Top 7 GST Certification Courses in Jaipur Reviewed!

GST – Goods and Service Tax is a tax system that was introduced as a momentous decision on July 1st, 2017 to have a check over the various other indirect taxes in India.

Ever since this reform has been in effect and left anyone who pays taxes – companies, organizations, and institutions, scrambling to fit in the taxation system with the update of GST laws.

Thus, this post chronicles the impact of the law and reviews of GST Certification courses in Jaipur to help you make an informed choice.


List of the best GST certification courses in Jaipur


Most importantly, introducing GST has caused a lot of changes in the finance sector right down to the basic way they operate. These changes have created massive opportunities and job openings for those with commerce background and this, in turn, has encouraged many students to opt for a commerce stream.



Given its popularity and demand, this has now joined the list of courses like content writing and digital marketing to become one of the most sought skills to appeal to the current job market. Most institutes mentioned in the upcoming list of GST certification courses have their curriculum in a learner-friendly way to educate students right from the basic levels of GST.


However, the process becomes easier when the learner has a piece of prior knowledge in the commerce field so that they could adapt their existing knowledge on the taxation system and accounting to adapt to the new GST implementation.


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Who can Pursue the GST Courses:


  • Students: As mentioned, the advent of GST, has opened a portal of job opportunities and created more demand for accountants and financiers. Thus, the course would benefit students and give them a competitive advantage at the introductory level itself as they enter the field after schooling/education.


  • Professionals: Any working person who deals with taxation or is even remotely related to the process can benefit by upgrading themselves to become an expert in GST that has taken the country by storm and become one of the most sought-after skills.


  • Anyone with a background/interest in the commerce field can use this boost of employment opportunities to find a foothold in the field of accounting and finance by learning the nuances of GST implementation through one of the courses of their preference from this list of GST certification courses. Given the extremely adaptable nature of the course, this could be an opportunity for start-ups or even the benefit of individual selves.


Given below is a list of major institutes offering GST certification courses in Jaipur.

P.S.: The list of GST certification courses in Jaipur is in no order of ranking.


1.    IIM Skills

Being one of the most trusted names in Master certification programs, IIM Skills offers a choice of one of the most comprehensive courses out of all GST certification courses in Jaipur. Titled as Online Certified GST Practitioner Course, they aim to cover every aspect of GST right from the basics to the professional level to provide their students with an all-around outlook that is strong in the foundation.


Recognized by the Government of India, this is an online program of nearly 16 hours of lectures with an option for students to opt for weekday or weekend batches depending on their convenience.


What makes IIM Skills more transparent and genuine is that they are willing to return 100% of the fees in case the student is not satisfied after attending the first session. With their trainers being subject matter experts, the course offers lifetime support and guidance to their students to stay in touch with the GST Practitioner community and apply for jobs in the field.


Being a job-oriented course, they strive to make it take a more practical approach to help their students implement what they learn effortlessly in working environments.


In their elaborate syllabus set of nine modules, they cover topics like the concept of GST, the impact of GST – its framework and structure, invoicing in GST, GST returns filing, composition scheme under GST, Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM), Input Tax Credit, and payment in GST and so on.


Course Fee: ₹ 2900 /-

Course Duration: 1 month


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2.    NIIT


Titled Introduction to GST, this 20-hour course comes from one of the most reputed institutes among GST certification courses in Jaipur and other institutions offering courses about technical aspects of the digital world in general.


The institute has partnered with Tally to bring to students a comprehensive guide to help them understand the nuances in implementing it in Tally software. This factor makes the course more unique as students are given chances to execute what has been taught through the software.


Students would be given reading material specially curated by Tally and have credited practitioners in the field guiding them through the practical know-how of GST implementation. The curriculum is updated to make sure it caters to all the changes of the field including topics like the study of goods and services, invoicing and input credit mechanism, time and value of supply, input service distributor, e-commerce, and compliance rating, etc.


This is an offline course that has industry experts train students and offer guidance along with real-time practice. At the completion of the course, participants will be given a certificate from NIIT and an e-certificate from Tally declaring them qualified in the field.


Address: Plot No. 2, 2nd Floor, Opposite Celgiri Hospital, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur.

Course Duration: 1 month


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3.    Tax Guru Edu


Self-learning courses have become a hit with the current learner community which has come to consist of students and beginners willing to enter the field and technicians who are aiming to become experts in their field.


Tax Guru Edu brings a course on understanding GST that has become the need of the hour to all aspiring learners of the commerce field. The main highlight of this course is that renowned speaker and author CA Raman Singla will be the faculty to educate students about the amendments that the entrance of GST has made to the current system.


A well renowned GST expert, CA Raman Singla is a national level eminent speaker in workshops, gatherings, and seminars on GST and is ideally suited to provide the students with exposure to the implementation of GST.


Having a specialist training the students, they offer an elaborate curriculum that ranges from concepts like filing of GST return forms, e-invoicing, new GST returns, GST health checkups, and so on with case studies to help students understand the concepts more practically so that they find it easy to apply in real life. This 30-hour online course also features live sessions for query clearance and is available bilingually – Hindi and English – to help learners across India.


Course Fee: ₹ 10,000 + GST

Course Duration: 1 month


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4.  Tax Professional Academy

With professional chartered accountants with vast experience being their faculties, Tax Professional Academy has cemented its place as one of the leading GST certification courses in Jaipur in tune with the pulse of this town’s students and their requirements.


This accounts and taxation training institute focuses more on applied learning with project-based teaching and a dedicated placement cell to equip their learners with everything to mark their place in the corporate world.


Acknowledging that the field of taxation and accounting is the one that must be able to evolve and assimilate constant changes, the course also offers free amendment classes to enable students to be in sync with the field and learn about the updates it goes through with changing laws and practices.


Their course structure is designed to combat this by being detailed and updated enough with topics ranging from composition scheme under GST law, maintaining books of accounts under GST law, rate of taxes, and time of supply rules under GST law, the applicability of audit under GST law and so on.


Offering lifetime assistance in placement and queries on taxation, the institute makes sure that their past students are assisted in every way possible to make their mark in the field and the student reviews that their website proudly proclaims are a testament to the same.


Course Duration: 3 months


5. CA Club India


With the guarantee of making their learners “GST Ready for the coming future “, CA Club India curated their online course on GST certification in two levels – General and Specific.


“Advanced GST Training and Certification Course” covers the overall aspect of the technicalities that come with the implementation of GST across all sectors while courses like GST exports, levy, and supply under GST, indirect tax laws are aimed at professionals who are in need to upgrade their skill set in specific areas as their profession or market demands.


This type of packaging of the course according to the needs of their different learners is why this online course by CA Club India is one of the most adaptable and easy to learn of the GST certification courses in Jaipur.


Many institutes offering professional courses tend to have trainers as those with experience in the field. Experienced faculty make a huge difference when it comes to training students for professional courses as they could give the learners more insight into the actual working of concepts in real-time jobs.


Following this trend, CA Club India’s GST course training is carried out through CA Bimal Jain – a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India with more than 21 years of experience in the field of Indirect taxes and current executive director of A2Z Taxcorp LLP.


With nearly 61 hours of video classes, the institute has updated the content of their syllabus to include the latest Union Budget 2021 as well as the updates from the latest 45 the GST Council to make sure they provide their students with maximum advantage at learning how to tackle this according to the evolving laws and its reforms.


Along with a complete understanding of GST provisions using case studies, their extensive curriculum also includes topics like preparation and filing of GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C and acquainting their learners with judgments and case studies from advanced ruling authorities like high courts and so on.


Course Duration: 1 and half months

Course Fee: ₹ 6599/-

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5.    Techno Globe


This institute understands the pulse of its learners and offers a professional understanding of the concept owing to the strong local presence as a digital training institute that offers GST certification courses in Jaipur.


With their “industry-oriented “model of education and training, they play an important role by making the students and professionals a good workforce capable of preparing GST returns with effective usage of software and programs keeping in tune with modern times.


Being an MSME (Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) certified training program, they focus on equipping their learners with aspects of the latest GST laws with syllabi that include teaching the implementation of concepts like internet technology, advance accounting, GST basics, and Tally ERP, etc.


This combination of software and commerce training is the latest to join the list of a few institutes that have identified and tapped the potential of software and the internet in general to ease the task of accounting and finance.


Therefore the institute’s integration of digital and finance makes them one of the finest GST certification courses in Jaipur. Their 20 plus years of experience and twelve awards in the field of education by Government and Non-Government organizations also laud this fact.


Course Duration: 2 months


7. Henry Harvin GST Course


Proclaimed by their website as India’s first GST certification course and featured by top media houses like Aaj Tak and Hindustan Times, Henry Harvin offers one of the most prolific GST certification courses in Jaipur.

They term the course as 9 in one branching out to training, projects, internship, certification, placement, e-learning, Bootcamps, Hackathons, and gold membership.


This comprehensive approach allows their learners to get a complete 360 understanding of the subject matter, get assimilated into the GST Practitioner and expert community, showcase their skills, and gain credibility by updating themselves in the field.


Their dynamic curriculum is designed to stay in sync with the updates of GST laws and reforms while including topics like critical analysis of GST law, GST registrations, filing returns, TDS compliance, procuring input tax credit, and refunds, and so on.


With the institute trusted by corporate giants like HDFC, Apollo Tyres, ICICI, Whirlpool, L&T, Honda, Tata Power to name a few, they offer their learners recognition in the field and help them to stay connected with the community with an alumni network of nearly 18,000 plus professionals in almost 23 cities of India.


They also offer complementary modules with soft skills and interview training to make sure that their students are industry-ready and know what to expect in the non-technical aspects of job placements.


Course Duration: 1 Month + complimentary modules.

Course Fees: ₹ 9999/- till 30th of Nov 2021 as part of the discounted fee and ₹12500/- later.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I become a GST expert?


The process is easy given the availability of online and offline courses and various kinds of aid as institutions are recognizing the potential of this talent. You can take up one of the courses mentioned in the above list of GST certification courses in Jaipur.


Upon completion, you would know the practical applications of GST in taxation and receive a certificate confirming the same which would help you to procure a job in a related field or serve as a boost to your existing job.


  1. Is GST a good career option?


Upon its initial declaration till now, companies, institutions, and businesses have been equipping themselves to the new GST law and all other taxation additives and changes that come with it.


Thus, as the job market is in demand for people who are certified and trained to implement GST in taxation, this course serves as a competitive advantage to anyone who is looking for a job in the finance sector and gives them better opportunities to rise from their current working level.

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  1. Is there an eligibility criterion for a GST course?


As the GST law itself has its impact on fields like Accounting, Finance, and Economics, it would be better suited to students and learners who have a strong foundation in the commerce background.


Prior knowledge in taxation and accounting will simplify the process. However, if the learner is determined enough, they could cover the commerce background and equip themselves with enough basic knowledge to be eligible for a course from the above-mentioned list of GST certification courses in Jaipur.


  1. What is the salary of a GST Practitioner?


The average salary for a GST Practitioner lies between 3 to 5 Lakhs in India and it depends on various factors like experience, skillset, type of organization, and so on. It’s a developing career option and thus is bound to be more stable as it grows on its own.



As Stephan Hawking puts it, intelligence is the ability to adapt to change and this is proven by changes like the introduction of GST that have opened the world of finance to new possibilities in terms of employment factors.


Thus, I hope aspiring learners and commerce enthusiasts find the above list of GST certification courses in Jaipur useful to make an informed choice at utilizing the opportunities in this lucrative field from the familiarity of your dynamic city!