Are you a resident of Mumbai, looking for a content writing course to make a career in content writing? As I pen this informative article, there are 700+ content writing jobs on a popular job portal in Mumbai alone! This one parameter is evidence enough for the demand for content writers in Mumbai.


If you explore more in-depth, you will find mind-boggling insights. The content writer career prospects right now are fantastic and like never before. Read on to know about the Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Mumbai.


What is Content?


With global digital transformation, the content has become the essence of communication. Content is ideation and presentation of information directed towards an audience, through a channel. In essence, the content has the components of information, audience, purpose, and channel.


The audio you hear, the videos you see, the text you read are all CONTENT. Yes, we consume content at an alarming rate, from dawn to dusk, across various devices.


Human beings are regularly consuming content, and hence the demand for fresh content, better content, meaningful content, is ever-present. These facts explain the immense potential that content writing as a career has.


Content is a versatile marketing medium that can blend, mold, and shape into any form to arrive at various goals. Mold content for sharing information, and it is content writing.


Tweak it and make it persuasive to make it copywriting. Share it across media, and it is content marketing.


Content writing is the crux of digital marketing endeavors as well. A web page with no content on it is no good. Filling it with content allows the target audience to learn about your product/service.


Content writing, content strategy, and content marketing are all inextricable parts of a digital marketing strategy. It is no wonder then that content is the “King.”


Are content writing and copywriting the same?


Within the content domain, there are several sub-specialties. Content writing and copywriting are erroneously used interchangeably a lot many times. For most people, there is no difference.


The vast majority of people think that both content writers and copywriters write content for the web. Both provide information. Both write content targeting the audience. A content writer and a copywriter enhance brand value and market value of a business with words.


Content writing and copywriting do complement each other with a significant difference in the purpose. Content writing provides information about a brand’s product or service. Copywriting enhances the brand image.


There is undoubtedly some degree of overlap in the roles and definitions of both. Nonetheless, there are subtle differences too.


Content Writers:


For starters, a content writer is only concerned with providing information to the target audience. The data could be educative, instructive, or entertaining. An SEO content writer provides information in line with SEO guidelines.


The things that good SEO content writers do:

  • Use appropriate keywords to optimize search engine visibility.
  • Research extensively to produce long-form yet engaging content.
  • Come up with original and fresh content and avoid plagiarism.
  • They structure the content for ease of readability.
  • Formulate grammatically correct content.
  • Have an immaculate command over the language.
  • Use various content tools to optimize content.
  • Proofread and edit content to make it lucid.
  • Know about content distribution and automation.
  • Leverage the power of social media marketing.
  • Meet deadlines.




Copywriters are the marketers that sell through words. Yes, you read that one right. The goal of a copywriter is persuasion. Persuading the readers to take action, be it buying a product, or signing up for a freebie, or more.


It is nothing but sales writing as copywriting is predominantly found in advertisements, web landing pages, emails, brochures, etc.


The task of a copywriter is to create compelling content that will subtly encourage the target audience into action. Copywriters also work in tandem with the SEO guidelines. Each brand/company has a unique voice and a unique target audience.


The things that good SEO copywriters do:

  • Use compelling and persuasive language to enhance brand image.
  • Understand the target audience as well as the marketing goals of the brand.
  • Inspire confidence in the brand.
  • Know how to curate short-form, crisp, and persuasive copy.
  • Use a conversational and interactive tone that ensures call to action.
  • Be adept with the role of psychology in marketing. Use storytelling to strike an emotional chord with the target audience.


Current Scenario Demands a Blend:


As content writing evolves, the roles of copywriting and content writing are evolving too. A copywriter should know how SEO content writing works and vice versa. Most content writers today have the skills to handle more than one type of content.


A business requires both SEO copywriting and SEO content writing as a part of its content strategy. A good content writer can do good copywriting as well.




Let us now go over some premium training institutes that offer a content writing course along with their key features and fees.




IIM SKILLS is an outstanding institute in the online education services sector. The institute offers future-ready courses aligned to industry needs. In as little as five years, IIM SKILLS has become the content writing industry leader, with an impressive clientele. Be it content writing, digital marketing, or CAT coaching, this institute aces it all.


With high profile trainers and impeccable teaching methods, IIM SKILLS stays on top of the game and is in tune with the latest trends in the content writing domain. The faculty equips the students with ongoing content writing and marketing trends and empowers them to be job-ready. The think tank at IIM SKILLS advocates learning by doing.


With a presence in 23 cities in Asia, including Dubai and Singapore, IIM SKILLS is continuously coming up with affordable, in-demand skills development courses.


The short-term courses at IIM SKILLS aim at providing candidates with financial independence. Their content writing Course is by far the best in the field. It focuses more on the practical aspects rather than theoretical aspects.


You can write your way to a lucrative career with the Content Writing Master Course by IIM SKILLS.


Salient Features of the Content Writing Course at IIM SKILLS:

  • The Content Writing Master Course is an exhaustive course covering all relevant aspects of content writing.
  • It is a virtual course meaning it is available online only. The benefits of the course being online are aplenty. It is time-saving, accessible from anywhere, as well as has a diverse mix of students from different walks of life.
  • Top-notch industry experts, as faculty is the icing on the cake. A small batch size guarantees personal attention. Though the course involves a certain amount of tech knowledge, the faculty ensures a complete handholding through it all.
  • Anyone who aspires to learn about content writing can take up the Content Writing Master Course. There are no eligibility criteria as such.
  • The curriculum design and structure ensures optimum delivery within the term of the course.
  • Modules of the course include web development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Content writing.
  • The training is engaging and bi-directional with on-the-spot clarification of doubts. The assignments ensure putting into practice what you learn at each live session.
  • The side-by-side hands-on training and implementing all things learned is what makes this a winning curriculum.
  • Desirable additions are free tools worth INR 35,000 and two a certification from Hubspot, a globally renowned accreditation at absolutely no extra cost.
  • With the Content Writing Master Course, you are sure to excel in the art of content writing.


Contact Information:

IM SKILLS (Co-Offiz)

Bandra Kurla Complex

Phone: + (91) 99 11 839503




The Indian Institute of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing by TBS is a premium digital marketing institute in Mumbai. Primarily, it educates and trains aspirants in the field of digital marketing. Industry professionals from the cream of the faculty at this institute. They are some of the most gifted minds with a passion for teaching.


The institute aims to explore the futuristic side of marketing and keep up with the changing dynamics of digital marketing. IIEDM has centers at Dadar, Vashi, Malad, and Bangkok.


While primarily they provide training for digital marketing, the institute does have some certification courses, and content writing is one such course. The other certification courses are those for social media marketing, SEM, Google analytics, and SEO. Content writing/marketing being an integral part of digital marketing; expect this certification course to be an excellent one.


Salient Features of the Content Writing Course at IIEDM:

  • IIEDM offers an Advanced Certification Course in Content Writing.
  • This course takes you through the art and science of writing on digital platforms.
  • The syllabus is inclusive of the essentials of storytelling, basic grammar rules, and tone of voice.
  • Students learn about the psychology of writing and how to apply psychology to writing.
  • The institute teaches the students how to write for the digital medium.
  • Even on the digital medium, the course explores the different types of writing such as copywriting, blogging, writing for social media, reviews, banners, etc.
  • Finally, there is an emphasis on steps to follow after writing, such as proofreading, editing, and rewriting.
  • As with most premium institutes, IIEDM also takes in small batch sizes to facilitate personal attention.
  • Since the courses are for professionals as well as students, the batch timings are flexible and available on weekdays and weekends.


Contact Information:


Ground Floor,

Hind Services Industrial Premises Co-operative Society Ltd,

SVS Road, Chandrakant Dhuru Wadi,

Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra-400028

Phone: 022-24102331

Mobile: 77382-44304




A division of the Digital Marketing Training Institute, content writing courses, offers a comprehensive training program. The co-founder, Poonam Mashru, is an educator, an online marketing consultant, an author, and a speaker.


The Content Writing Course is suitable for anyone who wishes to improve their writing skills, students, bloggers, digital marketers, book writers, entrepreneurs, etc. There is a counseling video on content writing on their website for all the frequently asked queries.


Salient Features of the Course at Content Writing Courses:


  • The content writing course comprises eight modules and comes at a special price of INR 11,500.
  • Module one discusses how to kick start your content writing, all fundamentals, storytelling, building confidence, and techniques.
  • The second module is about the crucial steps of content writing, which are understanding headlines, sub-headlines, researching the competition, and showcasing benefits and credentials with impact.
  • Module three educates about blogging and e-books. It encompasses the entire process of searching topics, insights on deciding a niche, tips, and tricks, creating e-books, and advice on writing a winning e-book.
  • Module four discusses headline strategies and trust-building sales copy.
  • The next module takes you through white papers and case studies. It discusses the importance and placement of call to action.
  • Module six deals with emails, using power words, and emotions. Module seven is about SEO copywriting, promoting and marketing articles, and social media integration.
  • The course ends with module eight, which teaches how to write product descriptions for e-commerce sites. It also deals with content marketing and the freelancing industry.
  • A bonus is five useful content writing books with the course. The course duration is eight weeks, with only ten seats per batch.
  • The course fee is inclusive of the training, five books, and certification.


Contact Information:


C/o DMTI @ Softpro B/2 Vimal Udyog Bhavan,

1st Floor, Opposite Star City Cinema, Next to Mahalaxmi Society,

(5 Min from Matunga Road Station),

Dadar (West) – 400016

Phone: 98339-00330


4 – IIDE


The Indian institute of digital education or IIDE is a premier school for digital marketing since 2016. IIDE has crossed some enviable milestones, with training over 20k students over just four years.


Associated with some top colleges in Mumbai, IIDE has four branches, at Andheri, Mulund, Churchgate, and Navi Mumbai. The institute is known for its fun learning environment.


The institute offers postgraduate programs, advance certifications, video-on-demand courses, and short-term certifications. They also undertake corporate programs. The IIDE website has many useful resources, including blogs, case studies, and presentations.


At IIDE, students learn a skill, apply the expertise on live projects, and evaluate post-application. Thus IIDE offers a 360-degree holistic development.


The short-term courses are under digital marketing, coding, and designing domains. A content strategy course is one of the short-term courses under digital marketing.


Salient Features of the content writing course at IIDE:


  • The content writing course at IIDE goes by the name of a Content Strategy Course.
  • This course teaches aspirants to generate, curate, and strategize content.
  • During the course, students learn to build a content plan and learn techniques like content bucketing. They learn how to create relevant, engaging, and sharable content.
  • The course empowers students with creative writing, copywriting, and content marketing abilities.
  • Intensive assignments provide practical skills that ensure progress on the learning curve.
  • The course duration is three days at the IIDE campus, for a fee of INR 10,000. You can avail of a free counseling session before enrolling for the course.


Contact Information:


IIDE Campus, 1st Floor, Andheri Girls’ Education Society,

Swami Vivekananda Road, Opp. Vijaya Bank, Near Andheri Station,

Andheri West, Mumbai-400058

Phone: 96199-58615




Universal SEO Training and Consultancy is a digital marketing and training institute in Thane and Mumbai. While they primarily help businesses with digital growth goals, they also train aspirants in various spheres of digital marketing.


Founded in 2007, the institute has over ten years of experience in graphic design, web design, and digital marketing. The institute has an impressive clientele list, which is an assurance in itself about their abilities. The SEO Content Writing course is all about content creation for online media.


It is an exhaustive course that combines SEO and content strategies to give students the best of both. It is a weekend course with industry experts as faculty, providing hands-on experience to the aspirants.


Salient Features of Content Writing Course at Universal SEO Training and Consultancy:


  • The SEO Content Writing Course is for six weeks, with the project taking up an additional two weeks.
  • The course has twelve modules. It gives an introduction to SEO, complete research of keywords, and competition before delving into writing.
  • The writing module covers all forms of writing styles, importance, and relevance of different mediums, case studies, and live online assignments.
  • Content management module deals with devising an effective content strategy, plagiarism, keyword stuffing, techniques for better ranking and case studies, also with the project assignment.
  • The SEO module covers all aspects, including on-page and off-page optimization. This module also includes real-time assignments with clients.
  • SEO content writing, blogging and its nuances, content marketing, and all about emails, newsletters, eBooks, press releases, and social media form the last leg of the content strategy course.
  • Upon course, completion is the interview preparation and case studies with live projects.


Contact Information:


Om Neelkanth Society, Sahayog Mandir Road,

Naupada, Ghantali,

Thane West, Maharashtra 400602

Phone: 022-25429670 or 022-25335327




SpitiInfotech is a digital marketing agency offering job-oriented courses in the digital marketing space. With a team of professionals as faculty, the institute believes in practical and hands-on training. Not just the practical part, SpitiInfotech looks at the overall development of the students.


The various courses on offer at SpitiInfotech are Basic and advanced of digital marketing, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing. PPC advertising, Google analytics, Facebook marketing, and a combo of courses are also on the list. For content writing, there is the Content Creation and Marketing course.


Salient Features of the Content Writing Course at SpitiInfotechL


  • The Content Creation and Marketing course are for INR 11,210, inclusive of GST.
  • It is a 20-hour course complete with quizzes, theory, practice, and assessments.
  • An introduction to content writing covers different types of writing, web content, technical writing, creative, copywriting, and product description.
  • The content marketing module focuses on an introduction and planning content strategy.
  • The course also teaches essentials of content marketing and how to promote your content.
  • It is one course that teaches how to create compelling content and how to promote it as well. It explains the mechanics of a content marketing machine that drives business growth.


Contact Information:

1104, Mayuresh Cosmos, Sec-11

CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai

Phone: 022-4976-7958





Set up in 2011, Textuar provides professional-level writing services. It has clients across the globe. They have made a mark across different industry domains in a short period.


The company provides high-quality content with an emphasis on client need analysis. The client testimonials speak of Textuar’s meticulous approach, relevance, and accuracy of the content.


Textuar caters to all forms of professional writing and even trains aspiring content writers. Be it articles, blogs, web content, resume, product description, e-books, or any other form of writing, Textuar caters to it all.


Salient Features of the Content Writing Course at Textuar:


  • Textuar has an online program to train aspiring content writers.
  • Their course is in-depth and ideal for people who want high-performance content writing.
  • Their content writing training program spans the entire range of topics that come under the content domain.
  • From keeping the client at the center and delivering knockout punch with words, Textuar shows you all the intricacies of professional-level content writing.
  • The course covers different types of writing, understanding of the audience, sentence structuring, and more.
  • This holistic content writing training is sure to teach you professional-grade content writing.
  • For more details about the duration and course fee, you can contact the institute.


Contact Information:


Textuar Communications LLP

E-001, Yashwant Vaibhav Complex,

Vasant Nagari, Vasai (E), Mumbai-401208

Phone: 99602-37972




Summing Up


The institutes mentioned above are some of the top institutes when it comes to content writing training. While some offer only classroom training, some are exclusively online. Yet some offer flexibility in terms of classroom or online.


As a resident of Mumbai, if you are looking at becoming a content writer or need to up-skill yourself in the content domain, you can avail of their services.


Do not undermine the importance of an institute to up-skill or gain a new skill. These institutes provide valuable training in the practical aspects. Essential value addition is the certification and placement assistance that most premium institutes offer.


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    There is a huge demand for online writing jobs and good writers are hard to find, a friend of mine who has completed her journalism course ask me to learn content writing course and I was searching for best content writing courses in Mumbai and landed to your article, one by one I have checked all the websites and finally got convinced with an online course offered by the best institute in India.

    To the writer of this blog, I want to thank, I too want to create such informational articles. I have been a writer in an offline format of writing but this Digital Content influence me a lot. In fact, the future from here is all about online content.

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    Content writing courses have recently been on the rise. I have completed a master’s in journalism and also completed a course on editing, and I really wanted to learn what content writing was all about since I have heard so much about it. There are so many jobs for content writers nowadays. This article was very helpful to me. It saved my time to read hundreds of blogs to get precise information. All the best institutes are noted here in a wonderful way. Thank you so much for this article. I will surely recommend it to my friends.

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    Is the content writing course flexible? I am from Mumbai but currently staying in Delhi. So I want to take this course. Is this course classroom-based? I am more comfortable with offline teaching. Can you list a few institutes that I can apply for?

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    Hello there. I am in the medical field, but I am always interested in writing. I do occasionally write short stories and publish it on Instagram. But I want to make this a career or as a part-time job. Do you think this course is suitable for me? And is it different from copywriting?

  • June 13, 2020 at 8:30 pm

    Hello. This is Abhay Desai from Bandra. My friend recommended to read this article as I was recently interested in learning content writing. She had also undergone a training in digital marketing from IIMSkills last year. I have read your article and it’s really very helpful. I have heard a bit about these institutes, but still an elaborated info about these really helped. I have read the details about IIMSkills, and about the class timings and all. And I am perfectly fine with it. It goes well with my schedule. But I have a question sir if you don’t mind. All the classes held in the weekdays are like practically a total 5 classes, whereas the classes on weekends are only 2 classes. Won’t we be missing quite a few classes then? Can the 2 classes cover up the whole curriculum within a month? Sir I would be really glad if you could help me clear out my doubts.

  • June 19, 2020 at 12:02 am

    Good evening sir. Hope you are doing well. This is Prachi from Navi Mumbai. Today I want to ask for some advice for my brother. He’s been a fan of writing as far as I can remember. Content writing is favored by so many people today. I don’t know whether it was like this always or did this lockdown caused online courses to escalate. Just days ago I heard my brother say that he joined this training program at Skillshare. I have no idea about whether these institutes are good or not, I have never been a fan of writing myself. Just thought I should check out these sites about content training institutes. I don’t see Skillshare added in this list. Should I take this in a positive or negative way? Can you kindly guide me? Maybe I could help my friend if I know better about these institutes and all.

  • June 24, 2020 at 11:55 pm

    Hello there. I am Rajib Khanna from Mumbai. I along with a few friends want to enroll in this course. We did research before registering into any institute and found this and a few courses interesting to learn. I have been opting for courses mostly on Skillshare. The courses there are theoretical and practical though the ins and outs of social media are not taught thoroughly. So I want to thank you for listing these institutes with such detailed info. Among this list of institutes which one would you recommend? Also isn’t editing also a part of content writing? I didn’t see it listed back there. IIMskills and IIEDM had pretty high ranking not only in this article but in social media also. I am pretty excited to learn and be a part of any of these institutes.

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    Hey there! I am Nihita from ‘The City of Dreams’ as many people call it. I work with Infosys and yet I yearn to learn more about anything writing is related too. I am not much of a writer, but a reader instead. I thought about taking this chance to get to know more in-details of writing. As this city, I am a dreamer and someday even if it’s a short short story, I would still like to see it published in a newspaper or magazine someday. And I believe I can start my journey from here. We are now going through a very detailed work from home business so if I could ever jump on a chance like this it’s now or never. I read a lot of positive feeds about IIMSkills institute. Of course there are other institutes too, but I would like to join IIMSkills for this training course. And I believe I will have an undeniably wonderful experience. Looking forward to the classes.


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