Are you searching for the best artificial intelligence courses in Delhi? Then guess what, you find the right place for it where we will walk you through a definitive article and show you the best options for artificial intelligence courses in Delhi. 


List of the best artificial intelligence courses in Delhi


AI is a demanding skill in the industry and it will continue to grow as we human beings progress more in technology. You must have used Google Voice Search, Alexa, Siri, or Jovi once in a while. What are these? These are cloud-based voice assistants that adapt to your use and improve over time and this is the reason why they are named AI assistants who learn on their own.


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So, without further ado, let’s dive into the article on the best artificial intelligence courses in Delhi.


What is the definition of Artificial Intelligence?


Artificial Intelligence, known as AI, is a part of computer science, and the aim is to build machines with human intelligence that can perform on their own. To make it easier for your understanding, here we have an example.



The Amazon Alexa is a great example of Artificial Intelligence; it is a cloud-based AI that adapts your use and provides you with a better user experience as you use it more. It learns your behavior and how you interact with it. As a result, your smart home experience gets better.


Importance of Artificial Intelligence


AI and machine learning are the most demanding skills in the market now. All big MNCs like Coca-cola and Amazon are already implementing artificial intelligence in their business and this is enough to make one believe that the future is technology.


It is growing at a rapid rate and helping businesses save a lot of cost on operations, and it’s not just saving the cost. With the use of AI, companies are swiftly increasing their production to fulfill the supply.


AI has multiple applications e.g. Tesla is using AI to make self-driving cars whereas Amazon aims to provide the user with a smart home experience. Even a beverage company like Coca-Cola is working on the implementation of AI in their vending machine to learn more about its user and provide on-demand products in order to boost sales. AI will transform the world the way you see it.


Who Should Take this Artificial Intelligence Courses


If you fall under any of these categories then you must take an Artificial Intelligence Course:

  • You are studying Computer Science Engineering in Diploma or just passed 10th or 12th(Science) Exams
  • People with basic programming knowledge
  • You are a PC enthusiast and love to code
  • Non-technical people can also join but ensure that you have sufficient time and patience to learn things from scratch


The points we just explained are showing a small picture of whether you are a good fit or not; otherwise, there are no specific criteria to learn this course, anybody can take it if they have a knack for it.


Jobs Titles and Packages in Artificial Intelligence


The salary package cost you will see here is per annum and data is collected from online reputed sites like Glassdoor, and PayScale.


  1. AI Specialist – Rs.7,30,000
  2. Robotics Engineer – Rs.4,30,000
  3. Machine Learning Engineer – Rs.6,00,000
  4. Data Scientist – Rs.5,00,000
  5. Business Intelligence Developer – Rs.Rs.5,00,000


List of Best Artificial Intelligence Courses in Delhi

In this list, we include some of the best universities of Delhi as well as online platforms.


1. IIT – Delhi


IIT is an acronym for Indian Institutes of Technology, it is considered as India’s best engineering college where you get practical knowledge and it’s no wonder why IIT graduates get more salaries than ordinary people. This institute is for those people who already have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an excellent academic record.


The annual fees for computer science engineering in the IIT – Delhi is around Rs.2,00,000 – 2,50,000 and it varies year to year. Speaking of the knowledge, the IIT institute is providing the best artificial intelligence courses in Delhi and there’s no doubt about it.


Not to mention, IIT Delhi is not limited to people who live in Delhi only. If you have done a good score in your bachelor’s and have a good academic record in the past, then do apply once.


Eligibility to getting Admission to IIT-Delhi

As we said, you will require certification in the field of Computer Science with a good academic score.


Degree Type: Post Graduate

Annual Fees – Rs.2,00,000 and varies year to year


2. IIIT-Delhi


The Indraprastha Institute of Information is a renowned institute for providing the best artificial intelligence courses in Delhi. If you just finished your diploma in CSE and want to advance your career in AI, then Indraprastha Institute of Information is providing the best artificial intelligence courses in Delhi.


The institute has a huge campus where you are not only studying but also, enjoying yourself with other curricular activities to keep your spirit fresh. Studying in an environment where you can find like-minded students just like you help bring more opportunities in the future. The faculty of this institute is extremely experienced in their receptive field and will guide you throughout the course so you can make the best out of your career.


Eligibility to getting Admission to IIIT-Delhi


You must have completed a Diploma in CSE in order to take admission in B.Tech/BE CSE with specialization in AI.


Degree Type: Bachelor

Annual Fees – 1 – 4 lack (It varies year to year)


3. edX


Platforms like edX are one in a million where you can learn high-quality skills for free. It’s an open-source American education platform created by Harward and MIT, these two names are enough to believe how valuable this platform is.


The platform is backed by the 2U American Educational Technology, which is also listed on NASDAQ. You can visit the edX website or download their app; once you’ve done it, register yourself and type this text in their search bar “Artificial Intelligence” and you will see dozens of courses.


This is indeed the best online platform for artificial intelligence courses in Delhi which allows you to study from your home and office. Once you open a particular course you have to enroll in it and there is a time limit provided as well like how many hours or week it will take to complete.


We recommend that before proceeding make sure to read the description because nobody likes to drop a course in between if they find it’s not a good fit for themselves.


Perks of Using edX


  • Flexible Timings for Studies – but keep in mind that each course has an end date. Though, you can retake it, but we recommend a follow-up live course
  • It’s free but not to mention that they have paid modules as well but try to begin with the basics
  • Clean interface
  • Learn from experts


4. Udemy


Udemy is one of the industry-leading education platforms providing God knows how many courses. Not all students are wealthy enough for university courses, but it’s not like old times when you had only one choice. In 2022, you have dozens of options to choose from.


In our opinion, Udemy is the best place to start your Artificial Intelligence courses. Why? To begin with, Udemy often has offers that let you learn basics at very minimal cost and the good part is you don’t have to move your leg an inch outside of your house.


Udemy is providing the best artificial intelligence courses in Delhi and not just limited to Delhi, you can learn from anywhere if you have the necessary tools like a laptop, and Wi-Fi.


While learning from Udemy, it’s not like you just watch videos and implement things later on. In Udemy, every instructor is active to answer the questions of students. So, in case you have any doubts then you can drop it in a chat box and the tutor will respond back in less than 2-days.


That’s the beauty of Udemy, Simple – Affordable, and Valuable.


Perks of Using Udemy


  • Wide range of courses to choose from
  • Affordable prices
  • Hand-holding support
  • You can watch an entire course again and again without any extra charges


5. SSDN Technologies – Artificial Intelligence Courses in Delhi


Located in Saket, New Delhi, SSDN Technologies is one of the independent institutes in Delhi that provides artificial intelligence courses in Delhi. The course length is 80 hours, in which they will teach you everything that is related to the field and what is working in the industry.


You will be working with real-time projects and learning from industry experts. After the course, you will also be getting a certificate which boosts your confidence and will help you get placed in big companies.


To join their institute, you don’t have to do any additional diploma courses, all you need is basic knowledge of data handling, python, and computer programming. All of these can be learned from Udemy courses and Youtube as well.



  • Industry recognized certificate
  • Real-life projects with hands-on training
  • Training from industry experts
  • Free access to several tools
  • Interview preparation to help you get placed in a reputed company


6. Eagletfly Solution


Eagletfly Solution is a go-to institute for people who live in Patel Nagar, New Delhi. The foundation of Eagletfly Solution is envisioned by the two women, the motive is to provide the niche knowledge of any field in order to make the enrolled person capable enough to enjoy a better future. The Eagletfly Solution provides six courses, these are the courses you can learn from Eagletfly Solution:


  • Machine learning and AI
  • Data analytics with python
  • Python
  • Data analytics with R
  • Big data and Hadoop
  • JAVA


The one you need out of these six is Machine Learning and AI and the total price to learn this course is Rs.30,000 including GST. This institute provides offline classes so if you are looking for online artificial intelligence courses in Delhi then you can choose options like Simplilearn, Udemy, or edX.


Back to the Eagletfly Solution, the institute is providing a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge, not to mention, you will also work on live projects that will help you sharpen your talents.


What we love the most about Eagletfly Solution is that they get you ready for the interview by organizing mock interviews which are accompanied by the business veterans.


  • Fees for Machine Learning and AI – 30,000
  • Course Duration – 4 months
  • Mode of Learning – Offline
  • Address: Gate no 2, Metro Station station, 27/5, near Patel Nagar, Block 27, East Patel Nagar, Patel Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110008
  • Working Hours: 10 am to 6 pm, it is open on Sundays as well, however, the holiday might affect the working hours


Contact Detail:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 98114 34634, 97111 98265


7. DexLab Analytics


DexLab Analytics is one of the highly-rated institutes in Delhi with more than 200 reviews on Google. The institute is located in Delhi NCR and offers both mediums of learning, online and offline.


DexLab Analytics is formed to provide data analytics knowledge to interested candidates who can accelerate their careers with high salary packages. However, the institute developed so much that they now provide a wide range of courses which also include Artificial Intelligence.


Types of Courses Available in DexLab Analytics Brochure:


  • Data science and machine learning with AI
  • R programming
  • Python programming
  • Business analytics and data visualization
  • Tableau BI and visualization
  • MS Excel VBA
  • SQL
  • Credit risk modeling with machine learning
  • Marketing risk modeling with machine learning
  • Customer and marketing analytics & modeling


You will have so many options to choose from and judging from the reviews given by certified students, we think that this coaching institute is delivering quality artificial intelligence courses in Delhi. The trainer of this institute holds more than 7-8 years of industry experience.


The DexLab Analytics will not just teach you stuff and leave you once the course duration is finished, you’ll be practicing interviews which will strengthen your weak areas.


This practice helps students tremendously because while getting into any company, you know how to do the work, but the entry ticket is the interview which is the most difficult part.


However, if you learn from DexLab Analytics then it will not be much of an issue no matter who is the interviewer. DexLab Analytics offers you two modes if you visit their website, the first is “Online Instructor LED” and the second one is “Self Paced Learning”.


Both have different price structures, the online sessions are led by instructors and cost Rs.30,999, whereas the self-paced learning is priced at Rs.13,999. To put it in simple terms, if you opt for the Rs.30,999, then you will be learning from the tutors, and if you invest Rs.13,999 you will get the learning materials, but you have to understand everything on your own.


It is completely up to you which one you need to prefer, however, if you ask us, we better go with a course that is led by an instructor because it has so many benefits. To begin with, you can ask doubts to the trainer directly and get answers. You will be following the module in a proper format without missing out on a single thing.


Having a connection with the experienced person is beneficial as they have contacts in companies and based on their reference you can get placed in future.




  • Learn from industry-experienced peoples
  • Opportunity to work on real-time projects
  • Educate yourself with the latest practices
  • Placement support


Address: K-3/5, DLF Phase 2, Behind Central Arcade, Gurgaon 122 002, Delhi NCR. (Landmark: Sahara Mall, M. G. Road)

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 93157 25902, 85271 91444


8. SimpliLearn


Simplilearn is an online learning platform developed by Krishna Kumar. The platform aims to provide the candidate with knowledge on specific topics. Furthermore, the education given on this platform includes a broader spectrum of the respective field.


The medium learning is online so you will get the leisure of learning from home. Simplilearn has 2000+ qualified trainers that deliver the best knowledge to their students and not only that, the platform itself collaborates with big MNCs like IBM, AWS, Microsoft, FaceBook Blueprint, and more.


One thing to know about this platform is its price and to be honest, not everyone can afford it. However, they also offer the EMI option which makes it easy for the applicant to get enrolled.


The great thing about Simplilearn is that whatever course you pick on their website has perfectly outlined course content with duration. The Artificial Intelligence course that Simplilearn provides is made in collaboration with IBM, the international technology and consulting company. To summon up, the Simplilearn platform provides the best artificial intelligence courses in Delhi.




  • Certification at the end of the course
  • Work on 15 real-time projects
  • Essential knowledge of Python and TensorFlow
  • Online learning
  • Masterclass and Hackathons conducted by IBM experts


There you go folks, to the list of the 8 best artificial intelligence courses in Delhi. We kept the list versatile so even if you are not experienced you can still kickstart your career in AI.


All it takes is good Wi-Fi and a good laptop. We prepared a short guide that helps you understand which platform or institute is best for you.


Student 10 or 12th Pass


Age is now not a barrier for a learning program, thanks to the development of the internet in the country. If you have just finished your 10th board then go for the diploma courses and enroll in the field – computer science. Students who passed 12th science can directly apply in colleges like IIT for graduation.


What we just showed was the old traditional way which still works; however, if you pick courses from online platforms like Simplilearn or Udemy then you can make a good freelance career out of it. But as a student, one must convince their parents first.


Here’s our small piece of advice, if you don’t have basic knowledge of programming, then go for offline mediums like diploma institutes and universities.


If you are at an intermediate level in programming, then kickstart your learning with the online platform because chances are high that you will start earning while learning the course.


Diploma and UG Students


If you hold a good record in your school times and passed a Diploma from a reputed institute then IIT is the best place to pursue graduate courses in Artificial Intelligence. Talking about the undergraduate students, the better options are IIT and IIIT.


P.S: Online courses are for everyone, no matter if you are a newbie, student, or expert. If you have strived to become better then we prefer online learning. Why? Because you don’t have to move anywhere and it’s cost-effective compared to offline education.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:1 How do I know if learning AI is right for me?

Ans. Artificial Intelligence includes research, testing, running algorithms, tinkering parameters, and whatnot but one skill you should develop first is coding. If you love writing programs to automate the processes, then AI is for you.


Q:2 After learning Artificial Intelligence what should I do, job or freelancing?

Ans. This decision depends on various factors such as your financial conditions, your interest in a specific AI field, the payout, and many more. What we can suggest is that if you are a beginner then start with a job and side by side take small freelance projects, which you can finish on time. Freelance provides much more freedom than a professional job career however, you have to keep finding high-paying clients.


Q:3 What equipment do I need to start learning and practicing Artificial Intelligence?

Ans. In the beginning stage, you will require a laptop with a quad-core processor, a minimum of 8GB RAM, a decent graphics card, and a good internet connection. This is for learning and starting out, as you learn more you will need to use cloud services from Google and AWS.


Q:4 After learning Artificial Intelligence in which job profile should I apply to?

Ans: The most demanding jobs related to AI are data scientists and analysts. Apart from this, you can apply for the roles like AI specialist or engineer, robotics engineer, BI developer, machine learner engineer, and AI product manager.




So, these are the best online institutions providing AI courses in Delhi that can assist you in establishing a successful career in the AI industry.