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Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Jaipur With Placements

In the present day’s professional environment at a workplace, technical writing holds a very effective stance. The demand for technical writing is anticipated to grow at quite a swifter-than-average pace as compared to other occupancies in the coming decade, contributing to representing a large component of all economic activities. In this article, we will be discussing all the aspects of technical writing in-depth and will also be mentioning some of the best technical writing courses in Jaipur offered by different well-recognized academies.

List of best technical writing courses in Jaipur

What Does Technical Writing Mean?

Technical writing encloses all the intricate technical processes’ documentation including technical reports, emails, policies, press releases, briefs, and executive summary statements of diverse business sectors like finance, information, and technology, biotechnology, engineering, global supply chain, etc.

The format of technical writing is not confined to comprehensive user manuals anymore.

And more importantly, the technical information must be refined and dispensed explicitly. Technical writing is often considered business writing which is not the case. Technical writing may be argued to fall under business writing since it deals with many of the same facets of business writing.

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What is The Job Role of a Technical Writer?

A technical writer’s work profile varies depending on the type of industry or business they are associated with. Their responsibilities are restricted not only to writing but they often have to function as a middleman between highly technical staff and a less technical audience.

They have to work near collaborative teams to maintain clear communication and transparency. They also have to study an entire project through all the levels of implementation.

Why Should One Take Up Technical Writing as a Career?

The requirement for technical writers has increased as organizations have now started to pay more attention to the content they put out for the readers. Apart from this, there are various other reasons behind considering technical writing as a profession.

  • No need for a technical background

The best part of the job is that you don’t have to know the subject matter. All you need to do is to know where to fetch the correct information from, analyze it, do research, and most importantly, have a passion for writing.

  • You don’t need a professional degree

If you want to pursue your career as a technical writer, you don’t necessarily need to have a bachelor of arts or a bachelor’s in mass communication. You need to have adequate knowledge about all the dimensions of technical writing.

  • It’s a lucrative career option

With more recruitments happening than ever before in this job profile, based on the facts and data collected, the remuneration is quite handsome depending upon your skills and experience. Along with this comes the flexibility of work timing and convenience.

  • Acquisition of a unique skillset

Technical writing teaches you how to cleverly observe different events and projects, without which you cannot become a competitive technical writer.  This job also helps you develop several other skills such as an analytical mind, the ability to efficiently interact with co-workers, research and exploration skills, and many more. Thus, a career in technical writing is a never-ending learning and self-development option.

  • It’s a Creative job

Technical writing, other than the text part is fun and creative as it involves the use of various graphic designing tools, creating audio and video files, and fabricating images, charts, and diagrams. It gives you an opportunity to learn current technologies that are used to create a product that you’re writing a user manual about.

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How to Become a Technical Writer?

There are multiple ways to achieve your goal of becoming a technical writer. But to get ahead, you need to get started in the first place, and for that, you have to take the necessary steps. There are broadly four primaries, to begin with.

  • Get yourself enrolled in technical writing courses in Jaipur

As we know, there is a lot of hiring going on by employers for technical writers since it’s an in-demand skill. To make the most out of this opportunity and fulfill your wish of becoming a successful technical writer, taking up technical writing courses in Jaipur is highly recommended. This will not only help you unearth some amazing tricks and techniques to better your writing skills but also give you an edge over others.

  • Cultivate the habit of reading technology-based books and articles

A good technical writer must practice reading on a  daily basis as it will help enrich your vocabulary, keep you acquainted with the current trends going on in the world of technical writing, and also propels you to perform better with every new task that you are assigned while keeping your passion for writing alive. There is abundant reading material available online to aid you with this.

  • Begin writing

Now here comes the real task. No matter how much literature you read about technical writing or what all courses you take up, it will not make sense until you actually start with the writing. Most of the writers get stuck at the beginning part while selecting a topic.

Proper research, brainstorming, and making pointers will definitely make the task easier to a large extent. After you are done with all these steps, you can finally start writing your article. Once you have got the grip of writing and gathered enough confidence, you can go ahead with your desired goals.

  • Consistency is the key

Initially, when you start, you think your article is very good but honestly, it’s not. Alike all other skills, you get better at writing when keeping up with it consistently. One article per week is considered to be a good start which you can gradually increase to two per week. You will be surprised to see how you have improved by doing it consistently. This practice enhances your productivity, revamps your perspective, and builds immense confidence.

These are the highly recommended:


Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Jaipur


Rank #1 Technical Writing courses in Jaipur


IIM SKILLS  is one of the best institutes for technical writing courses in Jaipur. The structure and content of the course are designed in a manner that helps you acquire adequate knowledge and skills required to thrive in the field of technical writing.

The institute offers 5 weeks of live online training along with more than 60 hours of practical assignments.


      Benefits and eKy Featuref of Technical Writing Course

  • 26+ hours of live online classes
  • Access to videos, presentations, and tools related to the topic addressed in the class
  • 1-month internship included in the program
  • Master Certification awarded by IIM Skills on successful completion of the course
  • Lifetime access to all the content and class recordings in the learning management system for reference in the future
  • Weekly assignments reviewed by industry experts
  • Timely feedback provided for better performance
  • Various tools provided include MS Visio, MS Project Git, Scribus, Canva, XML, DITA, API Documentation

 Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Learning how to create and write your technical content
  • Understanding of technical reports, research, lab reports, design reports, progress reports
  • Creating white papers, journals, articles
  • Reviewing and publishing
  • Focus on conversational writing style including writing format, rules, grammar
  • Developing user manuals and preparing datasheets
  • How to execute medical writing
  • Assessing case studies

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Why choose IIM SKILLS?

  • Training sessions conducted online are delivered by industry experts
  • You get an opportunity to Publish your technical blog
  • Proper guidance imparted by mentors to build your portfolio for a full-time job or freelance projects
  • The placement team is dedicated to finding you work
  • Collaboration with very well-known brands like BMW, Amazon, Dell, IBM, KPMG, HTC global services, Barclaycard

Course Fee – INR 14,900+GST


Contact Details:-

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 9580 740 740


Rank #2 Technical Writing courses in Jaipur

2) Technokraft

Technokraft is a leading player in the subject of Technical writing courses in Jaipur. The training programs provided by the institute help you with Time management, Visualization, design, improvement in presentation skills, and research skills.

After completion of each class, assignments related to the modules covered in that class are given to the students. Enough study material is also provided. A certificate is awarded after clearing the evaluation examination which is conducted at the end of the course.

Benefits and key features-

  • All the modules are structured in a very systematic way in order to avoid confusion
  • Training sessions equally focus on both technical concepts and writing skills.
  • Each and every student has to present themselves on different topics as a part of their assignment which is evaluated by the faculties
  • A certificate is issued based on timely submission of the work given, presentations made, and qualifying marks obtained in the evaluation exam.
  • Sufficient interview practice is done by conducting mock interviews to help the students prepare for jobs.

Tools Covered in the course-

  • Advanced MS Word
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Articulate
  • Adobe RoboHelp
  • Adobe Captivate
  • DITA
  • MS Viso
  • Snagit
  • HTML
  • XML

Contact Details:-

Phone: + (91) 9845316974

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Rank #3 Technical Writing courses in Jaipur

3) Coursera

Coursera is known to have a strong foothold in the field of Technical Writing courses in Jaipur. This course is designed to help students cultivate technical writing skills which are imperative to disseminating information learned through ample technical experience.

The core focus of the course is to amplify the fundamentals that decide the extent of concepts elaborated and the language technicalities.

Benefits and Key Features-

  • This is a four to five weeks completely online program
  • You get to learn all the technical aspects of writing, designing, procedure, and concepts
  • The course structure is categorized into 4-week modules
  • It includes practice quizzes, course video recordings, multiple assignments with timely feedback


Topics taught in the course

  • Module 1

Introduction with 1 welcome video followed by 6 readings

  • Module 2
  • In-depth orientation on complex topics of technical writing
  • Diverse techniques to filter precise and relevant information
  • Covers Workplace research-related issues which are carried out as a technical writer
  • It focuses on gaining experience in writing technical documents
  • Also considers writing for a target audience


  • Module 3
  • Use of visuals to communicate information effectively
  • Basic guidelines for implementation of graphical tools
  • Learn how to define a term using extensions
  • Planning of different stages of technical report writing


  • Module 4
  • Proper understanding of various kinds of technical documentation such as feasibility and recommendation reports, instructions as well as laboratory reports
  • Focus on acquiring the most undisputed, most accurate, most detailed, and most recent information
  • Understanding three forms of knowledge


  • Module 5
  • Capstone Project including 4 videos, 1 reading, and 3 quizzes on Web science, comprising of tool for information discovery, data research examples



Rank #4 Technical Writing courses in Jaipur

4. Udemy

Udemy is yet another well-known name when it comes to technical writing courses in Jaipur. It offers a wide variety of online technical courses to both students as well as working professionals across the globe.

The structure of the course is different the content is presented in bite-sized chunks with practical assignments that explain the theory very nicely.

Benefits and key features-

  • A total of 107 lectures
  • 6 hours live
  • 22 exercise sheets and their solution sheets each
  • 6 PDF files and 40 PDF supplementary documents
  • The final assignment is reviewed by the expert personally
  • Weekly updates on ideas, tutorials, and writing tips for free


Topics covered in the course-

  • Principles of technical writing and editing
  • Diverse writing techniques, editing techniques, how to formulate a proper project plan, how to potentially use images, tables, and flowcharts, and updates on future technical writing trends.
  • Adequate scope of the material provided for the audience and purpose
  • Content also includes references to complementary material and resources
  • There is an appropriate, logical, and consistent arrangement of the content


Rank #5 Technical Writing courses in Jaipur

5. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is known to be ranked amongst the top institutions if you are looking for technical writing courses in Jaipur. The course is conducted by seasoned professionals having 15+ years of experience in this domain.

In addition to learning different types of report articulation, the course also offers sessions based on how to operate varied tools like Adobe Frame maker, Snagit, Fire Shot, Snipping, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and Photoshop.

Benefits and key features-

  • 9 in 1 course with a total of 32 hours of live online interactive training sessions
  • Conduction of regular Bootcamp activities and free access to #askhenry hackathons and competitions
  • 1-year Gold membership of Writing Academy and 24*7 lifetime support
  • Placement assistance for 1-year post-completion of the program
  • Internship for 3 months with hands-on experience on live projects
  • Tasks such as preparing research proposals, and thesis writing taught


List of tools covered in the course curriculum-

  • Spell check tools like Grammarly, Languagrtool.org
  • Image editing tools including Paint, Adobe Photoshop
  • Tools for technical writing RoboHelp, Adobe FrameMaker, Snag IT, MS Visio, Photoshop, DITA Tool, API Documentation, XML


Contact details:-

Email: [email protected]

Phone: + (91) 90 15266266

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What skills do I need to pursue my career as a freelance technical writer?

The four most fundamental skills that you need to hone in order to become a successful technical writer are:

  • Writing skills include various aspects of the language such as grammar, coherence and cohesion, the tonality of the write-up, and the ability to connect to the audience.
  • Technical knowledge, in terms of basic understanding and proper implementation of various tools that are necessary to perform different types of technical writing.
  • Marketing insight is required as you will be hired as a designated member of the corporate marketing team and will be closely working with them.
  • Business strategies play an integral part especially if you are working as a freelancer. You need to, for instance, know how to find clients, make money, do bookkeeping, etc.

2. Which type of business hires technical writers?

The demand for technical writers is increasing by the day and they are required to work in multiple technical industries such as information and technology, manufacturing companies, government sectors, supply chain management, financial services, pharmacy, and biotechnology.

3. What work challenges are faced by technical writers?

The job of a technical writer is to create high-quality and precise content, for which they are stretched to work for longer hours to meet the given deadlines. They also have to constantly update their previously written content with respect to any upgrades. Many a time they have to be present at meetings and conferences as a part of their work.

4. In how much time can I become a technical writer?

Well, there is no stipulated time duration for this, but there are different options you may choose from depending upon your priority, convenience, and various other factors. You can typically work as a technical writer by completing a four-year bachelor’s degree either in English Journalism or mass communication, a two-year associate degree, or a six-month certificate course on technical writing.

5. What kind of work does a technical writer’s job profile exactly include?

Technical writers actually perform a wide array of tasks which include the following:

  • Create instruction-based manuals on the utilization of hardware merchandise and software applications.
  • Make diagrams, design illustrations, and other visuals, and create e-learning courses and simulations that aid users in the proper understanding of the technical concept.
  • Prepare presentations including video tutorials that step-by-step demonstrate how to use a particular technical product.
  • Survey products and based upon the requirements statistics, analyze them and develop product expertise.
  • Plan meetings with subject matter experts on a regular basis and ask one-on-one questions to gain in-depth knowledge about the product.
  • Review user feedback coming from various modes such as testing, training, usability, or others and then notify the same feedback to the product team to make improvements to the product.
  • Conduct marketing activities to promote the product, and increase awareness and adoption of technological products.

6. How much does a technical writer earn in India?

Technical writing is a very creative profession and requires you to have a specific set of skills. Considering the amount of time and dedication this job demands, it definitely pays well. The average salary of a technical writer in India is around five lakh per annum. However, it ranges from INR 2.29 lakh per year to 1o lakh per year, including profit shares, perks, and bonuses.

You also have the flexibility of working as a freelance technical writer as opposed to a full-time 9-5 job. The average pay of freelance technical writers in India is nearly INR 500 per hour. Their total pay ranges from INR 2 lakh to INR 20 lakh per annum. Since freelancers do not work in a conventional job setting, their income highly varies depending upon the number of hours they work for and the number of clients they work with. Last but not least, the work experience you carry plays a pivotal role in the remuneration that you receive.


We all have witnessed how unpredictable life could be after the pandemic hit us. The world economy has been harshly affected while businesses are crawling to ramp up their functioning in order to make their presence online. As a result, the demand for technical writing is increasing all over and it is anticipated that there is going to be tremendous scope for passionate, knowledgeable, and tech-savvy writers in this field of work. Choosing this as a career option is only going to benefit you in the future.

This article covers everything that you need to know about technical writing courses in Jaipur right from its prospects, how to become one, what educational background is required, what skills to hone, which tools to master, to what type of work it involves. The article also includes suggestions on the top five technical writing courses for you to choose from and assist you with your journey toward becoming a fine technical writer.


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