Top 3 Technical Writing Courses in Raipur With Placement Assistance

Raipur has emerged as a major commercial hub and holds great potential for the growing technology industries in the area. It is a region where the small-scale and large-scale industries are blooming together at their fullest capacities. Thus, Raipur is a place that holds great opportunities for technical writers. 

This article will introduce you to the 3 best technical writing courses in Raipur.


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What is technical writing?


Technical writing is creating means of communication by transforming technical information used by technical and occupational industries into texts. These texts are in simplified formats to help laymen understand the complicated technical terms and functions. It directs, explains, and informs the readers by untangling and simplifying the details.


It is mainly used in industries such as computer hardware and software, chemical industry, medical, robotics, engineering, finance, consumer electronics, etc.  It has a distinct style of writing and acts as the connecting link between the users, audience, and the producers of the technical information.


Technical writing is an ever-growing field in today’s world where new technologies emerge and science, and markets grow every day. The technology and the innovation-driven world of today need technical writers more than ever to be the link between complexity and simplicity that aids people’s understanding.


Technical writers help make the world a lot simpler and easier to understand. Technical writers come from varied fields, some are engineers, some are lawyers while some may be teachers, physicists, journalists, and writers themselves.


Although many of the recruiters prefer individuals with either a technical or writing background such as engineers and English or some other language majors. But what matters most in the technical writing field is not your academic and professional credentials but skills of technical writing that could make anyone a better technical writer.


Here are some of the skills required to become a technical writer that you can look forward to learning through the technical writing courses in Raipur:


1.    Ability to grasp information precisely


A technical writer is a link that connects complicated information and enables understanding for common people in a simplified way. To do this a technical writer must have the ability to grasp complicated information unmistakably to explain it to the audience. One can convey information precisely only if one understands the information correctly. Therefore, people coming from a technical background may have it a little easier to write technical content.


2.    Articulate writing


Technical writings need to be clear and articulate aiding the understanding of people. Information should not be presented in an ambiguous manner that makes it difficult to understand. Writings need to be clear yet interesting that helps readers understand quickly without losing interest.


3. Willpower and motivation.


Understanding technical information and formulating technical content can be quite challenging. Hence technical writers need to have a sense of devotion to the job that keeps them going through the difficult process of understanding various jargon and complex technical functions. They should be motivated and patient to understand and constantly learn about the different technical worlds of atoms and computers etc.


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4.    Harness the technical writing style 


Technical writing style should be active and be formulated around short sentences. There should be a presence of multiple visual aids and graphics wherever possible. Acronyms and complex terms should be explained thoroughly and the writings should be in a structured format.


The writings should be able to convey their message to readers at any level. The writer must understand and know their target audience’s world and create appropriate contents that interest them. The writings, in brief, should be simple and straightforward.


5.    A team player.


Technical writing requires writers to interact with various kinds of subject matter experts, designers, technicians, editors and work smoothly together. You need to put your social skills in affront of and interact, interview, and question people boldly.


You cannot shy away from asking your queries and going after people to understand and know what you need to know to create the best content.  A technical writer might not have all of it but it is better to inculcate these skills within oneself to make the process of becoming a technical writer easier.


This list of skills will help you analyze yourself and determine whether you want to be a technical writer.  Technical writings are usually written to explain a concept, persuade readers, or express an idea.


There are different types of technical writing to fulfill different purposes:


1.    User instruction manuals 


User instruction manuals are the most widely recognized form of technical writing. All of us must have encountered this form of technical writing in our daily life to understand a new product that we have purchased and to know its various functions. They quite commonly appear with technical gadgets and appliances and instruct the consumers on how it functions, the dos and don’ts, warranty and guarantee descriptions, etc.


They are simply consumer use guidelines. To write such a form of technical writing one must be able to understand highly technical information and put them in a simplified version that is accessible and easy to understand to the readers. It should be written for the audience and their understanding.


2.    Business Plans


A business plan tries to propose a business model and includes information such as the product or services offered, the technical framework of production, analysis of the market, requirements to carry out the process such as funding, personnel, and facilities, competitive and fiscal analysis, the potential of the proposer and the business idea, etc.


The writing of a business plan should be persuasive, the information should convey the importance of the idea, and convince the audience who are usually potential investors or business partners. The content of the business plan should be concise, purposeful, and be able to understand the audience clearly and present the idea accordingly.


3.    Research Reports


This type of technical writing is employed to report the process, findings, and results of research. It is usually used by pharmaceutical and medical industries to document the results and interpretations of various field research or laboratory operations. Research reports are highly formal and have a clear objective.


It is a detailed form of writing and needs to be exceptionally accurate. The information should be structured, reliable, and verifiable. To write research reports you must be able to organize information systematically and be ready to do a lot of research on the topic yourself. Be creative, clear, and concise.


Top 3 Technical writing courses in Raipur


1.    IIM Skills


IIM Skills Technical Writing Course is a globally accredited and certificated course that includes 20 hours of extensively informative live training, 60+ hours of practical assignments that get you hands-on experience, 1 month guaranteed internship, and placement opportunities.


The course gives you exploratory opportunities such as portfolio development for Job/Freelance, publishing your first white paper, scholarly article, or book chapter, and a first technical blog with Times of India Blog. It has a comprehensive curriculum and contains topics like:


  • How to write
  • Creating Contents
  • White paper/Journals
  • DDLC and Versioning
  • Conversational Writing
  • Reviewing and Documentation
  • API Documentation using XML
  • Datasheets, user manuals, and application notes
  • Effective Writing
  • Medical Writing
  • Case study
  • Application Notes from Texas


The course thus gives a wide reach over technical writing by training in varied subjects and topics.

The course also to several tools that aid in your writing such as:

  • MS Visio
  • MS Project
  • Git
  • Scribus
  • Powerpoint
  • Canva
  • Word
  • MS Project
  • Git,
  • Scribus
  • Robohelp
  •  XML
  • DITA
  • API Documentation


Master course is backed by 24×7 support, access to the contents in the learning management system for life, and assistance and guidance from experts from the field of technical training with years of experience. You don’t have to worry about missing out on lectures as live sessions recordings are provided by IIM Skills that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.


The up-to-date course is practical and produces job-ready technical writers upon the completion of the course. The salient features that the course mentions include interactive sessions, flexible scheduling, exceptional faculty, learning resources, master certification, internship, courseware, tools, and freebies.


The course is a stepping stone for many and had enhanced their journey to globally renowned companies like IBM, BMW, Dell, HTC, and Amazon. To earn a certificate from IIM Skills you must have 70% attendance and pass the Technical Writing Master Course examination.


It is a holistic course compared to all the technical writing courses in Raipur that set in the hands of students various tools through significant insights and extensive information that help them flourish in the field of technical writing.


Course Duration: 5 Weeks

Contact: 9911839503

Course Fees: Rs 14,900 +GST





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2.    ECT or Education and Career Times


ECT or Education and Career Times are one of the first government-recognized institutes providing short-term courses in India. They provide one of the best technical writing courses in Raipur. The experience of training, multiple individuals with varied backgrounds have helped them create one of the strongest writing courses in Raipur.


They help receive training from the comfort of your time and place making it one of the most convenient technical writing courses in Raipur. The technical writing course at ECT is not only recognized by the Government of India but also comes with benefits such as internship opportunities, personalized attention, and feedback, and provides live and interactive sessions.


It is a 3 months course with 32 hours of classroom or live training and 50 plus hours of eLearning videos. On the fulfillment of 6 assignments, 6 live projects, and 12 quizzes you are ready to receive the government-recognized certificate from ECT.


Their syllabus includes topics like:


·         Introduction to Technical Writing

·         Grammar & Styling in Technical Writing

·         Information Architecture

·         Master a Markdown Language

·         Learn XML (Extensible Markup Language)

·         Learn JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)

·         Learn DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)

·         Technical Authoring Tool – Adobe FrameMaker

·         API Documentation

·         Agile Documentation Strategy

·         Careers in Technical Writing

·         Contributing to Open-Source Projects

·         Other Useful & Beginner Friendly Tools


Their extensive syllabus that hovers over a wide range of knowledge areas helps you develop a global career by honing your skills at the global level. The course is for anyone who wants to learn technical writing and earn a certificate recognized by the Indian Government and the international community.


You can attend a demo class to be assured before joining the journey with one of the best technical writing courses in Raipur at ECT.


Course Fees: INR 16,949 +GSt

Course Duration: 3 months.


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3.    Google’s Technical Writing courses:


In this internet age, you can have access to the technical writing course provided by our very own google. You can grab the amazing opportunity of approaching the best technical writing courses from Raipur itself. Well, Google offers two different technical writing courses.


One that teaches you the crucial aspects of technical writing and the other one that helps you hone your technical communication skills if you have an associate degree in software engineering or computer science to go with it. The course is specially designed around professionals like software engineers, computer science students, and technical professionals to help them develop their technical communication skills.


But anyone from a different background who wants to get into the field can also choose the course and expect to learn and grow as a technical writer with Google. And if you are looking to be a technical writer at Google itself, these are the skills that Google requires you to have:


  • Clear and concise writing.
  • Be a quick learner and understand complex technical terms at a speed.
  • Simplify complex terms in a manner that is useful to the audience and readers.
  • Have strong interpretational skills.
  • Understand coding language.


To start learning the course you have to follow the simple step of subscribing to the free google’s technical writing course on the Google career’s website. The course covers a wide range of topics from identifying the targeted audience, to learning to create short sentences and apt lead sentences.


The course contains multiple exercises and examples for better understanding. You can choose the Technical Writing One course if you have no prior experience in the field and Technical Writing Two course if you are a technical professional or writer and are looking for means to become a better technical communicator.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Google’s technical writing course is free and acts as a great foundation for beginners and a huge stepping stone for people with experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions 


1.    What are the Career Opportunities for technical writers?

Answer) Technical writers today can find opportunities in various fields such as medicine, engineering, automobile, software and hardware, healthcare, etc to create content like journals, articles, instruction guides, reports, and many others that help them simplify their complex world and introduce their work to the targeted audience and connect with general readers.


2. How much does a Technical Writer make on average?

Answer) Technical writing is one of the most highly emerging jobs in India that has a varied range of salaries based on the region and the sector or organizations. The average range of salary for a technical writer is INR 549/532 annually and for an experienced individual, it may go about INR 1,339,522 per year. And technical writers in Raipur with experience of about 2-3 years receive a salary of an average of 20,000 according to job-seeking sites like Glassdoor.


3. Will these technical writing courses in Raipur be helpful to beginners?

Answer) All of the technical writing courses in Raipur mentioned in the article are beginner-friendly and suitable for anyone looking to enhance their skills. They are all conducted online thus making it more convenient for people who are looking to learn at the comfort of their home.




Technical writers today are in great demand as multiple giant tech companies like Amazon, Google, Intel and Microsoft are immensely in search of great technical writers to put their complex technical ideas in front of their audience in a meaningful way. Therefore, technical writing makes a great skill today to bloom in. It has great opportunities for people interested to get into the field and a great skill to learn for technical professionals and students to thrive in their careers. Learning technical writing opens up a huge world of opportunities before you today and thus this article tries to introduce you to some of the Best Technical Writing Courses in Raipur.

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