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Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Bangalore

Bangalore is the IT capital of India. It is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing cities in India. Be it world-famous corporations Indian tech companies or start-ups, Bangalore has it all. Evolving from only being the “Garden City” to the “Silicon Valley,” Bangalore has come a long way. In this article, we will take you through the top 7 content writing courses in Bangalore. Read the full guide.

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore

With global digitization, every company/business, small or big, is looking at a digital presence. Digital marketing has never before been this crucial.

Content marketing is an inextricable part of digital marketing. Creating compelling content for visibility and business goals is the norm today. In keeping with this trend, it is evident that the need for content writers is very much real, and the demand is only going to see an upward trend.

Content has been around for years now. It is just that the platforms of content sharing keep evolving. Content-sharing platforms are different now than they were a decade ago. Add to this the content consumption rate today, and you will have a clear idea as to why content creation involves big bucks.

Other top courses in Bangalore:


Content Writing as a Career

At any given point in time, look for content writer jobs on the most commonly referred job portals like Naukri.com. You will be astonished at the job market for content writers. Given the extensive job market and high demand, taking up content writing is an obvious choice for many.

Even within the content domain, there are various sub-specialties and niche skills. The career of a content writer is fraught with opportunities as well as challenges. Some reasons to opt for a content writing career are:

  • There is no age limit as opposed to most other jobs. Yes, age is just a number in this career. It is the skill that matters most.
  • Content creation is a vast domain, and hence the scope is enormous as well.
  • There is even a demand for regional language content writers.
  • For the creatively inclined, it is the best way to let the creativity flow.
  • Jobs can be flexible, part-time, or full-time. Freelancing is also a lucrative option.
  • Content creation is dynamic, and with online content making up for a majority of content creation jobs, the learning never ends. There is not a dull moment, and you can write about diverse fields. Learning is continuous and ongoing.
  • To keep yourself employable, you have to be in tune with the latest trends and upskill yourself from time to time.
  • In the corporate world, a content writer can be a copywriter, technical writer, or business writer.
  • In the educational sector, there is a demand for academic writers.
  • Blogging is something that is here to stay for a while. Most companies put up useful blogs and articles on their websites. Full-time blogging, in combination with affiliate marketing, is another accessible career pathway in content writing.
  • Content writing for social media is a separate niche in itself.


Advantages of working as a Freelancer:

  • Flexibility to work at any time from anywhere.
  • You are the deciding authority on what projects you want to work on.
  • There are no fixed timings of work, and this works for people multitasking or having other responsibilities.
  • There is a variety of work.
  • You are your boss, free from office politics.

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Disadvantages of Working as a Freelancer:

  • There is no consistency in the flow of projects and hence no consistent income.
  • At times you may have many good projects and at times be idle.
  • Negotiating proper pay for quality work is a task in the freelance sector.
  • Though work-from-home has a plethora of benefits, it comes with a lot of drawbacks, notably isolation. It leads to a lack of communication and interpersonal skills.

Advantages of a Full-time Job:

  • There is continuous income.
  • You learn teamwork and other interpersonal skills.
  • You are aware of new developments and can upskill yourself.
  • There is no pressure or stress in acquiring new clients and projects.
  • An added advantage is being associated with the brand (company).


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Disadvantages of a full-time job:

  • Unlike a freelance job where some projects may pay more than others, a full-time job has a fixed salary component.
  • There may be stressful moments in trying to strike a work-personal life balance.
  • Depending on the organization, there may be less or no flexibility in doing things.

Summing it up, regardless of a part-time or full-time job, content writing has immense scope. If you are capable of writing content that is simple, easy to understand, free of grammatical errors, and fresh (not copied or plagiarised), content writing can be a very satisfying occupation. You may start small but can eventually scale the ladder.

Work towards keeping yourself informed of any new trends in content creation and keep upskilling to remain employable. As the saying goes, there is no shortcut to success; the same holds true for content writing as well. Though a gratifying and enriching career, you need to approach it step-by-step.

A few more in-demand courses for career development:


Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Bangalore


Rank #1. Content Writing Courses in Bangalore


IIM SKILLS tops the list for content writing courses in Bangalore. As an institute, it is entirely performance-driven. It believes in and incorporates new-age technology and disruptive innovations creating affordable training programs.

IIM SKILLS provides skill development courses that are practical and enable financial independence. It is a people-oriented or student-centric organization.


IIM SKILLS has a presence across 23 cities in Asia. It has to its credit trained over 5000 candidates over a short period of five years. The faculty of the institute are domain experts who are passionate about training.

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In the content domain, they provide the best content writing course. The Content Writing Master Course is a comprehensive training program that covers all essential aspects to get you started as a content writer.


It is a perfect blend of content writing and content marketing and also includes the all-important SEO, making it an ideal course to pursue.

Course Name: Content Writing Master Course

Course Fee: INR 16,900 + GST

Duration of the course: Four weeks.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing


Content Writing Course Highlights:

  • There is no eligibility criterion as such. Anyone can join the course, whether they are students, homemakers, digital marketers, bloggers, or entrepreneurs.
  • The course has flexibility in terms of weekday and weekend batches. It is an online course and hence convenient to even working professionals.
  • The course design is practical, obliterating the need for extensive written material.
  • All the learning is easily implementable and actionable.
  • The course curriculum is extensive and covers aspects of WordPress, keyword research, writing tools, social media marketing, marketing automation, types of writing, grammar, and more.
  • The courseware is lucid, and the trainers are excellent with immense patience to teach every aspect to every individual enrolled.
  • There are 60 hours of hands-on assignments, working on live projects.


  • The course educates on the use of standard industry tools such as WordPress, SERP rank checker, Google Analytics, keyword tools, plagiarism checker, Grammarly, Canva, social media listening tools, and more.
  • The course also discusses how to monetize the skill of content writing in the freelance industry, or otherwise.
  • There is also the option of a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied after the first session.
  • IIM SKILLS provides an internship to strengthen the practical knowledge learned from the course. It also assists with placements.


Course Inclusions: The course fee includes:

  • Online courseware.
  • Lifetime free access to the learning management system.
  • Free tools worth INR 35,000/-
  • Group discussion forum for alumni.


Certification: Upon course completion, you get a Master’s certification from IIM SKILLS and Content Marketing Certification from HubSpot.

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Contact Information:

IIM SKILLS (Co-Offiz) Electonic City Bangalore.

Phone:+91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

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Rank #2. Content Writing Courses in Bangalore


Online Idea Lab is an organization that is into training and services. It has offices in India, the USA, and Canada. Within India, they have offices across six cities. It is one of the top institutes providing content writing courses in Bangalore.

They have 15+ courses under digital marketing subjects, 15+ under Amazon web services, and 10+ courses under content creation. Also, they have 12 + courses in Python programming, and they are launching some new courses as well. They have branches across Bangalore.

The Online Idea Lab not only provides training but also offers services in digital marketing, Amazon web services, web/app development, and content creation.

It is an institute that specializes in the digital transformation of individuals and businesses. While their services are transformational, their training is empowering too. They have an array of online and offline courses.

Under the Content Creation, they have various courses:

  • Foundation course.
  • Advanced content writing course.
  • Copywriting course.
  • Creative writing course.
  • Technical writing course.
  • Instructional design course.


Course Name: Foundation-Content Writing Course

Course Fee:  The classroom course is for INR 14,900/- The online course is for INR 8,900/-

Duration of the course: One month for both classroom and online courses.

Content Writing Course Highlights:

  • This course has three main modules, Content research, Content writing, and Content promotion.
  • The sub-modules are inclusive of digital marketing fundamentals, competitor analysis, reading and analyzing content, common grammatical errors, etc.
  • The course educates about content writing aspects of ethics, content writing tools, proofreading, editing, and writing viral content.
  • An important topic of discussion is freelancing as a content writer.
  • The course curriculum gives candidates a substantial amount of practical experience.
  • The alumni get lifetime support from professional trainers.
  • Candidates learn the use of various tools.
  • The placement team assists with placement for all candidates.
  • There is an emphasis on creativity through various activities and assignments.
  • Online Idea Lab believes in small batch sizes to enable interactive sessions.
  • They have a diverse team of trainers to guide and mentor the candidates.


Certification: Yes, they do provide a certificate of completion.

Contact Information:

3rd Floor, Tanya Towers, Kempapura,

Hebbal, Bangalore-560024

Phone: 91089-29507

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Rank #3. Content Writing Courses in Bangalore


The LEADS Academy or Learning and Development Solutions Academy is one of the top institutes offering content writing courses in Bangalore. With its incorporation in 2006, it has its founders from the fields of management, content industry, and human resources training.

The academy aims at harnessing individual writing potential and developing it into a skill. LEADS also set up online learning and development units for organizations and institutes.

The content writing course at the LEADS academy is on the LEADS platform. Candidates will learn from the course material given and complete weekly activities online.

The entire learning, discussion, completion of tasks, and submission are on the online portal.

Course Name: PCCW Content Training Course.

Course Fee: INR 9750/-

Duration of the course: 12 weeks.


Content Writing Course Highlights:

  • The course starts with orientation.
  • The “essentials of writing” module breaks through the mental block of having the talent to become a writer.
  • The Before You Write module is an introduction to the different types of writing, guidelines, referencing, and plagiarism.
  • Write Right focuses on reading, writing effectively, and grammar aspects.
  • After you write is about proofreading, editing, communication with a graphic artist, and rewriting.
  • With the Publishing module, you learn about writing for the web and publishing, which is project work.
  • Ultimately the content writing course concludes with professional development skills.


Course Inclusions: The course fee is inclusive of:

  • Printed course material.
  • Resource DVD with videos, articles, and other writing resources.
  • Access to the online learning system.
  • Free course updates even after course completion.
  • Continued trainer support until you transform into a confident writer.


Certification: Yes. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a hard copy of the printed certificate.

Contact Information:

324/62, Above Allahabad Bank,

Bellary Main Road, Ganganagar,


Mobile: 98866-10036

Phone: 080-42053419

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Rank #4. Content Writing Courses in Bangalore


Digital Roy Academy primarily offers digital marketing training. It is also one of the top institutes providing content writing courses in Bangalore. Formed by a team of qualified professionals, Digital Roy Academy offers practical knowledge and training.

The course is all about the latest techniques and methodology and how to implement them. The faculty has rich experience. Digital Roy Academy also ensures 100% job assistance for eligible candidates.

Course Name: Content Writing

Content Writing Course Highlights:

  • Learn effective methods of writing.
  • Get trained by industry experts about the content writing process and the latest updates.
  • The course also educates about SEO and SMM.
  • The course guides you on how to work with various tools. The tools include WordPress, Web hosting, SSL certification, landing page, domain name, e-commerce tools, premium plugins, and premium themes.
  • The course curriculum covers how to start writing and whom to write for, meaning the target audience.
  • Creating engaging and thought-provoking content and making content actionable.
  • You will learn copywriting skills, content marketing tips, AIDA concepts, and writing magnetic headlines.
  • You can contact the institute to get details about course fees, duration, and certification.


Contact Information:

No 380, MSIT Center,

19th Main, 1st Block,

Rajaji Nagar, Diacon Hospital Road,

Bengaluru, Karnataka-560010

Phone: 81058-06381


Rank #5. Content Writing Courses in Bangalore


Since content writing is an inherent part of digital marketing, a lot of institutes offering digital marketing courses also provide content writing courses. Talenteye is one such academy offering content writing training in Bangalore.

They focus on empowering students with functional skills. The trainers bring an immense amount of practical experience to the course structure. The classes or sessions are highly interactive and discussion-oriented.

The content marketing course trains participants to produce compelling marketing content. It emphasizes vital strategies and best practices for a writer.

It educates the candidates on influencers and promotional opportunities. In-depth knowledge of how to develop content for different audience segments and other guidelines is inclusive.

Course Name: Content Marketing Training.

Content Writing Course Highlights:

  • The course is available on online and offline platforms.
  • There is the introduction and fundamentals of content writing and content marketing.
  • It includes a variety of web content such as blogging, ad copy, social media posts, press releases, etc.
  • Then comes measuring content effectiveness with Google Analytics and other relevant tools.
  • It involves understanding the importance of keywords and their research.
  • Also, inclusive is an understanding of SEO fundamentals and their link with content writing.
  • Content writing guidelines.
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Live project, which is an in-class discussion and assignment.
  • You can contact the academy for the course fee, duration, and certification.


Contact Information:

#11, First Floor, Munnekolalla Main Road

Marathahalli, Bangalore-560037

Phone: 99588-06388


Rank #6. Content Writing Courses in Bangalore


Digital Web Academy is also a digital marketing training institute offering content writing courses. With over 1000+ trained professionals, Digital Web Academy is one of the top institutes providing content writing training in Bangalore.

The institute also empowers students with managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

The course module design reveals the industry’s best practices in content writing. Web designing and development are other courses on offer at Digital Web Academy. The academy also conducts soft skills training like personality development, interview skills, and mock interviews to ensure placement.


Course Name: Content Marketing Course.

Content Writing Course Highlights:

  • The course equips students with knowledge of SEO importance in content writing.
  • There is an extensive discussion of the forms of content like blogging, articles, media writing, etc.
  • The course is in-depth, practical, and job-oriented.
  • The academy provides placement assistance.
  • The course also discusses various job opportunities, including freelance jobs.

Certification: Yes. Students get a Content Marketing Certificate.

Contact Information:

#15/6, 2nd Floor, 4th C Main Road,

Ayyappa Layout, Hebbal,

Bengaluru, Karnataka-560024

Phone: 95352-53533


Rank #7. Content Writing Courses in Bangalore


Anita’s Attic is perhaps the most popular and sought-after place offering content writing courses in Bangalore. It is a joint venture between Anita Nair (the author) and Conditions Apply (a digital agency), in partnership with Penguin Random House India.

The unique feature of this place is that the program is curated and conducted by Anita Nair herself but held annually, not around the year. Anita Nair, for the uninitiated, is the bestselling author of:

  • The Better Man
  • Mistress
  • Lessons in Forgetting
  • Ladies Coupe
  • Cut Like Wound

Anita’s Attic is a creative writing mentorship program. With her great awards, felicitations, and expansive knowledge, her workshop is sure to be an unforgettable and productive experience.

The genres of content covered under various courses include poetry, novels, essays, travelogue, screenplay, short stories, content writing, and children’s fiction.

Course Name: Content Writing

Course Fee: INR 80,000/-

Duration of the course: Eleven weeks (Eleven Saturdays, 10.30 am -3.30 pm with a lunch break).


Content Writing Course Highlights:

  • The program aims at identifying, nurturing, and empowering literary talent across various genres of writing.
  • This program also serves as a launchpad to promote deserving talent through agent networking, publishing, and digital platforms.
  • There is an introduction to the writing process, which then involves assignments for the hands-on experience.
  • The only criterion is that participants should be 18 or older to apply.
  • It is not an all-year program but an annual program wherein only 12 aspiring authors get a chance to take the course.
  • The application process involves submitting a piece of your writing. This process facilitates the choosing of deserving candidates.
  • The program is interactive with tips and techniques on writing and assessment of assignments.
  • There is a chance to interact with visiting authors/industry professionals.
  • The season ends with a graduation ceremony with participants reading out their work to a packed audience.
  • Essential additions and bonuses of this program are an introduction of the cream of the batch to International Literary Agents and also publishing of their work as an anthology under Anita’s Attic Imprint.

Course Inclusions: The course fee includes lunch, snacks, and tea/coffee during the weekly sessions spread over eleven weeks. It is also inclusive of the season finale public event in the final week.

Contact Information:

#8, 2nd Floor,

Muniswamappa Layout,

Opposite Ebenezer Nursing Hospital,

Kothnur, Bengaluru-560077

Phone: 98808-00776



 1. Which Is the Best Content Writing Institute?

Considering all the important criteria like faculty members, job support, training pedagogy, curriculum, post-placement support, student reviews, and testimonials, we rank IIM SKILLS in Position 1 for Content Writing Courses.  

2. Will there be 100% Placement Support Once I complete the course?

Several institutes offer placement guarantees, interview assistance, and resume preparation. We recommend you check with the institutes regarding the same. 

3. What Is The Average Fee for Content Writing Courses in Bangalore?

The Average Fee for Content Writing courses is anywhere between Rs 10000 to Rs 20000 for a duration of 1 month to 3 months (4 weeks-12 weeks).  

4. What is the best way to start a content writing career? 

The best way to start your content writing career would be to sign up for an intensive content writing training course. Thereafter, create your website. This will enable you to create content around your niche. Disseminate it on different online channels. Relevant and good-quality write-ups will get you visibility. In turn, you will get content writing projects in your niche.  

Wrapping Up

While all the above institutes offer courses for content writing, the last institute, Anita’s Attic, is hugely popular for its creative writing course in Bangalore. For aspiring creative writers, the perks of training from an established author are aplenty and indisputable. Aspiring content writers can choose from the other institutes mentioned herein.

Some other institutes that have made a name for themselves in the domain of content writing courses in Bangalore are:

  • Digital Academy 360
  • Inventateq.

Go through the details and course features of the institutes offering content writing courses and take that first step of enrolling in one. An institute will give you an edge over self-learning in terms of existing industry standards and expectations. It will also strengthen your capabilities and endow you with a certification, vital from a job standpoint.


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  16. Tanima Sen

    Hello sir. Good evening. It’s a nice article. Sir, I have read that even if someone didn’t complete their graduation they can also join this course. I have completed higher secondary exam and I am waiting for college registration forms. So I was wondering if I could join this training program in the meanwhile. Since its not sure when registrations will start again, this will provide for the best time to learn something new. It would be great of the classes are interactive ones. Earlier in the article you noted the difference between the full and freelancing careers. It’s true that there are not any definite thing in freelancing that you will always be able to land a job after you finish your current project, but still most of the people prefer to do freelancing since some of them are already doing some jobs or some are still studying. The word freelancing itself has a nice ring to it, I think. I mean I about to start college. Even if a year or two I can land a job in this line as a freelancer I think I will learn a lot from it. And it would be convenient too even if I decide to pursue another line.

  17. Ariana

    Hey there. It’s a wonderful article. Nice work. I have been interested in this course since I have heard so much about it. and it’s also true that there are many job options than in any other fields. I am arts student majored in English. I would like to apply for this course. I like the institutes list. And I couldn’t agree more with you on the thing that this field just like digital marketing has been on the rise and is been on the raise for a while. Some say that digital marketing and this course is closely connected. Is that true? Isn’t both the fields completely different. Each has different responsibilities. So how is it related to each other? Then if someone does attend a marketing course does they also have to complete or at the very least have a basic knowledge on this subject as well? I liked this topic so I would like to know more about it from you.

  18. Pijush Maity

    Hello sir. It was a pleasure reading your article. I was always invested in writing articles or features since some time and I was looking for courses after which I could enroll for a magazine company. I have completed graduation in English and I wish to continue working with something related to writing or editing. I am also looking for editing institutes simultaneously. I hope these two courses won’t collide with each other during their training period. I have taken class schedules for editing course on the weekends, so I would like to apply for the contrary days for this course. I think learning them will help me increase my job possibilities a lot, in case I wish to go freelancing. If you have any suggestion on my course of taking action please tell so. A second opinion from an expert is always appreciated. Thank you.

  19. Shyonee Roy

    Hello there. Nice article sir. I like your blog post very much. It is another one of the best posts that I saw for this very course. Seriously it’s no joke to look for institutes online. There certainly are rumors more or less for every institute and you cannot be sure if the reviews you get are genuine or not. It’s a really heavy task. I wish someone could just tell me that you can join this institute with 100% guarantee. But I guess there’s nothing like that. I aimed to join this course when I was in my first year, but I thought it would be difficult for me to balance both this training and my college studies. So now that I have completed graduation I am so looking forward to join this course. I find this one really interesting. Though there are so many competitive lines out there other than this one. I have thought of creating my own blog and I think this training will help me too. I have heard that they teach stuff like these too during the sessions. Thanks for the article.

  20. Piyush

    Looking for a good online course is not an easy task. My brother, who is in 11th standard, wants to pursue content writing. However, I wasn’t sure if he could get started with it without completing graduation. Even I am not much aware of this field. However, you’ve clarified most requirements and basics. I guess, my brother is ready to go with a course. Thanks 🙂

  21. Vishal Sharma

    Looking for a good online course is not an easy task. My brother, who is in 11th standard, wants to pursue content writing. However, I wasn’t sure if he could get started with it without completing graduation. Even I am not much aware of this field. However, you’ve clarified most requirements and basics. I guess, my brother is ready to go with a course. Thanks ?

  22. Rupali

    I got the demo class link from IIM Skills in the mail and attended their live demo session. Demo class will be conducted by Mr. Vaibhav sir, here you will get a clear picture of what you will learn from this overall course. The whole session was interactive and you can ask any questions related to the content industry.

  23. Rahul Pathania

    Nice! Can you please tell me any certifications that one can do to become a proficient academic writer? I have an interest in nutrition but I don’t have any background in the same. Should I consider doing a diploma in this field to become a solid content writer? Is it necessary or one can do without it?

  24. Nishant Bhardawaj

    Hi, this was helpful. Is Technical writing a part of content writing? I am thinking to do technical writing in detail. I like the IIM Skills course but do they cover technical writing in detail or not? Also, I would like to consider more technical writing courses. Can you please suggest?

  25. Nirajan

    Content creation is one of the hottest jobs in India. As a reader and massive content consumer, I am very intrigued by this domain. So, with no second thoughts, I have decided to put a leg here and start with content writing. Can you refer a course that is basic and doesn’t require any previous content writing knowledge?

  26. Lav

    Hi. I worked in an IT Company for more than two years. I have decided to leave this field and pursue writing for a few reasons. 1) It offers freedom and money if you’re ready to work hard 2) Flexibility and how it is more like a business. I read about a lot of courses; however, there are hardly any that will tell you about the mindest and approach that freelancers should take. Can you suggest me any?

  27. Sumedha

    How much time it will take for someone to learn Creative Writing over Content Writing?

  28. Kevin

    Hi, I am Kevin. I own a apparel .Since the pandemic, My business is highly dependent on my online presence on Social Media. I want to expand my reach as well as planning to create a website. I want to know how your content writing course be helpful.

  29. Fatema

    Hi, I am Fatema. I find the the article quite detailed and chalks out everything so succinctly. I have graduated , I am planning to do MBA but I am not quite sure about it, I am giving a thought to pursue Content Writing to give my CV the X Factor. I wan to opt for this course offered by IIM Skills.

  30. Jayesh

    Hi. I am Jayesh. I am interested in writing descriptive blogs about different food cultures in India. I have written short articles in my college magazine as well. But I always thought that one needs a journalism course to publish an article for a larger audience. This Digital world has dropped down a barrier. I hope Content writing course helps me get the right career skill and guidance.

  31. Niranjan

    Nice! Can you please tell me any certifications that one can do to become a proficient academic writer? I have an interest in nutrition but I don’t have any background in the same. Should I consider doing a diploma in this field to become a solid content writer? Is it necessary or one can do without it?

  32. Puja Singh

    Hi, This is Puja, I have completed my graduation in English and want to pursue a certification course on content writing. Please let me know the details , course structure and fee structure and what are the future prospects that I am going to be exposed after this course. I do not have much understanding about this field hence please guide me through this.

  33. Rajeev

    hie my name is Rajeev and I m a solo traveler and I love traveling. I m traveling for the past 4 years now I have visited a few international countries and many places in India. I m planning to start my blog and website and also wish to start my own travel business. one of my friends suggested me content writing course that will help me in my blogging part, plz someone guide me about the course in detail with fee structure and duration. and is it worth doing it for my blog

  34. Vikrant

    Hi, I am Vikrant. I work in a Digital marketing agency as a content writer. I want to learn the depths of content writing to enhance my skills and seek growth in my career. Suggest me the best institute for me to pursue the content writing course from

  35. Anupam

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  36. shashi

    hi, i m Shashi, I want to be a content writer. I am looking for courses that will help me get proper skills, understanding and knowledge about this industry during the course itself. I would love it, if you recommend me one such institute amongst the above mentioned.

  37. Shloka

    I m shloka, Can you please tell me any certifications that one can do to become a proficient academic writer? I have an interest in makeup but I don’t have any background in the same. Should I consider doing a diploma in this field to become a solid content writer? Is it necessary or one can do without it?

  38. Archana

    hi my name is Archana, i m a housewife. i have no job experience but i have graduated from a good college. i didnt thought of doing a job previously but now i feel like utilize my time in something creative other than cooking. i was looking for some good courses n i landed up at content writing course. i m interested in this but i as i m new to it plz guide me about this course.

  39. Danish

    Hi, this is Danish. I am in the field of affiliate marketing but I want to enhance my knowledge in the field of content writing let me know if this course is self paced or not

  40. Mehjabeeen

    Hello. I am Mehjabeen I am a B. Com graduate. i want to be part of the IIIM Skills content writing course. I want to know whether I am eligible for the course with my commerce background? Also, do you offer guaranteed placements ? Please provide me with the details.

  41. Tanishka

    Hi I am Tanishka, I am a graduate in hotel management and want to learn content writing to start writing for my own blog. Can this course teach me how to create a blog, maintain it, and all other technicalities required to rank my page on the search engine.

  42. ishmeet

    Hi, this is Ishmeet. I am an adventurer by passion and influencer too. i want to learn genuine techiques to increase my , fan following, digital presence, content creation and publishing them on different social media platforms. can this course help me build skills in these arenas?

  43. Vijyendra

    Hello, I am a Retired Govt. High School English Teacher. I have always thought of writing, but taking it seriously this time I am applying for the content writing course . As, through internet writing expressing your, thoughts, ideas, opinions and views to people at large is possible. And, audience engagement is also great if reached to the target audience properly. At this age, finding some to talk to you is impossible. Everyone is glued to the mobile, tabs, or laptops. So I feel talking to people through your content is the best option. May I know if I can apply for this course?

  44. Sivan

    Hello,I am working in a marketing department in a company. Our company has a website, that has to publish content every day targeted towards the audience. Some contents of which is informative in nature, or information providing details of comparisons between products, while other’s cater to specific information like – projects completed, projects under construction, future projects,etc. Companies want to hire experienced content writers who can understand what is required in the particular situation to boost their sales, who understands their audience and moves them from various stages of a buyer. So, to gain certification and knowledge I want to join a content writing training program in Bangalore, out of these list of available institutions.


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