usually charge Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000 for a 1000-word article and also, they will charge more if they have to write an SOP.




We hope that this article/blog inspires you to learn the art of content writing from all these content wizards. We would be delighted to see your name featured in the above list of best content writers in the world someday. Do let us know in the comment box below how we could guide you in your content writing and digital marketing journey.