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Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Coimbatore

The field of content writing has blossomed in recent years, and content writers are in high demand. According to CMI, improved quality content generation is responsible for 78 percent of content marketers’ success over the last year. In addition, a whopping 47% of marketers currently outsource their content. We will take a look at a number of the best content writing courses in Coimbatore in this article that can improve your career in content writing.

Top content writing courses in Coimbatore

What is a Content Writer?

A content writer specializes in creating useful, entertaining, and engaging written material for websites.

Every website is designed with a certain target audience in mind, and in order to reach that audience, well-written, informative, and generally high-quality material is required.

A content writer’s work will typically include keywords aimed at improving a website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

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What are the Different Types of Content Writing?

Content writing can be in a number of forms such as:


Blogging is not a new type of content writing in the digital world; however, it has grown in popularity because of the digitization of the business world. To boost your blog posts, you need to focus on keywords so that your posts show up when people search for those keywords. Depending on the topic or the industry you write for, a blog post can vary in topics and even the writing style.

Social Media Posts:

Did you know that over 55% of the world’s population is on social media? No wonder that every business, brand, and company must have a presence on social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) to reach their targeted audience. Social Media posts tend to be relatively creative, short, and eye-catching.

Technical Writing:

Technical writing is the form of writing that explains the technical discourse and makes it simpler for the targeted audience to understand as they are comprehensive. These technical writings could be: how to install or how to use.


They initially have one goal and that is CTA (Call to Action). The content is always clear, simple, and intriguing. They include newsletters, campaigns, and sales.

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What Makes a Good Content Writer?

A good content writer will be able to write for most or all of these internet mediums because they specialize in written material. To produce high-quality work, a competent content writer must have a thorough understanding of the objective of a given piece of material.

The material should appeal to a specific, defined audience, which could include current or potential customers, stakeholders, employees, or investors. If well-written and researched content with a creative writing style doesn’t communicate to the intended audience, it’s not serving its purpose.

What are the Content Writers’ Roles?

Content writers don’t merely write, there are other roles and tasks they fulfill as well. Every content writer will have to conduct their own research, regardless of who the customer is or what type of material is being written.

Because the content writer will most likely be working with a subject they are unfamiliar with, substantial research is required to ensure that the information produced is factual, up-to-date, and consistent with the company’s existing messaging. Good content writing starts with good research.

When a web content writer creates a piece for a client, they must be certain that the content is formatted to look well on screen.

The content writer ensures that copy doesn’t just look like an uninviting block of text by strategically placing subheadings, bullet points, and other handy methods. They should also be able to lay out content, add links, and highlight specific words or areas using basic HTML techniques.

To edit and polish the information, the content writer will have to sift through poorly written material. This is a difficult task, but it is a necessary element of a content writer’s job.

Global content marketers New Media Services highlights the necessity for both a content writer and a content developer. When a company has a content developer, the content writer’s work can be spread thin for a fee that doesn’t reflect the workload involved.

Experienced content writers would have worked in a position where their abilities were stretched too thin for pay that didn’t represent the amount of work they were doing.

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Here are the 5 Best Content Writing Courses in Coimbatore:



IIM SKILLS Online Content Writing Course is deemed one of the best online content writing courses in Coimbatore. The up-to-date curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the students regardless of their educational/professional background.


Whether you are just about to delve into the world of content writing or are already a professional content writer but still feel the need to hone your skills, this course is meant for you.

The course contains many practical assignments, 60 hours in total, where you can practice what you studied such as social media posts, email writing, article writing, and much more.


Moreover, you don’t need to worry if you miss a live session as there are accessible video recordings of every session that you can go back to and catch up with the rest of your batch.

By the end of the one-month sessions, students may join a guaranteed 3-month internship where they can have hands-on writing experience that can help them build a portfolio.

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One of the birks of the content writing course at IIM SKILLS is that you will be able to write and publish your first eBook on Kindle and Google Books.


Content Writing Courses in Coimbatore Features:

  • 16 hours live sessions
  • 60 hours of practical assignments
  • Free Tools Worth INR 35000
  • 3 Months Internship (Optional)
  • Online demo class
  • 100% Placement Support
  • Content writing certification


Types of Content Writing You Will Learn in this Course:

  • Article Writing
  • Blogging
  • Writing & Publishing Your ebook
  • Copywriting
  • Press Release
  • Brochure
  • Instructional
  • Social Media Post
  • Digital Infographics
  • Resume Writing


Here is the most genuine guide to – Is IIM SKILLS Fake?


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing


Course fee – INR 16,900+GST

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2. Skills Upgrader:

Skills Upgrader is a well-known company that offers content writing training. Skills Upgrader has been delivering content writing courses in Coimbatore for quite some time, and this content writing institution has done a fantastic job of teaching students how to produce content.

Studying content writing at Skills Upgrader will grant you lifelong support from Skills Upgrader, which means that if you need to retake any of the existing course modules, learn a new writing format, or access any of Skills Upgrader’s resources at any point during your career, you can do so for free at any time.

Moreover, the curriculum used in teaching this course is cutting-edge and designed to suit both those with experience in content writing and fresh starters in this field.

Their modules cover an array of topics pertaining to content writing such as website creation and writing SEO-optimized content. By the end of the course, students have the option to join a 3-month internship to develop their skills and portfolio as well.

Who Should Enroll in this Course:

  • Students/Graduates
  • Aspiring Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Mass Communications Specialists
  • Content Marketers
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketers
  • Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Other Industry Professionals

Course Features:

  • 16+ Hours of Live Classes
  • 70+ Hours of Hands-on Assignments
  • Rs 40K Worth Tools
  • Access To the Latest Content for a Lifetime
  • Devoted Placement Support
  • Content Writing Internship
  • Freelance Writing Openings
  • Immediate Content Writing Certification


Types of Content Writing You Will Become Familiar with after Completing the Course:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Podcast
  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Interview
  • Webinars
  • Infographics


Course Modules:

Module 1 – Introduction to Content Writing

Module 2 – Web Hosting

Module 3 – Understanding the Relation Between Content Marketing & UI/UX

Module 4 – Creating websites

Module 5 – Understanding the Writing Process

Module 6 – Optimizing Search Engine

Module 7 – Keyword Research

Module 8 – Creating SEO Optimized Content

Module 9 – Content Writing

Module 10 – Marketing Campaigns on Social Media Platforms

Module 11 – Call to Action (CTA)

Module 12 – Strategy of Content Marketing

Module 13 – Utility of Content Marketing in Leading Generation

Module 14 – Content Marketing Using Email Marketing

Module 15 – Freelance Content Marketing

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3. New Cent Academy:

Albeit New Cent Academy is a Delhi NCR-based private school, they offer one of the top-rated content writing courses in Coimbatore.

They provide a variety of short-term courses, including content and creative writing, that are designed to help candidates improve their writing skills in order to land a job or advance in their current one.

Their training is hands-on and skill-based, allowing them to complete job tasks more successfully and efficiently. Their content & creative writing program is tailored into three courses to suit the needs of the students:

  • Classroom Course: this face-to-face course includes classroom coaching along with the course content, examination, and certification upon completing the course successfully. The duration of the course is 8 weeks and might extend beyond that based on the need of the course.
  • Distance Learning Course: This course is aimed at those who are busy and/or overseas and would like to benefit from the content writing program. Just like the classroom course, the distance learning course includes course content, examination, and certification upon completing the course successfully.
  • Direct Certification: If you have experience of two years or more under your belt in the field of content writing and merely looking for a certificate to boost your resume then you want to enroll in this program as it is designed just to take the exam and be a certified content writer.


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4. ECT:

Education & Career Times (ECT) offers one of the most efficient content writing courses in Coimbatore that is recognized by the Government of India, which promises to enhance the students’ writing skills within 90 days.

The 13-week content writing course is divided into two parts: 6 weeks of classroom and live training and 7 weeks of live projects and internships.

Course Features:

  • 3 Months Course
  • 32 Hours of Classroom/Live Training in Addition to 50 Hours of eLearning and useful Videos
  • 7 Assignments
  • 5 Live Projects
  • 10 Quizzes
  • 1 Certification
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Work from Home Job Opportunities
  • Lifetime Support


Types of Content Writing You Will Learn in this Course:

  • Copywriting
  • Newsletter
  • Social Media Posts
  • Fiction Writing
  • Press Release
  • E-book writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Technical Writing
  • Academic Writing
  • Resume Writing
  • Blogging


Course Modules:

Module 1 – Introduction to Content Writing

Module 2 – Boost your vocabulary

Module 3 – How to dodge common grammar mistakes in your writing

Module 4 –Writing tools, tips, and techniques

Module 5 – How to sharpen your non-fiction creative writing skills

Module 6 – Master fiction writing: master the art of storytelling

Module 7 – Learn business writing skills

Module 8 – Master technical writing

Module 9 – Sharpen your academic writing skills

Module 10 – Master writing specific pieces of content

Module 11 – Learn content marketing

Module 12 – How to profit from your writing skills

Module 13 – Publish your first E-book

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5. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a well-reputed institution and it is the first institute to launch a content writing course in South Asia. Their online content writing courses in Coimbatore is in high demand.

Unlike most of the other content writing courses, Henry Harvin’s content writing course includes a module specified for language skills and presentation skills to improve the student’s overall lexical knowledge content writing-wise.

Once a student is enrolled in the content writing course, they will have the liberty to attend different batches with different trainers and have unlimited repetition of the course within the membership period. Moreover, the American Association of EFL, the Content Writing Association of India, UK Cert, UKAF, and MSME all recognize their course.

Course Features:

  • 32 hours of Instructor-Led Training.
  • Extra 24 Hours of Live Online Brush-up Sessions.
  • 50 Hours E-Learning Access.
  • Guaranteed Internship.
  • Placement Support post-completion.
  • Bootcamp Sessions.
  • 24×7 Lifetime Support.
  • Access to 100+ Tools Worth INR 35,000.


Types of Content Writing You will become familiar with after Completing the Course:

  • Academic writing.
  • Business and marketing writing.
  • Technical and research writing.
  • Creative writing.
  • Email writing.


Course Modules:

Module 1 – Language skills

Module 2 – Internet Skills

Module 3 – Business and Marketing Writing

Module 4 – Content Strategy

Module 5 – Research and technical writing

Module 6 – Academic writing

Module 7 – Creative Writing

Module 8 – How to secure online and secure international projects

Module 9 – Soft skills advancement (complimentary module)


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are online content writing courses in Coimbatore useful?

Online content writing courses in Coimbatore allow you to grasp the various aspects of the content writing area at your own pace and from anywhere you choose to study.

When you enroll in an online content writing school, you have no restrictions on what you can learn. They are just as effective as any offline content writing course, with the added bonus of not having to commute and access to a 24/7 online help desk.

2. Is content writing in demand?

Because businesses now recognize the value of strong content, content writers are in high demand. There are numerous ways to begin your content writing profession, including social media writing, news writing, SEO writing, blog writing, copyright, and scriptwriting.

3. Which degree is best for content writing?

Writing content is a skill-based profession. There is no degree dedicated to learning content writing. Not every writer has a literary background. To be a content writer, as a rule of thumb, a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, or mass communication is recommended.

However, if you come from a different educational background and want to be a content writer, you may check one of the content writing courses in Coimbatore listed in this article.

4. How long is the content writing course?

If you’re a beginner, learning the fundamentals of content writing will take you about 1-3 months. It can take anything from 6 to 12 months to fully grasp the ideas in a more advanced course. All the aforementioned content writing courses in Coimbatore range between 1-3 months courses.

5. What is the scope of content writing in Coimbatore?

In Coimbatore, the content writing sector is booming hence the growing volume of content writing courses in Coimbatore. There has been significant growth in the number of content writing or content marketing organizations that provide content writing services in Coimbatore. Because most businesses are becoming digital, the demand for content writers is increasing as well.


The 5 content writing courses in Coimbatore listed above will offer you industry knowledge that will assist you in creating content that will resonate with your target audience as the primary goal of content writing is to offer the target audience accurate information in an engaging manner.

Writing high-quality content is an art form that takes time and skill to master as learning is an ongoing process. In the field of content writing, there is also the opportunity to develop new skills on a daily basis. The majority of businesses are attempting to incorporate content marketing methods into their operations because the content is so crucial in the promotion of websites and blogs.


  1. anish

    hi, I m Anish, Can you tell me what is the average salary of a content writer? I have completed my graduation and I will soon join my family business. but I also wanna try something of my own, is content writing suitable as a part-time job? which of the above institute offers offline content writing courses in Coimbatore?

    • Majeed

      These courses provide online sessions for a better learning experience. However you can enroll in IIM Skills course as their sessions are available after they’re finished for students’ convenience.

  2. Vineet

    Hi, I am Vineet. I am an academician and looking for some skill-based short-term course to earn a passive income. This course suits my qualification and my needs. How can I enroll to this course and what will be the course duration and batch timings?

    • Majeed

      Check the website of the desired course you’d like to study for further information.

  3. Kaamya

    Hi, I am a guest blogger and write articles on technology.I do blogging out of interest. I was unaware of Technical writing, Academic writing, SEO content writing, Instructional design, Feature writing, Research papers, Business writing, Ghost Writing, Fiction/storytelling, Blogging, and so on. I want to learn and explore these content writing fields. Your list of institutes made it esier for me to decide on enrolling in IIM skills, the top on your list.

    • Majeed

      I’m glad this article was helpful.

  4. Naveen

    I am Naveen. I am Practicing Medicine. I am interested to learn content writing. Along with my Practice I also want to take up Medical writing as part-time job. I want to utilize my free time and be productive. Will enrolling to the course in IIM skills help me?

    • Majeed

      Albeit this course is not designed for medical content writing, it will provide you with the essential tools to hone your writing and research skills and better your content writing in general.

  5. Maheen

    Hi I am Maheen. I am a content writer, I have no formal training. I want to join the best content writing institute in Coimbatore to gain knowledge and experience in content writing. Professional skills are required in content writing as business today to rank high on the search engine page results, ensure that the content written is of high quality , and relevant. There are algorithms that search engines use to determine the website ranking. I want to learn about these algorithms and other content writing practices to make a successful future as a content writer. All the courses listed have good to offer, but the free demo invite is best to start with for more intro into the subject and the institute.


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