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AIMA Digital Marketing Course Review

In this article, we are going to review AIMA digital marketing course in Delhi. AIMA stands for all India management association. If you are curious about the field of digital marketing then you can check the list of top digital marketing courses in Delhi and from there you will get to know that AIMA is one of the leading names in the world of digital marketing in India.

AIMA digital marketing course review


Let’s take an example of the times 15 years back, remember how you used to buy things, how you used to approach the services. For buying products you used to go to the market, for using the services you had to go to the offices just an example to book a train ticket you had to go to the reservation counters, you were not having the option of comparing the products and services because that would have made you go from one showroom and office to another.


Then in the succeeding years, the technology took an exponential leap especially in the realm of connectivity through the internet. At the start, it was not widespread, the reason being high tariffs and those tariffs not accessible to the pocket of the masses in a country like India. Then came to the advent of JIO and the internet was offered at one of the cheapest rates in the world.


This phenomenon not only leads to a sharp increase in the sale of smartphones but also an opportunity for the marketing world to pitch themselves to get their footprint to the consumers.


A career in Digital Marketing

We all know that whenever the new technology comes it leaves the older ways of doing things example in the 90’s the use of landlines were widespread but nowadays they are going redundant due to the penetration of smartphones all over the world.


Nothing has changed the things have become more portable with that mini-computer in your pocket controlling major aspects of your life like your social media presence, your buying behaviours, your usage of services like transport, bill payments, etc. all have moved online and this revolution has been brought to you by the digital marketing.


Google acts as the hub of the information but you have to be aware that all the information regarding digital marketing is not authentic. The reason is, there are platforms like YouTube that offer digital marketing courses to be finished in hours.


Since digital marketing is an emerging field in our country, the demand for digital marketers is going to increase exponentially in the coming years. It provides you with the flexibility of the workspace where you can work from the office as well as your home.


Digital marketing is a must thing from small businesses to medium and large organizations and companies it has almost penetrated every industry and the footprint is going to increase in the future. And who does not want to for the reason of growth increases their footprint to reach as many as some consumers by marking their digital presence just for the sake of creating their brand name online? Regarding salary-wise the digital marketing industry is in the need of professionals who are skilled and the more you brush yourselves with the knowledge and transforming technology, the more is going to be your value in the job market, also the average salary a digital marketing professional gets monthly is around  INR 40000 which will increase with the number of skill sets that you have.

Introduction to AIMA

AIMA works in collaboration with Digital Vidya which is considered Asia’s leading digital marketing company. AIMA will be preparing you for the process of interacting with the evolving consumers so you can keep up to date with their demands as it opens you up to the new challenges and opportunities in the world of digital marketing.


The participants will be given assignments to work on, based on which they will be assessed based on assignments and projects assigned to them as well as there will be a final assessment which will be covering the entire topic of the course.


AIMA digital marketing stands as a name in the market and this makes it easy for them to have a hold on the market which will be helpful for the students to get 100% placements condition being, they should show diligence in their course which will help them to polish their skills and get ready for the job market.


Participating organizations in the AIMA digital marketing include names like IBM, Indian institute of management Indore, Jk cement ltd, etc. with workshops from time to time on the various aspects of digital marketing.


AIMA does not only prepare the students and participants for being informed digital marketers but it prepares them for creating their niche. It can vary from the travel industry to the food industry and many more depending upon the fields in which one is having domain interest.


Students will also get to work on the live projects to get the analysis of their performances instantly from the faculty and the experts where they will be guided by them to improve on their shortcomings as AIMA allows the participants to grow their businesses also if they have ambitions to do so.


After completing the course the candidates will be awarded a professional certificate in digital marketing and analytics as a joint certificate from AIMA and digital vidya. At last, all the processes the candidates will be going through will be preparing them for launching campaigns for their organizations.

Focus areas: AIMA Digital Marketing Course

  • At AIMA we will be conducting a thorough analysis by first studying and then exploring the tools that are offered by the internet, what is their usage and how are we going to use them, the faculty is going to give in-depth knowledge of the process to the participants.


  • The other part where AIMA is going to make participants aware is the boundaries of social media that which are the platforms that they need to focus on, which are the ones that are going to give them the online presence so that they can use the knowledge that they are going to inculcate while their learning during the digital marketing course.


  • AIMA knows one of the mantras of the digital world that customer is the king and to implement this strategy the participants will be coached by the faculty to track the consumer behaviour that what are the pages and topics that get their maximum attention what are the ones that get the minimum attention because to convert a click into sales the marketers need to be very well aware of the behavioural patterns of the consumer.


  • As a digital marketer student at AIMA, one of the main things that the participants need to keep in mind even after they complete the course and enter the job market is that they should know very well that how to enhance the online consumer experience that which tools are going to give them that one push that is going to let the consumer spend more time on the pages, for example, the auto video option on Youtube is one online consumer experience that enhances their experience, the other one when you type something on google it starts showing you suggestions related to their search, so the tools that are going to develop such ease to the consumer are going to be learned at AIMA.


  • In the last point, we discussed the consumer experience-enhancing tools to be learned, here will be learning that what are those activities are going to build traffic for the marketers the strategies which are deployed to bring certain traffic to the marketers one of them can be a call to action, the pitches you give which are so alluring to the consumers that the traffic builds example social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Instagram bringing new attractions for consumers and in turn helping in building the traffic.


  • AIMA does its job best at that what are the fads and the trends which is going to be the non technical aspect of digital marketing and what are the technical aspects that are going to make one understand that these are the metrics of the internet that they are going to follow to market successfully and then in turn the performance indicators that are going to help you measure that how effectively you are doing what you are supposed to do.


  • AIMA is very well aware of the fact that though digital marketing is the thing of the future still there remains some major connection between traditional and digital marketing and to get the success you have to integrate them, the digital way of doing things is that before buying a product you go online and read the review and then make a decision to buy the product, but wait is that review authentic you can have apprehensions about that but when you hear the review of the product or service you are going to buy from your friends, acquaintances or family member, that is the most profound pitch reason being as the richest man on the earth says that word of mouth is the most important thing in advertising world so you need to integrate these traditional practices with the digital ones to get the desired results.


Takeaways for you from AIMA Digital Marketing Course

  • The thing which AIMA practices rigorously is that even if students and participants initially didn’t get the desired jobs, they can confidently pitch themselves in the market for which they provide a hands-on, do it yourself approach to work in live projects. These are curated by the specialists so that participants can get the applications and fundamentals of digital marketing
  • To become proficient in digital marketing one needs to understand the core, domain, and crux of the course in-depth and detail, and to have that AIMA provides you with the overall understanding of the platforms like
  • Social media tools
  • Search engine optimization
  • Marketing through search engines
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Digital display marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Strategizing marketing
  • Pay per click


After getting expertise in using these platforms you are ready to execute your working plan in the assignments that you take and in turn get the feedback from the course specialists that AIMA provides you.


The crux of AIMA Digital Marketing Course

If anyone asks you in layman terms that which are the fields in which you can provide training to people to make them self sufficient then your answer will be the one in which you have worked and are having a long experience in, keeping this thing in mind AIMA digital marketing course has been formulated by practising managers and subject matter experts so that you are assured that the knowledge that you are gaining is coming from the authentic sources.


The course will be focusing on how to market and different advertising techniques, what are the tools that are going to be used for analysis and prediction and one other aspect which the course concentrates on is that the participants should get in-depth knowledge of online marketing and the tools that are going to be used to carry out the analysis.


Though the curriculum of the other courses in the market is one way or another related to each other because all of them are teaching digital marketing but there are some places where AIMA digital marketing course stands apart and they are hands-on training that will be provided to students where they are going to work with the dummy display ads, virtual website optimization, marketing datasets and the SEO based on the instructions which are given by the faculty in the class discussions and lectures.


This pops a question in one’s mind that ok after doing this all will be our takeaways, so for that experiencing the analyzing responses with analytical software, optimizing the website through google Adwords and launching of dummy display ads are going to be the key features of the programme. This is something that is going to give students an edge over the students of other digital marketing courses.


After completing the above-mentioned process students will be getting acquainted with the channels and the activities that are essential to the implementation and managing of an effective digital marketing strategy for their businesses and the online marketing certificates like Google Adwords, google analytics and Facebook are the other add ons that will come along with the course.

There is a certification apart from the certifications mentioned above, that certification is a professional certificate in digital marketing analytics and that is for those aspirants that are involved in the planning, implementing, and monitoring the digital strategies at their organizations and the beauty of this program is that it is suitable for professionals of all levels and disciplines reason being that these days you have to be adept at multi-tasking due to the increased complexity of the jobs and that makes the professionals to not only have a normal job awareness but also the knowledge in depth from top to bottom in any role about using these tools.


All in all the AIMA digital marketing course is to educate the practitioners and the students to make analyses in the field of digital marketing and make them ready to leverage the above-mentioned strategies in their respective roles in their businesses and careers.


To whom this AIMA Digital Marketing Course Serves to

  • There are many ways in which you can leverage digital marketing to meet the ends in your career as well as business keeping in mind the course at AIMA has been designed for the professionals who want to first understand the art of digital marketing and then in turn get more out of their digital channels.


  • Now the one who is going to get out of their digital channels or other platforms has to be proficient at the strategies that are going to be applied in digital marketing so which makes it suitable for those who are carrying out an organization’s digital strategy.


  • To increase your brand presence online either you have to hire digital marketers or you have to be the one yourself, so the decision rests with you that which way you want to make but this course is a must for those traditional marketers who want to build a strong online presence.


  • India is taking major leaps, such as make in India campaign that is giving an edge to the new and upcoming startups so that makes this course a must for the budding entrepreneurs who want to increase their footprint digitally as in the case of startups the majority of the action takes place online.


  • At last, the students who want a decent job in an MNC can join this course to gain knowledge and add a new skill to their resume which will help them in finding new and better job opportunities.


AIMA Digital Marketing Training Structure, Syllabus and Course Duration

AIMA digital marketing course is divided into 7 modules after completing each module the students will be proceeding to the next one with guidance from experts and industry specialists who will be giving relevant assignments.


  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content and blog marketing
  • Mobile marketing



AIMA digital marketing course will be running for 5 months with 12 online projects and 60 hours of instructor-led training which makes total online instruction for 70 hours, the online induction program of 2 hours and 12 hours of online projects, unlike another course some of which are for few weeks or months AIMA digital marketing is a thorough course touching on every aspect of learning digital marketing.


Class Timings

There are going to be weekend and weekday batches

Weekend batches timings are 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Weekday (Tuesday and Thursday ) batches  are from 8:00 to 9:30 pm

The fees can be paid by demand draft in favour of AIMA payable at New Delhi or online payment of INR 36000+ applicable GST.



When you complete the course on the terms and conditions as mentioned in the course you will be awarded a professional certificate in digital marketing and analytics.


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Conclusion on AIMA Digital Marketing Course

AIMA is a leading digital marketing course in Delhi and it fits the needs and requirements of participants from all fields condition being they have a genuine interest in learning and etching out a career in digital marketing. Keeping the time restraint that is there for the working professionals the course has weekend and weekday batches for their ease.


The course has everything elaborated in a detailed way with a well-structured administration and curriculum the details of which you are going to get by reading the above article, in my research of digital marketing course I would say that they all lead to the same destinations that is being an expert in digital marketing but what sets apart one from another is that what is your reach as a digital marketer in enhancing the reach of your digital channel, business or career, for all these things AIMA does gives you an edge in the market which you will get to know after completing the course.

With a collaboration with Digital vidya which is a leader in the digital marketing field, I would say you should not think much about opting for AIMA digital marketing course as there are some things that AIMA offers apart from other courses that are 40 % of the time is dedicated to hands-on exercises build and practice the fundamentals, as well as latest cases from industry, are used to bring meaning and relevance to the course. If all such things don’t compel you to go for this course I guess nothing else will. For further details on digital marketing courses, you can check the below-mentioned link and contact the undersigned.

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