Top 6 GST Certification Courses in Trivandrum

GST, the acronym of “Goods and Services Tax” has been a very important and well-known term for Indians mainly, since the year 2017. Nowadays, GST certification courses are a popular career-centric keyword search among white-collar Indians. A lot of professionals from Kerala, the south-western state of India with the highest literacy rate, also is in search of the best GST certification courses in Trivandrum as well as in India and certainly, this article is going to satiate the queries of all those curious minds. Let’s explore all the aspects related to the top GST certification courses in Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala.


List of best GST certification courses in Trivandrum


What exactly GST is in India?

GST is a domestic indirect tax applied or levied for both the goods and services in India. GST is the brainchild of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government in 2000 which was implemented in the country at midnight on 1st July 2017, after so many stages of extensive inspection.


Earlier, before the implementation of GST, there was no uniform tax structure for both of the goods and services, moreover, it included multiple indirect taxes like Value Added Tax (VAT), Service Tax and Central Excise, etc.


These all were not a part of a centralized tax system, the taxes were under the governance of the state and central both which was quite a complicated tax structure resulting in a cascading effect i.e., “tax on tax” and fluctuation of cost from state to state on the sale of services and goods both.


It was a great issue for the erstwhile tax administration of the country and the problem along with some other irritants came to the end after the introduction of GST. The mission behind the historical GST implementation was the agenda “One nation, One tax”.


India Before Introduction of GST- The VAT Regime


Earlier, before the introduction of GST, India experienced the VAT (Value Added Tax) system of taxation, ruling all over the country. VAT was a consumption tax. From the very start of the production of the goods to the point of sale of those products, under the VAT system, tax used to be levied on every stage of the supply chain whenever the value was added.


According to a few researchers, VAT was an extra economic burden in terms of taxpaying, especially to the lower-income group of people of the nation. The VAT system was a mixture of several central and state taxes. VAT system of taxation was different from GST from a few angles.


For example taxes like VAT, Work Contract Tax (WCT), luxury tax, tax on betting, gambling and lottery, entertainment tax, sales tax, surcharge, and cesses were used to consider as state tax whereas, taxes on central sales tax on commodities and services, surcharge and cesses, taxes on custom duty or central excise duty were used tom come under central taxes.


Unlike GST, there was no system of e-registration for VAT moreover, the registration system was decentralized under central and state jurisdiction. VAT was different from state to state but GST is uniform.


Advantages and Disadvantages of GST


Implementation of GST in India is considered as a historical tax reforming phenomenon to the country. Like any other big deal, GST also has its advantages and disadvantages both.


In brief, advantages are mainly-


• End of cascading effect of the tax system
• Enhancement of threshold limit of tax-paying
• Minimisation of compliances for each tax
• Introduction of composition scheme to pay GST at a fixed rate that falls under the category of annual turnover from 20 lakh to 75 lakh• An easy online facility to return tax


Some prominent drawbacks of GST are-


• Escalation of cost of operation
• Enhancement of burden of compliances
• Penalty rule for firms if they do not register themselves on GST portal


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What is GST Certification Course?


GST certification course focuses to teach and educate the students or industry professionals, with specialized skills & knowledge, in the field of GST. There are a few areas where the output of learnings is used. Those are IT, accounting, supply chain optimization, tax compliance, and pricing and these fields are very much influenced by GST. Most of the courses offer an overall view of GST and cover some important aspects like debit, credit, tax invoice, payment of tax, and refunds.


Who All Can Pursue This Course?


The GST certification course is for both freshers and professionals. A graduate, MBA, MCOM, CA, financial and tax professional, or business owner, anyone who is a finance sector enthusiast regarding the career can pursue this course. In-depth knowledge of GST certification courses can help a person to become job-ready and make his/her career as a tax or accounts consultant.


The Benefit of Doing This Course


GST certification course helps one to get skilled in the fields of accounting, finance, and taxation. Naturally, more skill means more opportunities to shape the career in the finance sector in a way more sophisticated way with ample job- openings. It also helps one to start an individual’s consultancy if he desires.


Recognized GST certification courses in Trivandrum are not only enhanced the job- opportunities but also offer a scope of salary hike by at least 15% to 25% which can be considered as a great benefit of doing this professional course.


Top 6 GST Certification Courses in Trivandrum


Many institutions in India offer quality GST certification courses in Trivandrum and can be proved as a worthy solution for those people who are searching for the best GST certification courses in Trivandrum. Let’s explore the field and try to get some effective results.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the top online institutions for learning a few professional courses. The institution offers quality training on GST practitioner courses in Trivandrum along with the courses like Content Writing Course, Technical Writing Course, Digital Marketing Course, Advanced SEO Course. Let’s have a look at their GST certification course and see what data we can collect for the candidates who are in search of good GST certification courses in Trivandrum.


Name of the Course: GST Practitioner Course


Duration of the Course

The GST practitioner course of IIM Skills is a 1-month program on the ZOOM platform which includes 4 Sundays.


Recognition of the Course: MSME Government of India

Course Fees: INR 2900 + GST)


Course Curriculum

IIM Skills has divided the entire GST certification course into 9 modules. The GST certification course provides a syllabus consisting basics of GST along with its practical applications.


The topics they cover in their syllabus are


  • The genesis and concept of GST,
  • The impact of GST on business,
  • The structure and framework of GST,
  • Criteria, and process for registration under GST,
  • Rules and regulations for invoicing in GST,
  • GST returns filing,
  • Composition scheme under GST,
  • Reverse charge mechanism,
  • E-way billing under GST and tax credit
  • Payment in GST.



Email: [email protected]
Phone: + (91) 99 11 839503



Other Courses 


2. Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation


Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation (GIFT) situated in Trivandrum, Kerala is one of the topmost centers of excellence for learning finance & taxation. Kerala Govt. formed this institution in the year 1992 and GIFT is an autonomous institution that aims to undertake research, training, consultancy, and publication in the fields of public finance, taxation law, accounting, and management.


GIFT offers a Post Graduate Diploma in GST and the premium course can be proved as a beneficial professional course for those candidates who are eagerly trying to find the best GST certification courses in Trivandrum.


Name of the Course: The Post Graduate Diploma in Goods and Services Taxation (PGD-GST)


Duration of the Course

PGD- GST is a 1-year course which is made with 120 hours of off-line and online training on theoretical and practical parts of GST.


Recognition of the Course: Recognized by GIFT, an autonomous body

Course Fee: INR 20060 (including GST)


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite

Course Curriculum


The specially curated course curriculum of GIFT is potent enough to deliver an in-depth sound knowledge of GST to the candidate. The topics which the said course cover is- goods and services tax (law and practice- sections 1 to 21 and 22 to 174), integrated goods and services Tax: law & practice, accounting & management for GST and economics of taxation & general laws of taxation.



Phone: 91 471 -2596970, 2596980, 2590880
Email: [email protected]


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3. ICA Edu Skills


ICA (Industrial Certified Accountant) Edu Skills, a partnership institution of National Skill Development Corporation, situated in Trivandrum, Kerala offers the best quality short time course and hands-on training on GST and it is a good choice for the people who all are searching for the best GST certification courses in Trivandrum. Let’s take a quick tour of the GST course offered by ICA, Trivandrum.


Name of the Course: Certified GST

Duration of the Course: 27 hours

Course Fee: INR 5000


Course Curriculum


The GST course of ICA is divided into a total of 8 modules. The topics that the course generally highlights are the basic concept of GST, levy & collection of Tax, valuation, payment of tax, returns, GST using Tally, practice on GSTN, project on GST.




Email: [email protected]
Phone: 8820004000


4. Skillspark the Finishing School


Those who are in wait for GST certification courses in Trivandrum, Skillspark the finishing school of Trivandrum, Kerala must be one of the best educational destinations for them. Skillspark the finishing school of Trivandrum offers a premium quality GST practitioner course on offline & online platforms, along with several quality professional courses in the field of accounting, digital marketing, and multimedia.


Name of the Course: GST Practitioner Course

Duration of the Course: 75 Days

Recognition of the Course: Tally Academy


Course Fee: The institute reveals the course fee during the time of contact

Course Curriculum:


The subjects which the GST certification course covers are basic accounts, tally prime, advanced excel, and GST return filing.




Mail id[email protected]
Mobile– 859 2040 111



Skillspark the Finishing School
First Floor, Kailas Plaza building,
Pattom, Trivandrum- 695004


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5. CFO NeXt


CFO NeXt is a prestigious financial study center, situated in Banglore and a resource center of training students & professionals for ACCA, CMA, CPA, CFA, GST, CLAT, and IFRS programs. CFO NeXt targets to collaborate with many other schools, colleges, universities & businesses in India and abroad and to train industry-standard professionals.


The center of excellence offers some premium standard training programs on Foundation in Accountancy, Diploma in IFRS, Certificate in IFRS, etc. They also offer a training program on GST on the online and offline platform in Banglore and Mangalore too which the GST course enthusiasts can choose whosoever are googling for a good GST certification course in Trivandrum.



Depending on the levels, CFO NeXt caters to three types of GST courses which are


Level 1- Beginners Course in GST
Level 2- Practitioners Course in GST
Level 3- Advanced Certification in GST


Course Fee


The course fee is different for each of the 3 levels.

  • For the level 1, Beginner’s course in GST it is RS. 999/-,
  • for level 2, Practitioner course in GST it is Rs. 2999/-
  • and for the 3rd level,
  • Advanced Certification in GST, it is Rs. 4999/-.

IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite
Course Curriculum


The well-structured course curriculum of CFO NeXt which is also available in some innovative ways including their educational App aims to make the students understand the GST concepts with real-time practical exposure. In brief, the syllabus leads to awareness of the concepts of GST, key components of the GST system, explains areas to comply with the norms, and case studies that make the students industry-ready.



Mail[email protected]


6. Perfect Professional Training Academy


Perfect Professional Training Academy is a standard accounting training institute which is situated in Kozhikode, North Kerala. This ISO-certified and ICAI affiliated institute caters to professional training programs on CMA, CAT, TALLY, and GST. Let’s explore the GST Certification courses in Trivandrum of them for the interested students who all need good GST certification courses in Trivandrum.


Name of the Course: GST Training

Duration of the Course: 80/120 Hours

Recognition of the Course: Govt. Approved Certificate


Course Curriculum


The course curriculum focuses to cover the topics like basic indirect taxation, basic GST rules, and compliance, direct GST portal modeling, E-Return filing, report preparation, presentation, etc.



Mail[email protected]
Mobile– 9544223335




5th Floor, Indus Avenue,
Pushpa Jn, Kozhikode,
Kerala 673002, India


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. There are How Many Types of GST Courses in India?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) offers generally two categories of courses. One is a certificate course and another one is an Advanced Certificate Course on GST.


2. What is the Expected Salary of a GST Practitioner in India?

As per data, at the beginning of the career, a GST Practitioner Accountant in India can earn
somewhere in between INR 1.4 lakh to INR 2.5 lakhs PA, i.e., on average, INR 2.2 lakhs PA
with experience of 1 to 4 years in the profession.


3. Is GST Practitioner a Good Career Option?

The answer is yes. Nowadays, every business is following the GST system of tax, so a GST certified professional can get more exposure regarding job vacancies. Moreover, GST certification can enrich the resume of accounting and finance professionals.




Kerala, God’s own country is not only known to us for its extraordinary natural charm but also draws the attention of the nation by ranking at the top as the most literate state of India. The quest for education in Kerala started with the British rulers and Christian missionaries in Kerala who set up multiple churches there along with schools. The system was known as,” A school along with every church” that generated a strong impact on mass education in the
society and subsequently caused a rapid growth of education in every individual- male, female both.


Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala is one of the most important major educational hubs of the state. The culturally and educationally rich capital, Trivandrum boasts to have several prestigious professional educational colleges, engineering colleges, medical colleges, law colleges, Ayurveda colleges, and vocational training institutes, etc mentioning the Indian Institute of Space Technology, BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) and Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station (TERLS), etc at top.


But despite the literacy rate, Kerala is considered as the poor state of the country, even by Indian standards. Data says, in 2020-21, Kerala contributed an annual GSP of INR 9.78 lakh crore. Govt. of Kerala is ready to invest in higher education sectors to improve the existing system and strengthen the financial structure of the state. Hence, it is fact that some best quality professional courses like GST certification courses in Trivandrum as well as in the entire state can improve the economic condition of the state, producing skilled GST professionals and boosting entrepreneurship as well as employment.