Top 12 Investment Banking Courses in Australia

Investment banking is a key for companies, and institutions in today’s fast-growing world to deal with their financial challenges. As new start-ups are growing every day, the need for investment bankers is also increasing. If you are here, you must be interested in investment banking. Check here the details about the top investment banking courses in Australia that can boost your career.


Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to investment banking
  • How to pursue investment banking as a career
  • Required skill set for an investment banker
  • Investment Banking jobs
  • To skill set banking courses in Australia
  • FAQs
  • Check out more on investment banking and investment banks
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But before that let’s give you a small dive into the world of investment banking. We must know what we are getting ourselves into, don’t we?

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Introduction to Investment Banking:

Investment banking in simple words is a way that companies, organizations, and various institutions use to elevate their financial situation. Investment banks are set up to provide various services to companies and governments. These can be financial advice to raise and stabilize securities of any organization, help with mergers and underwriting (this mostly includes insurances, investments, loans, etc), and sell and purchase equity securities.

Some of the most famous investment banks all over the world are JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Citi, and Bank of America. Australia in the past few areas has been growing in financial aspects. In the upcoming years, this growth can reach new levels.

The top investment banks in Australia are Macquarie Group Limited, UBS, Credit Suisse, and National Australia Bank Limited. The people who provide these services in investment banks are known as investment bankers. Investment banking has different jobs within, with different requirements and needs.

How to Pursue Investment Banking as a Career:

Now, if anyone is interested in pursuing investment banking as a career, one has to simply follow these two steps:

  • A secondary school certificate with good percentile. It is better to have economics, business, accounting, etc at the school level as it helps build a basic foundation for each subject. It can further help one while majoring in any subject or pursuing any degree.
  • Get admission to any good institution that provides degrees/ courses in any of these majors: finance, economics, banking, business, accounting, and commerce. a very important step to further land into any internship and job. One has to do good while studying to boost their career.
  • Land into internships for top investment banks and financial firms. This requires one to have very good grades. Top investment banks choose a very fine set of people with good skills and good grades. Internships are essential to build experience and learn new things.
  • Further, gain more experience, grow more network, and improve your skills by taking investment banking courses in Australia. This will help in building a good resume and will help you get a job you want and need. One can then get into top financial firms and investment banks.

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Required Skill Set for Investment Bankers:

Investment banking is a demanding and stressful job. Like any other job, it has its ups and downs. But if one is serious about investment banking you can develop some skills which will help and promote your ability to be a good investment banker. These are: –

  • Strong computer skills: These include Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and other computing skills from basics to Excel. These will come in handy and are a very important part of the required skill set needed as an investment banker. Computer skills will not only help in investment banking but also other aspects of life.
  • Communication skills: These are very important for an investment banker. Communication is a key source to convey what we have to say and in investment banking, it will be used for negotiations and several other works. So, one has to be a good communicator and must have a strong hold on any one language or more than one. Fine communication skills will also boost your career as an investment banker.
  • Good at teamwork: Investment banking also has various parts and different department works on different things to make it all work together, good teamwork skills are very much required. One has to respect fellow team members and also provide equal effort to work together.
  • Knowledge of all banking concepts: As an investment banker, one needs to have a good knowledge of various banking concepts and also have good statistical knowledge to provide the best of the best services. Also, a good understanding of the stock market is necessary. The investment banking industry is very complex and can also be very unpredictable. Due to this, one needs very in-depth knowledge and understanding of current market trends-depth the economic flow to keep up with all.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment: An investment banker needs to be able to work in a fast-paced environment as things work at a quick pace in the investment industry. This skill is very much needed as the pressure as an investment banker will be high and you will need to do all the work in that tight time limit and this will help you to keep up with that environment.
  • Good level negotiation skills: Negotiation skills are a very necessary part of this job description. As an investment banker you need to deal with mergers and acquisitions and to keep the deal on your side according to your terms you need to be smart and good at negotiation. So, to be a good and successful investment banker one needs to be good at negotiations. These will be very useful.

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 Investment Banking Jobs:

Investment banking also has various kinds of jobs. If you are interested in becoming an investment banker you can choose any of the following that you feel is most suitable for you. Some of the jobs and positions in the investment banking industry are as follows:

  • Financial analyst: A financial analyst is responsible for analyzing the financial performance of the company and the industry.
  • Investment banking analyst: The investment banking analyst is responsible for the companies’ market position, financial performance, and also the prospects for the company.
  • Equity analyst: The equity Analyst is responsible for looking after the stock price of the company and making good recommendations based on acquired data.
  • Financial planner: Financial planners help clients which can be individuals, families, and businesses to create plans and programs to reach their financial goals. They provide a solid and good strategy to make things work out.
  • Banker: The role of a banker in investment banking is to issue debts and sell equity to raise capital for their clients. A banker researches the investment risks and also investment opportunities.
  • Financial advisor: The financial advisor is responsible for providing advice related to the financial issues of the company to get a positive outcome.
  • Account manager: The account manager looks after the financial accounts of a company and manages them.

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Top 12 Investment Banking Courses in Australia: 

Let us check these top investment banking courses in Australia that are highly recommended:



IIM SKILLS is one of the best institutions to provide investment banking courses in Australia online. They have a very well-designed program for investment banking and also with a success rate as per the experience of the students who opted for investment banking courses at IIM SKILLS.

The mentors who teach are highly qualified regarding the subject and create a friendly study environment. The certification is also provided after completion of the program with full validity.


They are the leading educational company that ranks highest globally for offering the best learning platforms for a wide range of professional courses that benefit skill development and enhance the growth of a career. The course fee is very minimal and also offers EMI payment options with zero interest.

You can also avail of their additional 10% discount on group registrations. Not only this but you can also ask for a 100% refund in case you are not satisfied in the first session of your course.


The learning material has lifetime free access. As they are completely an ed-tech company the courses are offered on the online platform which gives flexible learning without compromising with your current work or personal commitments.

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Let us Know The Course in Detail:

Name Of The Course:

Investment Banking Course


537.06 Aus Dollar + Taxes


3 Months Of Training + Internship


Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

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2. UNSW, Sydney:

The University of New South Wales is one of the top universities in Australia. It is globally recognized for its academics and research. It is Australia’s top business school and provides a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate finance courses.

University of New South Wales postgraduated 21st worldwide for finance according to QS world ranking by subject. The university provides a top teaching environment and the finance graduates have a high success rate after completing their graduation degree from UNSW, Sydney.

The degree is also very beneficial for both domestic and international students. After completing the degree one can further opt for other investment banking courses in Australia to be more perfect in their field of expertise.


3. The University of Sydney:

The University of Sydney provides different courses in economics, business, and commerce at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The university programs will equip a graduate with strategic and practical knowledge.

The study module is also designed in a way to provide a deep understanding of each part of a subject along with the contemporary issues. The University of Sydney is among the top universities that offer the best investment banking courses in Australia.


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4. University of Melbourne:

The University of Melbourne is a top-ranked university that also provides accounting and finance courses. The quality of these courses is exceptional and designed in a way to provide students with different experiences of group work, and real-time case studies on different aspects of the subject and also provide practical and fully dynamic knowledge to its students.

The employment prospects also increase for the students who graduate from here as it is ranked 23rd on the QS world ranking with its efficient ways of teaching.


5. Monash University:

Monash University offers investment banking courses in Australia in a broad range of subjects. They offer various courses like accounting, finance, finance and economics, financial econometrics, financial and insurance mathematics, economics and business decisions, business analytics, and statistics.

They also provide scholarships to help students with their financial situations. The courses offered are very good and help you level high-level skills like money management, capital marketing strategies, and international finance and also enable you to solve complex financial problems, etc before stepping into the industry.


6. Australian National University:

The Australian National University is known for its teaching and research. The National University a vast variety of courses in finance, economics, and accounting from the undergraduate level to the postgraduate level.

The university undergraduate 6 months in different subjects like graduate certificates of financial and actuarial statistics, graduate certificates of accounting, etc. The finance courses offered here provide in-depth understanding and knowledge about corporate finance, securities trading, investments, risk management, etc.


7. The University of Queensland:

The University of Queensland is one of Australia’s top institutions in respect to teaching. Numerous courses are provided here. The finance and accounting courses that are provided at the Queensland deliver a good understanding of various financial issues of the contemporary world and also the curriculum for each subject is designed to cover all the important concepts that the subject offers.

You will also get a clear understanding of all the key fundamental concepts related to the course you choose. The University of Queensland also has graduates at domestic and university levels working in the investment banking industry and succeeding in their careers.


8. IFI, Sydney:

The International Finance Institute is globally recognized for its finance modeling training and program. The top-level senior bankers provide their knowledge in highly experienced ways. The international finance institute is taught by experts who have already worked in the finance industry with high experience levels.

The institution provides 30 hours of live training will raise your job prospects and add to your experience. This is among really reliable investment banking courses in Australia.


9. Investment Banking Certification, NYIF:

The investment banking certificate provided by the New York Institute of Finance is an online certification course. It is an excellent course to understand key elements of finance and understanding the fundamentals of both the public and private sector companies.

The course offers so many more things on sector topics like mergers and acquisitions, bond trading terminologies, financial statements and reports, etc.

Students who have recently graduated or are pursuing post-graduation in finance or are working professionals in the finance sector can go for this course to enhance their knowledge.


10. Investment Foundations, CFA:

This investment foundations certificate course is provided by CFA. This will give you an overview of the investment industry and also the workings and functions of the investment industry will be discussed. The investment foundations certificate will be very beneficial to enhancing your resume and will help you advance your career further in the industry.

The course will take up to 60-90 hours for completion. It is an online program that can be completed on a self-paced at which you are comfortable. The main topics thyself-paced covered are the investment industry, economics, financial analysis, investment management strategies, standards, ethics, and regulations.


11. Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA:

The Chartered Financial Analyst program will provide you the real-life investment analysis skills and will help you to boost your career. This program is very beneficial for those who are thinking of advancing in this fast-growing competitive industry.

The CFA institute also helps the students with scholarships to meet the finances of course if they are not able to pay for it. The program is for those with finance, accounting, business, and economics backgrounds.


12. Financial Risk Management, Melbourne:

The Financial risk management certification can be very useful for investment bankers. It opens up new jobs for investment bankers and other people with this certification.

The FRM Level 1 certification training will provide you with the full knowledge of foundational concepts of financial risk management and also will teach you the principles of controlling potential market risk, credit risk, and many other things.

It is an online training program and will help you further in skill development. It is among one of the really good investment banking courses in Australia.



  1. Who can go into the Investment Banking industry?

Anyone with a passion and interest in finance money and the share market is suitable and can make a career in investment baking. If one has the skills that can make them a good investment banker should try and go into investment banking. Also, those who are interested in investments and have a degree in finance can go into the field of investment banking.

  1. Is investment banking difficult?

Investment banking is a difficult, demanding, and stressful job. It is challenging in many ways; one has to deal with various new financial difficulties with different changing market trends. If one is interested in the job profile of investment banking it will not be as difficult as it seems and for those with zero level of interest, it can seem impossible to stay.                                                                                   

  1. Can a humanities student pursue any finance course?

Yes, any person from a different study background can pursue a finance degree and any other commerce-related course. Different institution provides various numbers of courses and one can choose any based on their interest. However, eligibility criteria can vary from institution to institution.

  1. Are online investment banking courses in Australia useful?

Yes, Online investment banking can be very useful. These online courses provide us the opportunity to study without going to any place and while staying at home we can get the education needed. These courses provide a variety of useful insights and knowledge. Some of the courses even can be studied at your own pace without any rush. These are also very useful in building a foundation for certain weak areas of a subject.

  1. Do these above-mentioned investment banking courses in Australia provide valuable certifications?

Investment banking certificates do have a huge value. They can also make your resume look more diverse and will add more knowledge to your area of expertise. Wide in-depth knowledge can be gained while studying for these certifications and they are also very useful.

  1. Are these investment banking courses in Australia beneficial for international students?

Of course, these investment banking courses in Australia are beneficial not only to domestic Australian students but also to international students. International students can also get other benefits and some scholarships to meet their financial needs regarding the courses. These courses are very beneficial for international students as they can also apply this knowledge if they go back to their home country.


Hope the above blog on investment banking courses in Australia helped with the required information. You can check the websites of the list of institutes for inquiries regarding the registration process.

Thank You!